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Super Rich Kids

Directed by

Ryan Coogler

Produced by

Glenn Ficarra
Will Smith
Frank Ocean
Paul Ardaji

Screenplay by

Ryan Coogler
Donald Glover
Frank Ocean


Frank Ocean
Earl Sweatshirt

Based on

"Super Rich Kids"
By Frank Ocean


Chris O’Neal
Will Smith
Jada Pinkett Smith
Margot Robbie
Zoë Kravitz
Keri Washington
Thomas Mann
RJ Cyler
Dlyan Sparybarry
Donald Glover
Andrew Lincoln
Dylan & Cole Spouse

Music by

Frank Ocean


Chung-hoon Chung

Edited by

Jan Kovac

Prodcution Company

RatPac-Dune Entertainment

Distributed by

Warner Bros. Pictures

Release date(s)

June 18th, 2016


United States




$80 Million


Super Rich Kids is a 2016 Black Comedy Drama written and directed by Ryan Coogler based on the Frank Ocean song "Super Rich Kids" released on his debut album channel orange. and staring Shameik Moore, Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith, Margot Robbie, Zoë Kravitz,Keri Washington, Thomas Mann, RJ Cyler,Dlyan Sparybarry, Donald Glover and Andrew Lincoln.

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Based on the Frank Ocean song, A boy who his whole life has only seen fake and has never had anything real meets a girl who does not come from his lifestyle who he falls for but sees that she is not easily won over by money.


  • Chris O’Neal as Frank Jones – Howard and Ivy’s son and the richest boy in school. He is shown to be self-obsessed and only cares about himself. He usually smokes with his stoner “friends” and has sex with girls from school. Though he is rich he still wants to be the most popular person in school and tries his best but is extremely self-conscious. 
  • Zoë Kravitz as Sierra Leone – A girl at Frank’s school and his crush. She is shown to be anti-social and does not have many friends. She is very imaginative and artistic and open minded. She shuns most people but mostly Frank and his group of “Friends” thinks that they have never seen their real selfs in the mirror.
  • Will Smith as Howard Jones – Frank’s Mogul Farther. He owns the school and is the CEO of a Housing company. He is striving to become a politician and make the transition. Him and his wife Ivy have an open marriage and almost never talk to each other. His relationship with Frank is almost non-existent but he hates his son’s lifestyle but is too busy to pay attention. 
  • Jada Pinkett Smith as Anabella “Ann” Jones – She Frank’s almost non-existent, filmmaking mother. She is a director and is trying to break though despite her gender and uses that as her reason for failure. She has won a lot of minor league film making awards. She almost never sees Frank as the last time she saw him was 2014. 
  • Margot Robbie as Ivy – One of Frank’s many maids’. She is a maid for the family but is their main maid who is asked upon a lot. She however is different as she actually cares for Frank and the family’s wellbeing, usually checking where he is and sometime restricts him from doing certain things and going certain places.
  • Keri Washington as Asia Leone - Sierra's mother and of her 3 other siblings. She is a former drug addict and works over 3 jobs. She is very strict and is not able to buy her kids very much. She is optimistic of Frank’s appearance in her daughter’s life as she pushes her to go so their family can stop “Just making it”.
  • Andrew Lincoln as Jim Fooler Sr. – Ryan’s Father and the mayor of the city who is trying to get reelected. Him and Howard have a history with each other as they are friends but Ryan is willing to do anything to win.
  • Dylan Sprayberry as Wood Harrington - Frank's childhood friend who stands by him. Though he is usually abounded or made fun of by Frank and others he stands by Frank as he knows that he needs a real friend in his life.
  • Thomas Mann as Ryan Fooler Jr. – One of the popular kids who Frank envy’s. His farther is the rival to Frank’s and is the head politician of the city. Frank shrives to hang out with him and his friends.
  • Cole Spouse as Aiden Rich - One of the popular kids who Frank envy’s and Nelson’s brother
  • Maddie McCormick as Lacy - One of the popular kids who Frank envy’s. She has had a relationship with Ryan and Frank.
  • Dylan Spouse as Nelson Rich - One of the People Frank gets high with and Aiden’s Brother.
  • Donald Glover as Tim - The leader of Frank's drug circle. He comes from a similar background as Frank and he gives him his words of wisdom.
  • RJ Cyler as Jevon - One of Franks friends who he gets high with.
  • John Krasinski as Himself – An actor on Ann’s movie
  • Meagan Good as Herself – An Actress on Ann’s movie