Submarine is an American film about the experiences of the crew of the Krakozhian submarine K-312 after it suffered an incident off the east coast of America.



  • Miley Cyrus as Captain First Rank Tanya Kalinina - Commanding officer of the K-312.
  • Ashley Tisdale as Captain Second Rank Natalya Tudenko - Executive officer (starpom) of the K-312.
  • Jennifer Stone as Captain Third Rank Ludmilla Kazirov - Political officer (zampolit) of the K-312.
  • Brenda Song as Captain Second Rank Svetlana Ivanova - Medical officer of the K-312.
  • Bridgit Mendler as Captain Third Rank Marfa Grechko - Propulsion engineer of the K-312.
  • Jennifer Lawrence as Captain Third Rank Vasilisa Yeguntseva - Technician from Darchenko Electronics, guest officer onboard the K-312.
  • Meaghan Martin as Captain Lieutenant Zefia Brtlanka - Navigator of the K-312.
  • Alyson Stoner as Captain Lieutenant Anna Poverin - Sonar officer of the K-312.
  • Maiara Walsh as Captain Lieutenant Yasila Vroyev - Missile officer of the K-312.
  • Jordan Puryear as Captain Lieutenant Valentina Voyoshcheyev - Deputy engineering officer of the K-312.
  • TBA as Captain Lieutenant Svetlana Kutova - Guest officer acting as assistant political officer of the K-312.
  • Jason Earles as Vice Admiral Dmitri Kalinin - Commander of the Krakozhian Navy's Submarine Force.
  • TBA as Counter Admiral Andrei Plarchenko - Operations officer of the Submarine Force.
  • TBA as Captain First Rank Gennady Stamboliyevich - Missile specialist from the Gatutin Design Bureau seconded to the Submarine Force.
  • David Henrie as Admiral of the Fleet Vasily Domovich - Commander-in-chief of the Krakozhian Navy.
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