In an alternate timeline, Anakin finds a holocron and brings it to the temple but it suddenly has files that reveals the past and future. Him and a few others are ordered to watch it and may lead to Anakin preventing himself from becoming Darth Vader. We will see their reactions.

The Stark Hyperspace War

(when they see Tyvokka (movie), Plo Koon (reaction) is saddened, making Anakin (reaction) worried)

  • Plo Koon (reaction): (sad) "Tyvokka."
  • Anakin (reaction): (worried) "What's wrong? Who's Tyvokka?"
  • Obi-Wan (reaction): (explaining) "He was a Wookie Jedi master who originally had Plo Koon's seat on the Jedi council and also trained him in the ways of the Jedi."
  • Anakin (reaction): (shocked) "He was Plo Koon's master?"

(everyone (reaction) nods but they comfort Plo Koon (reaction)). Later, they hear Tyvokka (movie)'s last words to Plo Koon (movie))

  • Tyvokka (movie): (dying) <<You...make me proud...Plo Koon...>>

(then the Wookie Jedi passes away from his wounds as Plo Koon (movie) looks down in sadness. Anakin (reaction) sheds tears of sympathy for Plo Koon (reaction), who is looking down in sadness)

  • Anakin (reaction): (sheading tears of sympathy) "I'm so sorry, Master Plo."

(Plo Koon (reaction) lets Anakin (reaction) hug him in sympathy)

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (1999)

(when they see Viceroy Gunray (movie) and his assistant talking to Darth Sidious (movie), they were horrified and angered to recognize the Sith Lord)

  • Anakin (reaction): (horrified) "Palpatine? How could he?"
  • Obi-Wan (reaction): (frowning) "That traitor, I trusted him."

Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones (2003)

(after they saw how Jango (movie) died, Anakin (reaction) and Ahsoka (reaction) glared at Windu (reaction))

  • Anakin (reaction): (glaring) "You never said that you disarmed the guy. You could've arrested him."
  • Ahsoka (reaction): (also glaring) "You turned Boba into the bad guy that he is. You're the real reason why he's a bounty hunter."

(everyone (reaction) agreed and Mace (reaction) looked down in shame)

Star Wars The Clone Wars (T.V. Series)

(they meet Nahdar Vebb (movie), a Mon Calamari Jedi Padawan which Kit Fisto (reaction) is saddened by)

  • Anakin (reaction): (worried) "Master Fisto, you still miss Nahdar?"
  • Fisto (reaction): (sadly nodding) "Yes."

(later after Boba (movie) is arrested, Leia (reaction) is worried)

  • Leia (reaction): (worried) "What was done with him?"
  • Ahsoka (reaction): (sad) "He was unfortunately sent to prison."
  • Leia (reaction): (horrified) "But he's a child."
  • Anakin (reaction): (upset) "Sadly, Kamino didn't want him back. They all consider him a traitor for accidentally a clone trooper, destroying a Jedi cruiser, kidnapping three republic troops, and leaving his fellow cadets to die. They also do not like how he wanted to kill Windu over the death of Jango Fett, who was serving the Seperatists. However, I don't hate the kid. He just wants justice."

(later, they see Asajj (movie) stabs Commander Colt (movie) in the chest but gives him a kiss before he collapses to the ground. This makes them look at her in weirdness while Quinlan Vos (reaction) frowns at her, making her sheepish)

  • Asajj (reaction): (sheepish) "Sorry. It must've been some practical tradition called The Kiss of Death."
  • Anakin (reaction): (defending himself) "No thanks, I'm married."

(Padme (reaction) rolls her eyes. Later, they see Halsey (movie) and Knox (movie) for the first time)

  • Anakin (reaction): (pointing out) "The Padawan looks like Kit Fisto but younger and is blue. No offense."
  • Fisto (reaction): (waving it off) "None taken. Also, that Padawan seems to be a younger relative who got to be a Jedi because I convinced the Council to give him training."

(however, the two Jedi (movie) see Savage Opress (movie) coming. Later when they see Pong Krell (movie), everyone (reaction) glare at the guy who has caused the death of a lot of clone troopers)

  • Anakin (reaction): (scowling) "It's him."
  • Serra (reaction): (agreeing) "That b*****d."

(later after Ahsoka (movie)'s leave from the temple, Anakin (reaction) glares at Mace (reaction) in hatred. Luke (reaction) notices this and calms him down but is also annoyed by Mace (reaction)'s actions)

  • Luke (reaction): (disappointed) "Windu, I'm disappointed in you. Your arrogance is causing my father to lose trust in the Jedi. You made it look like that you willingly branded her as a traitor, despite knowing her."

(Yoda (reaction) was also disappointed in Mace (reaction), who now sees what he's done. Anakin (reaction) then got a sickly sweet tone)

  • Anakin (reaction): (smiling) "Mace, I like to talk to you for a moment."

(everyone (reaction) got the anime wide eyes and went uh oh, mostly a pale looking Mace (reaction). Outside the temple, Mace (reaction) is thrown through a window and falls down screaming but survives)

Star Wars III: Revenge Of The Sith (2005)

(when they see Anakin (movie) and Padme (movie), she has an announcement)

  • Padme (movie): (smiling) "Oh Anakin, I'm pregnant."

(everyone (reaction) at first was stunned but they start cheering)

  • Anakin (reaction): (smiling) "Padme, were gonna be parents."
  • Padme (reaction): (also smiling) "Oh Anakin, this is great."

(later after seeing Palpatine (movie)'s second lightsaber, Anakin (reaction) groans)

  • Anakin (reaction): (groaning) "Almost forgot he had another one."
  • Ahsoka (reaction): (agreeing) "Me too."

(in the Sith room, Palpatine (reaction) sighs)

  • Palpatine (reaction): (sighing) "I need to remember to replace the other one."

(later after seeing it, Anakin (reaction) felt remorse and self-hate for the things he's done. He just saw himself become the thing that he has swore to destroy but now plans to prevent that from happening and now hates Palpatine for this. However, he goes to the balcony and shows complete remorse for turning to the Dark Side. He had only harmed the people he loved instead of saving them and he had blamed the Jedi for his faults. However, he agreed that they will talk about it later)

Star Wars IV: A New Hope (2004)

(when Tarkin (movie) is first seen, everyone (reaction) glares at him for betraying them)

  • Anakin (reaction): (angry) "I can't believe I trusted him."
  • Obi-Wan (reaction): (frowning) "I guess he was never a good captain."
  • Ahsoka (reaction): (scoffs) "I've never liked him."
  • Mace (reaction): (scowling) "That no good traitor."

(later, they recognized one of the imperial officers and Anakin (reaction) sighed sadly)

  • Anakin (reaction): (sad) "Admiral Yularen. However, he probably had no choice."

(however, Yularen (reaction) looked down in guilt and shame for betraying them)

Star Wars VI: Return Of The Jedi (2005)

(when they see Luke (movie) cut off Vader (movie)'s hand, the Emperor (movie) laughs)

  • Emperor (movie): (laughs) "Good, good. Strike him down. Take his rightful place at my side."

(however, Luke (movie) looks at his hand and glares at the Emperor (movie))

  • Luke (movie): (glaring) "Never. (he throws his light saber away) I'll never turn to the dark side. You failed, your highness. I am a Jedi, like my father before me."

(everyone (reaction) smiles at this)

  • Anakin (reaction): (smiling) "That's my son."
  • Padme (reaction): (also smiling) "I'm so proud of him."

(later, they see the Emperor (movie) torturing Luke (movie) with Sith Lightning and they were horrified)

  • Padme (reaction): (horrified and crying) "No my son."

(Anakin (reaction) comforts her. However, they see Darth Vader (movie) sees this but encounters the spirits of his family)

  • Obi-Wan ((movie) ghost): (serious) 'Help him.'
  • Padme ((movie) ghost): (worried) 'He's killing our son.'
  • Shimi ((movie) ghost): (begging) 'There is still good in you.'
  • Qui-Gon ((movie) ghost): (also serious) 'Ani, my son, where's the boy that I met on Tatootine?'

(then flashback appear and it reveals the good things about his life, making him now make a choice)

  • Darth Vader (movie): (sighing) "No... (then he glares at the Emperor (movie)) NO!"

(he then picks up the Emperor (movie) and starts walking him over to a bottomless pit, ignoring the lightning striking him. Then he throws the screaming man into the pit to his death as blue clouds appear out of the pit until they come back in. Everyone (reaction) smiles)

  • Anakin (reaction): (smiling) "I did it. I saved my son and defeated the Sith Lord. That completes the prophecy."
  • Obi-Wan (reaction): (also smiling) "I'm proud of you Anakin."
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