New Super Mario Bros. 3
Developers MarioKart3DS.png
Genre 2D Platform
New Super Mario Bros. 3 is a Super Mario game for the Nintendo DS. This game is a sequel to Super Mario Bros. 3, but some new things. Like in Super Mario 3D Land, the Super Leaf will turn you into Tanooki Mario. Also including some more enemies that didnt appear in Super Mario Bros. 3, like the Tail Goomba.



Mario and Peach are walking around Peach's Castle. But they both notice a couple of Airships passing by. But, it starts firing Bullet Bills. Mario carries Princess Peach back to the castle, but gts stopped by Bowser Jr. in his cockpit. Bowser Jr. comes out of it, pushes Mario, and grabs the Princess from Mario, and jumps back into his cockpit with the princess, and flys back to the Airships, and the Airships fly to Bowser's Castle. Mario runs after the Airship, and passes the Tanooki Tree, (giving a hint that they will appear in the game).

Around when you beat World 4, a note card, (like in 3D Land), will appear. Havin the same note card as inWorld 7 in 3D Land.

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