Sun Lok is major supporting antagonist and a Morganian of The Steampunk Adventures of Sorcerer's Apprentices.

He is the descendant of a Cantonese sorcerer whom happened to be the counterpart of sorcerer of the same name.

Personality and Traits

Though Sun Lok shares similar personality with his original counterpart, namely ruthless, arrogant, and cold, Sun Lok is more talkative comapred with his original counterpart does. This was likely due to him able to speak English as good as his Cantonese. It's also shown that he also cunning and persistent opponent, able to distract his opponents (Tlob and Snowy) by pretending to do magic tricks before set ablaze a nearby house that it's ashes later used for creating his ash dragon as well as determined not to let his foes attacking him. He also likes asian dragons, namely his animal motif.

Sun Lok is an Asian man with slender but muscular appearance. He has a ponytail-styled top knot on his hair tied with red ribbon and his outfit consists of bronze claws on his fingers, black shirt with a padded armor plate embedded on it’s left shoulder, gold dragon belt, black long pants underneath sarong-like padded armored skirt, brown sandals, red sash that carry a gray pouch, and sharp ornaments on the ears. He also carry a large brown sling bag with him.

Weapons and Gadgets

  • Chinese Hand Cannon
  • Charged Ring
As a tinkerer and Morganian mercenary, Sun Lok armed himself with following arsenal:
  • Chinese Cannon: Sun Lok's firearm in form of modified ancient 3-barreled Chinese handcannon. He uses his magic to ignite gunpoweder inside it.
  • Dragon Belt and Golden Claws: Sun Lok's secondary weapons that based on the same belt that used by his original movie counterparts. It is a plated belt emblazoned with an ornamental dragon which he manipulates with the use of his plated claws in order to create and manipulate actual dragon.
  • Charged Ring: Sun Lok's catalyst of choice is a magic ring of magitek design with white Mana capacitor adorned with an ornament that resembles chinese alchemical symbol.

Powers and Abilities

Sun Lok is a notorious tinkerer, mercenary, and wizard who must not to be underestimated. Aside magic, he demonstrated impressive understanding on magitek such as constructing a magitek automaton armed with built-in catalyst to cast elemental spells. Like other sorcerers, he needs a focus object to use his powers; in this case, a charged ring and a plated belt emblazoned with an ornamental dragon, which he manipulates with the use of his plated claws in order to create and manipulate his dragon creations.

Magic Spells

  • Telekinesis: Sun Lok can mentally lift and manipulate objects around him without touching them.
  • Lightning Infusion: Sun Lok can infuse his golden claws with plasma that made them sharper for increasing damage from his melee attacks.
  • Earth Platform: Sun Lok can create floating platform made of earthen materials around him.
  • Animation Spell: This spell is his trump card, enable him to create a fire breathing dragon out of inanimate objects and/or structures.
  • Symphatetic Magic: Sun Lok can directly put his animated dragon under his control with this spell, usually with his dragon belt as conduit.


  • Magitek Expertise: Sun Lok possesses impressive understanding on magitek.
  • Hand to Hand Combat Skills: Sun Lok is skillful in hand to hand combat skills
  • Marksmanship: Sun Lok is skillful in using his cannon.
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