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Harley: You got it puddin.
Harley: You got it puddin.
She turned on a projector showing views of the base
Joker: From what we know so far Waller's strong force on all of Gotham is in this very base. You must infiltrate and set these bombs *'''On his desk'''* around every stronghold.
Venus: Anything to put Waller out of business.
Joker: Then afterwards. We focus on the Bat. I got men in hold to make a hostage situation later.
Venus: Wait....the Batman?? I didn't know we were going after him.
Deadshot: The job always surprises you kid. I'm in it cause he's the only one I'm hitting for free.
Venus: little brother. He loves Batman. And the way I hear he's why many criminals have faced trial.
Harley: Shut it brat girl! B-man has been beating my poor Mr. Jay to a pulse for years. And he deserves to be dead!
Joker: Calm yourself Harley. Now....gather what you need and I'll monitor progress from here.
Just then the entire squad gathered weapons Joker's bombs and Floyd dropped a picture of his daughter he looked down at it and leaned down taking it looking at it
The first to notice was Venus and that had her stunned thinking of her brother
Venus: Your....daughter?
Deadshot: The only reason I still have my sanity. And my intentions....are just through her.
Venus surely understood Floyd's cause as a devoted father and it seem like she be the first person she connect with during this entire journey but for now the whole squad gathered in Joker's stolen choppers from the Agency
Meanwhile at Gotham's museum there was indeed a brake in High Heal boots walked into a room revealing a large zirconium in a center as the boots walked towards it the camera rotated up revealing the figure to be....
...Catwoman (Rachel Wize)

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Suicide Squad- The Next Chapter

The worst of the worst are now under HIS wing.....

Suicide Squad: The Next Chapter is an action adventure, drama, comedic 2017 DC Comics based film and the sequel to 2016's "Suicide Squad". Despite it's predecessors strong performance at the box office prior to its release, the film was widely panned across the board from critics, critizing the film for its choppy directing, lackluster plot and lack of character development between its well chosen cast. Determined to make it up for the fans who ACTUALLY supported the first film, Zack Synder figured it'd be best to stay behind the directors chair as Mel Gibson (Hacksaw Ridge) took over to direct instead of David Ayer. Yet, even with this change of scenery, the results were.....out there. This film was directed by Mel Gibson, produced by Zack Snyder and distributed by Warner Bros. and D.C Pictures.

The film this time stars the talented Ariana Grande as the main character along with Will Smith, Jared Leto, Margot Robbie, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Jai Courtney, Joel Kinnaman, Viola Davis, Ben Affleck, Jerrod Carmichael, Karen Fukuhara, Ike Barinholtz, Rachel Weiz, and so much more.


Coming soon.....

Main Cast

  • Ariana Grande as Venus Noir (Mercy)
  • Will Smith as Floyd Lawton (Deadshot)
  • Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn
  • Jared Leto as Joker
  • Jai Courtney as Captain Boomerang
  • Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Killer Croc
  • Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flag
  • Viola Davis as Amanda Waller
  • Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne (Batman)
  • Jerrod Carmichael as Dick Grayson (Nightwing)
  • Karen Fukuhara as Katana
  • Jeremey Irons as Alfred
  • Rachel Weiz as Selina Kyle/Catwoman
  • Kevin J. O' Connor as Victor Zsasz
  • Steven R. McQueen as Tim Drake
  • Ike Barinholtz as Alpha Griggs
  • Tony Revolori as Robert
  • Angela Bassett as Montoya
  • Rapheal Alejandro as Caleb Noir
  • Shailyn Pierre Dixon as Zoe Lawton
  • Connie Britton as Pamela Noir


We transition through the new colorful Warner Bros transition into the D.C. Extended Universe Logo and then all the colorful lights shift off immediately as the screen fades to black and then suddenly.......we see mist.

Was it mist? Or maybe fog? was the aftermath of smoke from a burning bar as we see hysterical people crying and screaming their holy heads off either trying to escape the place or wondering what the hell was going on.

Just then as firefighters and first responding officers arrived on the scene, a clearly frightened and hallucinational man named Robert (Tony Revolori) barely making it out of the fire, immediately sprinted to his right, making a beeline for an escape......

......from something.

Breathing heavily and almost out of breath already, he immediately made his way to an alleyway after running for 5 minutes straight and jumped over a fence desperate to outrun whatever such thing was chasing him. Robert eventually gets to, or thinks he gets to Terra Ferma (home free) as he quickly crosses the street into another alleyway.

Exhausted from running his ass off a lot, he lays down near he walk to recollect himself.....breathing.


That's all he heard.

His repetitive inhaling in and out of his nose.

Robert: *breathing heavily* got yourself into this, you can get yourself out.

He pushed himself off the wall and prepared to head back out the way he came, until he saw a shadow blocking his way. The outline and shape of a female. But he knew this was far from any regular female he knew.

It was HER.

Now, where do you think u going, Robbie?

Robert: No....n-not you......

Eventually, the shadowed figure took its sweet time walking forwards towards Robbie until it blacked out the entire screen.

And then we hear........





Sinister, vile and much more deadly then anything else......

The oozing purplish-blackness has always brought tears of joy to my eyes whenever I see it......

You know the best thing about it?

Unlike shooting somebody who dies a quick and painless death, the poison.....

.....draws it out.

That way, you get to watch each and every one of your victims slowly deteriorate and wither in pain as the acidity melts the flesh right off their bones.......

When the toxicity makes its way to their system, their cries of pain......melodious. It's music to my ears.

The constant repetitive pleas of mercy make me smile.....and it builds up to when they choke on their last strangled breath.......

Saying my name.....




After that.....briefly disturbing narration (wasn't that a little disturbing?), there’s whirring around into the air until it’s shows a helicopter hovering over another rainy sky day in Gotham City, but the only thing was it wasn’t entering.

It was exiting Gotham City.

As the weather cranks up a few notches and then starts to crack thunderstorms and rainstorms out of cumulonimbus's, a lightning bolt barely strikes behind the helicopter throttle and rocks the passages inside.

But exactly who was inside it?

Colonel Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman) along with the rest of his men including.....the remaining members of Task Force X.

Deadshot (Will Smith)

Killer Croc (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje)

Katana (Karen Fukuhara)

And Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney)

Boomerang: Oi, matey. We there yet? I'm close to feasting a cracker up your arse.

Flag: Hey, we get there when we get there, ok? Lets not forget Harley's at stake here. We jack in, find her, then jack out. End of story.

Deadshot: What about the clown? The Joker?

Nobody said a word when he said that.

Deadshot: Flag?

Flag: We'll save him for later, ok man?

Katana: He sought to have us killed.

Croc: Ditto.

Deadshot: Yeah....well one day, this city is gonna be less of clowns. My daughter hates 'em.

Sooner rather than later, the helicopter lands as Deadshot, Flag and the rest of Task Force X jump down on the rooftop, carrying their weapons in hand only to see......there was already a break in......

Boomerang: Bollocks.

Deadshot: Hold up. I'mma check this out.

Deadshot went alone as he jumped down inside, pointing his rifle around as he moved forwards.

After four minutes of wandering around and not finishing anything of any importance, Deadshot clicked on his eye went into sharpshooter mode (more or less, his version of Detective Vision). Despite making slightly more progress than before, he STILL couldn’t find any sign of Harley until he eventually came across an office with a very disturbing the average person.

He saw approximately TWO guards (one white, one black) knocked out while hung upside down with their hands and feet binded and the weird thing about it?

They both had weird claw marks on them.

All over them.

Deadshot: Look's like either we have a new member or somebody's really gonna get us killed.

Funny how he said that as he then hears rustling, down in the far corner of the office room. So he puts him his protection mask just in case it WASN’T Harley in anyway. The closer he moves forward, the more itchy his trigger fingers kept on getting and by the time he finally makes his actual presence known, he came to see an unknown figure at a safe.

And he wasted no time going straight to business and pointing his gun......straight to the back of its head.

Deadshot: Don't move or I'll blow your damn brains out.

The figure stopped dead in its tracks and then put both of its hands up slowly as it urged itself up to its feet. At that instance, it turns around to face him and on the massive use of leather, prosaiscs and trinkets that it was applied with, it didn’t take long for Deadshot to get the glimpse at who it was......


Deadshot: Selina.

Hearing this, she smirked.

Catwoman (Rachel Weiz): Oh, nice seeing you, Floyd. I almost thought you were the Bat. This makes things, however, more interesting.

Deadshot: Look, I'm fresh out of f__ks to give at the moment, so you better drop the pearls or I'll have to shoot.

Catwoman: You’re REALLY willing to point a gun at me, with no means of defending myself? Especially when I require something I need? Rather disgusting of you, Floyd.

Deadshot: Yeah.....well, you’re a criminal too, Selina.

Catwoman: Burglary isn’t Murder.

Deadshot: But we both got jobs to do.

She smirked again upon hearing that and after slowly putting the pearls and other collectibles back in her safe havens (pockets), she launched her whip at his gun, pulling him towards her and kicking him down.....before taking his rifle and snapping it in two.

He quickly rolls himself back up to his feet, only to block a few kicks from her and then launch her back towards the wall.

Acting on instinct, she pounces back at him only for him to drive her straight through the wall. But luckily, Selina pulled him through as well.

With both being down but not out, both criminals slowly edge themselves up and stand off against each other before Catwoman launches a Bolas and forcing Deadshot to duck.

Deadshot: what now? You gonna purr for me?

Catwoman: I doubt it.

Deadshot: Well.....*gets up*......I'll just take one of those nine lives, then.

He immediately bolted up and tied his wrist guns at her as she just dodged all the bullets and hit Floyd across the face again, as Deadshot was forced to defend himself. But before he could make another move, she vanished out the window.

Deadshot: Phantom.....*Talks on radio* Hey, Flag. Better get down here. Y'all not gonna believe this.

Flag: On our way.

He cuts off transmission and led the others inside.

Unfortunately, that's when they saw the guards hung up and knocked out with the claw marks on 'em.

Boomerang: Good lord. A chip off the ol' block, eh?

Katana: She's here.

Boomerang: Wait, wha? Ok, n-now, who's....

Flag: Catwoman.

He once again turns on the radio to contact Deadshot.

Flag: Hey, Floyd.

Deadshot: I know....and she just flew out like a bat outta Hell. Crazy chicks be somethin'.

Boomerang: Now I dig crazy chicks.

Flag: Could you....aargh.....Alright, you go your way, we'll go ours. See if we can found our doll face (Harley)


Deadshot: Ain't gotta worry 'bout me, Holmes.

He quickly hung up, picked up his sniper and continued his way through. But he, fortunately, didn't have to travel very far in order to find what he was searching for. After finding two double doors that barely seem to be holding each other together due to the lack of erosion, Deadshot immediately backs up and kicks both doors apart as he enters into the huge room to see.....

.....a bunch of battered, broken or even dead guards all on the floor. With each body widely being dispersed apart, the udder stench of the dead bodies displayed wider and wider, making it more sensible for it to push even the most collected person over the edge.

But there's one thing Deadshot knew just by LOOKING at this: NONE of this was something Harley would least, when she's in the mood.

Deadshot: Oh......kay......

He immediately jumped down off the balcony and landed onto the floor below, poking past any injured or deceased bodies with his foot until he finally saw her......

Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) locked up once again with a rather hideous burn mark on the side of her neck.

Deadshot: Harley? Harley!

He immediately ran to her aid and shot the components, holding her cell together.

Harley: Ahhh.....Ahh....*chuckles*.

Deadshot: What's so funny?

Harley: Hahahaha!!! This.....ALL OF THIS......about go out with a bang.

Familiar voice: Indeed.

The rest of the squad just so happened to enter in as Harley innocently smirked, skipped and turned over as she set off a huge Jack-in-the-box explosion. It blows half of the facility to Kingdom come......and in came the Joker (Jared Leto) laughing manically. This sight alarmed the other members of the Squad as Deadshot pointed his gun and the others stood in defense mode, but Harley cut them all off.

Harley: Hold your horses, boys. It's only my puddin'.

Flag: Nearly got your head blown off.

Harley: Shaddup.

Joker: So....the famous....or should I say.....INfamous Suicide Squad. Harley's told me so much about you.

Boomerang: What'd you want from us?

Joker: To offer you all a superstition of some kind. How would you all like to use your own this city? Not just for your freedom......

Flag and Katana backed up from the conversation as the others all stood there speechless as Harley giggled sinisterly......

~Title sequence~

We then cut to the diner that same day in the evening where Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) was reviewing over the information about the Squad, regardless of what their current activities are at the moment. And apparently, he was speaking with someone else.

Waller: Gotta break a few eggs to get some omelets, right?

The camera slowly revolves around to who she was taking to and it turns out it was.....Bruce Wayne himself (Ben Affleck)

Bruce: If I'm not mistaken, I'd say you have a proposition.

Waller: Proposition is....a stretch. I mostly ask for your support on something that I think may be very well be another cause of concern for our city.

Upon hearing this, Bruce sat up.....very calmly.

Bruce: I'm listening.

Amanda nodded briefly before reaching into her pocketbook purse and grabbing another file and then placing it on the table.

Waller: This person right very.....very deadly.

Bruce, undeterred by Amanda's "warning", opened up the file to the first page and saw a very beautiful young woman taking a mugshot, only thing is.....she was flipping off at the photographer.

Bruce: Already straight to it then?

Amanda: Exactly......Venus Noir a.k.a Mercy. This woman lives up to her namestake every single time because she has every single one of her victims literally begging.....

Bruce:.....for Mercy.

Amanda: Exactly.

It then cuts to a flash back......of Venus (Ariana Grande) sneaking out her house on the middle of the night, while alarming and asking her younger brother, Caleb (Raphael Alejandro)

Caleb: "Big sis, where you goin'?

Venus: "I-I have to go away for a while, ok?"

Caleb: "You won't be gone long though, right?"

Venus: "I won't. Love you"

~Cuts back to present time~

Bruce: What kind of person am I dealing with when it comes to her?

Amanda: I was only able to hear her previous activities from before, but it wasn't until last week that I was able to catch the full glimpse of the horror this girl unleashed.

Bruce: What'd she do?

Amanda: She creates poison.

It once again cuts to the flashback as it this time cuts to Venus at a bar. She normally goes there late to drink away whatever problem dawned on her. Luckily, her body considers alcohol a poison so she can't get drunk. EVER. That same night, she was wearing the sort of dress that sorta made her the eye candy of the night.

Unfortunately, it wouldn't take long for her to notice an old flame of hers: Robert (Tony Revolori)

Amanda: Robert was Venus' boyfriend before he found out what Venus could do a week before I witnessed his death. He tried to turn her in once he found out. But she got away scot free. No evidence could pin what she did on her.

Voice over cuts out as some random man runs into Venus in this flashback and asks....

Man: "What's your name, princess?"

Venus looks away briefly as if she actually had to think about it. But that's when she glared over at Robert, before turning back around towards the man, batting her eyelashes and saying....

Venus: "Sorry love.....but Daddy told me not to give my name out to strangers."

Man: "Well, what if I spike your drink and maybe I could show you a good time?"

Venus pretended to think about it for a sec but she angrily stared at Robert again.....and then she lost it.

She grabbed the man from her side and held him up by the throat, only difference is her toxicity was able to burn through his skin as he suffocated and choked before losing his head.

Everyone starting screaming their asses off as Robert immediately ran for the exit while Venus took a bottle, poured it all over the counter and floors and then lit on fire.

Amanda: It took a while before I could actually see it. But it was something else.

We then traverse over to the alleyway were the shadowed figure confronted Robert and it was shown to be Venus.

Robert: "You--you shouldn't....I had every right to do what I....."

Venus: "Baby, baby, I've never felt this better before. It-its just you made a mistake turning in little old me."'

Robert: "Lost your damn mind, girl."

Venus: *chuckles* " just lost something that I value lots more then you."

She then grabs him and slams him to the wall, as Robert feels the acid from Venus' hands burning trough his jacket. He immediately takes it off as she then presses her hand in the side of his face.

At that point, Amanda Waller comes by on her way home and sees the whole thing happening. She sees Venus slowly moving her face forward and kissing Robert ever so slightly as she moaned erotically.

Shortly after pulling off the kiss, Amanda saw it. Robert quickly gasped and held onto his throat. Venus smirked as he began to cough louder and louder. As he bent over exasperating, his knees culled and gave way, causing him to collapse on front of Venus. She then dragged Roberts barely functional body to the wall again as tears filled his eyes and his lips felt like fire. He coughed extremely hard now, spitting up a purplish substance.

Robert: ""

He once again hacked up the same oozy murky substance as Venus lifted his chin up and said.....

Venus: "Baby.....I'm a very DANGEROUS WOMAN, love. can just call me......MERCY."

Robert: Me--mer-cy.....

~It finally cuts back to the present day as Amanda's tries to regain her composure.~

Amanda: She watched him croak more and more until I was able to understand how she could've...... down something like that......But she also went in and stole money from him before I watched her walk off into the darkness.....She seduces men and steals money from their credit cards.

Bruce: Too damn many, huh?

Amanda: Uh-huh. That's where you play in.

Bruce: Well.....I guess whatever you got baking in your oven, my friends probably won't approve the basics of your operation.

Amanda: I'd be more than happy to discuss the matter with them, personally.

Bruce: *Smirks* You may wish you hadn't. Good day, Miss Waller.

He gets up and leaves as the screen cuts to Amanda, nodding and taking a sip out of her champagne.

Outside, Bruce walked to his limo where Alfred (Jeremy Irons) opened the door for him and he sat in as Alfred turned on the ignition. But that's when he asked.....

Alfred: I take you got what you need out of her, sir?

Bruce: Not all. But it's good enough for now. Anything you learned about this "Task Force X" she formed two years ago?

Alfred: Afraid, I couldn't. But by all means, take this with extreme caution. From what we learn, she's actually training these criminals to fight the next Superman.

Bruce: There aren't any left, Alfred. His planet was destroyed. And he's long gone. I got a feeling that's only her cover up with intentions of hiding something much bigger. These are dangerous criminals. They only cooperated with her cause she put their lives on the line. I'm gonna find this Squad, learn what Waller really has planned for them and put an end to it.

Alfred: Well, if you're going to fight the government sir, I think Bruce Wayne should be just as functional as Batman.

Bruce: Point taken, Alfred. Point taken.

Alfred: So what now sir?

Bruce: Back to the house. I need to upload this data to the Bat computer.

Alfred: As you wish, sir.

Alfred finally put his foot on the pedal as they finally took off in the limo. But now, things are heating up. With Batman now focusing on the Suicide Squad and the Joker leading them as well.......what is there to do?

Well before that question can be answered, Bruce went to his phone to discuss the matter with somebody personally.

Bruce: You here? Good. Yeah, something's come up and I'll need you to take care of it. Not something. me......

He turned over to his side as he saw Venus causally walking on the side of the street with her younger 9 year old brother, Caleb.

Bruce:.....she's not far at all. Just take your time and have your fun.

The limo takes its time taking off as Venus finally spots it and just stares at it, sternly.

Caleb: Big sis?

Venus: Huh? Oh, yeah. Sorry's just......we gotta keep going.

Caleb: You know, lately you've been kinda crazy. Ever noticed that?

Venus: Come on, Caleb. Don't be ridiculous. I know the difference between right and wrong.

Caleb: That's not what Mom says.

At that point, Venus stops and turns over to him, kneeling down to him.

Venus: Mom?

Caleb: Not just her. Everyone says your bad person. Even Auntie Jewel. Is-is that true?

Venus: Wha-Caleb, no. Never. Doing bad things doesn't always make you a bad person.

Caleb: Bad luck?

Venus: *chuckles* Yeah, come here.

She hugs him tightly as they once again continue on their way through an alleyway

(Yeah, this seems familiar.)

Venus: So how they treating you in school?

Caleb: If you're talking about the teachers: Really good. They give me all the help that I need, although.....Math is confusing.

Venus: Don't blame you, I had that same problem myself once. You know, if it's ok with you, I could probably--

At that point, she felt a "Whoosh" and a thud behind as Venus stood ever so motionless like a brick, tightening her grip on Calebs hand.

Caleb: Venus? What's that?

Venus: Get down.

Caleb willingly did as she said as Venus then heard.....

Voice: This is as far as you go, Mercy.

At that point, Venus just smirked unwillingly as she turns her head around and she sees Nightwing (Jerrod Carmichael) standing there, with his electric escrima sticks in hand.

Venus: *scoffs* F__k you, pretty boy.

Nightwing: It's the hair right? Chicks love the jelled hair.

Venus: Oh trust me.....I KNOW. It's just you types of men.....nah.

Nightwing: Too bad cause.....he needs you under.

Venus: *to Caleb* Stay back, Caleb

Nightwing flipped swung his shock sticks at Venus, but she dodged them both as she launched a ball of poison at him, which sent him crashing through the streets, disrupting the usual line of traffic. He coughed and coughed heavily, unimmune to the effects of the poison as Venus attacked yet again. But pretty soon, they both fall into an open sewer.

Venus: Ew......

Nightwing: feels exactly like my childhood.

Venus: No, that's MINE.

All of a sudden, the water down in the sewer began to bubble slowly and then rapidly as it became clear something was going on down there. It caused both Venus and Nightwing to look at each other.

Nightwing: Oh, don't tell me.......

At that point, Killer Croc burst out the water, trying to grab Venus, but she grabbed ahold tight of his skin, with her powers slowly burning through his skin. It gave Nightwing enough time to shock him, which caused him to go back under. The duo then jumped back up to higher ground, breathing heavily.....

Venus: You know....He's got your scent, Nightwing. He'll likely hunt you down if I don't kill you first.

Nightwing: He'd better brush his teeth first then. It smells like a rotten potato......

  • both chuckle*

Nightwing: where were we?

Venus chuckled slightly again and then attacked Nightwing again as she blocked his attacks and punched through his armor with her poison. But that's when Nightwing throws his escrima sticks again and misses. But they ricochet off lightposts, come back around and then shock Venus so badly that the force propelled her back into the alleyway where her brother stood still.

Caleb: Big sis?

Venus quickly got up to see Nightwing approaching again, but just before either one of them could launch another attack, Caleb got in the way of both of them.

Caleb: Venus, please......

Venus; Caleb, move!

Caleb: Don't do it, please.....please.......

Venus was DESPERATE to make a decision somehow. She wanted to deal with Nightwing, who was just acting at her awaiting her choice, but her brother was the only family she had left. So it was hard......

......but she sighed heavily and stood down.

She unwillingly got down to both her knees and held her hands up as Nightwing brought out his cuffs.

Nightwing: Well.....guess funs called off. The Batman sends his regards.

Venus: F__k Batty.

Nightwing: I'll let him know about that.

He immediately cuffs her hands and then cuffs her to over to a pipe, just as the police sirens are heard in the distance.

Nightwing: Well.....guess that settles it.

He immediately jumps up and gets away as Venus groans in frustration, being caught yet AGAIN and this time, unable to escape from serving hard time. That's when she felt her brother hugging onto her.

Venus: Caleb.....

Caleb: You come back. You come home to me.

Venus: You know I will.

As she looked over at the sirens and the flash in lights approaching closer, it brightens and blinds the whole screen as it cuts out and then......

It cuts to a two weeks later at Belle Reve (that's where the Squad was locked up at) and we're at Captain Boomerangs cell, using his boomerang to slice how many days he's spent in that cell.

Boomerang: Goddamn.....bloody leeches......

But then the intercom goes up overhead as it announces.....

New prisoner awaiting entrance, new prisoner awaiting entrance.

The entire Squad heard the announcement from all their cells.

(Yeah, Deadshot turned down Jokers offer......for the meantime.)

It then cuts to Alpha Griggs (Ike Barinholtz) outside as he wipes the sweat from his forehead, and helps the other guards escort the prisoner inside.

Who was it?

Venus (of course.)

She was wrapped in a overly tight straight jacket and binded with an electric collar around her neck and from the looks of it, she was none too pleased.

Griggs: You dead?

Venus: *scoffs* Far from it.

Griggs: Yeah, well, I doubt you won't last for probably......wait.....maybe......

Venus: You boys always have a knack for pissing me off. And I don't remember ordering an alarm clock before coming here.

Griggs: Well, you have one now.

Venus: *chuckles*......We'll see about that.

They finally brought her inside as they bring high security to escort her to her cell.....which was conveniently right next to Deadshots.

They lock her up and.....she just stands there. Seemingly doing nothing. But that's where you're wrong. She kept digging her arm through her straight jacket as her acidic powers began to burn through it.....and eventually she got one hand free.

She immediately went to see if she can burn down the wall since her powers are toxic. Luckily, she only got through a few of the layers.

It didn't really burn through the wall, but it got far enough so if anybody were to speak with her, she'd hear it.

Deadshot, literally next door to her and beating on his boxing bag, quickly saw the burn mark made it through his wall and wondered what the hell happened?

Deadshot: Hey! You mind not spitting your goo balls over here, right?

Venus clearly heard the voice since he was right next to her and had no fear of answering back.

Venus: Short-tempered, huh? No surprise. Find it hard to believe why anyone would be incarcerated in this piece of s__t.

Deadshot: Well, why YOU in here?

Venus: I'm toxic.

Deadshot: *snickers*....Uhh, logical. Syllables. Phrases. Give me a better way I can understand that other then that piece of BS.

Venus: *sighs* If I were to touch or....somehow kiss anyone, for that matter, they'd burn to death cause that's just what I do. What else do you expect from me?

Deadshot: Just a little more details.

Floyd finally turned away from the poison stained wall and just went face down, no longer paying attention to the boxing bag stick in there with him. And then from the inside of his prison outfit, he pulled out a picture of his daughter and ended up staring at for a few minutes.

But to him, it felt like forever.

Then we cut to an abandon fun land out on the outer ring of Gotham as we see the Joker staring at himself in a mirror as he couldn't help but to flash back to his past

.....when he was in the red bucket surrounded and choked by a cape at ACE Chemicals, when he was dropped into the vat of acid during a fight with Batman and then when he met Harley.......

He soon snapped out of his thoughts with undeniable frustration and anger over his past, but he then looked out a window witnessing the pitter patter of rain and.....of course......he couldn't ignore the BatSignal in the sky.

Joker: Hehehehe....oh Bats....Hahahahahaha!!

As the Joker basks himself on his self absorbed psychopathic pride, we cut over to where Amanda Waller was seen walking into her hotel room. She barged the door shut and as soon as she turned on a light.....

Batman was standing across the room.

Amanda: *Gasps* Oh Christ....I had a feeling I'd run into you sooner or later.

Batman: I want answers.

Amanda: On what?

Batman: This squad you formed with these criminals.

He throws down files on the entire suicide squad, including Venus, as Amanda doesn't even bother to look over at them.

Batman: Whatever reason you did this for is absolute pointless. Superman was the last his kind. There are no more.

Amanda: There will always be more.

Batman: I find that impossible. After Superman's death, I gathered the rest of the kryptonite, in case my theories are ever wrong. Even if there is another Superman, your Task Force X will stand no chance either way.

Amanda: So you're saying only rocks from his home world can hurt and harm Superman's kind?

Batman: I alone possess each one since the night of his sacrifice. And I cannot let it fall into the wrong hands.

Amanda: Well, you never know when the impossible becomes possible. We had already faced a threat on the same level almost as destructive and possibly as vindicated as Superman, which is why I needed Mercy out the picture to prevent another possible massacre.

Batman: Already taken care of.

Amanda: What?

Batman: She's off the streets. Something tells me she'll probably won't stay at Belle Reve for long, though.

The statement made Amanda pause for thought.....and that's when she realized what was going on here.

Amanda: S__t.

She reached for her phone while staring dead at Batman and called the Belle Reve prison center.

Amanda: Get the prisoner "Mercy". Put her up in lockdown and see how much she can withstand. A few shocks (the electric collar on her neck) should do the trick.

She then hangs up and stares at Batman again.

Batman: I can't cooperate until you guarantee me one thing.

Amanda: Such as?

Batman: Shut down your squad.

Amanda: I cannot guarantee that. This is government policy for the right of our country.

Batman: There will be NO country as long as you put it's future into the hands of criminals and killers.

Amanda: They can be controlled.

Batman: Can they? But you couldn't stop the Joker from freeing HIS Harley Quinn.

Amanda: What'd you saying?

Batman: If Harley told him anything you told her and the others, sooner or later your "suicide" squad will fall into the hands of the Joker.

Amanda sighed and looked down, realizing that somehow what Batman was saying made sense, somehow. But ever being the stubborn one, she remained persistent.

Amanda: What am I suppose to.....

When she looked back up, he was gone.

(He does that, Amanda)

We cut back to Belle Reve where at the bottom level, we see Mercy being restrained on a table in a hidden lab bound up.

She struggled deeply, trying to get out of yet ANOTHER straight jacket which also had her restrained. She also felt the shackles of her electric collar wrapped tight around her and lighting up as it eventually shocked her, sending an electric pulse throughout her body. Venus' screams could be heard through the entire ground level.

As soon as it stopped, she looked up to see Alpha Griggs and two other guards watching her movements to make sure she wouldn't escape.

Guard: Damn it. She's still breathing.

Griggs: I'll try again.

As soon as he said that though, he noticed that Venus burned through the straight jacket AGAIN, this time getting both her hands free. Cautious of the situation, Griggs activated her shock collar AGAIN as Venus cried and screamed LOUDER from the effect, twitching in pain. She could still feel the the waves of electricity shooting through her veins. Breathing heavily and low on energy, she seemed to be on her way out.

Venus: Argh.....

Suddenly, the pain seemingly fades from her body as she looks up to them and chuckles.

Guard 2: The hell?

Griggs: What's crack-a-lackin', princess?

Venus: I guess......maybe a free ticket outta Dodge is out of the question?

She once again batted her eyes, smiling innocently. And although Griggs smirked, he wasn't falling for it.

Griggs: Nope.

Venus: Pretty please.....?

Griggs: You're toxic, princess. There's no special treatment for having a pretty face.

Venus: Well......*bites her lips flirty*'re in need for treatment next time you catch me, sugar.

She blows him a kiss and then suddenly, her body seemed to melt into a black purplish liquid as it pooled onto the floor. Venus was GONE from the binds.

Guard: What the hell?!

Griggs: Get her, damn it! C'mon!

As the guards immediately ran to get her, Griggs went over to the intercom center down there and then......we cut up to the cell level as the black liquid snuck into Deadshots cell.....and it alarmed him.

Deadshot: The hell is--

As he stood in fighting boxing position, the black liquid rose, taking shape as it turned back into Venus.

Venus: *exclaims* I never get tired of doing that.

Deadshot: How'd you--why are you--

Venus: Simple: I'm getting out of this hellhole.....but I ain't leaving empty handed.

Deadshot: Wait. You're breaking ME out? *scoffs*.....Nah. That ain't the way it works.....uh....

Venus: me Mercy.

Deadshot: Oh....kay......uhh.....

At that point, he sees Venus once agin with her hands on the electric collar, only this time she was able to burn through it and she destroyed it.

Deadshot: I think I like you now.

Venus: Too bad. I'm not one for being hitched. But I'm also not one for being used, controlled or being DAMN EXPERIMENTED ON!!.......Now I don't know about you, but I'm taking the Jokers offer.

The statement puzzled Floyd because she shouldn't have known that.

Deadshot: *snickers* You really wanna consider the clowns offer?

Venus: All I know is you and your bud's better off with him than Waller. I'd know Harley think the same way. So whatcha say? In or out?

We then transverse over the Gotham Orphanage where Tim Drake (Steven R. McQueen) is sitting down, drawing.....bat symbols (Hmm...) and a cop just happened to come by and sit next to him.

Cop: Timothy Drake?

Tim: Huh? Yeah?

Cop: My name's officer Montoya (Angela Bassett). I come on behalf of Police Commissioner James Gordon. I was hoping I'd get a minute of your time.

Tim: S-sure, but am I in trouble?

Montoya: No, not at all. Just wanted to ask you a few questions. Some stuff about your dad's incident with the mob.

Tim: Well, I....I haven't tried to think on that. Cause.....ya know. I mean, yeah. My old man was in league with some gangsters but.....I haven't gone deep on that since his arrest.

Montoya: Did you know anything on his tie in's or....basic operations?

Tim: No. Nothin'.

Montoya nodded to him and looked like she was about to get up from her seat......until she looked at what he was drawing with his chalk and noticed every single detailed Bat symbols. And that's what got her interested.

Montoya: You know of him?

Tim: Yeah. He was the one that busted my dad and his gang. But he saved me from getting nailed. I owe him one there. Do you?

Montoya:....A little.....

Tim: Seriously?

Montoya: I would say that; yes. But....umm......

As Tim awaited for what Montoya would say, it cuts back to the Belle Reve prison system where Boomerang was literally knocked out in his cell, while guards and SWATS were looking all over the prison for Mercy. But for the guard....guarding Boomerangs cell, she was unlucky.

She got pulled off from behind as Venus spits poison straight at her face, blinding her as she then held her up by her neck and slammed her down. Both her face and neck burnt rather fast as the guard was choked on her last breath and faded.

Venus: Nighty-night.

Satisfied, Venus tossed her aside as the effects of the poison on her face splattered on the wall. That's when Deadshot took the assault rifle from that deceased guard for later and busted open the top hatch of Boomerangs door cell.

Deadshot: Oi. Rise and shine, bud.

Boomerang slowly woke up to the voice and as soon as he saw Deadshot, he bolted up, in what seemed like a very drunken stupor.

Boomerang: You....*chuckling* done lost it, mate.

Deadshot: Not me......

Suddenly, the same black liquid oozed through the seemingly unbreakable cell door with ease into Boomerangs cell as he immediately bolted back in utter shock and in slight terror as the liquid ooze reverted back to Venus.


Venus: Heyyy......

Confusion utterly held Boomerang at bay. I mean, she just saw a woman revert into a big black mass of Ooze and literally pass through his door. It sounded more like an episode out of.....who knows. But before he could even cooperate, Venus grabbed ahold of him as they both revert to the liquid and then revert back outside the cell. Unfortunately, Venus couldn't help herself as her powers got some burn marks onto his skin.

Boomerang: Argh......what up with this?

Venus: Toxicity.

Deadshot: She's a poison.

Boomerang: Another bloke, eh?

Venus: Save it. Where's the animal (referring to Croc)?

Guard: Hey!

She turned around and saw more SWAT guards coming their way, near the end of the hallway. Another way or saying, "Stand down or get the Hell outta Dodge." Unfortunately, for the three of them, they had no intention on standing down.

Venus; Never mind. RUN!

The three immediately ran for the exit while some guards chased after them but more guards got in front of them. Venus quickly launched balls of poison at them, rendering them defenseless, while Floyd shot at them, taking out a few more guards on the way out. While that was happening, Venus found a way upstairs.

Venus: Up here.

She led the other two upstairs but as soon as they got up......

Guard: FREEZE!

They got stopped by more guards. Even when they turned around to go back down, more guards come back around and ambush the three as they go back to back. Surrounded like the animals prey this time, it's as if they would die either way.

That is when Griggs stepped out from behind the guards with a cocky cheesy grin, irritating Floyd and disturbing Venus.

Griggs: What an end, huh? Hate to put a hold on this bond between us, Man.

Floyd: it's only been 9 months, boy.

Venus: And a DAY for me.

Griggs can't help but to chuckle obnoxiously as he then noticed Venus taking out a phone (guess who gave it to her) from inside her prison outfit and quickly dials in a number.

Griggs: Whoa, put that down.

Venus: Cheer up, daisies. It's just gonna last a second. Ain't no WMD in this, ok? But uh......*looks around her*......could you at least tell your boys to give us space?

Floyd: Tell 'em to put them down.

Griggs: I'm not talking for that.

Floyd: You already did it once. Won't hurt a second time.

Griggs: Ugh.....son of a......Stand down!

To their dismay, the guards were once again forced to drop their weapons, even though they would've appreciated to take care of these criminal themselves. But that's not the case this time, now is it?

At that point, Venus speaks into the phone.....

Venus: Hey, sweet cheeks (Guess who's she's talking to). Yeah, I got 'em. Still waitin' on you. Aww, I know. I know. Alrighty. Stay evil, doll face.


She then hangs up.

Deadshot: Doll face?

Griggs: Doll face?!

Venus quickly smirks over at him as the a huge chunk of the roof came off over the prison system and the hatch from the back of an attack chopper opens up as it shoots all the incoming guards coming their way. Griggs, however, gets away scot-free

Boomerang: I would've taken this anyways, ya know!

Venus: Thank me, later!

Eventually, Harley peeks out the hatch of the chopper and childishly waves at them.

Harley: Hey, y'all!

Boomerang: I'll be damned

Deadshot: Harley?!

Venus: Hey, sweet cheeks! Get us out of here!

Venus and the others climb through the hole in the roof as the chopper slowly descends down to them. Without thinking, they all made a run for it and they jumped into the back of the chopper as the hatch of the chopper closes and takes off as more guards hopelessly shoot at them.

Deadshot groans heavily as Venus just starts laughing her ass off as Harley starts doing the same.

Harley: There's my beastie!

Harley immediately hugs her as Venus does the same. But she tries to pull off a few seconds later and she wouldn't let go.

Venus: You can let go now.

Harley: Why not?

Venus: I'll burn you if you don't.

Harley: Ehh. Fair enough.

She lets off the hug.....rather unwillingly.

Boomerang: Argh, got to give ya props, sunshine. You just made the top of my list.

Venus: Friends list?

Boomerang: Oh, of course.

And soon they all made their way to escape and to the clown himself

Later the police were surrounding the place along with the rest of the agency Commissioner James Gordon's (JK Simmons) car had just pulled in and stepped out just to be greeted by Waller

Waller: Ah Gordon.

Gordon: Amanda Waller? What's the meaning of this?

Waller: You tell me. Apparently your asylum wasn't enough anymore to hold my "Suicide Squad."

Gordon: It would have if you hadn't kept this meaningless squad in active. I appreciate what you made them do last year but keeping them in this position is what makes them more dangerous.

Waller: Nonesense. This is only temporary operation just for when they need to face the next Superman.

Gordon: Call me crazy but ever since Zod's death wasn't Superman the LAST Superman before he died?

Waller: They're are more Commissioner. And they may pay a earth a visit one day. And until then they will be set into my authority.

Gordon tried to protest but Waller just dismissed him like a closed case and walked off which frustrated him and walked across the cars on the other side he thought he was alone and just about to take a smoke....


Those things will kill you know.

Startled he dropped his cigarette and The Dark Knight stepped out of the shadows.

Gordon: I ran out of cigars.

Batman: Any lead on the escaping inmates.

Gordon: This time it's a big one. Waller's team of supervillains just blew holes in walls and walked right out! Along with that other kid.

Batman: And Waller?

Gordon: She's out of her mind. She's still obsessed that this army of criminals can take down the next Superman.

Batman: There isn't a next. Krypton was destroyed. Superman and Zod and his forces were the only survivors. And now they're all gone.

Gordon: That's what I tried telling Waller....but the stubborn b**ch won't listen.

Batman: Never mind her Jim. We need to concentrate on finding the squad. And stopping Joker.

Gordon: Well I don't have leads on the clown....but I hear he might be having dealings with them since Waller tied that looney Quinn into this.

He turns just to see Batman gone once more

Gordon: Every damn time.

Up above the Batwing flies above the river and Batman contacts Alfred

Batman: Alfred. I think the Joker is having dealings with Amanda Waller's group of terrorists. Patch in every lead you fallow up on.

Of course sir. But I think you there's another thing you should know. Miss Kyle is braking into Gotham's museum. I do know the Batman at two places at once.

Batman: Indeed.

And so the world's greatest detective was left with two choices confront Catwoman at the art gallery or track Joker to stop the squad

He flew off to the cloud covers

Meanwhile the amusement ile Harley stepped in an office fallowed by Vinus and the rest of the squad

Harley: Puddin! We're here!

A chair turned with Joker looking over and grinned

Joker: Hello there.

Deadshot: Should have figured you were part of this.

Boomerang: Oh hell no I didn't sign up for this!

Joker: Oh come now. I'm your solution for freedom.

Vinus: What kind of solution. I hope to end Amanda Waller.

Joker: That's one of them yes. And I just got about the biggest hit to destroy her strongest position. Her base in Gotham is in Bleak Island. Take out the base and the agency will hardly have a strong hold. It's gonna be a classic! Hahaha!

Harley: Ain't he dreamy?

Vinus: I'm in this so I can Waller off my back clear my name so I can go back home. I have a little brother to think about.

Deadshot: Hey I'm with you on that kid. I got a daughter back home. All this I do is cause of her.

Vinus: How old is she?

Deadshot: She's gonna be ten next month.

Joker: Well that is charming from both of you. And I'm sure the kiddies will be delighted to know you will change much for Gotham. Now....let's get this party started. Harley? Want to run down the briefing?

Harley: You got it puddin.

She turned on a projector showing views of the base

Joker: From what we know so far Waller's strong force on all of Gotham is in this very base. You must infiltrate and set these bombs *On his desk* around every stronghold.

Venus: Anything to put Waller out of business.

Joker: Then afterwards. We focus on the Bat. I got men in hold to make a hostage situation later.

Venus: Wait....the Batman?? I didn't know we were going after him.

Deadshot: The job always surprises you kid. I'm in it cause he's the only one I'm hitting for free.

Venus: little brother. He loves Batman. And the way I hear he's why many criminals have faced trial.

Harley: Shut it brat girl! B-man has been beating my poor Mr. Jay to a pulse for years. And he deserves to be dead!

Joker: Calm yourself Harley. Now....gather what you need and I'll monitor progress from here.

Just then the entire squad gathered weapons Joker's bombs and Floyd dropped a picture of his daughter he looked down at it and leaned down taking it looking at it

The first to notice was Venus and that had her stunned thinking of her brother

Venus: Your....daughter?

Deadshot: The only reason I still have my sanity. And my intentions....are just through her.

Venus surely understood Floyd's cause as a devoted father and it seem like she be the first person she connect with during this entire journey but for now the whole squad gathered in Joker's stolen choppers from the Agency

Meanwhile at Gotham's museum there was indeed a brake in High Heal boots walked into a room revealing a large zirconium in a center as the boots walked towards it the camera rotated up revealing the figure to be....

...Catwoman (Rachel Wize)

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