Storky was a 2001 - 2005 Shires Junior Show. It had Reruns on The Shires Junior Channel until 2014. The show wrapped production in 2003 when the voice of Flippy’s dad died.


A little boy named Storky is raised by Storks.



  • Storky (voiced by Jessica D. Stone) is A Human Boy dressed like a Stork trying to fly. He was only a few months old when his “parents” left him to be cared by the storks, and wanted to fly because he adapted to the birds.
  • Mother Stork (voiced by Didi Conn) is Storky’s Mom who agrees with her children on everything they think, except for Stacy’s feather habit.
  • Daddy Stork (voiced by Mark Hamill) is Storky’s Dad. At first, he was scared of humans, but when His Wife and Son were loving on Storky, he changed his mind.
  • Stacy Stork (voiced by Hynden Walch) is Storky’s Sister who is only a few months younger than him who plays around with her feathers a lot.
  • Goliath Stork (voiced by Rene Mujica) is Storky’s Older but Sillier brother. He was the one who persuaded his parents to add a human to the family and that the baby was completely harmless and cute.


  • Nester Blueburg (Storky’s Flight School Teacher) (voiced by Harrison Ford)
  • Flippy Poofwings (Storky’s Best Friend) (voiced by Keith Ferguson)
  • Grandma Stork (voiced by Corinne Orr)
  • Grandpa Stork (voiced by Bruce Bailey Johnson)
  • Rippy Poofwings (Flippy’s Dad) (voiced by John Ritter)
  • Tippy Poofwings (Flippy’s Mom) (voiced by Gwen Shepherd)
  • Swooper Silverflight (voiced by Philece Sampler) is a Braggy Silver Stork who says that only birds can fly.
  • Mrs. Sliverflight (voiced by Corinne Orr)
  • Mia Blueburg (voiced by Khaylan Jones) is Nester’s Daughter and Storky’s crush.


  1. Storky Theme Song


  • Keith Ferguson was a newcomer in animation back when he voiced Flippy, so in Storky: The Complete Series (A DVD Released in 2016), there was a special feature when he talked about the role.
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