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Sunshine Sisters is an American traditionally animated limited teen/family drama TV series that aired on The CC (Cartoon Comedy) June 28, 2019, following the TV premiere of the animated romantic dramedy film Eduardo, with 13 episodes ordered for the first season. It stars the voices of Ashley Johnson and Caitlin Carmichael as the titular "Sunshine Sisters".


After gaining custody of her little sister, Tawny, from the throes of their verbally and emotionally abusive mother, 20-year old Ellie becomes her official guardian and allows her to stay over at her apartment. Having to sacrifice her working hours and school life to look after her sardonic yet sweet sister, Ellie bonds with Tawny over their current situation and vows to deal with the hardships of life alongside her little sister as the titular "Sunshine Sisters".

Voice cast

  • Ellie (Caitlin Carmichael) - A 20-year old currently attending community college, Ellie wins custody of her little sister, Tawny, after a court trial finds their emotionally abusive mother guilty of child abuse and unfit to take care of Tawny. Ellie struggles between earning her master's degree in Psychology and looking after Tawny.
  • Tawny (Ashley Johnson) - Ellie's 13-year old sardonic and sarcastic sister whose mother emotionally manipulated her and was found to be legally unable to care for her child. She is undergoing puberty throughout the series and takes a sudden liking to boys and girls.


The teen drama was originally developed under wraps on January of 2018 and ended production on November 2018 with 13 complete episodes, without a specific channel for its broadcast in mind. It was shopped to networks and streaming services such as Cartoon Network and Netflix, but was rejected by both. The CC (Cartoon Comedy) eventually bought the rights to it in late 2018 and announced it as part of its 2018-19 programming slate.

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 13 June 28, 2019 TBA


No. Title Written by Directed by Original airdate
1 "Shining Scars" Barb Delaney Lalia Mason June 28, 2019
Child Protective Services remove 13-year old Tawny from the throes of her abusive mother Emily, but she defends herself by proclaiming that she was rightfully punishing Tawny for not arriving home earlier than she commanded. After a lengthy court trial, Emily is found to be unable to properly care for Tawny and place her in custody of her college-aged sister Ellie, who gladly takes the wisecracking tomboy under her wing. Tawny is accepting of her sister as her new legal guardian, but explores the possibility of sneaking out more efficient with her sister adamant on writing a psychology thesis paper on the reasoning behind children of divorced parents behaving abnormally. Tawny slithers from her sister's watchful eyes and gathers with her friends to socialize at a coffee place, and later goes to a friend's house where she's pressured to vape. Powerless and without adult supervision, Tawny turns her down soundly and leaves, severing ties with her friend. She arrives back at Ellie's apartment and express her desire to watch a movie in theaters between streaming tears. Ellie is touched and embraces her tightly, accepting her wishes but doesn't press further about Ellie's bawling out of giving her space. She writes down the last of her thesis paper and dries up the last of Tawny's droplets.
2 "Live From Tawny's Room" Barb Delaney Sharlene Sackville August 16, 2019
Ellie finds out that Tawny does live streams of her daily routine on social media with some of her friends and becomes concerned that she could potentially become the target of online pedophiles, so she forbids her from recording any live streams indefinitely. Tawny is maddened by her sister's edict until she finds out her own sister was the target of an internet pervert when she was Tawny's age and has therefore been paranoid and cautious over her own and her sister's online presence. To remedy her sister's anxieties over the subject matter, Tawny limits her presence to friends and family by setting her social media account to private, where one lonely day she gets a message from Ellie complimenting her on her taking caution, a rare thing for her.