This is the day where Cillian Darcy died...
~ Sunset Shimmer's last word of the film

Sunset Shimmer: the Movie is a Movie After Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks & before Derpy Hooves The Movie: Rise of the Destiny, Sunset Shimmer is a Main Hero That Stop Triek.


After the events of Rainbow Rocks, Sunset being accepted by the student body and performing as the Rainbooms' new lead singer and guitarist but She later got kicked out of the rainbooms dued to buget cuts and then Triek is threaten to take over the earth. Now it's up to sunset shimmer to prove celestia and luna that she can save the world from triek.


  • Sunset Shimmer (Main Protagonist)
  • Princess Celestia
  • Princess Luna
  • Triek (Main Antagonist)
  • Twilight Sparkle (Cameo)
  • Sunset Shimmer's Boyfriend
  • The Father of Sunset Shimmer
  • The Dark Cillian Darcy (Cameo at the End)


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