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Star Wars Episode VII: Awakening of the Force
Star Wars Episode VII Awakening of the Force

Directed by

George Lucas

Produced by

J.J Abrams
George Lucas

Written by

George Lucas
J.J Abrams

Based on

Characters by George Lucas


Harrison Ford
Mark Hamill
Robert De Niro
Carrie Fisher
John Boyega
Jennifer Lawrence
Henry Cavill
Ben Barnes
Peter Mayhew
Andy Serkis

Music by

John Williams


Dan Mindel


Bad Robot Productions

Distributed by

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Release Dates

June 15, 2016 (Los Angeles premiere)
June 20, 2015 (United States)
June 21, 2015 (Worldwide)

Running time

160 minutes


United States




$250 million

Box Office

$2.5 billion



Star Wars Episode VII: Awakening of the Force (sometimes just "Star Wars: Awakening of the Force" or "Star Wars Episode VII") is a 2016 American Epic Space Opera film directed, produced, and written by George Lucas. The seventh installment in Star Wars film series, it stars Harrison FordMark HamillRobert De NiroCarrie FisherJohn BoyegaJennifer LawrenceHenry CavillBen BarnesPeter Mayhew, and Andy Serkis.

Awakening of the Force is set approximately 25 years after the event of Return of the Jedi (1983) and follows Naxen Calrissian, Jaina Solo, Bendor Darmaylan's fight with the New Republic and the First Order, descended from the Galactic Empire in the Second Galactic Civil War started by the First Order to reclaim it's glory.

The film started a new trilogy called, "Sequel Trilogy" and a spin-off series which will take place in the early days of the Rebel Alliance and will follows the story of young Galen Marek. George Lucas confirmed this is the last Star Wars film he's gonna direct but he will still involve in the trilogy as the writer.


  • Harrison Ford as Han Solo - One of the founding members of the New Republic and a former smuggler who went back to his old job because his divorce with Leia Organa because of their son turn to the dark side and the death of their youngest son. He also claimed smuggling is the only thing he was ever good at.
  • Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker - One of two last Jedi and one of the founding members of the New Republic and the only Jedi Master the New Republic had. He went into hiding after one of his padawans also his nephew turn to the dark side of the force and blamed himself for his nephew turning to the dark side and death of his younger nephew while he tried to prevent his brother for leaving the light side and cannot aid him in the battle.
  • Robert De Niro as Galen Marek - One of two last Jedi and who have fought along side the early Rebel Alliance and one of the founding members of the Rebel Alliance who have managed to hidden himself for the past 40 years in Jakku after his loved one, Juno Eclipse died in the battlefield and after he helped Naxen and Bendor escape the First Order, he blew up his cover and forced to join them. He has an Immense Power of the Light Side of the Force and currently the strongest Jedi in the existence.
  • Carrie Fisher as General Leia Organa - The General of the Echelon; a special military group formed by the New Republic's chancellor; Merrner Ruddier and tasked to watch First Order's movement after they broke the truce. She is shown as a strong woman like usual but deep down inside she's almost broken and under a lot of pressure because of her family broke apart.
  • John Boyega as Naxen Calrissian - The force-sentitive son of Lando Calrissian and a skilled pilot who make his living by joining various underworld gangs and sabotaged their operations and escape with the money after First Order killed his father and take over his homeworld, Bespin. His entire life changed after he helped a captured X-Wing Pilot; Bendor Darmaylan escape from First Order's custody.
  • Jennifer Lawrence as Jaina Solo - The eldest daughter of Han Solo and Leia Organa and the leader of the field of operatives of the Echelon. After her family broke apart, she dedicated herself to protect the only family she had; her mother and the New Republic.
  • Henry Cavill as Bendor Darmaylan - The leader of the X-Wing pilots of the Echelon and a childhood friend of Jaina Solo. After being freed by Naxen Calrissian, he got involved into a journey that completely changed his life. He's the only non-Jedi apprentice of Luke Skywalker because everything he knew about flying X-Wing are taught by Luke Skywalker.
  • Ben Barnes as Jacen Solo/Darth Reign - The commander of the First Order and the leader of the Spectre of Reign. The younger brother of Jaina Solo and the elder brother of Anakin Solo; who was killed by Jacen when he's going to leave the light side because trying to prevent him from leaving the light side and at the same time he led Spectre of Reign to slaughter Luke Skywalker's Jedi Padawans. He's the most skillful child of Han and Leia and Luke assumed he shared the same skill level with his grandfather, Anakin Skywalker, but like his grandfather he shared the same vision and interest to the dark side and in the end he became a sith.
  • Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca - Han Solo's wookie best friend and co-Pilot of Millenium Falcon.
  • Andy Serkis as Supreme Overlord Ragnus - The leader of the First Order and Darth Reign's master and also a powerful figure to the dark side.
  • Anthony Daniels as C-3PO - A protocol droid and a spydroid tasked to hack into First Order's network to retrieve valuable intelligences.
  • Warwick Davis (and Kenny Baker as consultant) as R2-D2 - A R2 series astromech droid owned by Luke Skywalker and being deactivated by it's owner for an unknown reason shortly before he went missing.
  • Mads Mikkelsen - Marenim Nielminn - The General of the First Order and the commander of the Anhillationer Base who was forced to take order from Reign and obey him. He never respect Reign because he thinks Reign is reckless but he can do nothing because Reign would easily kill him if he disobey him.
  • Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Dunelars Bonaghan - First Order's stormtroopers leader/captain. His armor is custom-made and visually completely different from the regular stormtroopers. His armor color is silver and has the ability to camouflage and also a jetpack on it's back. And his armor has two holsterable sword on both of the arms and his armor made him one of the three deadliest men in the First Order.
  • Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calrissian - One of the senate of the New Republic and the father of Naxen Calrissian.


Opening Crawl

"It has been 25 years since the total annihilation of the Galactic Empire and also the death of Darth Sidious and the rise of an unexpected hero; Anakin Skywalker who has returned to the light side since then. Stability and peace has been restored in the form of the New Republic.

But it didn't last long because 10 years after the Battle of Endor, the First Order borned into the existence. As the result the 2nd Galactic Civil War happened and because of that a new evil has born in the form of Darth Reign. New Republic has created a special military group called the Echelon to watch every First Order's move and gather any intellegence they got in order to defeat them with higher chance to success. But the only Jedi Master in the existance, Luke Skywalker has gone missing and the New Republic will struggle without him. Now the New Republic and First Order are competing to be the first one to find the Jedi Master.

The New Republic found out the first clue of finding Luke Skywalker is lying in the dense forest of Kashyyyk and they have sent the leader of the X-Wing pilots; Bendor Darmaylan to retrieve the clue..."


The film starts 7 years earlier in the home of the New Republic; Hosnian Prime. A Senate meeting is on going that day and the senates are discussing about what are they going to do with First Order after they declared a truce with the republic. Half of them wants to mantain the truce and the other half wants to terminate them while the republic can because they think the truce is only an attempt to buy them some time to preparing themself to destroy the republic because after 8 years of intense war they just surrender themselves without any terms or demands.

Suddenly, a commander of clone trooper alert the senate through the hologram displayer about First Order breaking the truce and launch a full scale attack on Hosnian Prime. Then a squad of clone troopers breaching in and evacuate the senate. One of the senate, Lando Calrissian, rushes to his speeder with what appears to be Luke's old Lightsaber that he lost after Darth Vader slayed his hand as his weapon and return to his home and his journey to his home is not easy because he has to survive an ambush by a group of stormtroopers in speeder-cycles.

After he reached his home, he found his wife lying on the ground, dying. And she tells him that two stormtroopers and a masked man with red lightsaber are searching their house for their son, Naxen and after that she passed away. Lando successfully killed the stormtroopers with the lightsaber but the masked man overpowered him easily in a lightsaber battle because Lando is not force-sensitive. The masked man cut Lando's arm and stab his stomach. The young Naxen can't do anything than just witnessing the slaughter. After realizing Naxen is watching, the masked man holstered his lightsaber and tell Naxen that the force is strong with him and it'll be such a waste killing for him to kill him this early and he expecting them to meet again someday. After that he leave the house.

After realizing his father is dying, Naxen come out from his hiding spot and rushes to his father and hold his hand. Lando told him to find his old friend; Han Solo, to get him to somewhere safe because after that day he sure the war will be restarted and Lando give his son Luke's lightsaber and told him to be strong and assure him everything is gonna be alright and pass away. Naxen instantly cry and feel guilty for not defending his family at that time.

With struggle, the Clone troopers, led by Han Solo, managed to stopped the massive attack and the result almost all the Senate members and civilians were killed by the attack and just as Lando predicted, the next day, Chancellor Merrner Ruddier restarts the 2nd Galactic Civil War and formed a special military group; Echelon to watch every First Order's movement.

Present Day

In the present day, the notorious Headkill and Stormraiders gangs are doing an illegal rare species dealing in a cargo carrier ship. The headkill is selling one of the rarest species in the galaxy; the Rancor, to the stormraiders. Before the stormraiders' arrival, one of the headkill members who wearing a helmet is seen loosing up the lock used by the rancor's cage. At first the trading process went smoothly as expected but everything changes after the rancor breaks out of it's cage and starts slaughtering the people on board and makes the ship unstable. With struggle, the headkill member who sabotaged the dealing stole the money and reached his ship and escaped the cargo ship right before the pilot lost control of the ship and about to fall. After successfully escape a near death experience, he open his helmet and he has been revealed to be a grown up Naxen Calrissian.

Then he saw a fleet of First Order's battleships approaching. He remembers back what First Order and mainly the masked man did to his family. He decided to sabotage whatever they are gonna do next and hoping being able to avenge his father's death by killing the masked man, Darth Reign, with the lightsaber which his father gave to him.

The film shifted to Kashyyyk. The leader of X-Wing pilots; Bendor Darmaylan with his droid RN-5 have been sent there by the Echelon to retrieve the clue of Luke Skywalker's whereabouts. The planet's elder; Norkt D'agthra told Bendor that Luke hid the clue of his whereabouts in a temple inside the dense forest behind the main village. Shortly before his departure, the First Order's fleet reach the planet and storm the village. The villagers gave the First Order a resisitance at first but the attempt is useless because the stormtroopers overpowered them shortly. Darth Reign force choke Norkt and interrogate him about the X-Wing pilot's location but Norkt refuse to answer by saying that the X-Wing pilot is beyond Darth Reign's reach. Reign releases him and slay his head with his dual lightsaber. Reign commands the stormtroopers captain, Dunelars Bonaghan to search the forest. Meanwhile, Bendor safely flee from the battlezone with RN-5 and safely reached the temple with a speeder-cycle. With struggle, he crossed all obstacles and traps on his way to the clue. Shortly after he left the temple, Dunelars found them and an intense chase started. Dunelars use his jetpack to keep up with Bendor and after a while he stop chasing him and turns out, Darth Reign is in front of them and he use the force to bring down a huge tree. Unable to stop in time, Bendor hitted the tree and fell.

Meanwhile on the other side, Naxen has reached the planet and he saw Bendor's X-Wing and noticing the Echelon's logo on the body. He knocked out an unaware Stormtrooper and stole his armor and try to learn what just happened there. Then he saw Darth Reign with stormtroopers carrying the injured X-Wing pilot. Realizing that he couldn't finish Darth Reign here, he decided to bail the pilot out. Darth Reign ordered the stormtroopers to kill all the villagers ans before entering his ship, Darth Reign looked at Naxen and he felt something isn't right but he couldn't figure out what it is and decided to pass. With a sight of relief, Naxen enter the First Order's ship.

As the fleet arrived at the first order's Star Destroyer, Naxen infiltrate the front deck for an escape plan. Meanwhile Bendor is held in a torture chamber to be interrogated. Dunelars tells Darth Reign that they have done all of the torturing methods to make him talk but none of them works. After Reign used his power to torture Bendor's mind, he eventually broke and told him that the clue is inside his RN-5 droid and he has sent it to a remote system; Felucia system. Dunelars commands Naxen in disguise to bring Bendor to cell 171-C. After Dunelars leave their sight, Naxen tell Bendor to play along in order to escape the star destroyer. Confused by what he said, Bendor demanded an explanation and Naxen told him that he was the citizen of the New Republic and the son of the dead senate member; Lando Calrissian and he wants to foil every First Order's plan in order to avenge his father's death. Without drawing any attention, they enter a T.I.E starfighter but as they are about to take off, the starfighter is still chainned and attract the attention of the every personel in the star destroyer. Naxen successfully free the ship from it's chain but right before they gonna blast off Darth Reign hold the ship with the force. Bendor tried to shoot him but the force jammed the starfighter's weapon system. Suddenly Naxen hears a voice in his head which telling him to calm his mind and let his mind defeat his fear. As expected after he did what the voice said, the T.I.E starfighter blasted off safely.

But their problem is not over yet because 5 T.I.E starfighters are trying to terminate them. They successfull shot down 4 T.I.E starfighters but as they are about to shoot down the last one, it shot their left wing and their ship is gonna crash into a planet called Jakku; a planet where the Empire completely defeated by the New Republic in an intense war so now the planet is filled with wreckages from the war. Their ship crashed on the middle of nowhere, far from the main city. Naxen is trying to crawl out from the ship's wreckage with Bendor helping him. Both of them saw a group of T.I.E starfighters approaching their position. Just as before they are about to surrender, one of the T.I.E crash into the other T.I.E and they noticed an old man seemingly using the force to make that happen. One of the T.I.E shoots it's laser into him but the old man stops it and revert the laser to it's sender. Realizing what he can do, the remnants of the group are trying to leave but the old man make them hit the ground immediately one by one. After he defeated the T.I.Es, he helps Bendor to carry Naxen and bring them to his house; a wreckage of a Star Destroyer.

In there, Bendor recapture a moment when Leia Organa told a story about a missing hero of the Rebel Alliance, a Jedi called Galen Marek who involved in the creation of the Rebellion against the Galactic Empire. After that he ask him about all that. He kept silence for a moment but then he confirmed that he's the missing hero of the Rebel Alliance; Galen Marek. Bendor asks him why did he left the Alliance to fight on it's own but he refuses to answer because it was caused by a personal matter. Then he asks them why they ended up in Jakku and why the First Order hunting them down. After Bendor explained it to him, he ask him to join them because Luke Skywalker has gone missing and without him the Echelon doesn't have any advantage at all against the First Order, he also refused the offer. Naxen asks Bendor what was he doing in Kashyyyk. After he told him everything, he told Naxen that he insert the clue into his droid; RN-5 and sent it to Felucia. Marek responded to it by telling him that Felucia is a dangerous planet and almost all of the dangerous creatures in the galaxy are from there and he willing to help them by introducing them to his acquaintance on the main city who can get them there and provides them protection while they are on the planet.

Right after their speeder hovered at the main city square, a T.I.E blasted the speeder's engine and thrown all the passengers away from it. After they are avoiding the blaster for a moment, Millenium Falcon shot down one of the T.I.E and flying low in the front of them and opens it's cargo door. Chewbacca is reaching out it's hand to lift them up into the ship. Noticing Han Solo is the one who fly the ship, Naxen quickly approach him to thank him but Han immediately told him to man the left side weapon station. Due to Millenium Falcon's slim exterior, Han can lose their pursuer by going into the ruins of Star Destroyers and also indirectly destroying the T.I.Es in process because they can't manuever in narrow places.


Post Credits Scene 







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