Stephen and Leon (2012)
2012 | Movie | Action, Comedy | 1:51:26

A man named Stephen and a man named Leon are lifelong friends, but then they join an organization called the Maximum Protection Society, or M.P.S. The M.P.S. was made to protect the innocent people of the city from crime and harm.

The M.P.S. director, Dave, says the need to retrieve M.P.S. File No. 453, which is at a man named Tim Martinez's hotel room at the Bushton Hotel. So Stephen and Leon go to Martinez's room.

In his hotel room at night, Martinez is asleep with a pizza box on him and a blue blanket. The hotel room is a mess. There is a broken tin, glass bottles, even a Snickers wrapper.

Stephen and Leon grab grapples, put on suction boots, and zip to the window, which they open to get in. Leon sneaks to a case where files are and search for M.P.S. File No, 453. But Tim Martinez is turning over on his sleep. And his eyes pop open, and he is awake. Leon and Stephen run with the file while Martinez yells to come back. But the two do not and sloppily leave the hotel room, and the file falls to the floor.

Back at the M.P.S. Headquarters, Dave snaps off at them for their failure and arrogance. Stephen says they were compromised when Martinez woke up. Dave says he doesn't want to have it and that they needed sleep for when they have to go back tomorrow night. So their slumber is retrieved.

The two wake up early in the morning to Dave demanding them to get up. After a breakfast, they exercise, preparing for when they must come back to the place tonight.

At night, they come back to the hotel the same way they arrived the first time, and Stephen grabs the file without waking up Martinez. They then consider the mission complete. They go back to the HQ and ask Dave about why that file was so important. He says it is because the file contains the most needed data of all the organization's files. He thanks them and promotes Stephen to new director. Leon gets mad and starts a fight with him. They tumble, hit into things, and Leon beats Stephen so hard, Stephen's head has a cut. Dave attempts to separate them, but Leon fights him. Then they eventually stop. Leon apologizes, and he congratulates Stephen.

Then, years later, Martinez joins the M.P.S., and he is a member. They then become the Ultimate Protection Force, the U.P.F.

Post-credits scene: Martinez sees a mission log and opens it, seeing names of people to recruit. He closes it and smiles. And he says that he's going to have fun.

Director(s): Dirk Munnay
Studio(s): Warner Bros., New Line Cinema
Rating: PG-13 (for action, violence, language and some thematic elements)

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