Suicide Girls is a 2015 dramatic movie.


10 Girls are friends since 3rd grade. They all got their own problems and they aren't able to handle them. Once night, they decides to take suicide. So they made a "Suicide-Plan". Every Girl has her own suicide-date! The last date is at christmas, but until that they are all dead...


  • Debby Ryan as Rosalie Thorne
  • Shailene Woodley as Fearne Jones
  • Ellen Page as Carol Flemming
  • Raven Symone as Autumn Riley
  • Amber Riley as Georgia Dewitt
  • Emily Osment as Paula Reaser
  • Mia Wasikowska as Elisa Tweedy
  • Dreama Walker as Violet van Beck
  • Keke Palmer as Joy Bitter


  • Joy-Jumped in front of a train
  • Violet-Took all her sleeping pills
  • Elisa-Strangled in her garden shed
  • Paula-Drove the Lesbian Camp Truck down the cliffs; Killed also 25 occupants
  • Georgia-Broke her head with jumping in the cliffs
  • Autumn-Frozen to death (unplanned); Should has jumped from the roof
  • Carol and Fearne-Shot each others heads, because the police was about to get'em
  • Rosalie-Suffered with a pillow in the clinic


At the end you can see the graves of the 10 girls with the message: "Never alone". The movie ends her.

Good to know

You can't see the faces of the family and other persons in the film just the 10 girls. The movie plays in Oaklahoma in the early 40's.

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