Narrating Appearances
SSB Melee Brawl Super Smash Bros. Fanon Games & Future Games
Boss Battleing Appearances
SSB: Ultimate unleashed

Super Smash Giant Hand Aka Super Smash Hand aka the super smash bros' Narrator narratoring & Controled The Super Smash Bros. Series & he Have Handlings named Master Hand,Universe Hand,Crazy Hand,Ultimate Hand,Mega Hand,Omega hand,Giga hand,bear hand,dragon hand,Deadly Hand,Killer Hand,poke'hand, & More.


HP:1 Trillion Trillion Trillion trillion Trillion Trillion Trillion Trillion

Look Like

Master Hand Only Darkish Blackest Purple  & Have The Super Smash Bros.series Icon On The Front & Back of The Pum of the hand.

Appearances In Adventure aka jouney Mode In SSB Ultimate Unleashed

He Control The MutiVerse of The Super Smash Bros. until The Heroes & The Original Plankton Come in The Control Room Of His Castle so He Want to fight Them.

Defeats In Adventure aka Jouney Mode In SSB Ultimate Unleashed

He Defeat By The Heroes & THe Original Plankton, Just like master hand's defeats Then He Expoled Very Very Very Hugely Until The Heroes & the Original Plankton Going Home To Thire worlds.

Theme Aka Battle Music

V.S. Super Smash Giant Hand Aka Super Smash Hand Aka Super Smash Bros' Narrator Aka The Theme of The Super Smash Bros' narrator

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