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Stargazers is an upcoming Flash-animated TV series released in 2017 created by Maxwell Atoms.


Five young girls become humanoid magical girls in Space after wearing 5 pairs of amulets.

Voice Cast

  • Carla Schneider (voiced by TBA): A 10-year-old girl who loves books. Her Stargazer uniform is yellow.
  • Abigail Robbins (voiced by TBA): A bubbly, redhead 10-year-old photographer who loves to take pictures. Her Stargazer uniform is red.
  • Jennifer Trainor (voiced by TBA): A 11-year-old geek who loves fashion. Her Stargazer uniform is gray.
  • Liliana Harvey-Woods (voiced by TBA): A 12-year-old saxophonist. Her Stargazer uniform is green.
  • Katelyn Starr (voiced by TBA): A 9-year-old girl who can cook meals. Her Stargazer uniform is blue.

List of episodes


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