SuperMarioLogan Parody: Loud House (2021)

SuperMarioLogan Parody: Loud House is an American/Adventure/Comedy 45 minute long Film, It is Made From Disney, Pixar, and Nintendo and Nickelodeon Movies.


Zach Braff as Oliver The Robot and Chicken Little

Logan Thirtyacre as Mario, Bowser Junior and some others

Tex Hammond as Lincoln Loud

Micheal J Fox as Thomas and Brum

Dave Foley as Josh Booster-Mcflyer

Paul Panting as Larry

Anthony Miller as Lemmy

SuperMarioRichie as all of the other koopalings, Wario and Waluigi

Jim Hanks as Woody (Jim will be the current voice of Woody and Oliver's dad, David in this franchise from now on)

Amy Poehler as Joy


(Most of the start of plot is unknown, but mainly the SML parody gang just hanging out in the house) On June 9th, 2021, Oliver whistles for Wall-E and Chicken Little, he falls out of the window and lands on Wall-E's shoulders then they went together. The gang are hanging out in the city of Minnesota, then they meet the Loud kids, the gang was confused, Oliver first introduced himself to Lincoln Loud, then the sisters fell in love with Olive r& Wall-E, then Oliver went on Donkey's back then they Oliver was riding on Donkey, Chicken Little was also riding & Wall-E and the rest of the gang were catching up, then Oliver's family, Amy, his mom, David, his dad, Stacy, his sister & Tim & Larry, his twin brothers, inside their red mini-van. Oliver and the whole gang, even the Louds went to Walmart, then they met the Koopalings from North Korea like Ludwig, Lemmy, Roy, Larry, Wendy, Iggy, Morton and the others with Wario and Waluigi, then they plan to go check out the Loud house, 1 day later, they were ready, before they left, Oliver's minions introduced him to "Josh Booster-Mcflyer", a car who will have 2 rocket boosters soon so he can fly, but the minions will restore him and Josh will belong to Oliver when they get back. They were on board Thomas, Annie, Clarabel & 7 silver coaches, they took a day to get to the Loud House, the exterminator was planning to control Oliver with his evil controller. Meanwhile, the minions were still developing the old plane (With eyes and with no name) getting restored, Sig and David met (They actually first met in 2004), Sig offered the minions some help saying "Me and Handy Dandy have got some friends you haven't seen in years, David" then it reveals that 14 racers like Walter Walmart, Bullseye, Kyle Kensington, etc. They begun to help the minions then David thanks Sig. Sig says "So, David, I have heard that you're the father of Oliver Positive the Robot". David says "Yes, I am. How'd ya know?", Sig tells David "Well, David. Me and my fellow robot racers actually know a lot about Oliver and his close friends. We watched his films and we liked them, especially Walter and Bullseye. Both Walter and Bullseye really want to meet Oliver sometime soon". As the gang was about to go home, the exterminator used his controller to lift Oliver up, then fire came out of his mouth and yell evily to the Louds and the Koopalings, (Reference to Regular Show's Benson yelling fire, but this is different though) the exterminator's plan was working, then Oliver was done, the exterminator electrocuted him, Oliver was broken, Bowser bounced the Luxo ball on Oliver's head, then he fell down then died. David calls his wife who is also Oliver's mom, Amy to ask if the SuperPlane is done yet and if it is then come and get her son and husband back as a rescue. Bowser tied up the exterminator with rope and taped his mouth and putted him inside Dinoco Mack's trailer. Joy was shocked and crying to see her boyfriend die, then Black Yoshi, Junior, Toad, Joseph, Cody, Dinoco Mcqueen & Dinoco Mack came to a repair shed then repaired him, meanwhile, the minions, Sig and the racers/robots were getting ready to take off to take Oliver and David home as David called them when Oliver was having a hard time and everything, Josh was fully restored and can fly now. Sig named the plane, "Dragon", because she looks a little like one with her flappy wings, long body and long tail. Oliver Little and Woody Oliver did a checklist like "Buttons, check. Fuel, check. Passengers, check and GPS, check". The search party begun and the minions, racers and Oliver's plane were all on the plane racing off to the rescue with Josh leading since he has a GPS inside him. (With Thomasliver and Thomaslivia riding on Dragon's tail) Meanwhile, Black Yoshi repaired Oliver, but Oliver lost his memory (Wall-E reference) and left to put a fence pole up, Black Yoshi was crying and calling out Oliver's name then Oliver starts remembering all his memories and everything and says "Black Yoshi, I remember everything now! That's Junior! That's Toad! That's Joseph, Cody, Dinoco Mcqueen and Dinoco Mack! I'm back to life!", he was happy that he was back to life, but he was sad then he died, as the gang with the Louds and Koopalings arrived, they're happy to see Oliver alive, but they all sadly cried together with Joy saying "Oliver! I am so sorry you were dead!" and then Oliver says "That's alright! It's not your fault. I'm just glad I am back to life, but I am crying since I had a bad time at this point", as then the plane named "Dragon" with the racers, Sig and the minions (Thomas-liver and Thomas-livia both ride on the tail part on top) on board with Josh flying arrived. Sig says "Now listen, guys. We gotta be quiet and get Oliver the Robot and bring him home. Understand?" to Walter and Bullseye, who they then say "Yes, Sig". Larry and Tim show up saying "Hey, Mom! What are you doing?", then Amy says "Shhh! Larry! Tim! Be quiet. Oliver the Robot is crying with his friends. Awww... poor him. My son". As soon as Oliver says "Let's go home, everyone.", Oliver Little says "Larry! Quick! Drop the bucket!" and then a red bucket landed in front of Oliver and David. David says "What the?", then they look up at the Superplane with Tim saying "Oliver!" and Larry saying "Dad! Get in", then Oliver, his dad, Wall-E, Junior, Joseph, Cody & Chicken Little came aboard. Oliver speaks through the little microphone at the red bucket saying "Let's go, let's get out while we can! Pass it on!". The plane left with everyone else left behind in shock. The Louds got changed into their superhero versions, because they enjoy it a lot. They get on board Thomas and his train then leave. Meanwhile a race at NASCAR was finished, the news with the racers that Dinoco Mcqueen is coming back from vacation from a phone call from David. Oliver was excited to see the other robots like Walter, Bullseye, Sig and the rest and it was revealed by Oliver that he first met Walter, Bullseye and their friends as little kids back in around June, 2007. Oliver gets decorated with the Hot Wheels logo on his chest and a #1, he loves it! Walter and Bullseye were excited to see Oliver the Robot for the first time, Oliver was happy too. When Thomas with the train and the Louds & Koopalings saw the plane, they threw the exterminator in the middle of the forest, then Oliver came down off the plane with the chain with the bucket where he got rescued in, he went in front of Thomas, then he and Joy hugged, the Louds went "Awwww.....". Oliver said that there's a gas station a few minutes away for dinner like fries, chicken and more, so they went there for take away, then they went on their way home, the people back at Minnesota were happy to see Oliver and his friends again. The minions, robot racers and Sig decided to sleep in the Plane. The Louds left home then Oliver started having fun driving and flying his new car, Josh Booster-Mcflyer.


Oliver's minions will have their plane named "Dragon".

It will be shown in the film that Oliver's minions sometimes help in construction building new places in Minnesota.

A new character, "Josh Booster-Mcflyer" (Reference to Marty Mcfly) is gonna be Oliver The Robot's personal car who can drive and fly and has pop-out wings to fly (A red button is inside him which makes the wings pop out when pressed and it can press itself or Oliver can press it). He can go super speed. He can go quickly from one country to another, like he would go from Australia back to America or Canada in like 3 hours as what he said as what he'd think of. His blinkers are a bit hard to see, but they work. Another character named "Dragon" is a plane. Link about Dragon:

The Loud House characters will be 2D animated like in their show, but the rest will be CGI. 

Edit: (Fake info) On the 4th of June, 2020, Pete Docter announced that Oliver the Robot’s real name (His SML Parody counterpart) is “Oliverando Positive The Robot”, but Oliver does like being called “Oliver” and his real name will be revealed in the beginning of “Nascar Cars”. 

On October 12, 2018, Tom Kenny was gonna voice Oliver The Robot since his original actor "Mr Kelly Halls" (NOTE: He's a fake person that Eli came up with in this world and named after his last name) died from a car crash at Florida, But on June 6th, 2019, It's announced that Zach Braff will voice him instead since Tom's voice for him sounded way too young and the audiences and even kids praised Zach's voice since it really fitted Oliver's character for the current days.They first used Oliver's new voice actor for the "Oliver and the Robots" 4K release trailer.

Oliver The Robot is gonna have a cowboy hat since the start of the film that looks like Woody's hat.

This is the first SML Parody film to not be scored by Randy Newman since "SML Parody: The Movie 3" (2017) which is scored by Danny Elfman.

Junior, Joseph and Cody will be a bit older in the movie, like a bit bigger.

Link about Oliver with his family:,%20Amy%20and%20David,%202%20twin%20brothers%20named%20%E2%80%9CTim%20&%20Larry%E2%80%9D%20and%20sister%20named%20%E2%80%9CStacy%E2%80%9D.%20

When Josh flies, his boosters share the same sound as Tex's (THX) rocket and even has the green boosting too. He also has the same horn sound as the Anti-Pesto van from "The Curse of the Were-Rabbit".

The Plane that Oliver's minions will have will also have a little red bucket similar to (Madagascar 2's red bucket from the monkey chain) on the right side with a 2 ton chain hoist that carries the bucket that Oliver, David, Chicken Little, Bowser Junior, Joseph, Cody, Black Yoshi and Toad get rescued and fly away.

"SML Parody: The Movie", "SML Parody: Sonic The Hedgehog" and the upcoming film "Nascar Cars" (Set to release in December 24th, 2020 to celebrate 5 years of SML Parody) are the only theatical films of SML Parody while the others are direct to DVD and the upcoming 2021 one will be on Disney+. The first film came out on December 12th, 2015. The second one came out on June 19th, 2016. The third film came out on June 19th, 2017. The 4th film with Sonic came out on June 19th, 2018 in theaters and Nascar Car came out on December 12th, 2020.

Wall-E in this movie is a different version of Wall-E, as the he came from is set in 2805 AD.

All the Oliver and the Robots films were rated PG. "SML Parody: The Movie" was rated G, but the second, third and the SML Parody Sonic film were rated PG. Nascar Cars will be rated G.

More info of SML Parody in this link: (Oliver and the Robots info too.

Information about the robot racers and Sig: and

Oliver was first seen with his hat in "Nascar Cars" (2020) and he reveals that in March 2nd, 2019, his dad gave it to him as a fun gift.

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Josh with wings
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