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Suguha Toyotomi [直葉 豊臣], also known by her childhood name Yukiji [ゆきじ], or by her Royal Style Name, Suguha, Princess Kokoro [心宮直葉皇女|Kokoro-no-miya Suguha Kōjo], is the eldest Imperial Princess of the Empire of Yamatai and the lunaculus of Aquilonis.

Her Grand Title is: Imperial Princess of the Elements [素子の帝国皇姫|Soshi-no-Teikoku Sumeragi-hime].

She is also a kunoichi (a female ninja) of the Akatsuki Ninja Order, currently with the rank of chunin.

Suguha is also known by the nickname "Akatatsu Samurai [赤竜侍]", a sobriquet earned for her performance in a sudden battle during the Siege of Garvis of the Great Northern Aquilonis War.



Suguha is an average teenage human girl. She has a fair complexion and waist length black hair that she lets down most of the time, but puts it up in a ponytail before she goes off to fighting. After her father's funeral she cuts her hair short, both as a sign of maturity and as a sign of moving on.

Known Clothing

As Princess of Yamatai, she normally wears kimonos of various designs, all of which have the Toyotomi Clan crest on them.

Her kunoichi attire consists of a black body suit with chest and wrist guards and shoulder pads.

When commanding armies in open battles, she would wear full Samurai armor over her kunoichi attire.

During her brief stay in Arabia in late 4541, Suguha wore a green Arabian dress gifted to her by Salim Al-Zayani, a tube-top with detached sleeves and pantaloons with slippers. Salim also gifted her with a necklace made of mostly with round beads and several magatama between them (around every six), and a dragon pendant. Save for the string, it is made entirely of fire red glass.

Salim also later gifted her with an antique gold ring with an opal that is mostly black with mixes of red, blue, green, and gold; the thick band also has writing etched on it in Ashkhas script, which says "Every beginning is and end, and every end is a beginning."

During her journeys after the Great Northern Aquilonis War, Suguha often wore a black bandana over her eyes to obscure them and give the appearance she was blind, mainly to hide her identity.


In her younger years, Suguha was a shy and timid girl. Due to a bad experience involving dragons and fire, she was afraid of both for a long time. After conquering her fear, thanks to Ran-Shao, Suguha became a more confident and courageous individual.

However, her newfound courage and her top-notch skills led her to become a tomboy, almost rejecting anything that defined an elegant lady of royalty, holding onto the notion of femininity only so as not to embarrass her family (and also to impress a man she had a crush on). She also became arrogant and impatient, and became quick to turn hostile to anybody she perceived a threat. She also constantly let her temper get the better of her, and didn't take kindly to betrayal. The only times she was able to swallow her pride was when she knew that to act in haste would put everyone in danger.

After the Incident at Mount St. Fleur, Suguha became moody, withdrawn, and despondent for a time. This due to her fear of losing herself again. But her sudden growing love for Salim Al-Zayani – whom she initially despised – along with her newfound spirituality led her to becoming a more patient and sensitive person.


Having trained as both a ninja and samurai since conquering her fears, Suguha is a natural warrior, utilizing various combat martial arts that she's trained in all her life. Her overall fighting style is a series of techniques based on two styles. The first is referred to as Ōnami-ryū (大波流), which mostly revolves around striking first to disable her opponent before they can can get the upper hand. The second is referred to as Zankyō-ryū (残響流) which is the opposite of Ōnami-ryū and mostly revolves around turning her opponent's attacks back at them.

The disciplines that are her main specializations in her two fighting styles include ninjutsu and various taijutsuAikido, Jujutsu, Kenjutsu, etc.

Her repertoire also includes:

However, she hardly ever gets a chance to use most of her skills in combat. Her mother also attempted to each her fan combat – tessenjutsu – but Suguha rejected it as she believed it "too girlish."

Suguha is also a soshijosei, meaning that she can manipulate the elements around her. As a soshijosei, she is a near-master in soshijutsu. While most soshihito can only use one or two elements, Suguha is one of the extremely rare that can use all four, though this is probably due to her being a lunaculus. Along with kazejutsu, mizujutsu, tsuchijutsu, and kajijutsu, Suguha is also adept at the sub-techniques such as chiyujutsu and furujutsu. She can also do raikojutsu and taikajutsu, but doesn't like using it since she has trouble controlling it. During the Incident at Mount St. Fleur, Suguha discovered her ability to use yoganjutsu, and during her brief stay in Arabia in late-Autumn of 4541 Suguha learned to use sunajutsu while practicing on the dunes. Recently, Suguha as also been learning to use kinzokujutsu, but is so far a novice.

Her soshijutsu style is called the "Tiger & Dolphin [虎と海豚|Tora to Iruka]." It is a dance-like style that incorporates tiger-like fierceness with dolphin-like gracefulness.

Suguha is also sesquilingual; her first and primary language is Hanashi, and her second is Zedylric, but she understands Fae, the language of fairies, to a certain degree, but not enough to fully understand, let alone hold an actual conversation.

Also, during the Allied Occupation of Garvis in 4542, Suguha discovered her fluency in Gargate, the language of gargoyles, from the sudden resurgence of memories from one of her past lives.

Equipment & Skills



In addition to her abilities, Suguha also uses various tools. As a ninja, Suguha always keeps a set of kunai knives and shurikens, along with a pair of sai on her person.

Suguha is also an adept swordswoman. When she went off to war alongside her father, Suguha used a katana made of adamantite and granikimite, gifted to her by her fellow lunaculus, Ricus Steelfern, for her sixteenth birthday. This sword was broken during her confrontation with the traitor Shigekazu Osaragi during the Incident at Mount St. Fleur.

While briefly returning home from war in late-autumn 4541, Suguha came into possession of Seishitsu, the legendary Zedylrian Steel katana forged by her ancestor, Yoshishige Oda, the 1st Tennō of Yamatai. When she retrieved it, Suguha became the first to use it since Tennō Chikayoshi, the 3rd Tennō, seven centuries before.

Suguha is also a skilled archer, and is capable of accurately shooting a target from over 300 meters away, depending on the quality of the bow. However, Suguha is not every adept at the use of black powder weapons.

Suguha is also an accomplished dragon rider, and is the master of a Yamato Long-snout named Hitokage. Suguha was initially dead scared of dragons due to a traumatizing experience in her youth. But through the help of Ran-Shao, an ancient dragon originally hatched and raised by Tennō Yoshishige Oda, she conquered her fear and Hitokage has been her closest companion ever since.


Suguha was born in the Yamato imperial palace on Windoni 14, 4525 AFZ, as the second child and first daughter of Tasuhiko and Reiko Toyotomi, the emperor and empress of Yamatai.

Early Years



Imperial Family of the Toyotomi Clan

  • Hiroshige Toyotomi: Hiroshige – born 4476 AFZ – is the younger brother of Fusazane Toyotomi. He is the uncle of late-Tennō Tatsuhiko and Hironori, and great-uncle of Suguha and her siblings. A retired General, and a hero of Yamatai's last war with Huaxia, he later came out of retirement to serve as a General after Tatsuhiko's death during the conclusion of the Siege of St. Croix in the Great Northern Aquilonis War.
    • Tatsuhiko Toyotomi: Tatsuhiko (4497 AFZ – 4541) was Suguha's father and a former Tennō of Yamatai. Tatsuhiko died in battle at the end of the Siege of St. Croix during the Great Northern Aquilonis War. He was the elder son of Tennō Fusazane Toyotomi (4470 AFZ – 4524), whom ruled from 4498 AFZ to 4524.
    • Reiko Toyotomi: Reiko – born 4500 AFZ – is Suguha's mother, as well as the mother of her older brother and her four younger siblings.
      • Hidehiko Toyotomi: Hidehiko – born Haneyan 9th 4520 AFZ – is Suguha's older brother and a former Admiral of the Silver Arrow Armada. He later succeeds their late-father as the Tennō of Yamatai following Tatsuhiko's death.
      • Hayato Toyotomi: Hayato – born Opesagyr 22nd 4528 AFZ – is Suguha's third-born younger brother.
      • Nanami Toyotomi: Nanami – born Yuisk 8th 4529 AFZ – is Suguha's fourth-born younger sister.
      • Atsuhiko Toyotomi: Atsuhiko – born Jesoran 4th 4532 AFZ – is Suguha's fifth-born younger brother.
      • Himeko Toyotomi: Himeko – born Lanayan 9th 4535 AFZ – is Suguha's sixth-born younger sister.
    • Hironori Toyotomi: Hironori – born 4499 AFZ – is Tatsuhiko's younger brother, and the father of Nadia Lafayette.

House Lafayette

  • Nadia Fujiko de Lafayette (born Rasanova 10th 4526 AFZ): Nadia is Suguha's cousin, and the younger half-sister of Veronica Lafayette, and a powerful fire mage. She was born from an affair between Suguha's uncle, Hironori Toyotomi, and Delphine Marie-France de Lafayette, the younger sister of Soleil's King Justin III (aka Justin Edgar-Fabian de Lafayette). She owns a pet phoenix named Juliana. Later is her life she is known by the nickname "Phoenix Queen."

Friends & Allies

  • Ricus Steelfern: A leprechaun fairy and the lunaculus of Alfheim. Suguha was at one point in love with Ricus; before he and Suguha went off to war, he revealed that he was engaged to another, breaking Suguha's heart. Suguha and Ricus didn't see each other again for more than a year until they reunited towards the end of the Siege of Garvis.

Al-Zayani clan

  • Salim ibn Rashid ibn Azhar Al-Zayani: Salim (4521 AFZ – 4542) was the Crown Prince of Arabia, and the grandson of the former lunaculus of Aquilonis, Abdul Sahrawi, via his mother's side, before his death. He is also the father of Suguha's son. Salim was, at one point, Suguha's fiancé. Initially, Suguha hated Salim and only agreed to the engagement after Salim "blackmailed" the alliance by suggesting Arabia could ally with Umdar instead. Salim's attitude and perspective changed when he saw Suguha stop a volcano during the Incident at Mount St. Fleur; and because of his change, even Suguha found herself falling in love with Salim during their time together during their brief spell in Arabia. They fully realized and consummated their feelings during the New Year's of 4542, becoming engaged for real. Tragically, the union was not meant to be, as Salim was slain in a duel of champions during the Siege of Garvis, late in the Great Northern Aquilonis War. Shortly after the war, Suguha gave birth to the child they conceived during the campaign to capture Garvis.
  • Azra bint Rashid ibn Azhar Al-Zayani: Azra – born 4523 AFZ – is Salim's younger sister, and the granddaughter of the former lunaculus of Aquilonis, Abdul Sahrawi, via her mother's side. She became Crown Princess of Arabia following Salim's death.
  • Rashid ibn Azhar ibn Abdullahi Al-Zayani: Rashid – born 4490 AFZ – is Salim's father, the current Sultan of Arabia, and Sheikh of the Al-Zayani clan of the Jayida Dynasty.



  • Even though Suguha's grandmother, by her father side, was a member of the Yamato branch of the Order of Eden, Suguha never joined the order.
  • Suguha, along with the rest of her family, is of Migoto ethnicity, one of several prominent ethnic groups of Fuso, collectively known as Wajins.
  • Suguha is the first Fuso-born lunaculus in nearly a millennium.
  • Suguha's Grand Title is one of a long list of majestic titles referred to as a Migoto Shōgō [見事称号]. Such titles can be granted renowned individuals, people who have done extraordinary things; otherwise, Migoto Shōgō are a customarily reserved for members of the imperial family (Note: this is not a real Japanese custom).
    • If she were a boy, her title would be: Imperial Prince of the Elements [素子の帝国諸侯|Soshi-no-Teikoku Shokō]
  • Suguha is a Japanese name meaning "Straight Leaves". Toyotomi is a common Japanese surname mostly associated with the Toyotomi clan.
    • Her childhood name, which roughly means "snowy time," is based on a pre-modern Japanese custom, where children would change their given name to something more befitting when they came of age, as a sign of leaving their childhood behind as they became an adult. In-universe, children of Yamatai come of age at sixteen.
    • Her Royal Style name, Kokoro – which means "heart" in Japanese – is based on another Japanese custom: The Imperial Family of Japan has no surname. Instead they are given a standard given name and a special title.
      • Suguha, like the rest of the Imperial Family, is commonly addressed by her royal style name; only her family and most intimate friends are allowed to call her by her given name, and their surname is almost never used unless they give up their royal status or it is otherwise revoked.
    • The addition of her title, Kōjo [皇女], is another version of Naishinnō [内親王], an honorific denoting an imperial princess – the daughter of the emperor or an imperial prince – the male variants being Kōshi [皇子]/Shinnō [親王].
    • Her nickname literally translates as "Red Dragon Samurai".
  • Her dragon's name, Hitokage, spelled "火トカゲ" in kanji, means "Fire lizard" in Japanese.
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Lunaculus of Aquilonis
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