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Super Mario Journey is a 2014 crossover animated fan film by CouyZ. It is said to be similar to Super Mario Silver Spurs because it has characters who appeared in SMSS but it does not have the same plot as SMSS.


According to CouyZ, this film is split into three parts called Episodes.

Episode 1

This part will have appearances from Super Mario Bros., TAWOG, The LEGO Movie, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokémon, Skylanders (SA and Giants) and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Episode 2

This part will aquire characters from the Josh McCoy trilogy, Wreck-It Ralph, Pac-Man, Steven Universe, Skylanders (SWAP Force), Kirby and Mega Man.

Episode 3

This part will have given characters from Dan VS., Skylanders (Trap Team), Crash Bandicoot, Pnineas & Ferb, Wander Over Yonder and Grand Chase.

Voice Cast

  • Mario Bros. - Same actor.
  • Gumball and Darwin - Same actors.
  • Emmet - Same actor.
  • Wyldstyle - Same actress.
  • Batman - Same actor.
  • Unikitty - Same actress.
  • Sonic - Same actor.
  • Tails - Same actress.
  • Knuckles - Pitbull
  • Sticks - Bridgit Mendler (Don't bash on this because this is to make Sticks sound younger and not like an eldery woman.)
  • Pikachu - Same actress.
  • Mewtwo - Same actor from Pokémon: The First Movie.
  • Spyro - Same actor.
  • Gill Grunt - Same actor.
  • Trigger Happy - Same actor.
  • Stealth Elf - Same actress.

And a bunch of others the creator doesn't need to mention.


This movie doesn't need merchandise promotions. This movie can be promoted by commercials worldwide alot often.


  • This movie was the chosen one in the idea voting contest.
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