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Master Hopper

Master Hopper is a boss in Super Smash Bros For Wii 3. It appears at the end of Classic Mode, fought after weakening Master Hand and Crazy Hand on higher difficulties. Its appearance can be described as a black mass of particles that take on His Own forms depending on the difficulty level and battle progression, After You Beat Master Hopper's Ture Form He Transform into a Shadow That Look Like The Player, After You Defeat His Character-like Form He'll be Transform into his normal & He'll Sleep & You Finnish Him Until Master Hopper Sleep. According to its trophy.

Trophy Info

This Ultimate being will appear from Master Hand &/or Crazy Hand. A Unknown Grasshopper From This Game,he'll gather and mimic a variety of shapes, a His Ture Form Always Preparing for a Fight if you changing its attack pattern of His Ture Form He'll Must be Transform into Shadow like Player. After taking enough damage, He'll be Transform into his Ture Form & Sleeping forever. Defeat Master Hopper When He Asleep & You Complete Classic Mode.

Master Hopper (Trivia)

  • The way that the Master Hopper's Ture Form has similarities to the final boss of a Bug's Life (Nintendo 64), Hopper.
  • Master Hopper's Shadow Like Player form is similar to the false characters from Brawl's The Subspace Emissary, in that both involve particles of darkness taking on the form of a character in the game; the Swarm that makes up Master Hopper's various appearances Until He Transforms also have an appearance akin to the Shadow Bugs in the game.

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