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Stuart "Stewie" Little (17th June 1978 - 29th November 2016) is the main protagonist in the 1999 movie Stuart Little and its sequels, he is voiced by Michael J. Fox in the movies and its toons and in other franchise, he is voiced by David Kaufman, Michael J. Fox's coach-voice actor-star.

Stuart was created in 1978 and is the star of the show Stuart and the Friends, eventually the show was cancelled because it was prizes are The Adventures of Twizzle and Fireball XL5,

Born: 17th June 1978

Died: 29th November 2016 (aged 38)

Goal: To live at George's Old School

Allies: Frederick Little (father), Eleanor Little (mother), Martha Little (sister), George Little (brother), Margalo (love interest), Vexy (another love interest), Gopher (real father), Camille Stout (real mother), Reginald Stout (real father), Snowbell (actual), Monty (formerly), Reeko (best pal), The Soccerball Coach (coach), Estelle Little (grandmother), Spencer Little (grandfather), Aunt Beatrice Little (aunt), Aunt Tina Little (aunt), Cousin Edgar Little (cousin) Uncle Stretch Little (uncle), Roberto, Carla, Bia and Tiago (friends-in-law)

Enemies: Smokey, Falcon, Beast, Anton, Wallace, Snowbell (sometimes), Monty, Lucky, Red, Crows, Soccerball Players, Boats, Snidely Whiplash, Dick Dastardly, Muttley, Smart Ass, Greasy, Psycho, Wheezy, Stupid, Slimy, Flasher, Funny, Emo, Crazy, Wacky

Fate: Gets donated to North Dakota

Stuart was died 29th November 2016 and starred in Stuart and the Friends and became a famous character

Appearances: Films
Stuart Little (film)
Stuart Little 2
Stuart Little 3: Call of the Wild
Stuart Little 4
Stuart Little: Little Hi / Hey, Little Ho Ho Ho
Happy Halloween, Stuart Little!

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