"Super-Bot Man"  Is any 80s animation and live action mixed superhero robotic horror comedy original film was based on comics , The epic production and with this premise all kinds of crazy and insane, this faithful adaptation dark gritty horror campy like "The Mask", "Hazbin Hotel" and "The Toxic Avenger". The stars starring: Tom Holland, Margot Robbie, and Michael Kovach as the voice of "Super-Bot Man". Directed by David Sandberg, Lars Klevberg, Chuck Russell and Fede Alvarez. Produced by James Gunn, Zack Snyder, Jason Cloth and David Sandberg. Animators by Vivienne Medrano, Ashley Nichols, Kyra Kupetsky, Circe Bogart, Amy Heard, Paul Ter Voorde, Bruce Timm, Ian Jones-Quartey, Ryann Shannon and Parker Simmons.


Any solid of nerd doctor boy “Ken I.  Bucket” was transformed and he became into any silly super- hero robot after he was accidentally ending up shocked and electricity when prank gone wrong, and now “Super-Bot Man” was born, he was now any the savior of his of corruption, thugs, bikers, punks, twisted eviless robots, mutant monsters, bullies, gangsters and drug dealers.


  • Tom Holland as Dr. "Ken Iced Bucket"
  • Margot Robbie as "Mary Iced Anderson"
  • Michael Kovach as "Super-Bot Man" (voice)


  3. [Unoffical Soundtrack]
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