Stepping Back is a 2009 American Drama film written by Zak Penn and directed by Jonathen Dayton starring Chris Evans, Emma Stone, Chad Michael Murray, Antonio Banderas, Jonah Hill, Lena Heady, Bryce Dallas Howard, Jonathen Pryce, Richard Jenkins, Glenn Close, Michael Pitt, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Sissy Spacek.

The film was released theatrically on May 2nd, 2009 and was filmed in Vancouver from April 7th, 2008 to November 2nd, 2008.

The film first premiered at the Venice film festival as since gone to be critically well received by critics, secure many awards and even secure an Oscar Nomination for best original screenplay: Zak Penn.

The film was originally titled Stepping Back, Glancing Forward.


Luke O'Bonna (Chris Evans) is a damaged young man still coping with their mother Rose (Sissy Spacek) abandoning them, his suicidal unemployed father Ross (Richard Jenkins) and the constant attention he must provide for his autistic younger brother Davey (Chad Michael Murray).

His sister Claire (Emma Stone) must also deal all these problems on top of trying to balance her education at a prestigious, demanding art school.

Eventually Luke comes to fall in love with a beautiful tax accountant Gina Obeldart (Lena Heady) who possesses an autistic brother Clarence (Michael Pitt) whom she has to constantly care for.

They find their love restricted by the needs of their mentally disabled siblings and Claire O'Bonna is given an ultimatum by the Art University she is attending; either she places her brother in a special school and continue her education or keep constantly running out to suit his needs, fail her course and have to abandon her education.

Luke and Claire discuss over what the University has asked of her and ultimatley decide to place Davey in a specialist school and Luke's girlfriend Gina comes to place her brother Clarence who had come to make friends with Davey in the same special school.

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