Stranger Things: Master of Spinjistu is a Television format series inspired by a crossover Idea by Fan-Fic writer Shroob12. It is a crossover of Henry Danger, Stranger Things, Ninjago, TMNT, The Marvel Cinematic Universe, Batman, Teen Titans and Karate Kid with some extra characters. Unlike the original Stranger Things it takes place in our time.


Season 1

Episode Name Plot
1 The Pilot

We are introduced to Kai, Jay, Cole, Zane, Lloyd, Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo and Donnatello who are seen with hordes of vigilanties who are being asked about a vigilantie known as Snake Eyes. Kai says wait and see and you'll one day meet him. 

The Scene cuts to the Ninja fighting a bunch of ninja dudes with bikers and thugs wearing armor and helmets shaped like Shark Heads, Octopuses, Jellyfishes, Crabs and Pufferfish as the Turtles fight against the Foot Clan in an alleyway. During the fight a mysterious figure arrives and attacks them revealing himself as a guy known as Dr. Minyak. The Vigilanties fight the thugs as they try to get to Minyak. Minyak vanishes as laughs with a sneer as the vigilanties escape from the cops in Miami. A dude named Henry takes pictures of the fight on his smart phone, unaware he's doomed.

In a town called Hawkins, the power went out for no reason and a group of four boys got pissed because they could not play Fortnite, so they play a game they accidently found in the basement known as Dungeons and Dragons as they play it and make up random shit, because the game is too old school for them. One of the boys, Mike noticed his mom interuped his campaign in the basement and told the other boys, Dustin, Will and Lucas that they have to go home and get ready for School tomorrow. Mike complains about it saying he had to wait for weeks to plan the campaign, but surrenders to his mom when his dad told him it was best. Mike's older sister Nancy gets a pizza thrown at her window and it's her boyfriend Steve trying to get her attention. Will returns home as someone mugs him and moves him out of the house.

At Miami, Henry notices his cousin Will at his house laying there unaware of where he is. Henry told Will that Jonathan Byers, his brother just dropped him off at Henry's apartment and just left for "a new job". Will spits and screams "What".

In Hawkins Joyce Byers finds out her sons Will and Jonathan are gone and it looked like they were never a part of her life. Joyce went frantic and then saw a For Sale sign infront of her house. Joyce lost it and decided to let the Police know about this. 

In Miami, at night time, Henry and Will decided to find Jonathan until they saw a weird green light in the alleyway and decided to follow it, through the sewers until they heard a crash in the backround. The two boys then witnessed a mercenary named Iron Man fight Iron Monger as Captain America beats the crap out of Winter Soldier, Wolverine fights Venom, Black Panther fights Prowler, Hulk fights Abomination, Thor fights Sabertooth, Batman fights Bebop and Rocksteady and Spiderman fights a vigilante criminal ninja dude named Mr. E. In the background there are Garmadon, The Shredder who are parting ways for Red Skull and attending him is Dr. Minyak with a bunch of Robot Guards. The Avengers (Batman, Captain America, Black Panther, Wolverene, Hulk, Thor, Spiderman and Iron Man) fight their best as they notice a giant mega cannon about to create a portal. The Avengers try to stop this but Mr. E interferes with Spiderman hacking the thing as the Avengers end up floating in the air. Henry and Will notice that they are kept there by a girl with a shaved head wearing a robotic spandex suit with telekinisis powers. Henry and Will escape but Will accidently kicks a soda can as the bad guys notice and Prowler with Mr. E are sent after them in an intense chase. Henry and Will barely survive as they are being chased by Prowler and Mr. E until they find a safe place which is actually Henry's apartment. After their escape Mr. E and Prowler tried to find them. Prowler told Mr. E to find the two as he returned to the hideout in the sewers. Mr. E decided to search for the two witnesses before the world knows Red Skull's plan. After that Red Skull is seen killing Iron Man by ripping out his core. The weapon explodes in destructive radiation killing the suffering Iron Man, thus Iron Man died.

2 Coverup Blown

Henry plans out how he is going to hide Will and prevent Will from being discovered by HYDRA agents or their plan of staying safe until Will's return home will be busted. Henry convinces Will that he should go explore Miami hidden in another Identity until Henry leaves School. Henry goes to school and when it was done, Henry started to leave until he was caught by Ivana Davis, his half Asian/African Girlfriend who tried to ask him what the hell was going on. Henry then lied saying he has to take care of a dumb dog he found in the streets before the landlord gets pissed. Henry leaves as Ivana then decides to visit her Idol and famous cousin Miles Morales after Henry's weird behavior, until Jonathan Byers arrived and told Henry that he wants Henry to get groceries as he has to work Overtime at the "new Job". Then Ivana gets pissed as Henry runs off to get Will. 

In Hawkins, Joyce enters the Police Station and tells Sheriff Hopper that Will and Jonathan vanished and made it look like they were never a part of her life. Hopper then decides to get all the info he can get so he can create a search party for Will and Jonathan. Hopper arrives in the Middle School and interogates Mike, Lucas and Dustin about Will's whereabouts, the three boys say they have no Idea since they last saw Will leave Mike's house for home. Hopper groans and realizes Will got kidnaped in which he decides to lead a search party for Will. 

Near Hawkins, the girl with a shaved head wearing a robotic spandex suit arrives at the dead of night as she wonders why she mysteriously ended up near Hawkins. Eleven as the girl believes her name is, walks in an alleyway as a guy is listening to Japanese music from the 40's such as China Night. Eleven then heads in the woods and hides there.

Mike sneaks out of the house as he notices Nancy, his older sister try to call Steve Harrington to get him to help her study. Steve tells her that even though he will be happy to see her and he is urging to see her, he must wait until it's daytime again because of cerfew. Mike decides to look for Will, but when he ends up near the woods he runs into a girl who is scared of him and tries to run away. Mike grabs the girl and brings her to his basement where she gets dressed into warm clothes. The girl introduced herself as Eleven, Mike was about to call his friends, but Eleven told him not to because of the Bad Man (Dr. Minyak) will send his forces Metal Creatures (Robot Guards) to retrieve her and make her back as a slave to kill people. Then Dustin and Lucas arrive and notice Eleven, Lucas says she's a freak and she should be left alone in the woods. Mike refuses and lets her sleep in a made up fort for her as he sleeps in the basement. Lucas and Dustin hurry along out of the house. As they leave they are unaware that the see the Search Party being watched by mysterious figures. The mysterious figures stun the whole entire search party and return them home. The two boys ran off back to their respective houses.

3 Ukare Tsubame

Eleven wakes up to Mike giving her Egos, Mike's parents notice Eleven and ask Mike how he found her, Mike was stuttering as he told the truth. His parents believed him, but grounded him for 2 weeks. They were about to call for the girl's parents, but Mike told them that the 'girl's parents' were kidnaped by a bad man. Mike's parents believe him after seeing how Eleven reacted to this. Mike's mom promised to force the family to keep Eleven a secret in the family.

Mike tells Lucas and Dustin that his family noticed Eleven and decided to keep her unless someone trustworthy can adopt her, if she is suffering abuse from a maniac. Mike tells them that she also has telepathy powers which Nancy reported him earlier in which the crew decided to see if she can find Will. 

Henry returns when he notices Will is being held hostage by a bunch of shirtless guys wearing ninja masks and metalic pants and boots with a bunch of mutant turtles wearing ninja belts and weaponry, a hooded pre-teen and a guy with long golden hair with bangs in the front pinned into a pony tail wearing a red pi-coat and black slimming pants with boots with a metal Arm. The golden blonde hair guy, who introduced himself as Edward Elric gets eritated as he and his comerades refuse to let Will go. Henry asks them furious to let Will go and just let them be as he tries to get Will home. The hooded Preteen, Damian Wayne tells him that can't happen because S.H.E.I.L.D's sending agents after them. Henry realized this could be the case that he and Will accidentally witnessed the Avegners get defeated by HYDRA and those two HYDRA agents, Prowler and Mr. E chasing the two out of their hideout. Unfortunately S.H.E.I.L.D arrived too soon which panicked the vigilanties, Will and Henry. S.H.E.I.L.D agents knocked them out and they mysteriously warped to the Helcarrier. Nick Fury says he will not let them go unless he tells them what they saw. Henry hasitily told them as he and Will escape the Helcarrier. Black Widow stops them as Henry seeing her stop him has a flashback when he was in Middle School talking to his adoptive cousins the Harts about why he loves Black Widow stating that she has a big butt that gets spanked by Russians. A cousin during that time says Megan Fox has a bigger butt that gets spanked by Russians. Henry tells her that all he wants to do is get Will home to Hawkins.

She lets him go with Hawkeye fighting against S.H.E.I.L.D agents. The other vigilanties follow Henry home as Black Widow and Hawkeye escape somewhere else to stay safe from S.H.E.I.L.D. Henry arrives home only to meet up with Ivana pissed at him. Henry finally explained to Ivana what happened, which later on Ivana believes him and they work together with the Ninja, Turtles, Robin and Edward Elric about how they are going to get Henry home.

4 The Adventures of Will's Friends and their Pet Weirdo Girl

In Hawkins, Mike and gang decided to go out and try to find Will. Mikes parents made him buy a child leash and tether Eleven to it as he hooks it to himself. They decide to take their journey to Miami, but they remembered the bad man lives there with his metal creatures. So they decide to find a way to get to Miami without getting noticed and locate Henry's apartment.

They decide to build a teleportation device, which Lucas says they made that up and that only appears in Sci-Fi cartoons. Dustin kind of later on agrees. Mike says they can just bike there, but Lucas slaps him and says it's too far for them, since Hawkins is in Indiana and Miami is in Florida. Eleven tugs her harness and lets the boys know that some bad man, the Truant Officer is talking with the Super Intendant of the District Hawkins because he realized a bunch of kids are missing today. The truant officer tells him to shut up because it's just only one day and the kids maybe could be sick. The Super Intendent shoots the truant officer and snoops inside the school to look up the records of Mike, Dustin and Lucas to find their relations to Will.

Unfortunately Mr. Clarke catches him and asks him why he's searching student records if he knows the records already. The Super Intendant then loads a pistol at Mr. Clarke, which Mr. Clarke tells him to mind his own business. The Super Intendant signals a horde of robot guards in the school as Robot Guards appear in the houses of Mike, Dustin and Lucas. The robot guards destroy the buildings as the boys with Eleven run of and Bike to the Indianaoplis Airport to get to Miami International Airport. 

In Miami, Will, Henry, Ivana and gang get help from Miles Morales, Ivana's cousin and brother figure who she idolizes because he gets along with her father better than anyone. They meet up with instead Cheif Jefferson Davis, Miles's father who tells the gang that Miles is hanging out with Uncle Aaron in which the gang tries to head there until Mr. Davis tells them leave the kid with him. Then they run off to find Miles, which they arrive to Aaron's apartment to find Miles looking for him. They meet up with Miles as he says Uncle Aaron is missing right now because he is at his "job". Then they heard a thud which they hide thinking it was a criminal. Unfortunately they were right as Prowler arrived and contacted HYDRA that they could not find the witnesses. Prowler took off his mask and it is revealed to be Uncle Aaron to Miles and Ivana's shock. Then to Will and Henry's horror, Mr. E arrives and reveals himself as....Jonathan Byers.

5 Will and gang vs. HYDRA

After discovering the two predator vigilanties chasing them are two people they know well and admire. The 3 teens and pre-teen could not believe that their 2 relatives are actually criminals working for HYDRA. Then the rest of the gang hurries them out when they get news that Will's friends arrived from Hawkins and are now at the Miami national Airport. Will finding this out told the others not to let him be found by his friends because HYDRA's roaming around Miami. At the apartment Will tries to reason with the rest of the gang so Will's friends can't find him and be safe. They plan to lead a distraction and put photos of another city on the Airport Windows and tell them it's the wrong Airport and they took the wrong flight. Unfortunately Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Eleven arrived in the apartment. Everyone panicked and Will tried to shoo them off before anyone noticed. Unfortunately, Killow, Ultra Violet, Prowler and Dr. Minyak arrived with the aid of Ivan Vanko/Whiplash, Sabertooth and Winter Soldier barged in the apartment with Purple Dragon thugs and Students of Cobra Kai led by Hun and John Kreese as Mr. E crashed through the Chimney. Mr. E demanded the group surrender Henry and Will, but Eleven levitated a vase that landed on Mr. E. Mr. E noticing this decided to get Prowler to attack the gang and kill Eleven. Mr. E and Prowler chased after Henry and Will as coinceidently song Fabulous by Pewdiepie started playing as the chase happened. Mike hearing this then questioned if Henry is a weirdo who listens to grandma music. Henry says that his roomate is a collector of old Japanese Music from Vintage. Eleven then landed a Trash Can on Ultra Violet who tried to attack her as Dustin gets clobered by Killow with Lucas and the rest of the gang getting their asses kicked by angry thugs.  Henry and Will make it up to the top of the apartment building as Mike and Eleven follow them up. Unfortunately Prowler and Mr. E catch the four and attack them. Ivana arrives and beats the two which they are unmasked. To Ivana's shock, Prowler is her biological father and her Uncle/adoptive father's brother Aaron Davis, who is apparently Miles's idol. Then to Will and Henry's horror, Mr. E is actually...Johnathan Byers In the Apartment The rest of the gang is having trouble with the thugs beating the crap out of them until Mr. E and Prowler report to them that they were called back to HQ. Mr. E and Prowler kidnap Eleven and Mike and run off with the two as the rest of the thugs escape. Then something abducts the rest of the gang and takes them to somewhere. When they arrived they find out it's Batman...with the rest of the Avengers

6 The Rescue that exposes the real Mastermind.

Batman, Ronin (Iron Man's replacement), Captain America, Hulk, Wolverine, Thor, Spiderman and Black Panther revealed themselves to the gang as alive. Raphael then yelled at them for not helping them with the thugs and leaving them alone in the fight against HYDRA. Batman throws a baterang at Raphael and reveals that they were held prisoner by a mysterious figure revealing himself as the mastermind behind the plan and they escaped to find Will and Henry to protect them from HYDRA and the evil genius after finding out they were the witnesses of their battle which resulted in them being hunted down by Prowler and Mr. E. 

Meanwhile back in Hawkins, Sheriff Hopper finds out that Mike, Dustin and Lucas are now missing with Will and the search party for Will got attacked by a bunch of thugs who were rumored to be seen kidnaping Will's friends. Joyce thinks it's the old abandoned Military Base known as Hawkins Lab is where the kidnapers might be located. Joyce and Hopper head to Hawkins Lab where they find out the lab was not responsible but a bunch of Men and Women attack the two and try to kidnap them. The two are brought to Dr. Brener who tells them he has to wipe away their minds for an organization known as A.I.M because their master cannot be found by anyone. Hopper and Joyce are brought to a memory machine in which A.I.M decides to kidnap all the residents of Hawkins and wipe away their memories of the boys to lower suspicion. Unfortunately all of Hawkins lab explodes as Joyce and Hopper escape. 

At HYDRA's hideout, inside a room that looks exactly like the interior of an Afghan Palace colored green with gold designs. Mike wakes up with Eleven as they are both seen tied up. Then hordes of Foot Ninja, Doom Gang thugs and Sons of Garmadon Bikers with the bad guys who attacked the apartment Henry lives with Garmadon, Shredder, Minyak and Red Skull. Kronen, a female Korean assassin nicknamed the Villainess, Prowler and Mr. E part ways for a mysterious figure who congradulates them for getting captured to witness a Miracle he is commiting. Mike tells him to shut up and told him attacking people won't help commit to his so called Miracle. The mysterious villain tortures Eleven by whacking her with his wand for being disobediant to her masters, his dear henchmen and attacking Minyak for his stupidity for loosing Eleven in the first place as he rages angrily at the HYDRA agents then a girl named Kali Prasad who is another pet assassin of Minyak with her fellow gangster friends Axel, Funshine, Mick and Dottie give him two vessels and a needle for Kronen gets the needle and begins to take Mike and Eleven's blood. As that happens, the villain reveals himself as...Loki

Will, Henry and gang with the Avengers head to locate HYDRA HQ. They find it at last unfortunately to be captured by Doom Gang Thugs and Sons of Garmadon Bikers led by a guy known as Luke Cunningham and Chopper Maroon. Then the Purple Dragons and Cobra Kai Students arrive to surround them with the aid of Foot Ninja. The rest of the bad guys appear with Mike and Eleven tied up and the villain leading them all is Loki which angers Thor who remembers his younger brother well.  

7 The Draning of the Blood

Thor glares at his brother angrily as he tries to kill him, but Thor is stopped by Iron Monger who blocks the way of the gang as Loki takes the blood of Eleven, the former slave of his henchman Minyak and Mike Wheeler making them the last victims to have their blood stolen as fuel for the weapon which he reveals as a Blood powered Gate Opener to outer space. Thor rages in anger at Loki saying he knows not what he is doing.  Loki told him to shut up and let him commit to his evil plan. The gang saved Mike and Eleven before Loki tried to take their blood. Eleven ran off to be safe from Mike which later on Dustin and Lucas tried to go back home to Hawkins, unfortunately they got news of fake corpses of themselves with Mike and Will being stabbed by Foot Ninjas and being thrown into the quarry in Hawkins. As the emergency squad tried to escort the fake corpses into an abulence the emergency squad and the news crew got all killed by HYDRA agents. Loki in HYDRA's HQ was laughing at their misery seeing fakes of themselves get murdered by those thugs.  After seeing their bodies on TV the boys realized they can't return to Hawkins no more since they are dead to their relatives and that is where Loki is expecting them to return.  In Hawkins the parents of the boys are in a state of misery and decided to have the rest of their kids off of school to cope with the loss of their sons.

8 The Fake Funeral 

At Hawkins, the families of Will, Mike, Dustin and Lucas were distraught and planned a funeral for the dead boys, Joyce then saw the bodies and said that's not my son and frantically screamed at the people as she yelled that at the funeral workers about it. Nancy felt to stressed and decided to walk out and cope about her brother's death but did not realize that her toddler age sister Holly was crying in misery about her big brother dead. Then they dressed up for the funeral and watched as the coffins of the fake bodies 4 boys being transported to their graves as the funeral happens, a girl who the boys know cries over Will's body. In the backround of the whole funeral we see a ghostly vision of Loki in the Air sneering at the misery. Loki has visions of the funeral and then sneers more as he sees the vision of the whole town in flames as those miserable people are getting tourtured by his armies of mysterious humanoids as they roam around the place. 

In Miami the boys are actually alive with Henry and gang begining to search for Loki as he is about to complete his plan to summon some dangerous threat to Earth. They needed a plan to return to Hawkins without Loki getting alerted of their location. Henry and gang decided to distract Loki's spies so the boys can get home and they can prevent Loki's evil plan. The Avengers decided to fight HYDRA as this happens because they don't want any kids getting involved. However there is the fact that the kids looked like they were killed on TV by HYDRA agents infront of their families which could be hard to bring them back unless they prooved they were not dead without notifying Loki. Then Will got news that Jonathan Byers is terrorizing the home of the Ninja clan that raised him after his father, Will and Jonathan's step uncle was killed by Lonnie Byers years ago. Will decided to save them and fight Jonathan before he murdered them all. Will met Jonathan at the home as Jonathan dressed up as Mr. E begins to attempt killing Henry and threatening the Ninja clan unless Henry bring him Will. Henry fought Jonathan to the death no mercy style and lost to Jonathan as he attempted to burn down the home.

Then S.H.E.I.L.D agents arrived and found out what was going on from Jonathan's attack and arrested Jonathan Byers which failed as HYDRA agents attacked them and saved Jonathan. Then the boys and Eleven (except for Will) were kidnaped by HYDRA

9 That little 'event'

In Henry's appartment, Henry, Will, Ivana and Miles were brought with the Ninja, Ninja Turtles, Robin and Daniel LaRusso Jr. to the Avengers and all of S.H.E.I.L.D to see what S.H.E.I.L.D has for a plan for them. Then government agents led by William Stryker Jr. who is accompanied by a guy with really long black hair, with a manical glass over his left eye wearing a Dark grey pi-coat, black pants and black cowboy boots with a utility belt named Adrian Toombs. S.H.E.I.L.D then told Stryker that they got the youngsters themselves. Stryker and his gang revealed themselves as mercenaries hired by HYDRA to exterminate the gang and S.H.I.E.L.D for a 1,000,000,000 trillion dollar award. Toombs and Stryker run off as Toombs screams like a little girl. 

Then the whole gang discusses their plan as Toombs records the whole scenario on his phone, sneering in a really sinister way which then after that he goes on instagram and chats with his high school age girlfriend even though he is 27 years old. Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Eleven who somehow escaped catch him spying for HYDRA and later beat the living shit out of toombs as he screams like a little bitch, snoop on his Instagram, capture him and bring him captive to their friends just discovering the Avengers and S.H.E.I.L.D were there which scares Toombs even more as he makes a nervous sneer as he was interogated by S.H.E.I.L.D after everyone else left. Fury asked him why he was spying on the gang after he was told to leave with Stryker. Toombs told them he wants to get money because he's stuck dating a High School Student only for her money and he's 29. 

The boys get weirded out over this and giggle. The rest of the gang and Eleven move them out of the position of them earsdroping on S.H.E.I.L.D so they would not get in trouble. 

Meanwhile in Loki's HQ, Loki is listening to Yume Sarinu by Noboru Kirishima from 1948 as he sneers with anticipation that he is close to his evil plan of doom. He sips wine grinning at the fact people are miserable because of those stupid kids which would make them regret their actions of letting themselves be fools in moving to Miami. Loki meditates as he contacts a being known as the other. The Other told Loki to do his best or his master gets mad. Loki obeys as he orders HYDRA's members to keep working on their weapon.

At Henry's apartment the gang rests after a long night, but Adrian Toombs snickers with an evil feeling of glee as he contacts Red Skull, Garmadon, The Shredder, Minyak and their client Loki. Toombs squirms out of captivity and scurries out of the base as he signals HYDRA to the Apartment. Then HYDRA agents led by Taskmaster and Rose Wilson arrive. Taskmaster has Rose Wilson lead the HYDRA agents in attacking the gang as the boys and Eleven run off to safety unfortunately Mike and Eleven end up getting seperated from the others and the two of them were alone in the streets as the rest of the gang got back together again.  

10 The lonely two children

Mike and Eleven are stuck alone surviving in the cold streets of Miami as they try to find the rest of the gang. Mike got sad and sick as he got worried that his friends will forget him as he and Eleven die miserable and be forgotten by eveybody as nobodies. Then Eleven told Mike that she had a vision of the rest of the gang looking for them. She assures to a saddened and sick Mike that everything will be okay because they will be found. She kept saying that to Mike as they both survive the streets of Miami. They were taken in a lot of homes with various groups of people like Charity workers who took them in as they left them and ended up staying somewhere else. Mike realizing how people were so nice to him and Eleven after their seperation from the gang that they have to stop Loki from taking over the world.

Then the two left in hopes of finding the gang. Then as they do they ran into a bunch of Cobra Kai Students who kidnaped Eleven. At their hideout the Cobra Kai students begin to beat the living shit out of Eleven with a bunch of thugs, Foot Ninja, Purple Dragon gangbearers, Sons of Garmadon Bikers, Shark Army Thugs, Doom Gang Ninja, surrounding them as they tourtured Eleven for the fun of it. Eleven was crying for her life and screaming like a maniac as she was getting tortured by the thugs for their entertainment. Then a Purple Dragons thug came with a knife about to kill her, until Mike arrived and marched right towards the thugs and beat the living shit out of them. Then Mike passed out when Eleven saved him from the thugs because Mike took a lot of beatings after fighting the thugs. Eleven was crying wildly in sorrow because her only friend somehow died, until Mike hugged her and then Eleven cried silently. A bunch of Miles Morales's friends saw the situation and alerted the cops.

Jefferson Davis and the cops try to get the kids out of the scene before reporters get news of the kids in the docs getting kidnaped, for if Mike or ethier of the boys are seen on the news, Hawkins will know they are alive and they will be in danger of Loki and HYDRA. Unfortunately The thugs from the Docs are chasing them away from the gang and resulting in the gang chasing them. Henry tells them that someone has to stay with Will so he does not end up alone in harm's way. Dustin and Lucas decide to do so against Henry's demands to have someone more experienced in protecting Will like, Kai, Raphael or any of the Ninja or Ninja Turtles do it since Loki could be after Will. The gang left as Dustin and Lucas protected Will. Henry arrived and saved Jefferson as the rest of the gang fended off the bad guys. 

Meanwhile in the Apartment Dustin and Lucas get mugged by Loki as Loki himself beckons two Cobra Kai Students Hawk and Dimirti to kidnap Will. They kidnap Will and escape, Mr. E and Prowler stun the two and they ran off with the rest of the HYDRA agents. As the others return with Mike and Eleven they found Dustin and Lucas stunned by HYDRA agents and Will kidnaped. After this they realize they have to stop Loki before his mysterious Army arrives. They find Loki's location is on an Island Near Miami and Head there.

11 The Invasion Begins

Loki attended by all of HYDRA, The Doom Gang, Foot Clan, Purple Dragons and Cobra Kai members watching his evil plan comence with Will suffering in a metal platform as he is repetatedly stabbed by 7 individuals surrounding a white robed dude. They chant a terrible summoning spell which opens a void over the Island. Comming out the portal are Chitauri and Demogorgon warriors attacking Miami and riding on Speeders attacking people and killing them. 

The gang headed towards the Island and realized that they were too late to stop the invasion, as Chituari and Demogorgons surrounded the gang and their allies getting ready to attack. Henry and gang decided to distract the Chitauri as they save Will from Loki's clutches. The Avengers fought the agents of HYDRA as Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Eleven began to save Will..and the world from Loki. Henry, The Avengers and Gang started fighting Chitauri and Demogorgon warriors attacking the people and summoning their Leviathan Warships too destroy the city.

The boys and Eleven arrived to save Will from captivity from Loki as they get caught by Connie Frazier, The Shredder, Lord Garmadon and Red Skull who begin to attack them with Kali and her gang, Killow, Ultra Violet, Prowler, Bane, Terra, Ravager/Rose Wilson, Red X, Deathstroke and Mr. E and two teenagers revealed to be Lloyd's older brother and sister (Lord Garmadon's other son and daughter) and the Shredder's daughter Kari as various other members of HYDRA attack with them until S.H.E.I.L.D agents arrived and fought the HYDRA members with their four leaders. The boys after witnessing S.H.E.I.L.D's arrival decide to head on and save Will.

12 Will saves his friends and the Avengers save World

The gang finds Will strapped there as they try to free him unfortunately Loki caught the 4 kids and tried to kill them which then Will broke out of his imprisonment on the bare table and saw what his blood was spilled for and was enraged at Loki and tried to kill him which Loki fought back with the tesseract, but instead of trying to kill Will he decided to aim at Will's friends who watched in awe at Will's fight with Loki to kill them. Will noticed this yelled for his friends to move as they saw in horror that Loki is trying to kill them instead of Will which then Eleven saved them. The Tesseract bursted open into a Portal to Hawkins for Will and his friends to return home as Eleven has to stay behind in Miami to have them return home. Then Will jumped out and threw Eleven into the portal in his place as Mike was yelling at him to come too, but Will raged at them and shut the portal as he got attacked by Loki. As Will was fighting Loki the portal close and the 4 kids were back in Hawkins.

Will then was trying to fight Loki with Henry as they aimed to defeat him and end his cherade of doom. Will and Henry knew they were about to die when Loki blasted a giant beam at the two, which was blocked by...Iron Man. Iron Man and the Avengers reunited and they fought Loki instead of Will and Henry. The fight was ferocious and dangerous, as blood was being spilled during the fight. Humans were dying to the Chitauri shooting them and Demogorgons eating them. Then Will and Henry saw a missile head towards Miami. A S.H.E.I.L.D agent revealed that it was sent by the World Security Council to try to destroy the threat of the Aliens. Will jumped on the Missile and tried to direct it to the portal to where the Aliens had come from. Will tried all his best as he directed the missile to a giant Ship. The Missile hit the Ship and the Chitauri and Demogorgons became inactive and dead, but Will was floating in space until Iron Man showed up and saved him in which Will was brought back to Earth for medical care and recovery. When Will woke up he saw Henry and Ivana each beside him, both hoped Will would remember them, fortunately he did. The event of Will remembering them was a thing to celebrate between the two of them. Henry promised Will he will return home as soon as possible. Will said he would rather do it later and get a vaction in Miami until things calmed down in Hawkins.

Speaking of Hawkins, Mike, Eleven, Dustin and Lucas returned to Hawkins without Will. They landed in the forest and they had to sneak back before anyone was shocked in discovery that they were alive this whole time and get them doomed to being hunted by HYDRA who would still be active and Loki who could still be alive. Mike and Eleven hugged each other in sadness as they believed Will had died in the battle of Miami and held a private funeral for him in the forest. Unfortunately as they were making a shelter, they were found by Joyce. 

Will that night decided to sleep after the long night of invading aliens and terrorists, but to unfortunately have a vision of The Other communicating with his boss, a giant muscular alien warrior who is later revealed to be...The Mad Titan.

Season 2 

Episode Name Plot
1 New Era

Lex Luthor with his wife Lana and Lena had arrived in Hawkins Indiana when their partner the Mayor of Hawkins retires which Lex the owner of Luthorcorp, the company Hawkins depends on now for recourses has become Mayor after campaining for so long, now he has to make a great impression on his people. Lex meets up with his father Lionel Luthor who overthrows him and becomes Mayor of Hawkins himself to save it from becoming Smallvile.

In Hawkins, The boys are now comfortable in life as they returned to their normal lives except for Eleven living with Mike's family as Mike's official girlfriend and her replacing Will. Mike calls his two friends on how they were doing after moving back to their own homes for a while because he had a hard time explaining to his parents that he went to Miami to see Will and Mike himself accidently got attacked which wasn't his fault. Eleven was put to bed by Karen with Holly as Mike argued with his father who is ignorantly refusing to believe him over the mania that happened to their family because of him being in Miami resulting in his fake death. Nancy and Karen easily forgave him but Ted (Mike's father) didn't which the two are on bad terms since that night. Dustin and Lucas however got off easy since they almost saved the world in the eyes of their parents.

The Next day the boys went to school and found out that there is a new girl named Max Mayfield commonly known as Madmax 



  • Henry Byers - Gavin Casalegno
  • Will Byers - Noah Schnapp
  • Ivana Davis - Isabella Moner 
  • Miles Morales/Iron Spider - Jayden Smith
  • Mike Wheeler - Finn Wolfhard
  • Eleven - Millie Bobby Brown
  • Dustin Henderson - Gaten Matarazzo
  • Lucas Senclair - Caleb McLaughlin
  • Kai Masamoto/Red Ninja - Milo Manheim 
  • Jay Walker/Blue Ninja - Maxwell Records
  • Cole Mahndi/Black Ninja - Karan Brar 
  • Zane Julian/White Ninja - Asa Butterfield 
  • Lloyd Garmadon - Jacob Tremblay
  • Leonardo - Pete Ploszek (voice)
  • Donnatello - Jeremy Howard (voice)
  • Raphael - Alan Ritchson (voice)
  • Michelangelo - Noah Fisher (voice)
  • Damian Wayne - Cel-Xievionze Navarro
  • Daniel LaRusso Jr. - Isaac Hempstead Wright
  • Tony Stark/Iron Man - Robert Downey Jr.
  • Steve Rogers/Captain America - Chris Evans
  • Thor - Chris Hemsworth 
  • Bruce Banner/Hulk - Edward Ruffalo
  • Peter Parker/Spiderman - Tom Holland
  • Bruce Wayne/Batman - Christian Bale
  • Logan/Wolverine -Hugh Jackman
  • Jefferson Davis - Ice Cube
  • Rio Morales - Sofía Vergara
  • Nick Fury - Samuel Jackson
  • Clint Barton/Hawkeye - Jeremy Renner 
  • Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow - Scarlett Johansson


  • Loki - Tom Hiddleston
  • Johnathan Schmit/Red Skull - Hugo Weaving
  • Oda Rudolph/Lord Garmadon - Antonio Banderas
  • Oroku Saki/The Shredder - Tohoru Masamune
  • Dr. Hiroto Minyak - Ben Kingsley
  • Aaron Davis/Prowler - Donald Glover
  • Jonathan Byers/Mr. E - Charlie Heaton
  • Bart Chavez/Killow - Ronald Perlman
  • Ariana Satarapi/Ultra Violet - Minka Kelly
  • Ivan Vanko/Whiplash - Mickey Rourke
  • Ivan Steranko/Rocksteady - Dan McBride (Voice)
  • Anton Zeck/Bebop - Kevin Hart (Voice)
  • Eddie Brock/Venom - Tobey Maguire
  • Victor Creed/Sabertooth - Tyler Mane
  • Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier - Sebastian Stan
  • Oroku Karai - Brittany Ishibashi
  • Jason Garmadon - Fionn Whitehead
  • Kaira Garmadon - Daniela Nieves
  • Slade Wilson/Deathstroke - Robert De Niro
  • Abu Akahbar/Bane - Tom Hardy
  • Terra - Sabrina Carpinter
  • Ravager/Rose Wilson - Becky G
  • Red X - KJ Apa
  • Luke Cunningham - Tom Felton
  • Connie Frazier - Catherine Dyer
  • Superintendant of the Roane County School District - Hugh Bonneville
  • The Other - Alexis Denisof
  • Thanos - Josh Brolin (cameo)

Other Characters

  • Joyce Byers - Winona Ryder 
  • Sheriff Hopper - David Haurbor
  • Karen Wheeler - Cara Buono
  • Ted Wheeler - Joe Chrest
  • Nancy Wheeler - Natalia Dyer
  • Scott Clarke - Randy Havens
  • Truant Officer - Aziz Ansari
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