Beware the rage of the Purikyra for the Blitz Craig embody them, and will use to lash out at you.
~ Aphrodite warning the Super Friends.

Who will devour whom?
~ Tagline when Dokuhebi enters the scene

Super Friends 2020 features the adventures of the Super Friends as they battle the villainous Blitz Craig, an enigmatic organization. More challenges for the Super Friends await.

Super Friends

  • Superman
  • Green Lantern (Corrupted by Dokuhebi into Green Monster, and then killed by Lightning Blitz and Hoshi CL)
  • Wonder Woman
  • The Flash
  • Samurai
  • Aquaman (corrupted by Dokuhebi into Aqua Monster, eventually killed by Nancy Blake and Fuanteina)



  • Blitz Craig - The main antagonists of the series.
  • Dokuhebi's Faction - the secondary antagonists of the series.
    • Dokuhebi
    • Sai Dai Abare - a rhino like monster
    • Akaei Lux - a stingray monster
    • Aqua Monster - at some point Dokuhebi will make a deal with Aquaman to corrupt him, eventually Dokuhebi possesses him for one last ditch effort. He manages to kill the Fallen Amazons, but Nancy Blake and Fuanteina kill Aqua Monster, killing Aquaman in the process. After Aquaman is killed, Dokuhebi escapes along with Sai Dai Abare and Akaei Lux and the Hakobune.
      • Hakobune - gooey monsters that throw actual Sais at their opponent. Dokuhebi is impressed at Aqua monster's handiwork and makes them the grunts of his army.
      • Kyokatsu - a black mailbox themed monster that can send mail that containing incriminating secrets.
      • Mega Mauler - a steam roller themed monster.

Posthumous Characters - Characters that were dead before the series.

  • Von Yodon: An evil dictator who wants to put the Earth into eternal darkness. Was beheaded by Hoshi CL herself. 


01. Beginnings (Part I)

02. Beginnings (Part II)

03. Emerging Plan

04. Realization

05. Secrets of Paradise

06. Knightly Warfare

07. Paradise Island Lost

08. Enter the Snake

09. Trolls and Hidden Entrances

10. Paradise War

11. The Alliance



  • This show will not only be the development of the Super Friends, but the development of the Blitz Craig as a villain.
  • There will be a case of Evil Vs. Evil happening in the show.
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