Fanon Wiki

SSBB but no Brawl! Mwuhahahaha! This is my fan game.


  • Mario.

Neutral B: Fire ball. Side B: Cape. Down B: Mario spin. Up B: Coin jump, recovery move. Final Smash: Mario Finale.

  • FLUDD Mario.

Neutral B: Squirt Nozzle. Side B: Turbo nozzle rush. Down B: Rocket Nozzle up and butt slam. Up B: Hover Nozzle.

  • Dr Mario.

Complete Classic mode as Mario to unlock.

Neutral B: Mega Vitamin/ Capsule pill. Side B: Sheet. Down B: Dr Mario spin. Up B: Recovery jump. Final Smash: Mega Vitamin storm.

  • Luigi.

Unlock by getting a certain time when completing Mushroom Kingdom mon Adventure Mode or run around the fountain in Peach’s castle in Smashquest free roaming five times.

Neutral B: Green fire ball. Side B: Luigi Rocket. Sometimes Luigi will explode in a fiery manner as he launches, this damages him slightly but your attack is far more potent if it hits! Down B: Luigi Spin. Up B: Coin jump recovery. Final Smash: Negative Zone. Grapple: Poltergust 3000.

There is a DLC that gives Luigi his annoying voice from the Nintendo 64 Mario Party games.

  • Peach/Daisy.

Neutral B: Toad/Poisonous spores Toad/Toadette. Side B: Peach Bomb/Daisy Bomb. Down B: Vegetable pluck. Up B: Parasol float. Final Smash: Peach Lullaby. Everyone except Peach falls asleep. Peaches appear as food to eat and recover health. Daisy Lullaby. Same as Peach but with daisies instead of peaches.

  • Bowser with pallets such as Dark Bowser and Dry Bowser and King Koopa from the cartoon.

Neutral B: Flame breath. Side B: Claw (Distant enemies) Grab and bite (Close). Down B: Bowser Bomb. Up B: Whirling Fortress. Final Smash: Mega Bowser.

Bowser can’t dash. He will slide instead.

  • Bowser Jr and the Koopalings. (Larry etc.)

Neutral B: Clown Car cannon. Hold B to charge up. Side B: Drill. Down B: Mechakoopa. Up B: Recovery.

Bowser Jr and his step siblings have unique gadgets in their clown cars. Wendy’s can give you a pretty makeover, Lemmy can Smash a cream pie in your face or squirt glue at you.

  • Roselina.

Neutral B: Luma. Launches her Luma in a corkscrew attack to the side. Side B: Star Bits. Down B: Gravity pull. Roselina waves her wand and pulls in items. One of he customs pulls in foes instead. Up B: Launch Star.

  • Wario.

Neutral B: Chomp. Side B: Wario Bike. Down B: Fart. Wait longer between to build up power. Up B: Corkscrew Conk. Final Smash: Wario Man. Super hero Wario that is faster and stronger.

Costumes are either classic Wario or WarioWare Wario.

  • Waluigi.

In your dreams! Mwuhahahaha!

  • Yoshi.

Neutral B: Tongue. Eats and lays opponents in eggs. Side B: Egg Roll. Roll inside an Egg. Down B: Yoshi bomb. A butt slam. Can do in mid air for extra height as a recovery. Up B: Egg Throw. Final Smash: Yoshi dragon. Yoshi flies and breathes fire balls. Final Smash 2: Yoshi stampede.

  • Baby Mario.

Defeat Wizpig in Smash Quest to unlock.

Neutral B: Rattle. Side B blanket. Down B: Baby butt slam. Up B: Recovery jump.

  • Baby Luigi.

Unlocked with Baby Mario.

Neutral B: Luigi scream/cry. Side B: Vomit. Hold B until he runs out of puke. Down B: Dirty diaper throw. Up B: Recovery jump.

  • Baby Peach/Baby Daisy.
  • Baby Roselina.
  • Donkey Kong.

Neutral B: Punch. Hold to wind up power. Side B: Headbutt. Foes are buried on hit. Down B: Ground Slap. Up B: Kong spin recovery. Final Smash: Bongo barrels.

  • Diddy Kong.

Neutral B: Peanut pistols. Hold B to charge but don’t over charge or his guns explode on him! Side B: Monkey Flip. Jumps at foes and mauls them. Down B: Throw a banana peel. Up B: Rocket barrel boost.

  • King K Rool.

Neutral B: toss crown. Side B: Bite. Down B: Musket gun. Up B: toss Mario.

His skins/costumes are Captain K Rool and Baron Roolenstein.

Despite being a dastardly villain, K Rool gets on well with Mario because of his history with Donkey Kong.

  • Pauline.

Neutral B: Slap. Side B: Bring out the hero in Mario or Bring out the villain in Mario. Down B: Cry because Mario is cheating on her with Peach. Up B: Picked up by Donkey Kong.

Mario’s ex girlfriend when Donkey Kong was his enemy. Then the ape learned to leave him alone and pestered his cousin Stanley instead. Then he had trouble at home from King K Rool and his Kremlings.

Mario then cheated on Pauline with Princess Peach.

  • Stanley the bug man.

Dislikes apes and bugs.

  • Link.

Neutral B: Bow and Arrow. Side B: Boomerang/Gale Boomerang (Depending on latest Zelda game out.). Down B: Bomb/Bomb Rune. (Again depending on latest Zelda game out.) Up B: Spin attack. Final Smash Triforce slash. Taunt Navi. Taunt 2: slice with Master Sword. Taunt 3: “Well Excuuuuuuuse me! Princess!”

  • Young Link.

Link as a child. All moves are the same except neutral B is fire arrows. Taunt: Drink milk.

  • Toon Link.

Link from WindWaker and Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks.

Same as Link but some of his moves involve the Sand Wand and he has a second Final Smash where he runs everyone over with the Spirit Train.

  • Zelda/Sheik.

Zelda: B: Nayru’s love. Side B: Din’s fire. Down B: Turn into Sheik. Up B: Farore’s Wind. Final Smash: Light Arrow.

Sheik: B: Needle toss, hold B for more needles. Side B: Chain. Down B: Turn into Zelda. Up B: Smoke Bomb and teleport. Um it might be a Deku Nut.

  • Toon Zelda/Tetra the pirate.

Zelda: same as her non toon version but side B is Phantom Zelda slicing with her huge sword.

Tetra: Um pirate things like her cutlass and pistols.

  • Ganondorf.

Dark Falcon move set. B:Warlock Punch. Side B: Dark Uppercut and choke slam. Down B: Warlock Kick/Wizard Foot. Up B: Dark Falcon recovery, same as Captain Falcon but with dark magic instead of fire.

Original move set. B: Lightning spell. Hold B to charge. Side B: Agahnim parry. Down B: Twilight sword/His claymore from Soul Calibur. Up B: summon his horse.

Final Smash: Ganon.

  • Toon Ganondorf.

B: Diiiiiieeeee! Bolt. He yells Die! And zaps you. Side B: Katanas. Down B: Ganondorf butt slam. Up B: make it rain rocks!

  • Hyrule Warriors Ganondorf.

Moves: Be incredibly awesome and threatening! Also dual claymores that shoot lightning! Side B: His trident.

Final Smash: Ultra Ganon. Extremely powerful with King Dodongo fire ball, Gohma laser, Manhandla seed burst and red lightning!

  • Samus Aran/Zero Suit Samus.

Use her final Smash to switch forms.

Samus: B: Beam/Charge Beam. Hold B to charge. Side B: Missile/Super Missile. Smash the control stick for Super Missile, tilt for Missile. Down B: Bomb. Up B: Screw Attack.

Final Smash: Zero laser and become Zero Suit Samus.

Zero Suit Samus: B: Paralyser gun. Wait for a minute between shooting to shoot a charged blast. Side B: Plasma Whip. Down B: Some sort of yoga or ninja moves. Up B: plasma whip grapple.

Final Smash: Power Suit. Become regular samus.

Fusion Samus: Same but her final Smash is her Ship blasting the stage with lasers!

Skins: Power Suit, Varia Suit, Gravity Suit, Dark Suit, Light Suit, Fusion suit, Green Samus, Pink Samus. SA X.

  • Dark Samus.

Same but stronger Phazon based attacks ie Phazon shard beam, Hyper Missile, Hyper ball and a Phazon screw attack. Final Smash: Phazon Zero laser.

  • Ridley.

B: Plasma breath. Side B: Rush dive. Down B: Tail whip and spear. Up B: Ridley stomp.

He can heal by eating opponents.

  • Kraid.

Moves:Be too big! Okay um... B: Rock belch. Side B: Belly spines. Up B: Fingers spinning about. Down B: Roar.

  • Kirby

Neutral B: inhale. Press A to spit out foe as a star. Press B to swallow and copy. Side B: Hammer. Down B: Stone. Up B: Sword. Aka Ya! Eeeeeee! Final Smash: Chef Kirby.

  • Meta Knight.

Neutral B: Mach Tornado. Side B: Knight drill. Down B: Dimensional Cape. Up B: Flap wings.

  • King Dededde/Masked Dedede.

Neutral B: Inhale. Press A to spit. Press B to swallow. Side B: Hammer. Hold B to charge. However it will start to damage him if over charged. Down B: Penguin Smash. A butt slam. Up B: Toss Waddle Dee, Waddle Doo or sometimes a Gordo.

  • Pit.

From Kid Icarus.

B: Arrows. When he readies arrow use the control stick to aim. Side B: Arm weapon rush. Ie Drill Arm. Down B: Mirror Shield. Up B: flap wings.

Final Smash: Centurions. Final Smash 2: Sacred Treasures. Final Smash 3: Sacred Treasures Mecha!

  • Dark Pit.

Same but evil. Seriously why is there a dark edgelord clone in Uprising?!

  • Lady Palutena.

Pit’s boss/teacher. Well he’s an angel and she’s God!

B: Force field. Side B: her staff.

  • Medusa.

Same but Evil.

  • Ice Climbers.

Popo and Nana. Cute Eskimo children.

B: Ice crystal. Side B: Hammer Squall. Down B: Ice Breath. Up B: Recovery rope. Unusable if Nana is KO’d.

  • ROB.

B: Eye lasers. Wait between uses to let it build up in power. Side B: Arm slap spin. Down B: Spinning top. Up B: jets recovery. Final Smash: Ultra ROB.

  • Captain Olimar, Louie, Alph.

B: Pluck Pikmin. Side B: toss Pikmin. Down B: Whistle. Up B: Pikmin chain.

  • Fox McCloud.

B: Blaster. Side B: Fox Dash. Down B: Deflector shield. Up B: Mozilla Fire Fox. Mwuhahahaha! Final Smash: Landmaster tank.

In Smash Quest he finds his father James McCloud in the F Zero universe. It’s true! He drives the Little Wyvern!

In another chapter with Yoshi and Krystal he fights lots of dinosaurs with the magic staff.

  • Falco.

B: Blaster. Side B: Falco dash. Down B: Falco deflector. Up B: Fire Falco, but not as funny or meme worthy as fire fox. Final Smash: Landmaster.

In Smash Quest he meets his cousin Revali from Breath of the Wild.

  • Wolf O’Donnel.

B: Blaster with blue lasers. Side B: Wolf Dash. Down B: Wolf Deflector. Up B: Dark Fire Wolf. Same as above but dark flames. Final Smash: Dark Landmaster. Taunt: “Can’t let you do that Fox.”

Wolf has the odd malady of his squad mates leaving. In Lylat Wars and Star Fox 2 it was Wolf, Leon the chameleon, Andross’s nephew Andrew and Pigma. However Pigma left to be Space Smuggler or a Space Pirate. Andrew got replaced by a panther dude.

  • Slippy Toad.

Same as Fox but side B he throws bombs and Final Smash is all the Arwings firing at the stage.

As well as tangling with the mad scientist Andross, dinosaurs and Star Wolf, Team Fox really hate Young Link for some reason. (Arwings were a placeholder for flying enemies.)

In Smash Quest Slippy does a story chapter with the Battletoads.

  • Peppy O’hare.

Same as Above. Another Clone.... Taunt: “Do a barrel roll!”

Does anyone remember the extra Team Fox pilots from Star Fox 2? Are they even canon?!

  • Krystal.

Since she doesn’t use a blaster or fly an Arwing, Krystal’s move set involves the Krazoa staff/Dinosaur Planet Staff. Also she’s playable because the furries love the blue vixen boobs! Damn furries...

  • Captain Falcon

The most Meme worthy character.

B: Falcon punch! Side B: Raptor uppercut. Down B: Falcon Kick! Up B: recovery. If you grab a foe with it Captain Falcon yells “Yes!” And damages them with fire. Final Smash: Runs you over with the Blue Falcon. Taunt: “Show Your Moves!”

Ganondorf copies his move set for some reason. They not even from the same fictional universe...

Strangely no other F Zero characters are playable like Black Shadow, Blood Falcon, Zoda etc. Also James McCloud got banished to this universe by Andross.

  • Pokemon. All of them! I’ve lost count after the first 151. There’s about 900 or something now.
  • Pikachu.

B: Spark. Side B: Skull Bash. Down B: Thunder. Up B: Quick Attack as a recovery. Final Smash: Volt Tackle. Taunt: Pika! Pika! and waves at the camera.

  • Pichu.

Same but his moves damage him.

  • Jigglypuff.

B: Rollout. Side B: Double Slap. Down B: Sleep. If you’re in an opponents hitbox they explode violently and are launched extremely far! Otherwise it’s useless. Up B: Sing.

Final Smash: Gigapuff. Become giant. Final Smash 2: Scribble on opponents.

Jigglypuff can jump five times like Kirby. If her shield breaks it’s an instant KO.

  • Mewtwo.

B: Shadow Ball. Side B: Darkness. Down B: Telekinesis. Up B: recovery. Taunt: Evil laughter. He’s the evil Mewtwo from the first movie.

  • The latest cool Pokemon to replace Mewtwo.

Ie: Lucario, Greninja, Incineroar, etc.

  • Pokemon Trainer.

Play as Squirtle, Ivysaur or Charizard while the Pokemon trainer does nothing in the background....

  • Marth.

B: Shield Breaker. Side B: Dancing Blade. Down B: Counter. Lethal even against the cheap wireframes/polygons in Cruel Melee. Up B: Dolphin blade. Final Smash: Power bar. Taunt: Talks in Japanese.

One of the original two Fire Emblem characters in Melee. A RTS or Real Time Strategy game... basically Advanced Wars but set in medieval fantasy.

  • Roy.

B: Meteor Blade. Backfires on you if you over charge it. Side B: Same as Marth. Down B: Same as Marth. Up B: Same as Marth but with flames. Final Smash: Same as Marth. Taunt: “Eeeeeeeeyaaaaaaaah!”

The second of the original two Fire Emblem characters in Melee. Screams “Eeeeeeyaaaaah!” A lot. Then they ruined his voice in SSB4.

  • Ike.

B: Eruption. Side B: Quick Draw. Down B: Counter. Up B: Aether. Final Smash: Great Aether. Taunt: Only Fire Emblem character so far who can speak English. “Prepare yourself.”

The third Fire Emblem character. Introduced in Brawl. Unlike the other two, he can speak English.

Uses a claymore instead of a rapier.

  • Lucina.

The Girl of the bunch.

  • Chrom

A clone of Roy.

  • Robin.

A spell caster, so he has a spell book and a dagger. And you can make him female!

  • Corrin.

Turns into a dragon.

  • By’leth.

Got released in one of the Ultimate DLCs.

  • Ness

B: PK Blast. Side B: PK Fire. Down B: Psi Magnet. Up B: PK Thunder. Hit Ness with it and he will go flying and will be deadly to any foe he hits. Final Smash: PK Star Storm. Weapon: Baseball bat.

The protagonist of Earthbound/Mother 2. The only one to get released in the west...

Disappointingly the move set doesn’t allow all of Ness’s powers like Psi Rocking.

  • Lucas

B: PK Freeze. Side B: same as Ness. Down B: Same again. Up B: Same again. Final Smash: Same again.... Weapon: A snake whip thing, like Toon Link’s from Spirit Tracks.

The main protagonist of Mother 3. And a pansy in Brawl’s story mode. One of his pallets is Claus.

  • Ninten.

Same as Ness except NES graphics and broken gameplay. The main character of the very first Mother game in the series.

  • Mr Game and Watch

B: Sausages and frying pan. Side B: Judgement. Depending on the number can be weak or extremely powerful. 9 is the extra powerful one. Down B. Bucket. Collect projectiles. Once you collect three, throw a deadly attack back at your foes. Up B: Trampoline.

  • Snake

B: Grenade. Side B: Rocket launcher. Down B: C4 Up B: Cypher.

A guest character from Metal Gear games.

  • Sonic

B: Homing strike. Side B: Spin Dash. Down B: Ring toss. Up B: Spring. Final Smash: Final Smash.

Sadly you can’t play as Tails, Knuckles, Shadow etc.

  • Pacman

B: Fruit. Side B: Maze pills and eat. Down B: Fire hydrant. Up B: trampoline but can do it three times.

Wakka wakka wakka sounds.

  • Mega Man

B: Mega Buster. Can charge up. Side B: Cut Man’s blades. Down B: Leaf shield. Up B: Rush as a trampoline/spring. Final Smash: All the alternate Mega Mans from the spin offs fire a laser.

A blue robot sometimes called Rock Man. Sometimes he’s a living person, sometimes he’s a computer virus.

  • Dig Dug.

Dig Dug/Mr Driller’s father.

  • Bomber Man.

Censored to B-Daman because of 9/11.

  • Inkling Boy/Girl.

The playable character of Splatoon.

  • Animal Crossing Villager.

Male or Female.

  • Isabelle.

With the infinite Assist Trophy bug intact!

  • Simon Belmont.

The barbarian clad protagonist of Castlevania who Captain N depicts as a human Launchpad McQuack. He may or may not have identical triplet brothers called Alvin and Theodore.

  • Richter Belmont.

A blue clad Belmont. Simon’s ancestor or Simon is his ancestor. I dunno. Encounters Dracula’s son Alucard, Shaft and famous for the “What is Man?” Dialogue.

  • Alucard Vlad Tepes.

Dracula’s son. Unlike Daddy, he is benevolent and just wants revenge for his mother’s death.

  • Count Dracula.

The main antagonist of Castlevania. Throws wine glasses of blood, hangs around with Death and when the Belmonts killed him for good, he reincarnated as Soma and was benevolent instead of evil. He was a human friend of the first Belmont once but turned to the dark side of satanic magic and became a vampire.

  • Little Mac.

The hero of Punch out! His final Smash is Big Mac where he gets bigger and something involving McDonalds.

  • Mike Tyson.

The final boss of Punch out. A real life Boxer who bites off people’s ears and keeps pigeons and tigers.

  • Shulk.

The main character of Xenoblade series. Has a big sword thingy and can change how high he jumps or how fast he moves. Infamous for saying “I’m really feeling it!”

  • Bayonetta.

Of Bayonetta. It’s like Devil May Cry but Nintendo and the main character is a woman and you fight evil angels instead of demons as a benevolent demon. She has guns attached to her shoes, uses something called Witch time and has magic hair!

  • Duck Hunt Duo.

You play as a Duck Hunt duck and the dog!

  • Ryu.

From Street-fighter. Hadoukens and spinning attacks and dragon punches.

  • Ken.

American and red pallet swap of Ryu.

  • Rash, Zitz and Pimple.

The Battletoads!

  • Cloud Strife

From Final Fantasy VII.

  • Sephiroth

From Final Fantasy VII.

  • Dragon Quest Hero

The Hero of Dragon Guest XI. Final Smash summons all the previous Dragon Quest Heroes. Even Erdrick, the Celestian from IX and the Green haired hero from IV.

  • Banjo and Kazooie.

Long overdue... I don’t care if Microsoft owns them now! They’re Nintendo mascots!

  • Conker the squirrel.

can switch between cute innocent Conker and drunk Swearing Conker with violence and scatological humour.

  • Steve from Minecraft.

I’m serious. They made him playable....

  • James Bond.

Most of the games are Nintendo exclusive! Come on! His pallets are the bond actors from Sean Connery, George, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce and finally Daniel Craig.

B: Handgun. Side B: Wristwatch laser. Down B: Drive Aston Martin. Up B: Hurl petrol bombs. Grapple: Wristwatch grappling piton. Taunt: Drink a martini.

  • James Pond/Robo Cod.

Exists for the sake of a Smash Quest mission featuring James Bond and James Pond.


Most of which are antagonists that couldn’t be made playable according to Nintendo...

  • Bowser, either get past and touch the axe or fight him in his clown car.
  • Donkey Kong. He throws barrels at you. Un screw the girders.
  • Ridley/Meta Ridley. Empty his health bar by attacking him.
  • Ganon. Empty his health bar by attacking.
  • Dracula. Empty his health bar by attacking.
  • Rayquaza. Health bar...
  • Porky Minch. Health Bar...
  • Galleom. A giant robot.Again health bar boss.
  • Duon. Two robots attached. One uses melee, the other ranged projectiles. Again health bar boss.
  • Master Hand. Health bar...
  • Crazy Hand. Ditto.
  • Tabuh. The final boss! Empty his health bar.
  • Master Core.
  • The two beasts in Ultimate. Whatever they are.


  • Mushroom Kingdom.

Based on a Super Mario level.

  • Mushroom Kingdom II.

Based on a Subcon level. Has Birdo, Pidgits on magic carpets and logs.

  • Peach’s castle exterior.
  • Peaches Castle Interior.

randomly fight in the foyer, the basement, the top floor and the fountain garden.

  • Rainbow Road.
  • Super Mario World.
  • Yoshi’s Island.
  • Isle Delfino.
  • Super Mario Galaxy Station hub.

The Hub level of Super Mario Galaxy.

  • DK Water fall.
  • DK Kranky’s house.
  • DK Gangplank Galleon.
  • Hyrule Castle 64.
  • Temple Grounds Cube.
  • Termina Bay.
  • Skyloft.
  • Sheikah tower.
  • Brinstar.

Rising lava/acid, breakable stage and the Spore Spawn in the background.

  • Brinstar Depths.

Kraid rotates the stage.

  • Norfair.

Lava and exclusively has the Norfair Depths track.

  • Space Pirate Frigate.

The Parasite Queen rotates the stage.

  • Geothermal station.

Fight Ridley!

  • Angel Land.

Glitches and Bugs

Fun Bugs that Nintendo should have kept as fun quirks.

  • Black Hole

Have two Foxes or a Fox and Falco use deflector constantly by mashing down b. Have Ness use the infinite Super Scope glitch to put a chain of bullets rebounding between the Foxes until they glitch out and sorta look like the targets from target smash. Then have Peech jump into them to arrange the properly, then have her toss vegetables into the bullets. Then have Ness toss PK fire at the vegetables and bullets. You now have a black hole that causes enormous damage to anyone trying to enter it.

  • Infinite Super Scope.

Fire a few rapid fire bullets. Then two fully charge shots then attempt the final charge but be interrupted by another character. Now you should have infinite ammo! Use this to make black holes!

  • Infinite Assist Trophy.

Play as Isabelle. Have someone activate an assist trophy but have Isabelle grapple it from them at the right time to have infinite assist trophy spam. You do insane things like spam chain chomps or Waluigi!