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Stuffy Quests is an American stop-motion animated comedy TV series and spiritual sequel/spin-off to the American traditionally/CGI-animated TV series The Adventures of Teddy and Friends. Both shows are created by Dipper, and both also regularly broadcast on The CC (Cartoon Comedy). Similarly, the characters Camilla, Charlie, and Puck-Man, made appearances on both.

It aired half of the first season on September 11, 2017 (originally September 18; it was moved up to accommodate 9/11's 16th anniversary), with a first season of 13 episodes planned, along with a Christmas special which aired on December 25, 2017, as part of the first season. A second season began airing on May 28 (Memorial Day), 2018, with a Halloween special that aired October 8, 2018. The second batch aired on January 21, 2018, and completed the second season.

A third season was later announced without any additional information, but on May 26, 2018 it was set for a May 27, 2019 air date, with an order of 39 episodes. It aired 13 episodes for the first batch, while a second batch of 13 episodes succeeded it on November 11, 2019. Due to the novel coronavirus epidemic, the last third batch remains momentarily unscheduled.

A fourth season was rumored to be in the works and was officially confirmed on May 31, 2019 as the final season, spanning 26 episodes. However, as a result of the global coronavirus epidemic, the season is in production hell and was removed from its late 2020 schedule.


The plot centers around Charlie (Logan Chabinsky), a neurotic and nihilistic kid with his thoughts expressed as soliloquy, who leads a very mundane existence. That is, until a time-travelling stuffy named Camilla (Grey DeLisle), befriends him and ushers him to numerous misadventures alongside their newfound comrades Pappy Blue and Puck-Man as The League of Extraordinary Stuffy Men.

Most of the characters have retconned personalities differentiating from its spiritual predecessor. An example would be Camilla, who, instead of being a flirtatious stuffy, is an adventurous time-traveler who possesses a range of supernatural powers and displays no interest in dating.

Voice cast

  • Charlie (Logan Chabinsky) - Charlie, a nod to the Peanuts character Charlie Brown in name and appearance, is a neurotic and nihilistic kid suffering from low self-esteem and nervousness. His everyday thoughts are expressed to the audience in a soliloquy-like sort of way. He initially lived a very tedious lifestyle until Camilla, a time-travelling stuffy who sees a friend in him, spices things up by bringing him to fantastic adventures.
  • Camilla (Grey DeLisle-Griffin) - A plucky time-travelling stuffy from the (possible) future, Camilla possesses supernatural abilities, like levitating and transportation, the latter which she uses to bring Charlie Brown to a lot of adventures. She sees a companion and friend in him when they initially bumped path, which is why she brings him to said adventures.
  • Pappy Blue (Frank Welker) - An elderly, blue-complexioned gnome based on The Smurfs character Papa Smurf, Blue seems to have an unreasonable hatred towards our two protagonists, often laughing at them along with Puck, his friend. He and Puck befriend them, however, when they discover the nature of their fantastic adventures. Puck affectionately nicknames him "Pappy" for short.
  • Puck-Man [or Puck] (Thurop van Orman) - Papa Smurf's insatiable, yellow orb friend, and a parody of the titular arcade game character Pac-Man, he and his best friend Pappy Blue hate our main duo for no apparent reason, until he and Pappy uncover our two protagonists's stuffy adventures, and join them.

NOTE: Later in the show, the four main characters join forces to form The League of Extraordinary Stuffy Men, a parody and nod to The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 13 September 11, 2017 February 19, 2018
2 13 May 28, 2018 January 21, 2019
3 39[1] May 27, 2019 TBA
4 26[1] TBA

Season 1 (2017-18)

  • Half of the first season aired on September 11, 2017 (formally the 18th); an episode aired in-between on Christmas Day 2017; and the second batch released on February 19, 2018 (the original air date was May 28, 2018, but it was moved up for season 2).
No. Title Directed by Written by Original airdate Prod.
"The Adventure Begins" Dipper & Annie Oh Grekk September 11, 2017 101
Charlie is a neurotic and nihilistic kid who is convinced his life is "the pits", till he bumps paths with Camilla, a time traveler stuffy who can also teleport to different "dimensions". Charlie does not buy this till they go to the Teddy Flower Kingdom dimension and must save a stock damsel-in-distress princess, Princess Teddy Flower (Hyden Welch), from a strong and robust canine, Super Glue Spit-Dog (John DiMaggio). Teddy Flower is stuck due to Spit-Dog's sticky saliva. Super Glue Spit-Dog manages to find both of our protagonists and spits on them as well, rendering them stuck. Charlie and Camilla manage to free themselves but Teddy Flower doesn't want to get saved, reminiscing over how her live "blows" since her father and mother, the king and queen of Teddy Flower Kingdom, control her life. But Charlie Brown convinces her that her life is everything and that "good comes out of bad stuff" before kissing her fully on the lips. They return her to her parents, who compensate our protagonists by arranging a marriage between Charlie and Princess Teddy Flower when Charlie reaches adulthood. Afterwards, Charlie and Camilla teleport back home.
3 "Car Quest" Kenneth Dumont Fatima Mataraci September 11, 2017 103
Camilla's older brother, Paul (Jeremy Shada), manages to convince her to help him aid in the search of his beloved toy car, one given by their parents before they, ironically, died in a car crash. This toy car turns out to be sentient, and a literal car chase ensues.
4 "Depths of the Closet" Patricia Tambor Lester Gomez September 11, 2017 108
Arriving on a grim apocalyptic dimension known as the "Waste Land" dimension, which is modeled after a really disorganized kid's closet, Charlie and Camilla contend with surviving the treacherous mounds of dirty clothes and a gargantuan child who mistakes them for his "play things".
5 "The League of Extraordinary Stuffy Men" Lorelai Mumford Calvin MacKenzie September 11, 2017 104
Skeptics and bullies Pappy Blue and Puck-Man doubt Charlie and Camilla's teleportation powers, so they travel to the "Solid Water" dimension with them. This dimension involves all but is covered by a body of water that suffers from a "Solid Water" phenomenon, which only lasts a minute, almost drowning Pappy Blue. Our protagonists save him, and after they go back home, they decide to become a time travelling/teleportation quartet under the name "The League of Extraordinary Stuffy Men".
6 "The Stuffy Race" Dipper & Kenneth Dumont Fatima Mataraci September 11, 2017 107
Camilla sees the TV one day, and looks back on her past as a track and field racer and wishes for those years back. Charlie inquires her on the existence of a track and field dimension, which she mentions does exist, but doubts that she still holds her motor and running abilities. She still goes to the dimension with Charlie and the rest of LOXSM follow her to the racing dimension, where a race is to be held. She also ends up with ex-boyfriend Chuck, making Puck (who has affections for her) jealous, and also decides to compete in the race to win Camilla's impressions. Chuck, also competing, ends up the winner, and ends up winning an orange shoe trophy. Camilla tells Chuck that you can't "race for someone's impressions", and tells him to "race towards other girls". Puck is still heartbroken, but accepts this and participates in another race that is being held, telling Camilla that he'll "win a girl over", meaning it both literally and metaphorically.
7 "A Stuffmas Miracle" Dipper, Kenneth Dumont & Grekk Calvin McKenzie December 25, 2017 106
The LOXSM decide to teleport to the North Pole for fun during the holiday season in order to pay a visit to Santa Koala, the stuffies' version of Santa Claus that stills delivers gifts to the nice stuffies but hands over chewed eucalyptus leaves for the naughty ones, who is a good friend of them. However, they receive a shocking sight of Santa Koala unconscious, and after Mrs. Claus (Candi Milo) calls the Snowflake Doctor (Jack McBrayer) over to check on Koala's health, it is determined that he has passed away due to his old age of 18, which is unheard of for koalas. With their determination, the LOXSM work together to be the new Santa Koala, delivering gifts, until they find out that a little stuffy girl (Amanda Leighton) wants more than materialistic items...she wants love from someone, and must make it up to her.

Note: This episode is alternatively named "Stuffy Koala" on The CC APP.

8 "International Treasure" Poppy Livingston & Fatima Mataraci Fenton Cole February 19, 2018 109
The LOXSM teleport themselves to Treasure Island (not to be confused with the book of the same name by Robert Louis Stevenson), a gigantic "metropoisland" nation correlated by numerous, medium-sized islands, where the inhabitants are constantly searching for treasures assigned to them by the 96-year old Treasure Island founder, Mr. Treasureous (James Arnold Taylor), who is the unofficial mayor. He assigns our friends the most obscure treasure which has been constantly assigned and constantly failed to be found, the "Source". The LOXSM reluctantly promise to search for it using an incomprehensible map which was upside down all along and leads them to the forbidden "Butte of Failure", where they find the Source, turning out to be the "heart" of the "metropoisland" all along. Mr. Treasureous then appears and reveals his plans to water the Source so he can doom every inhabitant of Treasure Island to forever search treasures for them to gift him and get him rich while they receive no credit. His impromptu evil gloating gives Pac, the sneaky of the group, to rip out the Source from the Butte, effectively depriving Treasure Island of its life and is, therefore, uninhabitable. The LOXSM then evacuate the former inhabitants of Treasure Island to a nearby island and leave Mr. Treasureous to (presumably) die next to the treasures which were dumped there.
9 "Stuffy Spies" Fatima Mataraci & Grekk Lamar Robinson February 19, 2018 111
After one of Camilla's rivals, Lord Stuffington The Honored (Jim Belushi) obtains highly classified documents which reveal the materials used to make and install a chip which helped Camilla teleport/time-travel before sneaking into the Spyline dimension, the LOXSM becomes a rag-tag team of spies in order to obtain those documents and prevent a major exposability that could negatively affect Camilla.
10 "Wanted: Camilla" Miriam Northrop and Lester Gomez Diane Reed February 19, 2018 105
Camilla's skeletons in the closets come to light as she is arrested by the Dimension Cops for illegally transporting herself to dimensions as a fugitive who allegedly robs stuffies of their money and causes chaos wherever she goes. She is incarcerated set to have a trial, so the rest of the LOXSM rack up evidence that will play in favor of Camilla at her trial and set her free by traveling to said dimensions where Camilla supposedly created disruptions. They learn that Camilla was a fugitive in the past who had not been caught until now, and the LOXSM begin to change what they personally knew about Camilla, but before they can prove this they are taken away by the Cops as it is time for Camilla's trial. After witnesses stand by having, well, witnessed Camilla thieving and disturbing the piece on an interdimensional level, she is sentenced to 90 years in Dimension Prison, and the LOXSM watch in horror as she's put in a cell. They vow to her that they'll clear her name whichever way they can.
11 "An Adventure Without Camilla" Tamara Morgan Donald Fairbanks February 19, 2018 110
The LOXSM begin seeing a strange figure resembling Camilla in the Food Dimension where they're eating pizza, so they begin following the strange figure into Clown Town, La-La Land, etc., and decide on cornering her, so when they arrive to Clothes Coast, they begin brainstorming ideas on how to trap her, so they form a net with some clothes and succeed. "Camilla", or whoever looks like her, is actually the real fugitive, named Priscilla (Mae Whitman). She admits she is Camilla's doppelgänger and decided to frame her following a brief encounter with her, but unbeknownst to her, a chip was installed in the net that transmits to Camilla's lawyer (Tim Curry), who uses this evidence in Camilla's retrial to finally set her free. Priscilla avenges to get revenge at the LOXSM, but the judge cuts her short to say that it will never happen since she'll get 180 years in Dimension Prison (90 years for robbery and disturbing the piece, and 90 more for being on the lam and not willingly turning herself in).
"The End of the Stuffin' Worlds" Poppy Livingston, Fatima Mataraci & Grekk Lamar Robinson & Lester Gomez February 19, 2018 112
The Stuff-End Is Nigh (Part 1): Following a trip to City on the Beach, Camilla realizes that her chip can no longer assist her in time-traveling/transportation, but ignores the warnings that it heeds. Unfortunately, as the LOXSM constantly travel to dimension after dimension, the chip can no longer function, and it begins to break under pressure, eventually cracking open, setting a disastrous chain of events that follow the LOXSM as they go to every dimension they can come up with. During a particular visit to Candy Land, the candy begins turning stale and unedible, ending with its collapse and demise. The LOXSM attempt an escape, but Camilla gets swept away by the Chocolate Creek, and Puck risks himself to salvage her using candy canes. Part 1 ends on a cliffhanger as he too gets swept away with his crush...
Stuffpocalypse How? (Part 2): Puck and Camilla are swept away by the Chocolate Creek, but get saved by an elderly Gingerbread Man (Ed Asner in a special guest appearance) who holds unbelievable strength but loses his tasty limbs in the process and commences eating them, therefore killing himself. The LOXSM then head to another dimension in the hopes that they'll find refuge from the apocalypse, but find things are not going as well in Cine Nation as they find a war against the male and female movie stars to see who gets to survive. They try to break the fight but are interrupted by both sides who state that they don't take orders from "peasants", and shove them, resuming the battle. As they try to transport themselves to another dimension, one movie star (Chris Parnell) comments how Camilla has a really "weird, broken earring thing" on her ear, which helps Camilla connect the dot and realize that her broken chip is the source of the end of the world. She has to go the dimension literally only known as Dimension 0, where time-travelers or "transporters" like Camilla get their chips from. She tries to get a new chip from Dimension 0 mayor and chip salesman Bob (Bill Fagerbakke), who wants to sell one to her in the back room of his office, where he ends up kidnapping her and admitting his feelings towards her, threatening her to kiss him back if she really wants the chip. Puck, who was behind Camilla all along, secretly tells her to keep calm while he pretends to be her, and kisses an inept Bob, getting her the chip and an opportunity to tackle Bob. Afterwards, they escape and Camilla implants the chip on her, finding a "Reset Stuffpocalypse" feature and enabling it, allowing all dimensions to be spared from an early end to their worlds. However, Bob gains consciousness and begins planning his "wedding" for Camilla, promising himself he'll do anything to get Camilla with him...even if it involves "stuffering", or suffering.

Season 2 (2018-19)

A second season of 13 episodes aired its first batch of 6 episodes on May 28, 2018, though its original air date was planned much later and caused the last batch of season 1 episodes (which were to air on that date) to move up to February 19. A Halloween special suceeded the first batch on October 8, 2018, while the last batch of episodes aired on January 21, 2019.

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original airdate Prod.
"Game of Drones" Fatima Mataraci Poppy Livingston May 28, 2018 114
A year after the events of the previous episode and season 1 finale "The End of the Stuffin' Worlds", the LOXSM have re-entered the world of dimension/time traveling by landing in the futuristic landscape of Techyo, home of the first "drone fights" that are hosted annually. Our stuffy friends find themselves transported in the middle of the fight, which does not please the competing drones, and so Camilla and Co. must escape the wrath of the drones.
16 3 "Killer Island" Calvin MacKenzie Grekk May 28, 2018 116
Camilla transports the LOXSM to the Killer Island Dimension, which consists only of an island that is plagued by unexplained murders and the dead, "un-stuffed" corpses of stuffies everywhere. After failing to get transported to another random dimension, the LOXSM try to figure out who is behind all of these senseless murders while avoiding becoming the serial killer's next victim.
17 4 "Puzzled" Annie Oh Fatima Mataraci May 28, 2018 117
Charlie's phone transports the LOXSM to a "cyber-maze" that is interconnected by all of Charlie's puzzle games, and all of them have to be completed before leaving the maze. As the LOXSM complete games such as "Whophonit?", "Chocolate Crash", "Rainbow Dash", and a digital jigsaw puzzle, they find themselves stalked by a dark entity which is actually the phone about to run out of battery.
18 5 "Stuffy All-Stars" Anthony Gilligan Donald Fairbanks May 28, 2018 118
The LOXSM "Quantum Leap" into the Intergalactic Battle Dimension as a rag-tag team of intergalactic warriors controlling a spaceship, the SSS Stufferprise, which consist of: Charlie Brown as Duke Crytalker, Camilla as Duchess Leila Oregon, Puck-Man as Puck Solo, and Pappy Blue as Phooey (or Phewbacca). They must defeat Bob Vader, who is a masked and caped version of Bob from the season 1 finale "The End of the Stuffin' Worlds".
19 6 "Film Quest" Lester Gomez Poppy Livingston May 28, 2018 119
The LOXSM transport to the Film Realm Dimension, where everyone is adhered as an actor and films are being made at a really quick rate. When they realize that some films made in this dimension have been lost in time, they decide to unearth them with the aid of actors Jake Morrison (Jake T. Austin) and Angelina Haverty (Aimee Carrero), and realize that'll involve getting sucked into the Void of Lost Views.
20 7 "Scary Stuffies In The Dark" Grekk Fenton Cole October 8, 2018 122
When Camilla's time traveling/teleporting powers malfunction and lands the LOXSM in the Dark Dimension, a dimension that is nothing but pitch dark which manifests the fear of its "timefarers" through background noise, the time traveling gang must learn to face, or rather hear, their fears with the intent to get rid of them and find a way to fix Camilla's powers.
21 8 "Facing The Music" Tamara Morgan Lamar Robinson January 21, 2019 120
The group is teleported to Musickory, a lively and upbeat dimension that incorporates background music in the environment and whose inhabitants have a "109.9%" chance of pursuing careers as musicians, songwriters, composers, etc. Our friends are forced to enter a singing competition as a tradition for every newcomer in town, which is unfortunate as none of our friends in the LOXSM have a creative bone in their body. Luckily, they come up with an original idea, which helps them win and officially leave the dimension.
22 9 "Super Stupid" Dipper Diane Reed January 21, 2019 121
Due to hype surrounding the recent superhero film releasing in Charlie's Dimension, The Revengers Reunited: Battle for the Bloodstone, the LOXSM visit a dimension where superheroes reside in their leisure time, Hero Harbor, in order to stare in awe at the sight of actual superheroes while also hoping to meet one personally. They obliviously lead transporting supervillains from another dimension, Villainville, into the dimension, which stirs trouble. When the superheroes are outnumbered immensely, the LOXSM pitch in at the last minute, despite having no expertise "superheroing" beforehand.
23 10 "By Dolly!" Lorelai Mumford Calvin MacKenzie January 21, 2019 124
The LOXSM transport themselves to the Doll House, an entire city whose entire population resides in one single, ten-story tall house modeled to resemble a dollhouse. All the inhabitants happen to be dolls who are unaccustomed to stuffed individuals and barrage them with thinly-veiled insults and clean racial slurs. This discourages Pappy Blue from his crush on Blondie O'Darby, the official matriarch of the House and an older parody of Barbie. Our stuffed friends, however, rearrange their opinions on them after they entice the Doll House's owner, a little girl named Penelope, into keeping the House after she had thoughts of throwing it away, by pretending to be accessories to the House. Later, the dolls thank the LOXSM for their service and will think through their previously-held opinion on stuffed toys.
24 11 "Booking It" Miriam Northrop Poppy Livingston January 21, 2019 123
When the LOXSM decide to take a break from venturing into dimensions by checking out some bestsellers at a local library, Camilla is drawn by a blank book that sucks her and the rest of the LOXSM into Librarea, a "secret" dimension that is only traversed by opening this mystical book that appeared to contain nothing in it, which houses famous literary characters such as the Swiss Family from The Swiss Family Robinson and Winnie the Pooh and his friends from Winnie the Pooh. However, the characters leave into Charlie's dimension, and so the LOXSM must gather them all up before they incite a rampage.
25 12 "Charlotte's World Wide Web" Annie Oh Fatima Mataraci January 21, 2019 125
Camilla's friend, Charlotte (Stephanie Lemelin), encounters a way to teleport herself into the World Wide Web World, the dimension that encompasses the physical state of the Internet itself, but accidentally transports the LOXSM in the process. Exploring this new World, the LOXSM join their smarts together to figure a way out of the literal Internet.
26 13 "The Biggest Hostage in the Multiverse" Dipper, Anthony Gilligan, and Miriam Northrop Poppy Livingston and Lamar Robinson January 21, 2019 126
Bob finally catches up to Camilla and kidnaps her, taking her to many dimensions as he attempts to conceal both of their identities but fails miserably each time, as Camilla has already been familiarized with the residents of each dimension. Finally, though, he manages to hide himself in Masktropolis, a city that obligates its citizens to masquerade themselves with face masks that show their personality when they reach 18 years of age (otherwise, minors have to wear Guy Fawkes masks). On the other hand, the LOXSM themselves adapt to dimension-hopping to reach Camilla and her crazy-in-love captor, getting help from all the inhabitants of the dimensions they've previously met and traveled before. They manage to catch up to the two, but Bob fakes giving up before escaping to another dimension with Camilla, and the LOXSM find it suspiciously easy to catch up to them the next time. Bob then reveals that the chip the LOXSM have utilized to travel across dimensions can only teleport them to so many dimensions, and that they have run out of dimensions to travel. Bob has not as he is the "Dimension Duke", the most powerful of dimension travelers sent to kidnap travelers gone rogue like Camilla who have broken the law on numerous occasions, including robbery and 1st degree murder. After his monologue he leaves them one last time and horrified at the realization that they're in a hellish-like dimension for rogue dimension travelers officially named Hell Hole.

Season 3 (2019-)

The third season premiered on May 27, 2019 with a 13-episode batch. The next batch of 13 episodes is set to premiere November 11, 2019, and the last 13-episode batch is presumed to air in 2020. Overall, this season has an order of 39 episodes.

in series
in season
Title Directed by Written by Original airdate Prod.
27 1 "Hell Of a Quest" Calvin MacKenzie Diane Reed May 27, 2019 127
Capping off the season 2 finale "The Biggest Hostage in the Multiverse", the LOXSM are doomed in Hell Hole under the watchful eyes of its mayor, Lou Suffer (Troy Baker in a special guest appearance), while Camilla is whisked away by Bob to Alcatraz Alcove Dimension, a dimension that promotes itself as a singular island that features a supermax prison housing the most "dangerous" convicts who have broken the rules of time-traveling/dimension hopping. The LOXSM feel hopeless without Camilla's quick-thinking, but eventually trick Lou Suffer by "pretending" they were goody-two-shoes all along and were mistakenly placed in Hell Hole, and are transported into Hell Hole's complete opposite, Pair-of-Skies, where all the apparently generous and kind individuals reside, but all are revealed to be total hypocrites. Camilla warns Bob that he too has committed some crimes since he did not sign the paperwork required to permit the rest of the LOXSM to be locked in Hell Hole. He attempts to detract from her accusations and is swiftly arrested by Camilla's brother Paul, who is a police officer in contact with Camilla as she was escorted by Bob. Evidence is presented to rightfully throw him in the slammer, and the other LOXSM members are freed and reconvene with Camilla, who has gained her time-traveling/teleporting abilities after they were restored by Paul.
28 2 "Heart to Heartland" Lorelai Mumford Donald Fairbanks May 27, 2019 130
The LOXSM detour from their action-packed adventures by being transported to Heartland, a small, Southern, rural town dimension where affection lives on through the population by means of their parents, children, relatives, girl-/boyfriends, partners, environment, daily routine, pets, and each other. Charlie learns to love himself after taunting from the local children, Camilla once again dejects Puck by refusing his romantic gestures, and reasons that she's not ready to be involved in a relationship as a result of emotional distancing from her relatives following her parents' death. After Puck airs his sympathy, he and Camilla strike a friendship. And Pappy Blue tries to woo all the female geriatrics, but all of them are either sickly or married and/or loyal to their spouses of (sometimes over) 50 years.
29 3 "Beach Party Charlie" Grekk Fenton Cole May 27, 2019 133
Charlie finds himself embroiled in a pastiche on beach party films as he and the rest of the LOXSM start preparations for his 13th birthday party, complete with musical numbers, a failed romantic arc with a girl, Miranda (Peyton Elizabeth Lee), who judges him as a "stranger" because Charlie's "unrecognizable" to her after he integrated himself with the LOXSM, surfing (a hobby that Charlie Brown is undoubtedly not prodigious in!), all that jazz!
30 4 "Game Ducks" Poppy Livingston Lester Gomez May 27, 2019 135
Our quartet of stuffy friends are transported to a game dimension Game Gamut, which they cannot evacuate from unless they endure its obstacles modeled, and paying homage to, numerous influential games such as Super Mario Bros., Pac-Man, Halo, Call of Duty, and Angry Birds, so they must all team up to solve it before losing the 3 lives they each are granted with, even Camilla, who's never even bothered with a game controller before.
31 5 "My Sew-Called Life" Anthony Gilligan Lamar Robinson May 27, 2019 128
The gang is binge-watching a groundbreaking teen drama from the 90s titled The Trials and Tribulations of Tara Tanner when they are inserted into the TV series and become the main characters: Puc is Tara Tanner, the teenage girl main character who's middle-class, mildly popular, and in love with popular kid Zachary, Charlie is Zachary Zane himself (in spite of his chagrin), Camilla is Chahel Chowdhury, the openly bisexual Indian best friend of Tara whose venture to gain acceptance within his classmates is without avail, and Papa Smurf is Tim Tanner, Tara's father.
32 6 "Foodie For Your Thoughts" Annie Oh Fatima Mataraci May 27, 2019 134
The LOXSM become stranded in Altifood Dimension, a dimension destined atop a mountain in which food's the way of life (and even the inspiration behind most of their buildings) for most of its 100 inhabitants, who are offended when the LOXSM all exclaim pizza as their favorite food and introduce them to numerous international cuisines, but when Puck objects due to his picky nature, he and the other members of the LOXSM are hunted down by the mountain-folk and have to retrieve a food that Pac actually loves to eat that's not "civilian cuisine", as the mountain people refer to it.
33 7 "Clothes Enough" Dipper Grekk May 27, 2019 131
Camilla drags the LOXSM along to Clothes Meadows, a dimension where fashionistas occupy the land with style, as she has ruined her little black dress before a dinner party in which she'll meet Charlie's parents. The citizens of Clothes Meadows direct them on a quest to meet with The Fab Queen (RuPaul in a special guest appearance), the ultimate apostle of high-end fashion who might solve Camilla's little (black) dress debacle.
34 8 "Abstract Expectations" Dipper Donald Fairbanks May 27, 2019 136
Charlie is anxious over his big Art final due to his art teacher Mrs. Willoughsby's (Susan Blu) strict grading technique, so with Camilla's help he travels over to the Abstract Tract, a dimension that converts its inhabitants into abstract figures, to be enlightened about the creativity and intricacies of abstract art. The dimension, however, is in great danger of becoming cubist, and the two conjure a plan to heroically reinstate abstract art into the dimension.
35 9 "As Featured On TV" Tamara Morgan Poppy Livingston May 27, 2019 129
On a whim, the LOXSM land in Teleision Nation, a universe in which TV shows are a reality and are divided into "subdimensions", where each one can exist on its own volition. The league takes time to explore the brackets of show genres, such as medical dramas (I See You In The ICU), sitcoms (The Gang's All In), westerns (Lubbock), space operas (Striking Stars), soap operas (Loving Life In a Wonderful World), crime procedurals (Above the Law), and game shows (Friendly Match).
36 10 "Fit For a Stuffling" Miriam Northrop Fenton Cole May 27, 2019 132
A rift is formed in the LOXSM's friendship after they take part in get-rich-quick schemes so as to ascend to the richest individual in the wealthy and affluential dimension of Wealth Heath. When it provokes a disaster, the gang get it together and eventually rebuild the dimension in cooperation with each other, and turn the dimension into one that comprises the integrity of one's character beside riches.
37 11 "All The Times In the World" Calvin MacKenzie Fenton Cole May 27, 2019 137
Chaperoning Charlie for his class field trip to the Gallery of Yesteryear gets Camilla, along with Charlie, sucked into the many artifacts (paintings, statues, etc.) and reliving the history behind them, which include the 80-Year War, a war that was so-called due to its duration of eight decades that helped established the Stuffy States, the Doll Decimation, which saw the discrimination against dolls in the SS peak to the mass genocide of dolls, and the famous Enzo (EN-sew) Stuffazini, the 1st president of the Stuffy States who led the nation to thrive even in times of belligerent failure. This life-changing lesson through time-traveling alters Charlie's life, and now he wishes to pursue a career as a historian in the future.
"The League of Expansionary Stuffy Men" Lorelai Mumford,
Calvin MacKenzie
& Annie Oh
Diane Reed,
Fatima Mataraci &
Donald Fairbanks
May 27, 2019 138
To expand the group's membership, the gang consider hiring extra members for the LOXSM, disclosing in their "Wanted" ads that prospective associates must be experienced and accustomed to teleportation/time-traveling. Paul, Camilla's brother, decides to try out for potential membership, but the gang have signed a non-negotiable deal excluding relatives or friends of the LOXSM to join, so they give him a hard pass to his utter disappointment. An opportunity to prove himself arises when the gang finds it challenging to apprehend a 77-year old hardened time criminal nicknamed Zero Hour (Steve Blum), who ultimately runs into Paul, the latter of which stealthily and casually cuffs him. Realizing they wouldn't have achieved this purpose without the succor of Paul, the LOXSM rectify their deal to include any understudies who are skilled in martial arts and self-defense as Paul is and will come in need when a situation becomes too dire for even the LOXSM to handle. 30-minute episode.
40 14 "Needlelithic" Anthony Gilligan Lamar Robinson November 11, 2019 146
The LOXSM take an excursion through the Needlelithic Dimension, which is basically a dimension permanently stuck in the Stone Age which, despite this, has flourished and revolutionized itself to a degree similar to their world, albeit with a Neolithic twist. Originally there just to marvel at the wonders of an advanced Neanderthal civilization, the gang are required to extend their sojourn there after Camilla's teleportation technology goes awry and is unable to collectively return them to their dimension.
41 15 "Sword and the Sewn" Grekk Lester Gomez November 11, 2019 143
Parodying fantasy literature and films such as The Hobbit, The Chronicles of Narnia, and most notably, The Sword and the Stone, Charlie is transported to the Meweaval Ages Dimension (a pun on the Medieval Ages) as a test by Camilla to deduce how well he will fare in future solo adventures, realizing there that he must fulfill a prophecy involving a sword embedded in anvil that, when successfully retrieved, will determine the future King of Stringland.
42 16 "Ex-Partners In Time" Calvin MacKenzie Donald Fairbanks November 11, 2019 150
Camilla reunites with her former time-traveling partner Flo (Anna Akana) at ChronoCon, a convention for current and erstwhile time travelers, but she finds it challenging to click with her, as Flo has long since retired from time-traveling to work as the general manager for an electronics store in Stuffearth and is happily engaged to her girlfriend Ebony, or "Ebb" for short (Diamond White), whereas Camilla continues excursing through time and space and does not plan on settling down anytime soon. When she unsuccessfully attempts to reconnect with her at the convention, she breaks down over their drifting friendship but is comforted by Charlie, who has a heartfelt discussion with her about the inevitability of friends becoming distant some times and coming to terms with it, the latter which Camilla eventually does. She has brief exchange of farewells with Flo, who admits that they're no longer best friends, but wishes to at least stay in contact with Camilla as acquaintances so she can meet Ebb someday.
43 17 "When the Parents Went" Miriam Northrop Diane Reed November 11, 2019 140
Charlie's parents (Danica McKellar and Dee Bradley Baker) accidentally accompany the LOXSM on one of their little interdimensional expeditions to Volcano Valley Dimension, where they get promptly kidnapped by an uncontacted tribe that worships them for supposedly being the "alien overlords" whose return they anticipated. The LOXSM have to obviously rescue them, but first they need to learn the basics of bow-and-arrow warfare to defend themselves.
44 18 "North by Wild West" Annie Oh Ingrid Gibbons November 11, 2019 142
When the gang arrive on an Old West-like dimension named Final Frontear, they learn that the residents live in constant fear of the dimension's corrupted sheriff, Clint (Mark Hamill), a skilled sharpshooter who arrests anyone for the slightest misdemeanor and will only end his reign of terror once an opponent manages to defeat him in a Mexican standoff. Camilla considers herself capable of confronting the crooked cop, much to an emasculated Charlie's dismay.
45 19 "Knitted and Afraid" Lorelai Mumford Fenton Cole November 11, 2019 148
The LOXSM erroneously travel to the Survival Isle Dimension, believing it to be a vacation resort dimension. This dimension plays out like reality competition series in the vein of Survivor and Naked and Afraid (which the episode title alludes to), where the first four contestants who transport to the dimension must withstand the elements of the island if they wish to exit it. A sequence of unlucky occurrences, one almost ending in Puck's demise, make the gang question whether or not they can ever surmount the challenges the island has to offer.
46 20 "Call of the Void" Bubba Guiana Fatima Mataraci November 11, 2019 141
After the LOXSM journey to one too many dimensions, Camilla's powers malfunction and the gang get whisked away to a particular dimension merely referred to as the "Void", where the environment is sterile and vacant. Out of curiosity, the LOXSM explore the dimension a bit more but, as they unearth nothing at all, decide to leave the dimension. However, they are unable to do so, to which the gang must discover an exit as well as the purpose of said dimension.
47 21 "Hippies Don't Lie" Dipper Lester Gomez November 11, 2019 145
As the rest of the LOXSM aim to discover inner-peace and self-fulfillment in the Hippie Haven dimension, Camilla stumbles across a conspiracy involving the hippie denizens of the dimension planning on ensnaring the gang and pilfering them of their teleportation abilities, and futilely tries to warn her companions of the hippies' true intentions. Unfortunately, they've already been brainwashed into being pacifistic, laidback beatniks, which only leaves her the sole stuffy to stop those fraudulent free-spirits.
48 22 "Where the Flower Grooms" Ronald Munoz Lamar Robinson November 11, 2019 149
A Fast Forward to Reunion episode whither a college-aged version of Charlie reunites with Princess Teddy Flower (from the pilot episode "The Adventure Begins") in the Teddy Flower Kingdom dimension so the two can finally get officiated as husband and wife in her parents' arranged marriage. Unfortunately, Princess Teddy Flower no longer finds him attractive, even outright stating that she intends on marrying the kingdom's reformed dragon, Dmitri (David Oyelowo) instead. She does abide him a chance at love...if he can defeat Dmitri in a one-on-one sword fight.
49 23 "Do the Write Thing" Calvin MacKenzie Poppy Livingston November 11, 2019 147
Our stuffy adventurers get creative in Writer's Block Dimension, a writing dimension that spans approximately the length a town block, and permits timefarers to write phrases and even novel-length stories all over it that only stay up for a limited time. Charlie decides to utilize excerpts from some of the literal writings on the wall to plagiarize a book report for English class, but can't narrow down which ones to use since they're all too "verbose" and therefore not able to convince his teacher it was an original product. Later, he decides to simply indite something more original. Meanwhile, in the B-plot, Camilla attempts to educate Pappy Blue and Puck on the wonders of dimension traveling, despite their bumbling natures.
50 24 "In Your Dreamworld" Anthony Gilligan Diane Reed November 11, 2019 144
Charlie begins having harrowing hallucinations in his sleep and confides to Camilla about being frightened by their ambiguity. She comforts him by suggesting just the two of them travel to Dreamworld, a dimension which can morph at will to resemble a certain tourist's dreamscape. In this case, the dimension transforms into a facade of Charlie's phantasmagoria which he and Camilla must traverse through to unveil the source of Charlie's insidious illusions. They are ultimately approached by an amorphous figure who Charlie claims might be the root of his turbulent dreams. This shapeless silhouette warns them that "doom looms over all of [them]", before lunging at them. Luckily, Camilla teleports her and Charlie back to their dimension in the nick of time, although the two are appalled over the significance of the agonizing apparition's caution. The episode ends with a bird's-eye view of the outside of a prison cell, where a maniacal laugh (presumed to be Bob's) can be heard from within.
"The Dynamic Duo of Determinable Doom!" Tamara Morgan, Dipper,
& Grekk
Ambrose Thurop, Donald
Fairbanks, &
Lester Gomez
November 11, 2019 151
Bob gets transferred over to the notorious Dimension Prison penitentiary to serve an even longer prison sentence following revealing new evidence of his past crimes. While there, he meets, and becomes infatuated with, Priscilla, Camilla's impersonator from season 1's penultimate episode, "An Adventure Without Camilla". After the two divulge their shared hatred for the LOXSM, specifically Camilla, they connive to abscond out of jail and exact their revenge upon the LOXSM by accusing them of child endangerment and child maltreatment. Their foolproof plan consists of appropriately conducting themselves to where the corrections officers believe they don't pose as much of a threat anymore and guard other prisoners over them, lending them a chance to escape through contraband teleportation devices courtesy of one of Bob's prison-mates. They travel all the way to the LOXSM's home dimension, where they abduct Charlie's parental units and threaten them to defame Camilla, Pappy and Puck, for endangering Charlie throughout their wacky misadventures, and of psychological abuse, or else face certain death. When they acquiesce, Bob and Priscilla "Quantum Leap" into Camilla and Pappy's bodies, accordingly, to sequestrate a guileless Puck, who's cajoled into admitting he et al "messed up" Charlie (mentally, of course). Audio of his confession is recorded and then used as evidence in a court trial that finds the LOXSM (excluding Charlie) culpable of child endangerment and child abuse, which carries a sentence of 1 to 10 years. Charlie is anguished over the incarceration of his best friends, to which his parents vie to ameliorate his mood by furtively gathering evidence that Bob and Priscilla were behind all of this (after Charlie himself speculates on the matter, noting that the two had recently broken free out of prison), learning along the way of the peril that Charlie oftentimes faces on his "timefaring" expeditions with his trusty companions. With the evidence submitted to the police station for a possible trail, Charlie's parents commend him for his bravery but concurrently express worry over the possible danger they put themselves into in incriminating Bob and Priscilla. Should anything happen to them, they proclaim that they will appoint Camilla as his legal guardian. A court trial is eventually approved, which finds Bob and Priscilla guilty of fabricated evidence and numerous crimes against "stuffmanity", which sentences them to a total of 900 trillion years in jail, the longest sentence any one or two people have ever received in the history of the Dimension Prison. Incensed by this perceived injustice, Bob aims a laser gun at Charlie's parents that "reverts" their molecular structures back in time, instantly killing them, before proclaiming that the judge can now rightfully imprison him, concluding the episode on a cliffhanger.

Season 4

A fourth and last season is currently in the planning stages with 26 episodes ordered. It was initially airing the first batch of episodes in late 2020, but as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was postponed for the indeterminable future.


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