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Super Elder God Tengen Toppa Demonbane Gurren Lagann is a mecha in user Our Green Tornado's upcoming brainmade movie "Perfect In Every Stinkin' Way". It is forged by combining the director's interdimensional knowledge with the Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren Brigade's Spiral Power.

Those ain't galaxies, they're ENTIRE MULTIVERSES.

Powers & Abilities

Shining Supernova Net

Inspired by the infamous Indra's net, can be used to trap ANYTHING this mecha couldn't beat, suggesting that would ever happen.

IE if it fought a Super Dante Skodwarde Internet Omega, and it was too OP (Which it isn't it could zero shot that with ease), it could just seal it with this. This works on anything. No exceptions!


Exaggeration Infinium

It summons beyond infinity of ANY character that is exaggerated or wanked.


This makes regular Exaggeration Infinium look like a regular Gunman attack, say you have an exaggerated or wanked character, x, what this does is basically combine all beyond infinity of it into one, then there are beyond infinity of this fusion, which then all fuse...... After some beyond infinity, it seems like theres no more OPness to be achieved... EXCEPT THERE IS. You see, it does a super beyond infinity quantum loop of beyond infinity x's, this doesn't just repeat for beyond infinity, or beyond beyond....beyond infinity, or beyond beyond.... beyond infinity......................beyond infinity, NOOO, no matter WHAT you say, no matter what recursive things you make, it will never show just how many steps there are. Never. Oh, and this happens instantly. Imagine it, a truly undefinable amount of EX Goku's fused with EX TTGL's, and absolutely undefinably beyond.......................


So since the last ability is already undefinable, even by saying its undefinable and the such, its obvious you can't exceed its power...... JUST KIDDING.

This ability is only used in the extremely rare scenario that its opponent can somehow handle EXAGGERATION INFINIUM MAX, it will do the same thing as EXAGGERATION INFINIUM MAX , except with its opponent. So its opponent is effortlessly destroyed by absolutely undefinable fusions and clones of its self. RIP.


Its like wishing... but much stronger than Super Shenron (Wanked, Exaggerated, Upplayed and Awesomely MAXIMUM)'s wishing, it wished away it's wishing, not that it needed to.

Get fokin rekt m666.


Omniwishing+Shining Supernova Net

I don't need to say ANYTHING else.


Everything with 'omni' in it is used.

Everything, freaking everything.


Makes its opponent 11-C. Not that it needs to, of course.


It fires Metal Blades that one shot anything at all, and it goes through everything and destroy's all everything EVER.


Every piece of evidence or logic that shows a character could beat SEGTTDGL(Not that there is any) is removed and made more irrelevant than irrelevant.


It's a gun....... A gun that makes Super Shenron (Wanked, Exaggerated, Upplayed and Awesomely MAXIMUM) it's .


Reveals that its opponent was itself the whole time, then they shake hands and celebrate their dominance over everything.

Super Tengen Toppa Giga Drill Break Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren Brigade Special

The most powerful known attack in all universes(including our own), used to finish off all the Great Old Ones, the Elder Gods and the Outer Gods.

Role in the film

After Leyenar Oh, the director, turns the Anti-Spiral Princess back into Nia Teppelin, the two girls rejoin the rest of the gang and they join their hands all together inside the ethereal cockpit of Super Tengen Toppa Lagann in order to forge the most powerful robot in the history of robots—Super Elder God Tengen Toppa Demonbane Gurren Lagann. After wiping out 99/100 of the enemy army via the Super Tengen Toppa Giga Drill Break Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren Brigade Special and killing off the rest via the Super Tengen Toppa Giga Drill Break, the Tengen Toppa Giga Drill Break, the Super Galaxy Giga Drill Break and the Arc-Giga Drill Break, Viral(in Gurren) grabs Lagann(with Simon and Nia and Leyenar in it) and uses a Cannonball Attack toss Lagann towards the Mythos homeworld. Cthulhu himself forced to attack; his tentacles lop off Lagann's limbs one after another, and Simon's star-shaped sunglasses shatter. Before they can Lagann Impact Cthulhu, Lagann itself throws its pilot from the cockpit, and Simon flies at Cthulhu to deliver a punch. The fight between evolution and suppression has degenerated into a fistfight.

As Nia and Leyenar watches from the remains of Lagann, Simon begins drawing the blood in the air towards his arm. Exhausted but determined, he declares that he will always believe in himself, humans, and the future. As the blood forms into a drill, Simon yells that his drill is his soul, and then he and Cthulhu lunge at each other one more time. After a tense moment, it is seen that Simon has drilled through Cthulhu, just like how he did with the Anti-Spiral back then.

The universe has changed thanks to Simon and Co.; all the dead guys are alive and well. Arc-Gurren, Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren, and all the Laganns are deposited in their home dimension. Now victorious and triumphant, the Dai-Gurren Brigade return to the Fandom Central to celebrate Kamina and Yoko's wedding.