Super Phantom Cat is an upcoming 2018 3D computer-animated adventure comedy film written for the screen and directed by Phil Lord and Mike White. It is based on the retro platform game, Super Phantom Cat. Produced by Sony Pictures Animation, and distributed by Columbia Pictures and Universal Pictures. The film will feature the voices of Josh Hutcherson, Kate Mara, Gary Oldman, Emmy Rossum, Rob Schneider, Martin Starr, Christina Millian.


The story is about a cat named Ari, who is on a journey to rescue his sister, Ina, who has been kidnapped in the mysterious Phantom world. He's determined. He's focused. But super-scary enemies, super powers, allies and hidden secrets await him.


  • Josh Hutcherson as Ari, an anthropomorphic white cat and the main character.
  • Kate Mara as Ina, Ari's sister who has been kidnapped in the mysterious Phantom world.
  • Gary Oldman as Alpha, a black cat who serves as Ari and Flash's mentor.
  • Emmy Rossum as Alice, an adventurous rabbit always on a lookout for treasure.
  • Rob Schneider as Flash, a spiky-haired guy and has super-speed.
  • Christina Millian as Wave, a cat who bounce higher and higher to reach for the sky and stars.
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