Stunt Women
Genre Comedy


Period Drama

Created by Ifan Barber
Starring Margaret Qualley

Billie Lourd

Taylor Russell

Opening Theme "Stunt Women Theme"
Location Hollywood, CA
Country Of Origin United States of America
Number Of Episodes 100
Running Time 45 minutes
Original Channel: NBC
Original Air Date February 13th 2020 - March 26th 2026
Produced by NBC Studios
Directed by Various
Stunt Women is an American comedy-drama television series created by Ifan Barber. The series aired from February 13th 2020 to March 26th 2026 on NBC. It focuses on three women, Shelley (Margaret Qualley), Deb (Billie Lourd) and Denise (Taylor Russell), who all work as stunt doubles on a popular action television series in Hollywood in the 1970s. The show became notable for having high-profile actors featured in recurring roles throughout the show's run, including Oscar Isaac, Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer, Michael Sheen, Ewan McGregor, Jennifer Lopez, Laura Linney, Antonio Banderas, Margot Robbie and Stanley Tucci.

The first 13-episode season was a welcome addition to NBC's Thursday night line-up, proving popular with viewers and critics alike. It claimed the title of most successful mid-season debut of the television season across all networks and was renewed for a second season, comprising of 16 episodes, that premiered in the Fall of 2020.

In April 2024, NBC renewed Stunt Women for a sixth and seventh season, shortly after the announcement it was confirmed that the seventh would also be the series' last. A 13-episode sixth season premiered mid-season for the first time since its initial run, beginning in January 2025. The seventh and final season, comprising of 10 episodes aired in January 2026, and concluded on March 26th 2026, ending the series with 100 episodes in total.


Stunt Women focuses on three stunt coordinators in 1970s Hollywood, working on the hit action series Hitgirls and their lives navigating a low-income lifestyle in the high-income society they work amongst. Each tries to progress their screen careers through a changing time in the film and television industry.

Cast and Characters


  • Margaret Qualley as Shelley Watts, an aspiring actress from Montana who lands a stunt double position in a way to advance her acting career, having done extensive gymnastic work in high school.
  • Billie Lourd as Deborah 'Deb' Anderson, a popular Sunset Boulevard street performer who is hired by the producers of Hitgirls to be a stunt double.
  • Taylor Russell as Denise Monroe, a seasoned stunt double who's career has stunted due to her skin colour, something she consistently tries to overcome.


  • Michael Sheen as Jack Parker, the head of the network on which Hitgirls airs.
  • Viola Davis as Freida Jackson, a writer on Hitgirls who champions Denise's career.
  • Laura Linney as Canada Watts, Shelley's folk singer aunt with whom she lives.
  • Ewan McGregor as Stevie Matthews, an A-list Hollywood star who's having an affair with Deb while playing a lead role on Hitgirls.


  • Oscar Isaac as Julio Torres, a popular Guatemalan television producer, known for his telenovelas in Mexico, who relocates to Hollywood to boost his career. (season 4 - 7)
  • Jennifer Lopez as Maria Torres, a popular Puerto Rican actress based in Mexico who relocates to Hollywood with her husband Julio. (season 4 - 7)
  • Octavia Spencer as Hattie Monroe, Denise's mother. (season 1 - 7)
  • Antonio Banderas as Benedicio Sparrow, an actor who tries to seduce Shelley, and when his advances are rejected, he makes it his mission to destroy her career. (season 3)

Many other notable guest stars appear throughout the seven-season run.


100 episodes of Stunt Women aired across seven seasons.

Season 1

Season 1 of Stunt Women premiered on February 13th 2020 and ran for 13 one-hour episodes.

Episode Title Synopsis Airdate
1 Pilot February 13th 2020
2 First Day February 20th 2020
3 The Boulevard February 27th 2020
4 Sound Stage March 5th 2020
5 Reception March 12th 2020
6 Awards March 19th 2020
7 Who Knows Who March 26th 2020
8 Mom April 2nd 2020
9 First Dates April 9th 2020
10 Cancellation April 16th 2020
11 The Big Boss April 23rd 2020
12 Auditions April 30th 2020
13 A Second Season May 7th 2020

Season 2

Season 2 of Stunt Women premiered on October 1st 2020 and ran for 16 one-hour episodes.

Episode Title Synopsis Airdate
1 Pilot Season October 1st 2020
2 It's a Hit October 8th 2020
3 Situation Comedy October 15th 2020
4 Folk Song October 22nd 2020
5 New Cast Member October 29th 2020
6 Bacon and Eggs November 5th 2020
7 Mom Returns November 12th 2020
8 Uncles and Aunts November 19th 2020
9 Hiatus January 28th 2020
10 Fashion Show February 4th 2020
11 Bathroom February 11th 2020
12 Weaknesses February 18th 2020
13 Golden Trio February 25th 2020
14 Overwhelmed March 4th 2020
15 Finale Party Part 1 March 11th 2020
16 Finale Party Part 2 March 18th 2020

Season 3

Season 3 of Stunt Women premiered on September 30th 2021 and ran for 16 one-hour episodes.

Season 4

Season 4 of Stunt Women premiered on October 5th 2022 and ran for 16 one-hour episodes.

Season 5

Season 5 of Stunt Women premiered on October 4th 2023 and ran for 16 one-hour episodes.

Season 6

Season 6 of Stunt Women premiered on February 14th 2025 and ran for 13 one-hour episodes.

Season 7

Season 7 of Stunt Women premiered on January 22nd 2026 and ran for 10 one-hour episodes. It was the final season, concluding on March 26th 2026.



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