Who will devour whom?
~ Tagline when Dokuhebi enters the scene

Super Friends 2020 features the adventures of the Super Friends as they battle the villainous Blitz Craig, an enigmatic organization. More challenges for the Super Friends await.

Super Friends

  • Superman
  • Green Lantern
  • Wonder Woman
  • The Flash



  • Blitz Craig - The main antagonists of the series.
  • Dokuhebi's Faction - the secondary antagonists of the series.
    • Dokuhebi
    • Sai Dai Abare
    • Akaei Lux
    • Aqua Monster - at some point Dokuhebi will make a contract with Aquaman


  • This show will not only be the development of the Super Friends, but the development of the Blitz Craig as a villain.
  • There will be a case of Evil Vs. Evil happening in the show.
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