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Ashes Of The Empire
Star Wars Episode VII- Ashes of The Empire Poster.jpg

Directed by

J.J Abrams

Produced by

Kathleen Kennedy
J.J Abrams
Bryan Burk

Screenplay by

​J.J Abrams
Rian Johnson

Story by

​J.J Abrams
Rian Johnson
Lawrence Kasdan

Based on

​ Characters
by George Lucas


Harrison Ford
Mark Hammil
Carrie Fisher
Dane DeHaan
Eddie Redmayne
Lupita Nyong'O
Finn Wittrock
Alicia Vikander
Saorise Ronan
Mark Rylance
Claire Foy
Daniel Kaluuya
Anthony Daniels
Peter Mayhew
Andrew Scott
Simon Pegg
Sterling K. Brown

Music by

​ John Williams


​ Bill Pope

Edited by

​ Mary Jo Markey
Maryann Brandon


​ Lucasfilm Ltd.
Bad Robot Productions

Distributed by

​ Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Release date(s)

​ December 25, 2015

Running time

​ 138 Minutes


​ United States


​ English


​ $190 Million


Star Wars: Ashes of The Empire is a 2015 American epic space opera film directed, co-produced, and co-written by J. J. Abrams. The seventh installment in the main Star Wars film series, it stars Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Dane DeHaan, Lupita Nyong'o, Eddie Redmayne, Finn Wittrock, Alicia Vikander, Saorise Ronan, Mark Rylance, Claire Foy, Daniel Kaluuya, Anthony Daniels, Peter Mayhew, Andrew Scott, and Sterling K. Brown. Ashes of The Empire is set approximately 30 years after the events of Return of the Jedi, It follows Max who is a smuggler on Tatooine but when a pursed Jedi escapes the clutch of the newly made Red Star, it tangles Max and Jaylharm with the Republic battle against the Red Star.

The film's sequel, Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Hope, was released in 2017.

Owned and Written by: J23odi




Star Wars Episode VII Ashes of The Empire Crawl-1

Written Crawl

A search continues. The diabolical RED STAR look to recapture the galaxy as they are restless to locate the daughter of their fallen leader and make an ally out of the untrained warrior, poised to start a dynasty of darkness.

With support of the REPUBLIC, General Leia Organa leads her band of REBELS in search of the girl, seeing her as the first beacon of hope since the disappearance of her brother LUKE, The Last Jedi.

Desperate to avoid another catastrophic war, Leia has sent her daring son to Wath to locate her and keep her out of the clutches of Grand Fur Hammur's mysterious apprentice and restore peace and justice to a galaxy that has not seen any….


We arrive to the Planet, Wath. A man, D’entu Khrim, is seen meditating in his tent until he hears screams that quickly turn quiet as he opens his tent, he sees Clone Troopers pointing with guns and then Ryu Kitur, leader of the Red Star, steps in. He sits and comments on how the planet has fallen since their leader, Kai Edo, failed them and the dark side of the force but D’entu comments that he never failed his people but Ryu has. Ryu demands the location of Kai’s daughter but he states that he has no idea who he is but Ryu tells him that he is an avenger and strikes him down. He then orders his troopers to search.

Clone Troopers storm a tent and prepare to fire on a family until he is stabbed and it is revealed to be Jaylharm Edo, Kai Edo’s daughter. The family gives her a locket as she runs into the woods, catching the attention of the Clone Troopers who destroy the tent and chase her. As Clone Troopers continue to chase her into the woods, They are tackled by rebels led by Iswail Solo.

Jaylharm continues to run as Clones continue to fire at her and one grazes her arm as she gets closer to her ship. As she sees her ship, A pair of troopers get into the front of her but they are shot by Iswail, who then extends his hand saying the Republic is here to save her. Jaylharm then performs a massive force push, blasting him as well the nearby troopers behind her away. 

Ryu sees the ship in the air and begins using the force on the ship, momentarily stopping it until he uses the force to stop a blast from Iswail’s gun, letting Jaylharm’s ship get away and leaving her knocked. The clone’s attack Iswail and bring him and the other Republic rebels to Ryu. 

Iswail makes snarky remarks until Ryu asks if they know where she is going but as Iswail refuses. Ryu reads a rebel’s mind, causing him to scream, and then kills him. Ryu does the same to the next rebel, who after stands up and runs but is frozen by Ryu and he then walks over and kills him. Ryu goes to Iswail but after a beat, orders he be brought onto the ship. Ryu then orders they kill all the villagers. As the rebels fire on them, Iswail escapes from the Clone’s grasp and jumps into a river. 

Iswail is dragged out of the water by the village girls. As he awakens he sees his ship still in pieces and a village elder tells him to find Jaylharm and take her somewhere safe as her home planet is no longer that. He shakes his hand promises he will as he puts a Republic pendent in his hand and then boards his ship and departs.

Jaylharm wakes up to seeing space termites bitting into her ship. She is horrified and takes out her lightsaber to slash them, but having no mastery over the weapon, slashes the keyboard, causing her ship to crash into a desert planet, Jakku. 

A knock on her ship wakes her up. She doesn’t respond but looks to see a boy and his droids. The boy states his name is Maxalex and his droid is D3. He asks if she is okay but as she doesn’t respond again, he leaves food and goods for her and tells her where the city is and how dangerous the place can be and to be careful as he and his droid then depart on their cruiser.

A boy, Maxalex and his droid, D3 roam around a big hut and look into it. D3 alerts him that he sees Maxalex’s ship, poorly constructed and mostly parts. As the coast is clear they hope the fence in front of them and quickly take the ship, dragging it as the parts lay on a raft. Maxalex tries running as fast as he can but is then caught from the men from the big hut, who knocks him out.

Maxalex is brought to Wes Cracken, a very prominent weapons, ships and gear exchanger on the planet. Maxalex pleads his case, stating they stole his ship days ago but Han tells him that it’s life and nothing is really yours. Han offers to buy it instead of giving it back but Maxalex states he made the ship to get off the planet as there is so much out there. Wes differs but Maxalex he says Wes hasn’t seen it, Wes insist he has but Maxalex suggest he shouldn’t have picked up his ball and ran from it all and leave here and the guards hit Maxalex. Wes, looks at him for a beat and orders they take the ship. An angered Maxalex unknowingly uses the force and takes a blaster and aims it at the guards but Wes aims a blaster and Maxalex’s head, horrified, Maxalex surrenders and leaves. Wes is shaken as he sees him leave.

Maxalex goes home to his alien caretakers, his “aunts” Baku, Shinto, and Amu, as they all seat for dinner. They ask about his scar but he lies and says its nothing. Shinto disapproves of his ship and hopes it doesn’t work out and Amu agrees, this angers him greatly as he reveals it was stolen. They are happy as they state their is no need for him to go out but Baku asks him to go look at her ship in the back and this excites him as he leaves to look, Shinto and Amu disapprove, stating she endorse him too much but Baku insist he can’t be a kid forever.

The Grand Fur Hammur stresses how susceptible Jaylharm is to either side of the force and she must be brought to them immediately. Admiral Judeern informs him they have discovered her location and will send troops to her soon. Hammur dismisses Judeern. Hammur talks of how when he found Ryu he had great potential due to his bloodline but has stunned his own growth due to his hesitation and fear of the dark side. Ryu tries to argue this but Judeern states that he had Iswail on weakened and could have extracted much more information but couldn’t because Iswail is a Solo, and they share memories together. Judeern states that if he can’t tourtre his cousin how can he expect Ryu to kill his own father, Luke Skywalker. Judeern states that Ryu aspires to be Vader but can’t even kill Jacen Skywalker, stating he is no Vader but a child in a mask.

Ryu then goes to his generals and kills many of them, he then pulls a general to him and tells him to ensure the girl is captured or he will be next.

The next morning Maxalex and D3 are stopped in his cruiser as Wes and his men approach. Wes tells him to come with him.

Wes brings Maxalex back to his spot and Maxalex lights up as he see’s his ship completed and Wes reveals he worked on it all night and Maxalex thanks him but Wes tells him to call him Han instead. Han tells him he can have the ship if he brings him Jaylharm as he gives Maxalex the bounty. Maxalex desperately agrees. Han refers him to his bar to find a better blaster as he will need one.

Maxalex goes to the bar and sits with a weapon dealer who show’s terrifying weapons. The bar stops as Jaylharm in. She goes to the bartender, Jar, and demands water in a gesture, he demands payment but she then uses the force to take a weapon and points at him until Maxalex, gives her a cup of water and some other goods to de-escalate things and she leaves.

Maxalex and D3 get in his cruiser to look for the girl. D3 struggles on his map but Maxalex tells him that he feels her and drives. Maxalex sees her in her hut and slowly goes towards her. He tells her that he knows a place where she can stay as D3 gives her food. She quickly eats it as she goes to the Speeder but as Maxalex starts reaching for his gun, she stops and turns to him with a threatening look. Scared, Maxalex fires but she stops the blast and slowly destroys the gun. As she approaches him angered, The men who sold the blaster towards her at full speed. She then flips their speeder, causing it to crash. She is knocked out from the effort, falling onto Maxalex’s speeder.

Maxalex carries her into his hut, begging his aunts to mend her wounds. Shinto and Amu give a worried look at Baku, but she leads her sisters in healing her as Maxalex watches on worried.

Iswail’s pod lands in a home, where people quickly scream for him to leave. Iswail roams the streets and a montage of him asking for Jaylharm and many laughing and not caring about his Solo heritage is shown.

Iswail stumbles into Han’s shop. Iswail asks Han, not recognizing his father due to his very big beard, if he knows where Jaylharm is. Han is speechless as he recognizes his son and says no. Before Iswail can ask for more information, Han leaves

Maxalex wakes up to Jaylharm still wounded. Baku tells him that she is going to be okay and Maxalex leaves back to the sight to see if she forgot anything.

Han arrives to his shop in cruiser and sees it being ransacked by The Red Star. He sees dead bodies around as Admiral Judeern approaches him. She ask if he knows of her location but Han doesn’t. She notes that Han has asked others to find her and that if he does to immediately report and give her to The Red Star. Han tells her that no one calls him Han anymore but Judeern points her blaster at him, saying that she can call him whatever, and hopefully she can call him an ally as the Red Star departs.

Maxalex and D3 go back to her hut. Maxalex gets her things and discovers her lightsaber. When he reaches for it, he is overwhelmed by a mass amount of voices and screams and drops it quickly. As they head back home, they are stopped by the Red Star as a Clone Trooper questions him. He is horrified as he sees his neighbors disintegrated carcass and burned down-home. The Clone Trooper raises his gun as he asks if he knows where Jaylharm is. As the Trooper spots her lightsaber, Maxalex tells him that they can move along and the Clone Trooper repeats it, letting them pass. Judeern sees this and shots the Trooper, sending her troopers after the speeder.

Jaylharm prepares her things as Baku arrives, telling that she has felt her in energy in her father. Baku notes that Jaylharm does not carry the same evil as her father did but the same conflict, the same withholding, and looking feel. Jaylharm chokes her but Baku tells to finish her if she really can, if that is who she really is but Jaylharm stops. Baku tells her that she doesn’t need to be hiding who she is. Jaylharm, saying her first words, responds that she isn’t fit for this world, but Baku tells her she can be if she allows herself to.

Maxalex arrives home and informs them of the hunt. Baku and her sisters arm the house and Baku gives Maxlex the directions to her ship, telling him to get Jaylharm to the Outer Rim, far from the Red Star. Jaylharm objects, taking her saber and force pushes the Red Star ships from a distance but wounds herself from the effort. Maxalex helps her onto the speeder. Jaylharm asks why she is doing this and Baku tells her that she doesn’t deserve to carry her father’s burden. Maxalex and Jaylharm then escape.

Iswail searches on his speeder and finds Maxalex and Jaylharm. He demands her but as they bicker the Red Star catches up, they shoot at them together until the Red Star takes out Iswail’s ship. He hops onto Maxalex’s offering a compromise as he knows a ship they can escape on. Maxalex denies until they see Baku’s ship explode. Iswail begins to lead them. Jaylharm, still hurt begins using the force to deflect the Clones, attacking those who try to sneak on.

Maxalex is shocked as he is called by Han, who tells him to come by his store and take his ship as he knows he needs it and to protect his friends.

As they arrive at the shop, Maxalex maneuvers the speeder from the Star's sight and they all escape the speeder and run to Maxalex’s ship. Admiral Judeern, in a crashed speeder, calls for Captain Vanshill, the head of the clones. They all get aboard until the Vanshill begins firing at them, preventing Maxalex from entering the ship. He tells D3 to keep Jaylharm safe and Maxalex distracts Vanshill and the Order, allowing Iswail and Jaylharm to escape on the Ship. Han looks on sadden as he sees Maxalex getting captured.

Ryu speaks, stating that he wants to let go of this fear but he feels the power of memories control him too much and ask for power from the dark side to stop and power to remain committed to their cause, to finish what they started. He departs, revealing him talking to a damaged Darth Vader helmet.

Iswail degrades in the ship. He turns to D3 and Jaylharm pointing at him, ordering he take her to the Outer Rim. Iswail tells her that the Republic wants her safe but D3 discovers the bounty paper Iswail had. Iswail states that the Republic wants to use her right as she turns the tide in the war but Jaylharm doubts it, stating the Republic, led by Han Solo and Princess Leia, killed her father in the recent Galactic War but Iswail states that her father was a mass murder but Jaylharm asks him what he thinks the Republic thinks she is and he falls silent. He tells her that they want to change but she tells her that she doesn’t want to be saved, that she doesn’t want to be in the equation. The ship then runs into a problem and Jaylharm has D3 watch him as he goes to fix it.

Iswail tries convincing D3 to help him, offering a reward and reasserts he wants her safe like Maxalex said but D3 curses at him instead. As he asks for its help on something, he deactivates the droids. Jaylharm looks at the galaxy and all the planets. She struggles to mouth out Maxalex’s name.

Han ponders in his office until he is called by a partner from the Bar, telling him that a Rebel is there arguing with some of his men. As Han goes over he is annoyed as he sees a former worker of his is the rebel, Eden Dontain. Eden and Han’s men are pointing blasters at one another. Han then comes and stops them, as Eden argues that the men first won’t help her on her mission and took her money, Han covers her mouth before she says his real name. Han then deescalates the situation and takes her outside.

Han tells her that he is actually happy to see her for once but she states that she doesn't want to see him and that she is only on the planet to find both Jaylharm and Iswail Solo, Han’s son. Han assures her that both of them are together and safe but he stops a rushing Eden, telling her his request to have her help him save Maxalex from the Red Star. She declines initially due to her mission but he tells her that the boy is force sensitive, as she asks how he knows this Han, with a sad face, says he’s seen enough before to know. Eden agrees but she refuses to leave the Red Star’s base without a map of it and she gives Han a judging look as she knows he is familiar with the ship. They shake on it. Eden then notes that Han has someone he has to apologize to before they go and he turns to see Chewbacca, who initially lifts Han, choking him against the wall. Han apologizes to Chewbacca, telling him he had to leave Leia and his son with someone he trusted, this warms Chewbacca’s heart and they embrace. Han then leads them to the Millenium Falcon as they take off on their mission.

Captain Vanshill drags Maxalex to both Captain Judeern and Ryu Kitur. Judeern laughs over his infatuation with Jaylharm, she demands he tell her where she is heading but he refuses and demands Vanshil execute him but Ryu stops him. Ryu goes over and is able to read his mind effortlessly, stating he is from Tatooine and the girl is on a Republic led ship, with the goal being the outer rim. Judeern praises Ryu and as Maxalex is dragged away, he states he read Ryu as well, that he is a scared child and is afraid he won’t be Darth Vader, Ryu then chokes him asking who he is but Maxalex spits on his mask. Ryu orders he be detained and that Jakku be the first planet the Plagues takes out, The Red Star’s solar system destroyer.

As they are on the Falcon, Han shaves off his beard. Han looks through some old things and is reminded of his past adventures and finds Luke’s Lightsaber and looks at it deeply. Eden then comes in and though she remembers she is never allowed to ask about his past, she ask whatever happened to Luke. Han tells her that Luke’s boy, Jacen, had been training to be a Jedi but he began tapping into the Dark Side to gain power and Luke stopped his training. Luke went to war and trusted Han in watching him but so many missions had stopped from focusing on him. Jacen then gave into Hammur after Hammur’s apprentice, Kai Edo, died by Luke’s hand during the war. Hammur made Jacen destroy the Jedi temple and killed the students and Luke’s wife alongside another boy. Eden ask if Jeid are actually real, if all of that stuff is and Han confirms it. Han states Jacen is now Ryu and Han failed him but Eden tells him that his story is finished yet.

Red Star generals activate the Plagueis overwatched by Judeern and Ryu as it fires. Han and the crew in The Falcon see the blast destroy Jakku. Maxalex screams in terror as he sees his home destroyed. 

Jaylharm feels Maxalex’s pain as Jakku is destroyed. Jaylharm then unties Iswail, he picks up his gun and aims it at her. Jaylharm, however, states that she wants to save Maxalex on the Plagueis. Iswail refuses against this but Jaylharm tries to use the force to convince but fails as he breaks it. Jaylharm the offers that she will go to the Republic in exchange and he agrees.

As they get closer, Eden is on a face call with Leia, informing her of her mission and status but not revealing her going with Han. Han refuses to go in, choosing to stand out and listen.

Eden is shocked by the size of the Plagueis though Han is unimpressed by it. Han and Chewbacca bond as they formulate a plan and reveal they miss each other. Han and Eden get into Red Star gear, Eden angered that Han even had an outfit, and put Chewbacca in handcuffs as they land.

Han and Eden dress as Red Star soldiers and have Chewbacca captive, The guards they meet recognize the ship and state they no longer have animals, stating they kill them on sight, Han and Eden then blast their way through.

Jaylharm is shocked by the planet’s shock, Iswail horrified by it. As they land and leave their ship, it is immediately shot and destroyed due to the planet's detective sensing. They hide in the bushes as Clone Troopers go to receive whatever items are left of the ship. As they open the doors, dragging parts back into the Plagueis, The duo sneak in.

They sneak into a room boiler room consistent of dead aliens, to torn up droids. Some scare them as they figure out a plan but hide as Captain Vanshill enters. He looks closely but is unable to detect until he hears their escape, alerting Judeern.

They hide and Eden suggest they split, stating she will find the map and them the boy but Han states that the deal was they all find him, Eden states he can do it but Han admits he can’t and that its too important for their own ego and self centered goal to get in the way of saving this boy but Eden lets out that Han is self centered for leaving his family. Han admits to it and emotionally states that he wants to change that and Eden sees his truth and agrees.

Chewbacca then runs through the station and Eden and Han chase him, telling no one else to fire as they have him covered, Chewbacca goes into an elevator and goes to the floor. Eden asks a Red Star officer what floor Chewbacca went too but as she is being informed, Chewbacca talks on the intercom and Eden and Han begin firing away and escape into an elevator. 

As they try and think of a plan, the elevator stops and they see they are being pulled up to a Red Star stop. They then fire through the floor. Han jumps to a door and pry’s it open as Eden fights off bots. The Elevator continues to get higher and higher and Han talks Eden into the drop. She sees the Red Star guards and gives them the finger as she drops and is caught by Han.

Ryu goes to Maxalex, now bleeding and wounded, and asks about his ability. Ryu reads his mind and sees he cares deeply for his friends because he has been lonely for so long. Ryu offers Maxalex join him, he give up Luke’s location and in return he will leave his friends alone but Maxalex denies and curses him out, stating he will destroy if he touches his friends but Ryu further instigates him as he see’s Maxalex’s anger and power rise but Maxalex then notices his anger and stops. Ryu states Maxalex is no better than he is as he departs. 

As they get to the dock, Jaylharm insist on slashing through the Clones but Iswail advises against and states they need to find the control room as a map for the ship could lie in there. She reluctantly agrees as they sneak through the ship. 

Iswail watches a Red Star assistant enter a room and theorizes that is the control room. Iswail tries rewiring the door scan but it results in a blare that alerts the Clones to their location. Jaylharm chokes Iswail, thinking he tricked her, as the Clone Troopers arrive. She then throws him into a line of them as she makes her escape. Iswail sloppily gets up and shoots the Clone Trooper as he escapes in the opposite way. 

During his escape Iswail sees the actual control room and runs in on the closing door and takes out the officers and Clones in there. He looks out to see Jaylharm slashing through Clone Troopers and they argue. After a Clone Trooper shoots her hand, seeing her lightsaber away into the depths of the ship, he finally convinces her to get into the room and she force pushes a pack clones to get to him and closes the door in time. As he looks over the panel, he sees the whole map of the Plagueis, and notes how it will help the Republic greatly and finding Maxalex easier. Jaylharm, exhausted by her use of the force, then chokes him again for his past betraying but Iswail states he would never do that as he has more honor then that, he believes when you commit yourself to someone or a mission you stick with them no matter. Jaylharm respects this as they leave.

Judeern is informed of Jaylharm’s presence as well as Han Solo and yells at herself for not killing Han before. Ryu states he will dispose of Han Solo and her clones handle the girl. Judeern disagrees stating that he ought to show the power of his “religion” but Ryu begins to choke but Judeern still talks through, warning him to not let his own personal goals get in the way of the Order. He drops her as he leaves.

Maxalex, bloodied and heartbroken, hears clone troopers approaching puts his hands but he hears voices telling him to focus and as he does the door blows open. Han Solo looks in asking if he is okay and Maxalex hugs him thanking him deeply and Han is warmed. Han drags Maxalex out as Chewbacca and Eden cover. They all stop as they hear a drop on the elevator and Han and the group prepare to fire but as the doors open, They are shocked to see Iswail and Jaylharm. Jaylharm embraces Maxalex. Iswail is frozen as he sees Han. As Han tries to see his name, emotion filled, Iswail embraces his father. Han apologizes but Iswail says he didn’t need to and that he understands. 

Their embrace is ruined as Clone Troopers begin to charge towards them from a distance. They all get into the elevator but see the system has made is stationary. Eden and Chewbacca begin to rewire it as Jaylharm makes a force shield as they block of the blast from the Clones to buy time. Iswail and Han fire taking out the guards. Iswail, wanting to buy more time, gets closer and begins taking them out by hand. Han tries to courale his son and as he goes to retrieve him as Eden fixes the system, He is shot as they all enter the blaster. Han removes his jacket to see blood pouring. Iswail is devastated but Han assures him he is fine. They then hear on the intercom that they are looking for Han Solo.

As they land, The ship stands away from them on a very long walkway. Jaylharm recommends they go through the upper deck, near many electrical wires, to get to the ship so they are hidden. As they climb up they discover landmines and lay them in front of the elevator so they can blow the Clones. Iswail expresses his excitement to Leia’s reaction and this warms Han’s heart as he bleeds out more.

As they climb, Ryu enters and is followed by Clones as he marches down the walkway. After a look at him, Han has everyone continue as he climbs down to confront Ryu. Iswail asks him what he is doing but Han just winks at him.

Han yells his name as he steps onto the walkway. Han falls and struggles to stand up as Ryu lists the number of casualties on the side of Red Star in the last war and how long he, Leia and Luke were away. He says he will avenge the fallen casualties and will bring true justice. Han says that they took out a monster but Ryu says that they made him a monster. Han tells him to take off his mask, that there isn’t a monster under there, not yet at least. Ryu takes off his mask as tears run down his face. Han tells him that Hammur just wants his body and not him, that he will throw him away when he gets the chance, that he doesn’t have to do this. Ryu tells him that he has to kill him, he has to but falls silent when Han asks “or what?”. Han gets closer to him and turns off his lightsaber saying that we make our own choices, not anyone else. Ryu ask Han if he will help him and Han agrees. Iswail stops as he looks on, alongside Maxlaex and the crew. Han feels Ryu’s grip on his wrist tighten. Han sees a young Jacen’s face for a spilt second and Ryu pulls Han into his lightsaber as he ignites it, killing Han Solo.

Iswail, in tears, shoots his blaster at full power at Ryu’s shoulder, making him fall. Chewbacca activates the landmines as they group are able to escape to the Millennium Falcon.

As Iswail drives the ship, Eden asks how he is holding up. Iswail says that he’s happy because Han was who he was before left and was what history says he was, A true hero. D3 comforts Chewbacca as Jaylharm goes to a wounded Maxalex. As she heals him, Maxalex wishes he could have saved Han and could have defended her but she dismisses needing to be defended. When Maxalex asks why she saved she tells him it was because she still wants to get to the Outer Rim and Maxalex smiles, assuring his promise to her. 

The ship stops and Eden looks to see Jakku pirates have stopped the Falcon and are about to board. They all prepare their blasters but hear massive gunfire. As it ceases they stay ready aimed until they hear a woman say “Where is my son” The women turns to be Leia Organa, leader of the Republic. They are all relieved but as Iswail goes and hugs his mother he starts crying, prompting Leia to ask “Where’s Han?”

Ryu bursts in and interrupts Judeerns and Hammur, stating that they must focus on the boy, Maxalex, and no longer on Jaylharm as the boy knows Luke Skywalker’s location. Hammur laughs as Ryu let the boy go and Judeern states that the rebels now have the map of the Plagues but Ryu freezes her and Ryu tels Hammur that he did what Hammur wanted in killing Han Solo and feels the power of his bloodline and will honor that power, the power of the darkside before he honors his own master. Hammur realizes how powerful Ryu has become and orders he bring the boy and Jaylharm to him but after he will “complete” Ryu. Ryu then unfreezes Judeern and tells her to not worry as the Rebels have been given false hope as he departs.

Night comes on Jaindel, The Republics Base Planet, as they have a vigil for Han Solo. Maxalex walks around the base, bumping into and meeting C-3PO. Maxalex begins hearing voices and follow them, which leads him down to an empty room. As he goes to an empty room and the visions persist, now gaining more detail as he opens his eyes he sees himself in a basement and opens the box in front of him and grabs the lightsaber in it. The visions become clear but he quickly drops it.

He turns as he hears Leia who tells him that Eden just gave her the lightsaber and it belonged to Luke Skywalker, A Jedi Knight. He asks what a Jedi is and she explains it to him and the power of the force. She tells him that she knows what he did from Eden and that she can only help him so much but that she hopes her brother can come back. She urges him to keep it and that he will find himself through it but he tells her that Luke is gone and left this for a reason and doesn’t want to know why as he hands the Lightsaber to her and leaves.

Iswail approaches a packing Jaylharm, who reveals she hasn’t talked to Leia and won’t as she has to leave tomorrow. She apologizes for what happened to Han but Iswail asks if she loved her father and she falls silent. He then ask if she has loved anyone but Jaylharm ask why would she if it hurts too much. Jaylharm states that the people here are not the monsters she has heard them to be, that she has seen both sides of the Galaxy but that her and her family have always been the factors to destroy that balance and doesn’t want that. Iswail then begs her not to be a coward as he leaves.

Morning comes as Jaylharm prepares her ship and Maxalex and D3, packed, reminds her of his promise and she smiles as he boards. Leia goes to her and relates on how hard it is being the daughter of prominent parents and that she wishes her the best in being a new person but to not lose complete hope in who she is now. Their moment of peace is gone as TIE Fighter begin shooting at the base as Red Star ships land, Ryu departs from the ship, starting their invasion. Vanshill leads as him and the TIE Fighter take out primarily X-Wings and prominent generals. Iswail and Chewbacca lead the offensive but is shocked as his mother, Leia, joins him on the front lines.

Jaylharm and Maxalex see this but Jayharm feels Ryu’s presence and states shehas to go out there and Maxalex offers to join but states that Ryu wants him. Maxalex states that he isn’t scared and won’t let her get hurt and she tells him she won’t let it happen either as she knocks him out. She tells D3 to make sure they go somewhere safe as she departs. Ryu slices through many Rebels until he is shot at by Jaylharm and then follows her as she goes into the forrest.

Vanshill and the Clones start firing at Maxalex’s ship, planning to get inside of it until Iswail fires at them but fails as they overpower him, Eden’s X-Wing is able to clear out the clones.

Jaylharm goes deeper into the forest and is paranoid looking for him until Ryu comes from behind her, she fires at him and then force pushes towards him but Ryu tells her that she is a waste of potential. He freezes her and ask where Maxalex is. She refuses but states he will come to him as he knocks her out and takes her onto his ship as the Red Star depart.

The Republic regroup and look at the map of the Plagueis and devise a plan. Due to the planet’s force field blocking off planets, only the Falcon can get past it due to its speed and recommend a crew go in and destroy the generators to take down the force field so the X-Wings can find the core and blast it many times to overheat it. Maxalex insist on going in and saving Jaylharm and Iswail and Chewbacca agree to go in and take out the generators. Leia tracks her son down, saying she is more comfortable with General Rectar going instead, he tells her she won’t lose him but Leia expresses she does every time has he becomes so focused on becoming some sort of legend as opposed to being himself and begs for that not take him over. Iswail storms off. 

As the gang prepare to leave, Leia goes over to her son and comments how the Falcon fits him and gives him Han’s jacket to wear as they hug. She then signals that Luke’s Lightsaber is in the pocket and states Maxalex will need it when the time is right.

Judeern gives an evil, embroiled speech, stating that when the Plageius is set, the Dynasty of Hammur will continue through the galaxy and the Red Star will be the only light left in the galaxy and destroy the Republic. The Clones raise their arms as they prepare for battle.

Maxalex, Iswail and Chewbacca successfully get past the force fields and onto the Plagueis. As they sneak through, they split up as Maxalex goes for Jaylharm. Iswail and Chewbacca go to where the generators are but go to see the generators aren’t there and Iswail is angered as he realizes they stole a fake map. Judeern, guns aimed behind them, reveal that only her and Ryu have the real map and made a fake one just incase as the clones capture the two. 

As the X-Wings await confirmation of Iswail and Chewbacca’s mission, The Force fields go down, shocking Leia and the crew back at Jaindel. As the X-Wings enter Plagueis, led by Eden, Leia orders they not as the Force FIelds go back up, trapping the X-Wings in the planet. As they are trapped, the ambush begins as TIE Fighers wipe out most of the fleet and damages Eden’s ship, destroying her Map feature. 

Maxalex is weirded by the emptiness and silence of the Plagueis. He begins randomly hearing screams from Iswail, Jaylharm and Chewbacca but begins hearing voices from Obi-Wan, Yoda and Luke, telling him he knows where to go and follow the path. Maxalex finds the room and enters.

Maxalex walks into the right room as he sees Jaylharm, Iswail and Chewbacca all tied up. As he approaches, Jaylharm alerts him as he looks down and falls into the Carbonite Pit. Judeern and Clones appear with weapons as she signals they turn on the Carbonite but Maxalex jumps out in time and pulls Jaylharm towards him with the force. Gunfire breaks out as Iswail and Chewbacca break out and all four are able to get a hold of blasters.

X-Wing Red Leader turns on his map and lead the squadron to the location of the Core, hurting Eden’s pride.. As they arrive to the spot however, they do not see a Core, discovering the Map they stolen was purposefully wrong and was a safeproof map incase the Republic every tried to find it. Red Leader is destroyed as the TIE Fighters ambush them again. Eden leads the rest of the X-Wings away and states they all spilt up to find the Core. Eden sees this plan fail as more and more X-Wings are destroyed, leaving very few. Eden, completely lost and scared, asks Leia for guidance over her intercom. Leia, heartbroken at the failures so far leaves the room.

Leia sits defeated, a vision of Han comes to her. She tells the Vision that she struggles with hope, that she just doesn’t see any and reveals she always held out Hope that Han would return but he never did. Han tells her that he did, he returned to his family, to who he was before. He tells her that true Hope is hoping for something you can’t see, sometimes something you can’t believe and that her belief in that always kept him crazy about her. She tells Han she loves and he replies “I Know”.

Eden then hears Leia, telling her to believe in her senses. Eden argues she needs a map but Leia tells her she doesn’t as her instincts know where it. Eden breaths and then demands the rest of the X-Wings follow her.

As they are able to hold their own and wipe out most of the clones, Judeern orders Captain Vanshill, who then approaches the group as he throws a fight ready Iswail into Chewbacca. Vanshill attacks Jaylharm and Maxalex, lifting and chocking Jaylharm with The Capricator. As Maxalex strikes, Vanshill turns his blade, letting go of Jaylharm and viciously slicing Maxalex’s arm. He stabs Maxalex’s back and as Jaylharm leaps to save him, Vanshill chokes her and throws her into the pit. A bleeding Maxalex struggles to stop Vanshill’s blade from impaling his chest as Vanshill applies more pressure, nearly stabbing him, until Jaylharm leaps from the pit, harnessing the Carbonite smoke through the force, and fires the smoke at him,freezing in Carbonite. Jaylharm then destroys figure, ending Vanshill for good. Maxalex then thanks her for saving him again as they embrace. 

Eden and the crew are finally able to find the core and drop in as they race towards it. Ryu is informed of this discovery and is angered they still found it and hops into his ship. The X-Wings blow by and destroy TIE Fighters as they grow near to core. Eden is then shocked as Ryu’s ship appears in front of an X-Wing and flies through it, destroying the X-Wing and leaving Ryu’s ship unscaved. Ryu then takes out two more as him and his other TIE Fighters begin catching up to Eden. As Eden accelerates, two more ships are taken down, leaving only two X-Wings left, Eden’s and Dax’s. Ryu shoots Dax’s and Eden tells him to leave. As Ryu begins to close in on Eden, he senses Maxalex’s triumph over Vanshill, disturbing him. This gives Eden time as she flips his ship and then clings the side of her ship to his and spins, sending his ship flying and out of the way.

Iswail leads and the crew out of the Plagueis they are stared down by a vengeful Ryu, demanding they hand over the two Jedi. Iswail gets in front of them with his blaster heated, telling Maxalex and Jaylharm to head to the ship. Ryu states that he gets to kill two Solo’s and wants Iswail to see the face of his “cousin” as he takes off his mask and Iswail is horrified as he sees Ryu’s left eye is Sith Yellow. Ryu tells him that his shoulder wound from his blaster has made him stronger and Iswail states he will give him another. Ryu charges at him but the Plagueis overall destruction starts as an explosion of their floor happens before they clash.

Eden prepares her fire but is shot by a TIE Fighter, the ship then begins pushing her ship against the wall, seeing this as her only shot, she fires her blast at the core heating it greatly. She then puts her ship into her lightspeed. As she is about to crash into the force field, to her certain death, she survives as the Force Field goes down as the Core explodes. 

Iswail and Chewbacca wakes up in the wreckage as they see the planet is burning down. The two find Maxalex and Jaylharm and head to the ship but Chewbacca and Maxalex are sent flying into a tree as Ryu, even more wounded appears in front of them. Iswail charges at him but Ryu strikes his knee, punches him and then slices his back with his lightsaber. Before Ryu can strike and kill him, Jaylharm turns on Luke’s Lightsaber, asking him to fight her instead and he gladly accepts. 

As they start Ryu begins to rile her up emotionally with mentions of Maxalex and her planet. These throw her off and Ryu is able to disarm her quickly, noting how she is waste by having so much power but not controlling. He offers to teach her, so she will never lose anyone if he tells her where Maxalex but she refuses, stating that she would die for him before she does that. Ryu reaches for Luke’s Lightsaber to kill her but it blows past him and goes to Maxalex’s hands. Ryu asks who he is and Maxalex says “Ben Skywalker”.

Ryu strikes in anger, forcing Maxalex on the defense. As Maxalex regroups he begins striking, Ryu marveling in Maxalex’s power as he begins seeing Maxalex tap into his power of the force. Maxalex is able to get a critically strike on the already wounded Ryu. Ryu then takes back the offense as Maxalex is exhausted as he strong strikes waste him and Ryu disarms him and sends him against the tree. Ryu goes to him and offers Maxalex join him destroying their father, he tells him Luke sent Maxalex away as an infant and Ryu couldn’t kill him then because he knew that this was his destiny. Maxalex refuses stating his destiny isn’t written yet. Ryu then stabs Maxalex right below his heart, telling him he wants him to see the repercussions of his choice. Ryu begins force choking Jaylharm. As he nears killing, Maxalex is able to power through and rises and cuts off Ryu’s hand, freeing Jaylharm. Ryu screams in pain and the planet begins breaking apart, separating the two.Judeern goes to Hammur, informing him of the planet's destruction. Hammur orders Judeern leave and ensure Ryu is alive and bring him to him.

Maxalex falls to his knees and meets Jaylharm but she then puts her hand on his wound and uses the rest of the force to heal him, telling him she doesn’t want to lose anyone again as she then passes out. Maxalex cradles her as he turns to see Eden being dropped off taking them all into the Falcon. They escape as the Plagueis is destroyed falls near death, ensuring the Republic’s victory.

As they head home and Iswail and Jaylharm are taken to care, Leia and Maxalex hug and Leia tells him that she felt his power and that she and Han thought they lost him and that he didn’t survive. Maxalex reveals that he felt a lot of darkness when he was with Ryu but she tells him that she will help him understand and they embrace each other. As the Republic sit and recuperate. As the Republic recover, D3 rolls out and approaches the gang with a message. The Republic huddle as D3 deciphers a code, that turns to Luke’s location they all rejoice, Leia ensuring Maxalex’s fears can be stopped by meeting his father. Maxalex gives a knocked out Jaylharm a similar kiss on the cheek, promising to return.

Iswail cleans up the Falcon for Maxalex and tells him to use it and treat her good and they embrace. Maxalex, Chewbacca, D3, and C-3PO all depart as they wave farewell to their friends.  ​


Mark Hamil as Luke Skywalker - The Hero of the Republic and strongest living Jedi. Since the end of the Second Galatic War, Skywalker has disappeared from the face of the Galaxy due to the personal losses Skywalker faced at the end of the war. Luke's discovery is the fixation of the Republic and Ryu Kitur.

Harrison Ford as Han Solo/Wes Cracken – Now the most prominent dealer on Jakku, He no longer acknowledges his past as Han Solo after a personal failure at the end of the war, which resulted in him leaving his son Iswail and wife Leia with Chewbacca. Han's meeting of Maxalex reluctantly begins to bring hope back to the once famed hero.

Carrie Fisher as General Leia Solo – The Leader of the Republic. Despite the departure of Luke Skywalker and Han Solo to the Republic, She continues her fight and remains hopeful for peace in the galaxy. She looks to pass down this hope to her son, Iswail. 

Dane DeHann as Maxalex/Ben Skywalker – A Smuggler born and raised on Jakku. Raised by his three aunts, He yearns for a life beyond the deserts. Skilled in ship and droid construction, as seen by the creation of his droid D3-35, His infectious optimism has kept his hope alive. 

Eddie Redmayne as Ryu Kitur/Jacen Skywalker – Commander of The Red Star and Appertince to Grand Fur Hammur, Ryu is devoted to the Dark Side of the Force and following his grandfather Darth Vader's dark past. Vengeful and desperate for power, Ryu Kitur submits himself to the Red Star, putting his aside his own goal to destroy Luke Skywalker to gain power and become stronger enough to trump his former master. Ryu's vicious style of duel is in contrast to his mostly relaxed yet vengeful persona.

Lupita Nyong'o as Jaylharm Edo – Daughter of former Red Star leader, Kai Edo, She fights for her freedom away from the Red Star. Extremely sensitive in the force, her unseen powers have made her the goal of the Red Star, to manipulate and use the girl as they once used her father. Jaylharm's hunted past has left her without many loved ones and pessimistic to the world and other people, opting to tap into her rage more easily as a result. 

Finn Wittrock as Isawil Solo – The gung ho General of the Republic, Iswail Solo proudly dawns the last name of the father, under the thought he has died and yearns to be remembered as highly as his rebel parents.  Always looking to serve his ego, he refuses to perceive the reality of his minimal skills as a leader in hope that he will figure it out and be great. 

Alicia Vikander as Eden Dontain - Leader of the X-Wings squadron, Eden is deathly committed to the fight of the Republic. Considered to be the best pilot in the galaxy, she holds an independence from most due to her sketchy past working for Han Solo, the now named Wes Cracken. Her admiration for others and her care for her fellow rebels, however, is never wavered. 

Mark Rylance (via Motion Capture) as Grand Fur Hammur - Originator and Grand Fur of the Red Star, Hammur's newfound interest in his apprentice Ryu Kitur has brought Red Star back to its power. One of Palpatine's closest advisors and an avid follower of the Sith way and learnings, Hammur is always seeking Dark Power and hopes Ryu's fulfillment of power will lead Hammur to trying even more dark practices.

Claire Foy as Judeern Lewmat – The Grand Admiral of the Red Star and "Mother of The Superior Men" She runs the Red Star with an iron fist and tight chokehold. A family that has been loyal to the Red Star for years, her dedication and loyalty are unquestioned and her truly evil and emotional nature is on continuous display, wanting nothing more than to see the Red Star triumph in every way. She takes enormous pride in her production of The Clone Troopers, seeing each as unique and as destructive as her.

Daniel Kauulya as Captain Vaswhi - Captain of Judeern's Clone Trooper army, he proves to be the most dangerous of the pack. The "First Clone" Captain Vaswhi was a human who was taken and captured as a child from Wath and his skills and abilities have been distributed to each Clone Trooper. Almost completely brainwashed, He lives only to serve the Red Star and takedown whoever stops him from his goal.

Andrew Scott as General Tom Rector - Leia's most trusted assistant general who aided her, Han and Luke greatly during the 2nd Galatic War. Now apart of the Republic, his same fervor and dedication has not changed nor has his infectious nature to inspire the Rebels, having the ability to make them completely committed to him and their cause. 

Saorise Ronan (via Motion Capture) as Beku Sol - She is Maxalex's Nautolan adopted mother who raised him since he was an infant. She lives with her two sisters, Shinto (played by '(María Conchita Alonso) and Amu (played by Joy Behar) as they have a very playful sibling relationship that sees them arguing over card games, past issues and constantly making jokes. Beka Sol has seen the last two galactic wars and though can be very harsh, is very empathetic for others.

Sterling K. Brown as D’entu Khrim - A Former friend to Kai Edo, He was once very involved in the Second Galatic War and was by Kai's side during his dark reign which he now feels immense guilt for being a part of. He now lives on Uvinis, in shame and recluse.




Star Wars creator George Lucas discussed ideas for a sequel trilogy several times after the conclusion of the original trilogy but denied any intent to make it. In October 2012, he sold his production company Lucasfilm, and with it the Star Wars franchise, to Disney. Speaking alongside the new Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy, Lucas said: "I always said I wasn't going to do anymore and that's true, because I'm not going to do anymore, but that doesn't mean I'm unwilling to turn it over to Kathy to do more".

Lucas stayed on as a creative consultant for the early meetings. Lucas had written page treatments and outlines for the whole trilogy which were given to heads Kenndy and Iger to read. Lucas later revealed his treatments were discarded as Disney wanted to go in a more "original" direction, outside of Lucas's vision.

Michael Arndt and Jon Favreau wrote the first draft of Ashes of Empire. The first drafted had Luke featured much earlier as Luke would return midway in the film to The Republic and clash with Ryu at the end instead.

Searches for a director began in January 2013. Names that were considered ranged from David Fincher, Brad Bird, Joss Whedon, Guillermo Del Toro, John Lasseter and Sam Mendes. Rian Johnson was a front runner but declined to direct in favor of writing, which Disney declined. J.J Abrams was named director in January 2013, with Edgar Wright and Lawernce Kasdin as creative consultants. Arndt's script did not meet Abrams ideas and Arndt would leave the project in May 2013. Abrams and Faveru would write another draft but Favreau would later leave the project due to committing to other projects in December 2013, expressing interest to later return to the franchise.

Abrams expressed relief in pushing the date for a Christmas 2015 instead of the summer planned release after convincing them. The production would then announce Rian Johnson had joined the project as a screenwriter. Johnson and Abrams would throw out elements of Ardnt and Faveruea's draft, opting to start with a clean slate. Johnson stated it would be key to view the new trilogy as an "Epilogue to the original as opposed to a sequel. Stories, arcs, and themes started from the original trilogy would see a conclusion instead of advancing them". Abrams and Johnson would consult with Kasdan and bring back aspects of Lucas's treatments in their own drafted.


Casting began around August 2013, with Abrams meeting with potential actors for script readings and screen tests. Open auditions were held in the UK, Ireland, and the United States in November 2013. Casting began in earnest in February 2014, because of changes to the script by Johnson and Abrams. Screen tests with actors continued until at least three weeks before the official announcement on April 29, 2014, with final casting decisions being made only a few weeks prior. Actors testing had strict non-disclosure agreements, preventing them, their agents or publicists from commenting on their potential involvement. As soon as the film was announced it was stated that previous cast members Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, and Mark Hamill would return for the new film as early as March 2013 and Confirmed in May 2013. Saoirse Ronan, McKenzie Davis. Tessa Thompson, Andrew Garfield and Rami Malek for new characters; industry publications reported Joseph Gordon Levitt was being considered for the lead role but the actor confirmed a week later that he was involved in screen test but was not trying for a role in the film.   

Aaron Taylor Johnson and Miles Teller were seriously considered for Role in the film. In March 2014, actor Dominic Monaghan said that Abrams was looking for "rising critical darling actors" to play the leads in Episode VII, hoping the rising nature of the actors would elevate the series and add layers to the characters beyond the script, something Abrams felt had not been done before in Star Wars films.  

In May 2013 it was announced that Dane DeHann, Finn Wittrock and Lupita Nyong'o would be the new trio for the sequel trilogy. Alicia Vikander and Mark Rylance would enter talks in March that extended till April. Eddie Redmayne was confirmed in the villainous role in June 2014 due to higher negotiations after winning an Oscar fo his performance as Stephen Hawking in Theory of Everything earlier that year.

A phot of the cast was released in July 2014, showing new cast members Claire Foy, Daniel Kaluuya and Andrew Scott.

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