Straw Dogs is a 2014 American psychological thriller film and it is a remake of Sam Peckinpah's 1971 film of the same name and Rod Lurie'S 2011 film. This films stars




  • TBA as David Sumner
  • Kate Beckinsale as Amy Sumner
  • TBA as Charlie Venner
  • TBA as Jeremy Niles
  • TBA as Tom "Coach" Heddon
  • TBA as Norman
  • TBA as Chris
  • TBA as Sheriff John Burke
  • TBA as Janice Heddon
  • TBA as Daniel Niles
  • TBA as Coach Milkens
  • TBA as Bic
  • TBA as Louise Hood
  • TBA as Reverend Barney Hood


Charlie went into the house and overpowers Amy

  • (Door knock)
  • (Amy open the door)
  • Charlie: Hello, sweetheart.
  • (Amy try to close the door)
  • Amy: What you wanted, Charlie.
  • Charlie: Can I come in.
  • Amy: No, David is come back in mintues.
  • Charlie: No, he is busy in the wood.
  • Charlie: You had a shower.
  • Amy: Stop make David as a man.
  • Charlie: Too late, so can I come in.
  • Amy: No.
  • (Charlie's foot in the door)
  • (Amy gasp)
  • Charlie: Amy, I am go to come in.


113 mins

It will distributed by Screen Gems and Miramax Films

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