Superdog: Phantom War Part 2 is an american 2021 film based off of DC Comic's canine superhero, Krypto/Superdog and the 2005 TV Show, Krypto the Superdog, premiering in theatres in theatres on January 2, 2021. This is the final of six installments, and the second part of Superdog 4: Phantom War, following Superdog, Superdog 2, and Superdog 3: Superdog v Bathound. The film is distributed by Warner Bros. and stars Ryan Kelley, Dylan Sprayberry, Kira Kosarin, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, James Marsters, Uriah Shelton, Rene Levan, and Melissa Ponzio.


Superman and Superdog must find the escaped Zoners and return them to the Phantom Zone for good, but Kevin learns that Superman is really Bizzaro and that the real Superman is still stuck in the Phantom Zone, to make matters worse, Krypto gains an evil duplicate of his own and must now save Superman and defeat their evil duplicates.


  • Ryan Kelley as the voice of Krypto/Superdog, a Kryptonian dog that uses his powers to protect Earth, established as the normal dog of a mild mannered photographer, while secretly as the worlds canine hero. Krypto once belonged to infant baby Kal-El on planet Krypton, but testing a rocket created by Jor-El, Krypto crashed on Earth after two decades in a dormant state. Upon landing he was taken in by a new kid in Metropolis and became Superdog, now having to escape the Phantom Zone and return to Earth to stop Brainiac. Like all Kryptonians under the radiation of Earth's yellow sun, Krypto has super strength, speed, hearing, breath, heat vision, and flight, but also has a weakness of Kryptonite, radiated pieces of Krypton.
  • Dylan Sprayberry as Kevin Whitney, a now 20 year old photographer for the Dailey Planet. working alongside his girlfriend, then fiancee, Andrea Suseman, and ace reporter Lois Lane, while attending college with Andrea. Kevin is a kind, good-hearted, and very brave friend, son, and boyfriend who will do anything to protect his friends, family, and Krypto, but now discovers that it was Bizzaro that returned to Earth with him and must use the projector to retrieve the real Superman. At the end of the film he proposes to Andrea.
  • Kira Kosarin as Andrea Suseman, Kevin's next door neighbor, girlfriend, and Daily Planet co-worker, who knows the truth about Krypto's identity, as she also owns a cat named Streaky, who recently became Supercat, and attends college with Kevin. In the film, she a accepts Kevin's proposal and they get enganged.
  • Henry Cavill as Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman, the last survivor of Planet Krypton, who barely escaped his planet's destruction, crashing on Earth in Smallville, Kansas, where he was found by Jonathan and Martha, who raised him to be brave, loyal, and selfless, and taught him to use his powers, which he used to become Metropolis' protector, while working at the Daily Planet. In the previous film, he appeared to have escaped, but it's revealed that he was attacked by Bizarro who took his place and left him in the Phantom Zone.
  • Amy Adams as Lois Lane, an ace reporter at the Daily Planet, who occasionally works with Kevin and Andrea, and is partners with her fiance, Clark Kent, also known as Superman, who she begins to realize is not the man that returned from the Phantom Zone
  • Greg Cipes as the voice of Streaky/Supercat, Andrea's pet cat, who has the same powers as Krypto and Superman, which was caused during the battle between Superdog and Bathound in the third film, in which Kryptonite lined electricty electrocuted Krypto, who was simultaniously deflecting half of it towards Streaky. Now, Supercat must help his allies defeat their evil duplicates. Streaky wears a white collar, trimmed in blue, with a red and yellow House of El "S" Shield dog tag and a blue cape, with a red "S" shield on it, to become Supercat, the Dog of Steel's feline partener.
  • Henry Cavill as Bizarro, an evil duplicate of Superman, who was once a powerful Zoner known as "The Wraith", until stealing Superman's DNA turned him into a near clone, but his heat and ice powers are switched from Superman's, such as having heat breath and arctic vision. Kryptonite effects Bizzaro differently than Superman. Instead of making him weaker, it makes him stronger, but Earth's yellow sun, Superman's power source, makes Bizarro weaker, turning his eyes red deforming his face to stone when exposed. In the previous film, he attacked Clark and left him stranded in the Phantom Zone, taking his life as his own.
  • Ryan Kelley as Bizarro-Krypto, an evil duplicate of Krypto, who Bizarro created using Krypto's DNA. He is much like Bizarro, such as having heat breath and arctic vision, gaining strength from Kryptonite, but ultimately has a weakness in Earth's yellow sun, deforming him to stone when exposed. He wears a purple collar. trimmed in yellow, with a maroone cape and backwards "S" shield dog tag.
  • James Marsters as the Brain Interactive Construct "Brainiac", an organic Kryptonian Supercomputer, created by Jor-El to assist him, but Brainiac turned on him when he denied Jor-El's assumption that Brainiac was near it's destruction. He escaped to Earth, where he trapped Superman in the Phantom Zone, before Krypto saved him and they presumably defeated him, but revealed himself to be alive, but is still very weak, re-building his body.

Additionally, Lee Majors plays Perry White, the editor-in-chief of the Dailey Planet and Uriah Shelton as Jimmy Olsen, a Daily Planet photographer, who usually works with Lois and Clark. Makayla Jade Bolkin plays Melanie Whitney, Kevin's 8 year old little sister. Kali Rocha plays Andrea's mother.


The film begins in a flashback, in which Superman confronts the final Wraith, who steals his DNA and becomes in exact duplicate, as they begin battling.

In present day, Bizarro is posing as Clark and is with Lois in bed. When Lois gets up and opens the blinds, "Clark" turns over as his face begins deforming and convinces her to close the blinds and come back to bed. Downtown, Superdog and Supercat are stopping an Intergang attack, as Kevin and Andrea cover the story from below.

Afterwards, they all meet with Emil at S.T.A.R. Labs, where he tells them that he's been tracking a continuos computer program and shows them the patterns that create Brainiac's symbol, revealing that he's still alive, and shows them a report on multiple homeless men killed and drained of all trace metals, suggesting that Brainiac is still regenerating and Bizarro flies off. At Suicide Slums, multiple homeless men are surround open fires, one of them being Milton Fine, Brainiac's human alias. Bizarro asks Brainiac how he can prevent his distortion in sunlight. Brainiac reminds Bizarro that he becomes more powerful to Kryptonite radiation and that a permanent source will keep him from weakening.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Lois talks to the others about Clark's strange behavior lately. When she leaves Kevin asks Emil to use the Phantom Projector to scan the Phantom Zone and finds Clark, but before they can return him to Earth, Bizarro enters and destroys it, then steals all the Kryptonite and defeats Krypto. Bizarro goes to Lois and tells her that Bizarro has been living his life and that he's the real Clark just returning to Earth, but she realizes it's not him after seeing his face distort. Krypto arrives and engages him in battle, but quickly loses so he grabs Lois and flies out.

They return to the lab, where Lois tells Kevin and Krypto about a crystal at the Fortress of Solitude that can create a portal to the Phantom Zone when in contact with Kryptonian blood, so Krypto flies out to the Fortress to use the portal and retrieves Superman, while Streaky fends off Bizarro. As soon as Superman and Superdog arrive, the two work together to defeat Bizarro, but the evil clone uses a kryptonite shard to cut Krypto and uses his DNA to create a clone of the Dog of Steel. Each hero battles their evil duplicate as Supercat goes to destroy Brainiac and Kevin and Andrea go to the Daily Planet. The battle against the duplicate causes multiple damage around the city and the crash through the Daily Planet, so Kevin and Andrea evacuate the Planet, but leaving the planet become covered in debris and Andrea becomes trapped in the rubble. Staying by her side, Kevin asks Andrea to marry him and she replies that if they make it out alive she'll say yes. Supercat returns and breaks her out and gets them back to the lab. During the battle Superman and Superdog realize sunlight weakens their duplicates and the duplicates obliviously follow them into space, where they become weaker and weaker. Superman and Superdog blast their duplicates into the sun, destroying them.

Returning to Earth, Clark finally reunites with Lois, for real this time. Making it out alive, Andrea accepts Kevin's proposal. The next day, they all return to work. Perry White yells at Lois to cover a bank robbery downtown. She turns around to see Clark's glasses on his desk and his chair spinning. Kevin and Andrea turn around to see Krypto gone.

The film ends as Krypto runs on the Daily Planet roof, tearing off his yellow collar to reveal his Superdog suit.

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