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Age 17 (Film adaption and TV series)
Nickname *Player determined
  • Vi (Film adaption and TV series)
Status Active
Race *Player determined
  • Human (Film adaption and TV series)
Handedness Right
Complexion *Player determined
  • Fair (Film adaption and TV series)
Hair *Player choice
  • Violet (Film adaption and TV series)
Eyes *Player choice
  • Blue (Film adaption and TV series)
Height 5'7"
Weight 178 lb
Professional Status
Partner Nyan Tachibana
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed uncle

The "Student" is the player character in RWBYverse Online: Grimm Rising who is highly customizable in every trait, such as nickname, race, outfit, accessories, complexion, hair colour, and eyes.


Early life

The Student's early life isn't known. However, in the TV series RWBYverse Online: Tachibana, it is revealed that he was trained by his uncle before going to Signal Academy.

Beacon Academy

The Student trained at Beacon Academy with their team. Taking classes from Professors Tara, Port, Oobleck, Peach, Sill, Dan, and Berry. They also made friends with several Academy students which include Charlie, Pinkie, Dandee, and Ceila.

The Student also helped Jaune Arc with several things that he couldn't do himself. During their time at Beacon, they helped the Academy's professors and their friends as well with things. Including Shopkeep who offered that he could tone down the prices inside his shop if they helped, which they did.

After the Grimm attack in Vale, the Student and their team is assigned with Ruby Rose to find out why the Grimm were extremely aggressive and more larger in numbers lately. They encounter a mutated Beowolf in the Emerald Forest which leads them to the Island of the late Dr. Merlot where they assist Ruby in discovering the truth of her mother's disappearance and the source of the Grimm's increased aggression and population.

Once solving the Grimm problem on Remnant, the Student continued their school work and training with their teammates. With the Vytal Festive being held in Vale and students from other Academies come to the city, the Student wanders about and makes new friends. However after taking part in the tournament, the academy and city are both attacked by members of the White Fang and creatures of Grimm, an unidentified Professor befriends the Student and their team to assist other students and professors to fight off the Faunus and Grimm while trying to also hold off recently reprogrammed Atlas Military androids and mechs at the same time.

With the attack on Beacon successful and survivors are met in the city, the Student and their team remains close to each other after hearing about the Grimm Dragon's "sudden" frozen state on top of the academy's tower.


After three months of laying low, the Student discovers the source of Beacon's fall and plans to do right. With their team ready to follow them again, they make their way around to find the point of origin.


RWBYverse Online: Grimm Rising

In the game, the Student is the player character and protagonist of its story. Anything, including their name, is based on player choice. Any other appearance of the Student is considered non-canon.

In the film adaption of the game, the Student is given the physical appearance of his TV series counterpart via CGI and is voiced by Matt Lanter. His name is also established as Violet, though this remains non-canon.


The Student has a selection of six male and female voices to choose from. The list of people who provided their voices for the Student:

Male voices
Female voices

RWBYverse Online: Tachibana

In the TV series, the Student has a non-canon physical appearance and is voiced by Matt Lanter. In the show, he is shown to be strong-minded and has no fear. He is mysterious in that his teammates don't know much about him.


  • Although the Student appears as Violet in both the movie and TV series, the physical appearance of the character is non-canon.
  • The only aspect that's canon of the Student in the game, TV series, and movie is that they attended Signal Academy before moving on to Beacon. However, the mention of their uncle training them from the TV series and movie remains non-canon.