Super Hero League: The Movie is a 2013/2014 super hero/action/comedy movie produced by Legendary Pictures, Marvel Studios and distribiuded by Warner Bros, inspired by the comic of the same name, the movie is still on developement, but many details and spoilers have been given.


The plot will resolve around the kingdom of Aage, who by 1200 A.D. gets invaded by The Red Knight Elathan, after a long battle, Elathan got locked by centuries. Now in the present day a group of workers, discover during an expedition to Norway the locked tomb of Elathan, now after unleashing his wrath on earth, no kingdom is safe, and his only goal is to take over earth.


Developement of the movie started when Legendary pictures adquired the rights to the comic in early 2008, rumors where heard in the web about it, but as 2011, nothing was told.

Later a poster appeared leaked in the web, that shown the date 12/26/13, it is still a rumor if this is actually the original release date of the movie.

Some cast members have been confirmed (see cast section), and some characters were revealed by time, but some of them don't have an actor/actress (except for MLP Characters).

On June 2013, it was said that the total lenght of the movie would be 310 minutes. On august of the same year, cast for some characters was announced (see cast section), also producers from the movie stated:

"There will be really shocking, unexpected and also some humor and comical scenes, but it will be something at the end that, will leave you waiting for more, I can't tell nothing more."

Finally on August 19 2013, at 10:30 pm the official trailer for the movie was launched showing characters, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Eric Draven, Peter Parker, Aros, Leon Kennedy, Batman and Wonder Woman, the trailer lasted about 4 minutes and also showed locations such as Ponyville, New York, Gotham City, Norway, The Amazons and Underworld, the song Reckless Abandon by Melodic Death Metal band It Dies Today, appears as the background music, the trailer also confirmed the release date ineed, it will be 12/26/13.


Poster of the movie


  • Shawn Roberts as The Red Knight Elathan: A damned and evil warrior from an unknown place, he was once a conquer of realms.
  • Tara Strong as The Voice of Twilight Sparkle: A young alicorn from the Equestria realm, when her realm is attacked, she alongside her friends have to scape to earth.
  • Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman: Bruce Wayne is a multimillonare from Gotham City, he alongside Wonder Woman recruite other heroes to stop Elathan's attack.
  • Bridget Regan as Princess Diana/Woner Woman: A warrior from the amazons, after the realm gets attacked she joins forces with Batman to stop the attack on earth.
  • Liam Hemswort as Aros: A young boy who is given powers by the Norwegian Elder Gods to stop Elathan's rage
  • Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker/Spider - Man: Peter Parker is a young adult who was given powers from a radioactive spider long time ago, now, knowing the earth is on trouble, he decides to help Batman during his battle
  • Stuart Townsend as Leon S. Kennedy: Rocky cop and Ex-US Agent, after a serious and bad luck events during his life, Leon is not the same guy he used to be, with vampiric powers, he will fight against Elathan's forces.
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Eric Draven/Crow I
  • Jared Leto as Ashe Corven/Crow II
  • Emilie Autumn as The Painted Doll
  • Greg Byrk as Abbadon
  • Logan Lerman as The Shade
  • Ayumi Ito as Runa Hashi/Batgirl II
  • Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool
  • Oliver Martinez as Edward Carnby
  • Matthew Bomer as Chris Redfield
  • Scarlett Johanson as Nattasha Romanoff/Black Widow
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Abigail Stevenson/Super Girl II
  • Liam Neeson as Captain Green
  • Ian Anthony Dale as Scorpion
  • Sung Kang as Sub Zero
  • Ian Somerhalder as Ghost Rider
  • Elisha Cuthbert as Anette Wells/Spider Woman
  • Dolph Lundgren as Master Cheif
  • Keith David as Arbiter Voice
    • MLP Characters have been announced


As despited in the poster, Hanz Zimmer, Jamers Horner & Marco Beltrami will be the main composers for the movie, in early 2012, producers said "The movie score will have a bit of everything, it will contain folk music, especially focussing on Norwegian folk music, Cyberpunk, Electrobody Music, Techno Music, Gothic Music and Classical Music, with some influences on Horner's TAS movie score and Heavy Metal/Rock music, so yeah, it will totally fit in the movie perfectly, I'm sure people is going to love listening to this songs in the movie".

In addition another two-disc soundtrack is set to be released on 12/30/12.

For further information go to Super Hero League: Original Movie Score & Super Hero League: Music Inspired by The Montion Picture.


The movie's trailer caused a really good impact on the viewers and followers of the saga.

Reception is still to be given due the release of the movie.

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