The Last Hope
Star Wars Episode VIII- The Last Hope Poster

Directed by

Denis Villeneuve

Produced by

Kathleen Kennedy
Bryan Burk
J.J Abrams

Screenplay by

Denis Villeneuve

Story by

Denis Villeneuve

Based on

​ Characters
by George Lucas


Mark Hamill
Carrie Fisher
Dane DeHann
Eddie Redmayne
Lupita Nyong'o
Finn Wittrock
Alicia Vikander
Mark Rylance
Claire Foy
Anthony Daniels
Joonas Suotamo
Andrew Scott
Ethan Hakwe
Benicio Del Toro
Mena Massoud
Carmen Ejogo
Javier Bardem
Joe Alwyn
and Harrison Ford

Music by

John Williams


Roger Deakins

Edited by

Mary Jo Markey
Maryann Brandon


Lucasfilm Ltd.
Bad Robot Productions

Distributed by

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Release date(s)

December 22, 2017

Running time

156 Minutes


United States


$208 Million

Box Office

$2.3 Billion


Star Wars: The Last Hope is a 2017 American epic space opera film written and directed by Denis Villeneuve. The eighth installment in the main Star Wars film series, It is the sequel to Star Wars Episode VII: Ashes of The Empire (2015). The cast includes Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamil, Harrison Ford, Dane DeHann, Eddie Redmayne, Lupita Nyong'o, Finn Wittrock, Alicia Vikander, Mark Rylance, Claire Foy, Anthony Daniels, Joonas Suotamo (as Chewbacca) and Andrew Scott in returning roles, with Ethan Hawke, Benicio Del Toro, Alex Sharp, Carmen Ejogo and Javier Bardem joining the cast.  The plot sees the Red Star, with a recovered Ryu Kitur, attempt to thwart both Maxalex's journey to receive training in the way of the force by his father Luke Skywalker and The Republic's attempt to regroup with their few numbers of allies to end the war.

The film's upcoming sequel, Star Wars Episode IX: Rebirth of Skywalker, will be released in 2020 and will be the finale in the sequel

Owned and Written by J23odi


Carrie Fisher as Leia Organa – The leader of the Republic and now Han Solo's widow, Leia's hope stays as strong as before. Leia's concern for the future of the Republic grows as she begins to see flaws in leadership from her son Iswail and tries to guide him to find himself. 

Harrison Ford as Han Solo – Former leader of the Operations for the Republic and deceased husband of Leia and father of Iswail . Han's death at the hands of Ryu Kitur has affected many, primary his son Iswail who idealized his father extreme degrees. 

Mark Hamil as Luke Skywalker - The long lost Jedi of yesteryear, Luke Skywalker exiled himself from the world following the turn of his son Jacen Skywalker into Ryu Kitur. Luke's youngest son, Maxalex, now flies to the Jedi to learns the ways of the force and connect with the father he is yet to meet. 

Dane DeHann as Maxalex/Ben Skywalker – A former smuggler, Maxalex has discovered his power in force in his defeat of Ryu Kitur. Son of the disgraced Jedi, Luke Skywalker, Maxalex has departed to receive training from his exiled father alongside his droid D3, C-3PO, and Chewbacca. The discovery of his power has made him arrogant of his abilities and sees himself as the "Last Hope" against to defeat the Red Star.   

Eddie Redmayne as Jacen Skywalker/Ryu Kitur – Now Grand Fur of the Red Star, Ryu's power-hungry nature has grown along with rage against those in his way. Now grown in power, his agency in destroying Maxalex and Luke has grown however this growth has coincided with him slowly losing his memory and who he is.

Lupita Nyong'o as Jaylharm Edo – Formerly on the run, Jaylharm has stayed with the Republic since being saved. Despite growing in her abilities, her reluctance of trust and others have coincided with her lack of faith in The Republic despite their winning ways. She fears the connections she is begging to grow and fears what the future holds for her newfound family.

Finn Wittrock as Isawil Solo – Despite now being general of the Republic, Iswail's hunger to establish himself as a hero alongside his famous parents have only grown since the death of his father, Han Solo. Though his leadership has seen many Republic victories the number of casualties and risky nature of them has led his mother, Leia, to seriously doubt her son's ability to be an effective leader. He has blocked out the deep emotions of his father's death since then, keeping his focus on becoming a legend of the galaxy.

Alicia Vikander as Eden Solo - Now under Iswail as Vice-Captain, She is now extremely hungry to become a true leader for the Republic. Her achievement in destroying the Plageuis has grown her belief in herself and though she has only grown in combat and her already stellar X-Wing skills, she is still isolated from many and lacks the ability to inspire others, still opting to go for everything by herself.

Mark Rylance (via Motion Capture) as Hammur - Though still master of Ryu Kitur and influential in the ongoings of the Red Star, the former Grand Fur's health has begun to seriously deteriorate, needing to go back to his home planet of Yve, where is taken care of by his adamant follower Bera Schimbke and the members the Klan of Kitur. Hammur has grown weary over his control of Ryu Kitur and has begun plotting his next diabolical plan to grow in power.

Claire Foy as Judeern Lewmat – The Admiral of the Red Star, the vicious "Mother of the Superior Men" has grown insecure and worried of her position due to the Red Star's recent failures. Her emotional and dangerously erratic nature has grown out of her desperation to maintain her power in the Red Star. 

Andrew Scott as General Tom Rector- Still assistant to Leia in the Republic, his reputation amongst the Republic has only grown, developing a real connection and loyalty to many Rebels, helped by the success of the band of fighters so far.

Ethan Hawke as Cain Kortu - A battered man based in Tatooine, He lives only with R2-D2 and hides himself and his past from most, carrying a guilt that follows him. 

Benicio Del Toro as 'Goran Angavel '- A prominent crimelord on Tatooine, he profits greatly off of his laboring of children on the planet and has amassed profits and reputation off of the practice. His status on the planet has given him an ego and arrogance about himself that he uses to further grow in status.

Mena Massoud as Dax Feskin - A fellow X-Wing pilot and member of the Republic. He was drawn to the fight due to being saved by the Republic as a youth. He admires the heroes who aided in destroying the Plageius greatly, specifically Eden. 

Carmen Ejogo as Bera Schimbke - A student of and confidant to Hammur, Bera helms from the outer rim and is one of the many followers of the Sith and servees Hammur due to his power and dedication to the fallen Sith Lord, Darth Sidious. 

Javier Bardem as Erol Vullen - The dedicated Leader of Velanooin, he and his planet served Leia and the Republic greatly during the 2nd Galatic War and prioritizes the safety of his people and citizens above all. The impact of the war on his planet and its citizens has left the planet without a stance in the Republic/Red Star conflict, not participating in it at all.

Joe Alwyn as Darren Obdris - Cloud City's very reluctant and selfish leader. In spite of the threats posed by the New Order, Darren Obdris has kept Cloud City out of the war completely to keep his position secure and not anger anybody due to his many political connections.



Star Wars Episode VIII; The Last Hope Crawl

Star Wars Episode VIII; The Last Hope Crawl

Victory is in sight for the REBELLION. The dreaded RED STAR’s grip hold over the galaxy has weakened since the destruction of The PLAGUEIS. Leia Organa’s band of freedom fighters have found hope in the imminent return of Luke Skywalker to join their cause and restore peace. 

Newly appointed Grand Fur, RYU KITUR, has forced the Rebellion to evacuate their base, The ruthless leader looking for a fatal victory to finally wipe out hope for the Rebels. 

Now being chased throughout the galaxy, The eager Rebel leaders seek to strike back against their diabolical foes to turn the tides back in their favor….


Eden and her crew of X-Wings fly towards a Star Destroyer but she tells them back off as she has it under control, angering them. She tells Iswail to head to the dock. Iswail is annoyed by her arrogance as they go.  Judeern goes and sees the destruction of her factory in pain and anger and orders the ship to be on lockdown. 

Eden arrives to the dock to see a force field and cannons and underestimates it as they land damage on her ship. Iswail and Jaylharm go and see her struggling, further annoying Iswail. They then see Judeern at the dock gavlinzering the troops and officials. Iswail hops in a TIE Fighter to cause more damage, angering Jaylharm. Jaylharm uses the force to aid Eden’s fight with the cannons. Iswail fires but is shoot at viciously and Jaylharm saves him as they hop onto Eden’s X-Wing as they escape as they jump into lightspeed. 

An enraged Judeern orders the destroyer to “do it” Red Star officials advise the machine isn’t ready yet but she screams at them do it. Eden and the crew arrive in the Cebon system and greet the other and angered X-Wings until half of the Red Star fleet appears as well, shocking everyone as the Red Star has performed Lightspeed Tracking. The fleet destroys half of the X-Wings as Eden is able to escape and lands on the planet in time. Judeern smiles, stating that the destruction of the Republic is now a guarantee.

Now Grand Fur of the Red Star, Ryu Kitur, alongside Clone Troopers, invade Mustfar in search for Sith relics. As he approaches the once Castle Vader, Ryu leads a massacre against the tribe now living in it. After, he walks through and discovers Anakin Skywalker’s Jedi Robes. Ryu admires but fails to form an emotional connection. He then marches out, ordering they burn down the castle as he departs with his items.

Hammur relishes in the items brought to him. Hammur asks on his wound and Ryu tells him it is nothing. As Hammur instructs him on the Republic’s recent victories, Ryu interrupts, angering Hammur, stating that he’d prefer to relinquish his title of Grand Fur to Judeern or somebody interested as he is focused on discovering Maxalex as the boy is yet to get to Luke Skywalker. Hammur states that it does not matter as Ryu is not powerful enough and that he must gain his power by destroying his bonds. Ryu states he doesn’t need to as he has enough power to even strike Hammur down. Ryu then apologizes for the outburst. Hammur asks how his memory is, Ryu is silent until explaining that he is forgetting his past more rapidly than before and is worried. Hammur reassures him that his completion of his training will restore it and give him much more and Ryu is dismissed.

Hammur is helped from his chair by the Klan of Kitur and walks alongside Bera. She expresses her worries over Ryu and Hammur reveals he shares the same worry and to take him to his chambers so he can start his work. Bera worries for his health but he tells her that it is needed as he departs.

Jaylharm, recovering asks what the talk was about and Iswail complains about the failure of the mission as Iswail continues arguing his worth to be leader, blaming Eden heavily until she comes in and the two argue, amusing Jaylharm. They then receive a call from Maxalex and they all huddle the screen to see him. D3, C-3PO and Chewbacca all but in before Maxalex. Iswail and Eden continue to bicker and insult until Eden leaves in anger, Iswail following after her. Maxalex express his joy in her training and still being there and keeps his promise of going to the Outer Rim but she begs he come home first. Maxalex departs, saying he loves her but she fails to say it back. 

Iswail and Eden are both immediately stripped of their positions by General Leia. They argue with her but are dismissed. He asks what the plan is and tells him they will leave the planet at once, further angering him. Iswail tries to make his claim again but Leia tells him that he is like his father in how looks for fame and the result before the actual mission and tells him he has to learn.

As Ryu lands onto the Star Destroyer, Judeern walks informs Ryu of the Republic’s successful taking out of the Clone’s and her lightspeed development working but have not been able to discover their base. Ryu orders Clone’s go and find it but Judeern advises against a campaign all together due to their limited crew at hand suggest tracking them when they try and depart but Ryu begins choking her stating her hesistance will not deter their plans. He states he will find them himself and another instance will result in her death as he departs.

As Leia oversees things she is approached by a packed Jaylharm. She thanks her for her training and crafting of her new lightsaber but she has to leave. Leia states she has just made a home here but Jaylharm tells her that she is uncomfortable having things to lose but Leia tells her anywhere she goes she will and doesn’t have to be alone. Jaylharm hugs her as she still commits to leaving, General Rectar tries to object but Leia allows her to leave.

Eden interrupts Iswail’s conversation with rebel, Dax Feskin. Eden continues to blame Iswail for her demotion but he tells her it was going to happen since none of the X-Wings since she has a big head from blowing up the Plagueis, Eden dresses him down as he failed at everything but Iswail laughs and tells her that he finish another one of her missions again as he leaves. Dax, nervous, states that he likes her but she leaves.

Iswail goes to Leia, stating that if he isn’t general then Jaylharm should be. Leia reveals she has just left and that Rectar is general. Iswail doesn’t shake his hand and after bickering, he rushes to a cruiser to find her Leia tells him not to and threaten to strip him of rank as a soldier but Iswail tells her to strip of the Solo name while she is at as he departs in a cruiser.

Iswail sees a crew of rebel’s dragging a broken X-Wing back to base. Before he can ask, they sliced down by Ryu Kitur. Iswail hides in a ditch that Ryu walks by. After they leave Iswail hops into the X-Wing

Jaylharm rides to her ship. She loads things onto until hear sounds and feels through the thick red, nighttime smoke of Cebon. She goes through it and takes out two Clone Troopers until she begins shortly dueling with Ryu, who notes her growth as they clash. He then turns off her lightsaber as anticipates and escapes Iswail’s X-Wing blast as he swoops down and saves Jaylharm. Ryu puts a tracking bot on the X-Wing.

Iswail and Jaylharm arrive back to base but Dax discovers the tracking bot on the X-Wing, revealing the Red Star has their location. Iswail, galvanizing a disappointed crew, plans an attack on the Red Star due to their limited number of Clone Troopers, stating if they take out the ground force, they can destroy the Destroyers and potentially end the war. Everyone agrees, Iswail asks Leia to lead but she instead puts Rectar in charge.

Judeern gives speech to her Clones, stating their supremacy to humans and to relish in being the last of a superior breed, her breed, and snuff the Republic and eradicate hope once and for all. A ship full of clones hover over the planet as AT-AT’s land and begin growing as well.

The day of the battle comes and everyone prepares, Jaylharm on the front lines, Eden in her X-Wing. Iswail is shown how to operate snipers, to his annoyance, Leia assuring him he will succeed in his position. Leia is able to detect the clone ship and Eden is deployed to take it down. 

Judeern is then alerted by a general of a lone X-Wing engaging with the ship. Eden crashes into the ship multiple times until it fires and takes out her aiming pad. She struggles to efficiently shoot the ship until she drops her ship and when it is in position, fires, destroying the whole ship. She lands and is cheered as Jaylharm and the rebels charge into battle. Judeern is angered at its defeat, she orders they drop more Clones Immediately and though an officer advises against, she states she has no choice. 

Jaylharm is able to slice through Clones and rebels the same until AT-AT’s begin directly firing into the trenches and at the men. She saves Dax and tells him to retreat and inform Rectar they are weak on men. Iswail sees this and, against orders, drops them to actually “lead”.

Ryu, in his chambers, is alerted of the battle's commencement. He drops Han’s Dice, the item he was holding before, and he puts on his mask and picks up his lightsaber as he departs to do battle.

Eden is asked to help with other X-Wings but denies as she is too busy on hers as she successfully takes one out but as she asks for an update, she hears them die, terrifying her. She looks around to see more X-Wings failing, angered at herself.

Ryu drops onto the salty fields of Cebon, viciously slashing through rebels as he makes his way to the base. Dax goes to Rectar, who tells him they are waiting before engaging the next wave. Iswail punches Rectar and takes over, telling them to charge now. The rebels catch up and begin taking down AT-AT’s alongside the X-Wings. Eden and Iswail smile at each as the Rebels get the upper hand.

As Judeern sees another AT-AT go down she orders they drop the Obliterator. Whole staff pauses worried, an officer asks if she is sure as it is still reeling from its last use but she grabs her, yelling her the order at her. The fighting rebels pause as they see the “Obliterator", a giant sphere with an extremely large opening, drop onto the planet and they look in horror but Iswail, sensing it with the force, runs back as the Obliterator shoots out a seismic blast that wipes out half of the soldiers, ships and clones alike and hitting the Republic’s base and shaking the whole planet, leaving a sizable mark. Iswail saves a soldier as they jump into a trench, just escaping the blast.

Jaylharm gets up bleeding and lets her darkside takeover. She asks Eden to pick her up as she wants to take out the Obliterator but Eden refuses to and Jaylharm cuts her off before she can argue. Iswail, in the trenches, tells Eden to start the ship as Iswail and others run back to base. As the second blast hits, Iswail and others begin evacuating, Leia calling for her son to get onto the ship. Ryu continues to march towards the base despite the Obliterator’s second blast, still taking out rebels.

Iswail and the others arrive to the base and begin to depart. He then sees Ryu entering the base. Jaylharm gets into an abandoned X-Wing as flies over the Obliterator. She takes out a few AT-AT’s as she then hovers over it. Letting his anger take over, Iswail charges his blaster to full power about to engage with him until Leia uses the force to pull her son onto the ship as they escape. Jaylharm drops about to drop onto a charging Obliterator until the escaping Iswail is able to catch her. As the Republic ship takes off, Ryu shoots a tracking beam onto the ship but it is shot by Samwell Deba. Ryu then goes and kills him in pure anger.

Jaylharm gets into the ship, horror comes on her face as she thinks about how dark she felt, Iswail asking what she was thinking. She then hears Hammur’s whisper.  Ryu enters the ship, Judeern reveals they were unable to track them. Ryu then uses the force to throw Judeern to the ceiling and strips her of Admiral. As he orders they seek out bounty hunters from the Outer Rim, Judeern rises, her blaster aimed at Ryu. She begs for another chance to show her worth. Ryu slices her blaster and kills three generals and agrees as he departs into his chambers.

Maxalex is arguing with Chewbacca against using the map as he can use the force as he knows where it is but Chewbacca kicks him out of the driving pit. As he then cleans the ship, Maxalex C-3PO to tell him the story of Luke. C-3PO starts but Maxalex doesn’t let him finish and misinterprets Luke as being a fierce warrior who slayed the emperor and that he will do the same. 

Leia strips Iswail from being a rebel, taking his blaster and jacket, noting his reckless nature. He says that she just took everything that made him, though she disagrees, he notes that without he is just Leia and Han’s son or even worst the boy who let his father he never knew die and tells her how hard it is being her son as he storms off the deck.

Ryu has a soliloquy, addressing the Kora Mean, a sith device that will help him find anyone in the galaxy but is not suited for the conflicted in the force as the power can overtake them. Ryu addresses his fear of it as he wants power on his own but the power is too much for him, he fails to let go of Jacen Skywalker but needs him to destroy Luke and Maxalex and until he can he will not touch such objects.

Maxalex grows angry with his lightsaber droid until the ship is shot. He runs to deck with Chewbacca and they fire at the Red Star bot ship firing at them. Against C-3PO’s advice of jumping into lightspeed, Maxalex insist on destroying the bot. After a long chase, they destroy the bot. 

Iswail prepares his things until he sees Leia enter, her trademark hair gone and instead just long straight hair. She sits down as she informs him that she is no longer General of the Republic. Iswail asks why and she tells him she did it for him, so he is no longer the son of “Princess” Leia but of just Leia. He asks how she made it so quick and she tells him because its love and you don’t think about love. She states when they land Velanooin, they will leave the war and just live as they did before he got involved, like they used to. Iswail embraces his mother as he agrees.

Maxalex comes from the deck as C-3PO the reveals they way more off the course, saddening D3. Maxalex then touches the map projecting from D3 and uses the force and sees the planet and Luke from a distance. C-3PO suggest Maxalex learn to read the map but Maxalex has faith in his force as he gets into the deck and begins driving the ship from his vision. 

Leia and Iswail oversee as Rectar is made General of the Republic while Eden is made captain, as Eden promises to not let Leia down. Only Dax and Iswail applauded Eden’s promotion. Jaylharm, dealing with injuries, approaches Leia, looking to confide in her.

Leia gives Jaylharm a helmet the “Jedi Simulator” She explains Luke and other Jedi’s used it to train on the go where they would engage in simulations that had real-life damage and effect on them, staying all Jaylharm needs to learn is that simulator. Jaylharm puts it on. Jaylharm is instructed to defeat a threat from a small village of small creatures. The threat and hsi group arrive, as Jaylharm prepares the creature offer to help but Jaylharm refuses and fights them off. She struggles but as the villiagers try and help and are about to get hurt, Jaylharm comes to the rescue but is shot. Jaylharm takes off the helmet as she sees the blast wound on her. Leia tells her that she knows what she has to do. Jaylharm starts it again and all the villagers to help and they are able to defeat the threat, making her laugh. Jaylharm is then shocked as a dark version of herself comes out. Leia urges her to end as the dark version touches Jaylharm, telling her that she will never leave. Leia takes it off of her. Jaylharm is speechless alongside Leia.

The Republic land and are introduced to Leia’s longtime friend and ally, Erol Vullen. They embrace and comments on her hair as he begins guiding the Republic off the deck. Iswail calms down a nervous Jaylharm, as she is extremely cautious. As Erol shows them to the governors of the planet,Velanooin,  he tells her that work hard to ensure their people are safe by any means. He then says “I am so sorry princess” as Rectar gets in front of her and fires at Leia with his blaster, fatally wounding her.

Maxalex and gang arrive on the planet. They, however, discover they are on the wrong planet as they see Leia get shot. This horrifies the whole ship, Chewbacca, angered, jumps from the Falcon to save Leia. Maxalex looks at the battle in complete horror. The Falcon is then hit by Ryu’s ship. Ryu and The Falcon engage in a battle as the Red Star’s attack begins. Gunfire breaks out as Iswail takes a blaster and begins to lead them back to the ship. Jaylharm's darkness acts as she strikes to kill Rectar but he moves as she kills one of the governors instead. Jaylharm looks to see her purple lightsaber now redder. Angered at herself, She picks up Leia as she follows Iswail.

Ryu damages the ship greatly, getting the upper hand. It is not until D3 helps, by way of hacking the control panel, that Maxalex gets the upper hand. As Ryu is now in the Falcon’s sights, He lets go and closes his eyes, accepting and prepared to die. Maxalex, feeling this, cannot will himself to do it and moves his fingers from the trigger. Other TIE Fighters then shoot at the Falcon, damaging the ship as Maxalex leaves the planet. 

As they head back to the ship, Red Star TIE Fighters and Clones land as they engage in gunfire again. Rebels run onto the ship, some falling right before. Jaylharm, refusing to use her lightsaber, rushes with Leia until a Clone grabs her with a sword. Before he strikes her down, Chewbacca blasts him and Chewbacca takes out most of the clones, making way for the rebels as he boards as well, escaping with the rebels.

Rectar shakes a bittersweet Judeern’s hand, thanking her for enacting the plan much earlier than he thought and tells her she has grown to be less of an idiot from before. She tells him to be thankful as she has sacrificed her role as Admiral to him for this to happen but he tells her that she is actually still as idotic. A heartbroken Erol goes to them, reassuring this means peace for his planet. Before Judeern answers, Rectar kills Erol. Rectar then orders the Clone Troopers to collect children and able body men as they need more Troopers, to Judeern’s anger.

Iswail goes immediately to his wounded mother as she is then carted away and dejected Chewbacca screams and Jaylharm comforts him. Neza rushes, telling them the Star Destroyer is following them, Iswail asks Eden for permission to join her and the X-Wings and she agrees. Jaylharm asks Chewbacca if Maxalex is okay and worries as she feels him conflicted. 

Rectar leads the Star Destroyer after them as Judeern seethingly watches. Iswail leads an X-Wing attack but begins slowly succumbing to the anger in him as he viciously takes out the Star Destroyer. Eden and the others are shocked by this. He tells them all to back off as he files towards the dock of the main Star Destroyer. As he gets closer Rectar orders they fire on the X-Wing but Judeern argues they jump to Lightspeed and destroy the main ship, Rectar doubts that technology and reiterates his order but she does the same. The miscommunication results in Iswail crashing into the deck and shooting a blast as he jumps to lightspeed.

C-3PO tries to comfort him but Maxalex focuses on fixing the ship as they see Tatoonie nearby and prepare for their landing. Iswail reassures the ship and crew that they will communicate and find allies. Maxalex and the droids land on Tatooine, reminding C-3PO of his horrors of the planet. Maxalex is turned down by many shops and yells his anger as no one wants to help the man who’s trying to save the galaxy. A merchant, who further stroke’s Maxalex’s ego, offers to help and leads him to his hut.

Ryu enters his chamber removing his mask. He worries over his acceptance of death in that moment and that this lust for power is corrupting him and mentions the reminders of his past, Maxalex, Leia and that their feelings and seeing them makes his loss of memory more painful but he needs this pain as it will give him power and that he is forgetting he is Vader, he is an AvengerHe then destroys his mask and states that he will end his suffering and find himself. He picks up the Kora Mean and leaves.

Ryu storms out, stripping Judeern of her rank as admiral and awards the position to Rectar instead. Ryu gets into his Fighter and inserts the Kora Mean as him and flanking Clone Troopers follow him. Judeern then communicates to her fleet of clones to accelerate their focus.

Iswail is denied by Cloud City and begins to doubt himself. A vision of Han begins talking to him, Iswail asks him how he can win and he tells him he is surrounded by enemies and if he wants to protect his mother he must eradicate them, as the advice becomes more sinister, Jaylharm’s simulation and confrontation with her dark side is interfered by a message from Hammur. As she rushes to Iswail, the Han vision becomes Hammur as Iswail then voice chokes her.

Ryu and the clones arrive to Tatooine, shocking him greatly and they land. As they head to his hut The Merchant ask Maxalex his mission. After the merchant asks Maxalex what a Jedi is but Maxalex gives bad answer, Maxalex also fails to answer the question of why Ryu is evil. As they arrive to the Merchant’s hut, Maxalex, and D3 rush into his home and do not hear C-3PO’s comments about the hut being in the more sketchy part of Tatooine and C-3PO is knocked out by the Merchant. Maxalex and D3 enter to find R2-D2 and D3 goes to greet him as Maxalex looks at a mirror and sees a reflection of himself wiser and older but as R2-D2 knocks out D3, Maxalex’s reflection is replaced by the Merchant’s and he turns and is knocked out by him.

Iswail takes Jaylharm to the deck and declares she will be turned over to the New Order and tells members this is not a democracy and is an order. Chewbacca roars against this and Iswail, emotionless, orders they tie down Chewbacca. Eden tries to argue against it but other members threaten her. 

Ryu and the clones go through the street and he orders the clones to continue to search for Maxalex. He goes into the hut of an old woman, who comments that he feels familiar but a stranger at the same time. He asks for the location of Luke Skywalker’s home.

Maxalex wakes up tied up and angry. A betrayed C-3PO tries to reason with an angry R2-D2. The merchant reveals himself to be Cain Kortu. He reveals he is going to send the three of them into the Outer Rim as the galaxy does not need another Jedi but Maxalex says he is wrong and he is dooming the galaxy but Cain states that they already are with him. Cain questions him again, Maxalex states that Ryu is evil because he wants power but Cain states Maxalex has the same lust, same did Luke and the Jedi before him, Maxalex counters but proves to Cain he knows nothing of the past.Cain asks Maxalex if he knows why Ryu hates but can’t give an answer. Cain notes Maxalex probably had similar feeling of hate at some point, towards Luke, towards the world but feels his hate is “justified” because he was told he was special, he was told he was “good”. He states he will fall the same path of the Jedi and sith and will be another failure of the Jedi. Maxalex states that he is his father’s son but Cain states that his father, Luke, is dead. Maxalex refutes this but Cain confirms that he buried Luke.

Iswail is able to threaten control over Cloud City. Jaylharm tries converting Iswail back to the light, reminding him of his mother and her wishes but he tells her that the power he feels is going to protect his mother and that he’s going to make sure Jaylharm is not harmed when she is held by him. He tells her that he has power to help and control everyone. Jaylharm is horrified by this. As he then leaves. 

A spy from the room sneaks back to Eden and gives her Jaylharm’s location as Eden and other Rebels plan a mutiny and a plan to save Jaylharm and Leia. Two rebels from the room before follow the spy into Eden’s base. Eden calms them down and tries convincing them, saying Iswail isn’t the only hope for the galaxy because of his last name and that the light is dying in him but doesn’t have to for all them and she knows she can’t do that alone and they join.

As Maxalex and the droids are dragged in the back of Cain’s speeder, Maxalex asks who he is but he just insults him, stating he has the same hubris and close minded nature of the jedi. Cain continues, that the Jedi’s limited view of person lead to many turn to the darkside, the Jedi didn’t really want peace they wanted to be right. Maxalex disagrees but Cain states that men such as Vader turned because of said restrictions. Maxalex states that Luke didn’t fail Ryu. Cain gets emotional as he notes how different Luke was but as he talks of Luke, Maxalex tries using the force on his lightsaber but R2-D2 shocks Maxalex. Cain sees this and comments he is as dumb as Luke. This angers Maxalex and he uses the force to crash the speeder into a rock. Maxalex and the droids crawl out. Maxalex ignites his lightsaber as he walks to a crawling Cain but catches himself as he remembers Cain’s words from before. As he turns on his Lightsaber, they are then caught by Angavel guards as they collect and tie them up. 

Eden’s plan goes into action. Dax is able to steal an ship and Eden goes to Jaylharm is successful in having her join. They head to dock to hop onto the ship but see the ship explode and turn to see Iswail, who with the other members of the mutiny tied down, are captured. 

On Tatooine, They are all brought to a lair and are dropped in front of Goran Angavel, the most prominent gangster and child laborer on the planet. He laughs at Cain being captured as Cain has saved the most children and stop his business as the former rebel has to continue to serve his lost master, Luke Skywalker. Maxalex is shocked by this news as he looks at Cain. Goran continues to say Cain is a hypocrite as he sold the Jedi infant years ago and is not much better then him and for that they both will be his most torted laborers as Goran's men bring them to his jail. 

As they are locked up, Maxalex apologizes to Cain but tells him that a Jedi never understands. Cain reveals his disappointment in himself for continuing to fail Luke as Luke never wanted Maxalex to discover his Jedi past. Maxalex tells him that his story isn’t written and he can change that. Cain frees himself but refuse to free Maxalex, telling him that it is for the best.

Ryu goes into Aunt Beru and Uncle Owens home. He goes through the whole home and feels isolated and away from it. Ryu then goes to hill to look at the two suns. He is asked by a stormtrooper if he found anything, Ryu replies that he didn’t.

Iswail takes them all to the dock, explaining they attempted to sneak Leia, Chewbacca and Jaylharm on ship but caught them all. Iswail is about execute Eden and her crew to execute until Dax, still alive, shoots at the ship and gunfire breaks out on the deck. 

Maxalex is shocked as Ryu comes in, demanding for Maxalex but Goran refuses to sell him. Ryu threatens to kill him and his people until Goran sicks a creature onto Ryu.

Maxalex can only stare as his brother struggles until a vision of Leia comes. He expresses that he can’t be what the galaxy needs him to be but she tells him to only be himself and that he doesn't have to be the one to save the galaxy as the force comes from anywhere and anybody, to think he is the only one who can is foolish as no one can do it on their own. Maxalex tells her he can’t defeat Ryu but Leia tells him that he can only defeat him by understanding him and tells him that he must do the same for Iswail who has now turned and that his empathy will lead to him being the hero he wants to be. She then frees him. Maxalex is freed and he fights alongside Ryu as they defeat the guards and creatures in Goran's palace.

Judeern hijacks the ship, pointing her blaster at a guard ordering him to jump to lightspeed as her Lightspeed tracking device is now perfected. Jaylharm is unable to get her lightsaber but still takes out many and takes out Iswail. She is finally able to get her lightsaber as she has Iswail down but can’t bring herself to kill him. Iswail takes a blaster and disarms her but is shot by Leia before he can bring himself to shoot. Iswail and the rest are then ordered to be put on pods immediately. 

Officers try calming Judeern down, noting it barely worked before, but she becomes even more adament. RRectar gives and as the member activates the jump, The entire fleet comes over the Republic’s lone ship. Rectar compliments her genius and her plan but then shoots and cripples her

Jaylharm worries for Iswail but Leia tells her that she thinks there is still hope for him but they are all shocked as the entire Red Star fleet appear. Jaylharm quickly thinks of a plan and has everyone leave, telling Leia to have hope in her. 

After their successful defeat, Maxalex spares Goran but Ryu chokes Goran. Maxalex begs him to let him go and Ryu instead uses the force to bring the whole palace, destroying it. Maxalex survives and discovers the droids in the debris but is called by Ryu. Maxalex faces him, Ryu challenges him to fight on their "home" soil. Maxalex "allows" himself to participate as he reluctantly ignites his lightsaber, calming down a worrying D3 and keeping and the droids hidden. R'yu’s anger is shown and grows through his strong strikes at his brother, however, Maxalex is able to move from each, understanding and pain growing in each evasion. Maxalex senses the anger and tells Ryu evil isn’t his nature, angering Ryu more and strikes again. Jaylharm stays on the ship to take out the destroyers, as she turns to aim the ship at the Star Destroyer. Rectar and the crew are increasingly worried as they realize her plan.

Horror grows in Maxalex as he sees similarities in Ryu’s strikes of anger to his own as he moves his hand from being cut, an action Maxalex did to Ryu in their first duel. Maxalex apologizes for leaving his brother much more alone then he was and tells him that he knows Jacen isn’t gone as he turns off his lightsaber and places out to Ryu. Ryu, boiling, rushes to destroy Maxalex but instead slices his lightsaber, cutting it in half. Ryu then tells him that Jacen isn’t gone, but is dead. Maxalex tells him he will prove otherwise as The Clone Troopers capture Maxalex, bring him onto Ryu’s ship.

Jaylharm is about to put the ship into lightspeed until Iswail, still on the ship, chokes her and takes her onto the pod and thwarts her plan. The plan, however, allows the Republic’s escape ships to leave, as they see her failure with sadness.

As The Red Star ship puts Jaylharm and Iswail on, Jaylharm feels Maxalex as he enters Hammur’s room, Ryu feeling it as well. Maxalex feels her as well as they say each others names.

They arrive to Hammur’s throne room, who applauds his apperteince gitty at the power he feels from Ryu. Maxalex is horrified to see Jaylharm chained as they embrace quickly but are pulled away. Hammur calls Maxalex a failure of a Jedi, Warrior and Skywalker. Maxalex states he will take his name as Ben but isn’t a Jedi as they are supposed to bring light to the universe and but he knows he has the light of a Jedi and that light will never be gone, which is way Hammur will never win. Maxalex offers his life in exchange for Jaylharm to live freely in the Outer Rim and for Iswail’s freedom. Hammur shocks him, crippling him, He orders for Iswail to be brought to kill him as tourture but Maxalex begs Ryu do it instead. Hammur smiles as he is blinded by Ryu’s power. Ryu places his saber on his chest, Ryu struggles to ignite but as Maxalex hugs him, Maxalex ignites the lightsaber, killing himself.

Hammur grows a wicked smile at the sight Maxalex’s fallen body. As he expresses his delight in his apprentice, Jacen throws his lightsaber through the chest of his former master. Hammur’s guards charge at Jacen who is able to fight them off with his use of the force and hand to hand combat.

Leia tries communicating to her son but fails too. Leia then use the force and is able to activate the lightspeed on the ship. As Iswail hands a detained Jaylharm over to the Red Star, the whole fleet looks towards to see it charging and The ship goes through the Star Destroyer and the whole fleet of ships.

Jaylharm wakes up and sees the wreckage all around, she hears Leia’s voice telling her to go home, Jaylharm ask if there is time to save Maxalex but Leia does not answer. An injured Jaylharm sees Iswail knocked out, vulnerable to strike but does not succumb to the darkness in her as she makes it  onto a TIE Fighter and escapes. Eden and the Republic look on the sight and cheer. A collapsing Leia holds Eden, begging her to keep out hope for her son as she passes out in her arms. Iswail watches her escape, the Dark Side building in him more.

After the explosion, a dying Hammur crawls to his ship as Jacen marches to kill his former master. Jacen reaches for the crystal from Maxalex's lightsaber but as he touches it, He is then teleported. Jacen raises his head on a distant plant. He turns to see Maxalex’s dead body and as he crawls to it he looks up to see a disheveled Luke Skywalker. Jacen says “Hello father” but Luke responds, “You're no son of mine”.


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