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Super Duper FX is a CGI action-comedy animated cartoon series on Cartoon Galaxy's Afternoon Awesomeness programming block.

Inspired by the old Super FX-based video games released on the Super NES back in the 1990s, the visual style is inspired by the 3-dimensional polygon graphics of those games. In fact, the show's title is a humorous jab at the Super FX chip's name.


The series takes place on the distant planet Effex, which is in a galaxy that's "really doggone far away from the Milky Way". Therein on Effex lives an alien race known as the Polygons, who are sentient 3D polygon models.

The show is centered around the antics of McCloud (named in reference to Fox McCloud from the Star Fox series), who would often get himself into varying situations with his friends.

Cast of Characters

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List of Episodes

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