The Newbie

Stephen King's:The Newbie is a 2016 horror movie by Wes Craven.


Charlotte Stuart moved from a little village in Denver to the harbour city Lowndes.She isn't very popular at High School,until the Queen Bee of the school Clara Hines,invites her to join the clique of the popular girls.She agrees and soon the girls are having their first sleepover with Charlotte.Kara,who's obsessed with Clara,tells Charlotte about the joining challenge and Charlotte agrees.The challenge is to enter into Mrs.Norbury's,the history teacher,who let Kara and Clara fail,house and scare her.Mrs.Norbury lives with her husband in a big white house on the cliff.So the girls hide in the bush near the cliff.Among the cliff,there's the monthly fun fair.Charlotte enters the house,through the escaping tunnel and steps into the kitchen,where Mrs.Norbury slices some onions.Charlotte scares her and Mrs.Norbury stabs her accedentally with the knife.She does apologizes,but Charlotte slaps her and pushes her down the stairs.As Charlotte notices,that Antonia,Mrs.Norbury's daughter,saws this,she threw Mrs.Norbury's glasses on her,which shatterd and cuts her cartoid artery what kills her.Meanwhile,the girls are waiting for Charlotte,as they see Mr.Norbury standing at the window,watching her.Suddenly,Charlotte knocks him out with a teaser and threw him out of the window,which is pointing on the cliff.He broke his head on the cliffrocks and fell in the ocean.Meanwhile,Charlotte is pouring gas all over the house floors.Then,she crawles down the trapdoor ladder,which is going to the escape tunnel,and throws her lighter up the livingroom and closes the door.The fire was enormous and the girls outside are shocked.They walk to the tunnel entrance.The left side of the house is crashing down the cliff and hits on the festival.The girls gone frightened and soon,Charlotte runs to the blocked escape door.She screams to let her out,but Carla and the girls leave.Then the fire reaches Charlotte and obviously burns her to death.53 persons died on that day.3 years later,the girls reunite and soon Carla is found dead in the cliff with the message:I'm back,lovelies...

Main Cast

Claire Holt as Kara Ruston/Still desperate after Clara's death
Natalie Portman as Brenda Parker/Nice girl,who moved back to town
Leighton Meester as Lindsay Child/It-Girl of Lourdes
Teresa Palmer as Clara Hines/Queen Bee
Zhang Ziyi as Lorraine Fong/Smart geeky
Anne Hathaway as Charlotte Stuart/Survived the fire
Meagan Good as Nicole Riceman/Singer,who visits her best friend Brenda
Chris Noth as Mr.Thomas Norbury
Amy Poehler as Mrs.Heather Norbury
MacKenzie Foy as Antonia Norbury
Megan Fox as Ruth-Louise Jackbourne/Bitch,who married a lawyer
Lindsay Lohan as Christy Tenner/Used Porn model


Kara Ruston,Brenda Parker,Lindsay Child


Charlotte Stuart,Heather Norbury,Kara Ruston


Antonia Norbury-Cut Cartoid artery with glasses by Charlotte
Thomas Norbury-Threw out of window by Charlotte;broke his neck and head
Clara Hines-Poisoned with acid and stabbed several times by Kara
Christy Tenner-Cut cartoid artery with a scalp at the dentist by Heather
Ruth-Louise Jackbourne-Stabbed with a poker in her mansion by Charlotte
Nicole Riceman-Obviously strangled in the garden shed by Heather
Charlotte Stuart-Stabbed with the same onion knife like in the beginning,
                 because she found out,that she killed Antonia
Lorraine Fong-Drowned in the ocean by Kara,because she know,that she killed 
Heather Norbury-Stabbed by Lindsay,Hit by Brenda and finally Slayed by Kara


After finding the dead Lorraine in the cliffs, she found out,that Kara is schizophrenic and kills in the name of her old lover Mr.Norbury.Meanwhile Heather enters Brenda's house and wants to kill her.But she met Lindsay and bondaged her on a chair and tells her,that Charlotte and her worked together and that she only need her,Brenda and Kara.Lindsay,who knows about the affair of Kara and Thomas Norburry,tells her and makes her so angry.Meanwhile,Brenda is trying to knock out Kara.She made it and gives Kara some pills.Kara wakes up and cries about,what she did.Brenda forgives her,and they leave to go to Lindsay.Heather tries to kill Lindsay and hunts her through the house.She escapes and runs into Kara and Brenda.Kara apologizes by her and Lindsay also forgives her.They run into the house and takes revenge on Heather and they kill her after fighting with her. Wounded, they put the dead bodies into the car and soon they funerals them.At the end you can see a girl at the Norbury's window and a to do list with the big point Revenge. The music starts...

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