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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is a 2033 science fiction film based on the 2008 video game of the same name and takes place between Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.


The Galactic Empire has learned that the Wookies of Kashyyk have been keeping a rogue Jedi Master safe on their planet, and so they invade it. The assault force is joined by Darth Vader, a Dark Lord of the Sith and ex-Jedi. Vader locates a small hut where there lives a Jedi named Kento Marek. Marek duels with Vader, resulting in much of his hut being destroyed. Vader uses the Force to lift Marek into the air and choke him. However, he senses a second, even more powerful presence, and inquires as to where Marek's master is. Marek informs Vader that his master killed years ago at the beginning of the Great Jedi Purge. As Vader prepares to kill Marek, his lightsaber is pulled out of his hand and he turns to see a young boy holding it. Vader realises that the boy is Marek's son, Galen, and he is strong in the ways of the Force. Marek tries to tell his son to run, but Vader snaps his neck with the Force. Just then, the Imperial Forces arrive and think that Galen is attacking Vader and open fire. Vader retrieves his lightsaber at the last second and kills the squad.

Years later, Galen is now Vader's Sith apprentice, and is finally ready for his first mission, operating under the codename Starkiller. However, Starkiller must remain hidden from Vader's master, Emperor Palpatine, and other agents of the Empire.

Starkiller is brought to the ship Rogue Shadow, which will be responsible for transporting him to his missions. Here, he is introduced to the ship's pilot, Juno Eclipse, and he introduces her to PROXY, his personal training droid. Juno flies Starkiller to a TIE Fighter Construction Facility to find Jedi Master Rahm Kota. Starkiller must fend off both an army of rebel militia as well as stormtroopers in order to keep his existence hidden.

Starkiller eventually arrives at the command chamber and duels Kota himself. During the battle, Kota experiences a vision of Starkiller's future, and tells him that he won't always be Vader's servant. He is then shocked to see himself in Starkiller's future. Taking advantage of this surprise, Starkiller blinds the Jedi Master, causing him to unleash a Force Blast and shatter all of the windows, sucking Kota out. Starkiller manages to retrieve Kota's lightsaber as per Vader's orders and escape.

Next, Starkiller is dispatched to the junk world of Raxus Prime to find and kill Kazdan Paratus, another aging Jedi. Starkiller must fight through gangs of Rodian scavengers living on the planet before locating Paratus, who is living in a replica of the Jedi Temple which he built himself from the junk surrounding him. Their duel causes the makeshift temple to collapse around them, when Paratus launches a huge chunk of debris as Starkiller. However, Starkiller uses the Force to deflect it and crush the Jedi to death.

With two Jedi Masters down, Starkiller is sent to Felucia to locate ex-Jedi Ahsoka Tano. Tano senses his approach and sends her own apprentice, Maris Brood, to hide while she lures Starkiller towards a huge Sarlaac pit. Tano duels Starkiller and commands the Sarlacc to attack him. During their fight, she warns him that Vader is only using Starkiller. Tano leaps onto one of the Sarlacc's tentacles and is followed by Starkiller, where their duel continues. She manages to knock him off, when he suddenly blasts her, along with the Sarlacc itself, with Force Lightning. Tano sees a prophecy through the Force and warns Starkiller that Vader will soon betray him. With that, she throws herself into the death to her death. As Starkiller leaves, Maris Brood watches and swears that she will have revenge.

Starkiller returns to the bridge of Vader's Star Destroyer, the Executor, only to find that the Emperor's spies have followed him from Felucia. Emperor Palpatine observes the situation through PROXY and Starkiller sees that he and Vader are surrounded. Before he can act, Vader ignites his lightsaber through his back, seemingly killing his own apprentice, who reacts with much shock and horror. Palpatine smiles as he watches Galen die and tells Vader that he did well.

Shortly thereafter, Galen wakes up aboard the Empirical, Vader's science vessel, where his wound is treated and healed. PROXY enters and informs Galen that he has set the Empirical to crash into a nearby sun. Galen prepares to leave when he senses that Juno is also aboard the ship and rescues her before all three escape.

As the group pass Bespin, Galen senses Kota nearby and has them land. He finds Kota in Cloud City, drunk, and begs the Jedi for his help. Kota is doubtful, but soon stormtroopers arrive and he leaves with them.

Kota sends Galen to Kashyyk, where he visits the ruined hut where Vader found him and experiences a vision of his past, which Vader had blocked out. This strengthens his desire for vengance against him. Galen then learns that Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan has been captured by Captain Ozzik Sturn. Galen rescues Leia from an Imperial camp, but she insists on destroying a rebel skyhook. While doing so, however, Galen is attacked by Sturn in his personal AT-KT. Galen damages the AT-KT and uses the Force to lift it over the edge of a cliff. In spite of Sturn's pleas, Galen drops him to his doom.

Galen learns that a large amount of Imperial forces have been sent to Felucia, which has fallen to the Dark Side of the Force, brought on by Tano's death. Galen returns there to right his wrong and confronts a vengeful Maris Brood, who sends her pet bull rancor after him. Galen defeats and slays the rancor before facing Brood, managing to disarm her. Finding herself at Galen's mercy, Brood begins to regret what she has done, having also fallen to the Dark Side along with the rest of the planet. Galen spares her, warning that she if ever returns to the Dark Side, he will find and kill her. Having made peace, Brood is able to stabilize the planet and pull it back from the darkness, rallying the people together and driving the Empire away.

On Corellia, Galen meets up with Leia and her father, Bail Organa, who informs him that he is gathering other dissidents to form an organized rebellion against the Empire. They are soon joined by Mon Mothma and Garm Bel Iblis. Before the rebellion can be properly established, the Empire arrives and captures the senators and Kota. Galen is confronted by Vader, and realises that Vader was only using him to draw out the Empire's enemies, and never intended to use him against the Emperor. PROXY bursts in and projects an image of Vader's old master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, distracting the Sith Lord long anough for Galen to escape. However, PROXY is slain by Vader. Outside, Galen is picked up by Juno in the Rogue Shadow.

Galen and Juno head for the incomplete Death Star, where Palpatine is preparing to execute the rebels in his throne room. Galen confronts Vader and a vicious and bitter duel ensues between the two. Galen picks up a large enrgy field generator and flings it at his former master, causing a large explosion. As the smoke clears, Galen finds Vader unconcious with his helmet blown off. 

Suddenly, Palpatine emerges from the smoke and encourages Galen to take his revenge and kill Vader. Galen briefly considers it, but instead deactivates his lightsaber, stating that he will never return to the Dark Side. Before Palpatine can act, Kota launches himself forward and uses the Force to grab the Emperor's lightsaber. However, Palpatine unleashes a barrage of Force Lightning at Kota, knocking him to the floor.

Galen uses the Force to pull large pieces of debris and throw them at Palpatine, who deflects them using the Force. Using the distraction, the rebels make a run for the Rogue Shadow, dragging Kota with them. However, Galen ignites his lightsaber and approaches Palpatine. Kota realises what is happening and forces the others to wait. Palpatine encourages Galen to use his anger and strike him down, but Kota warns Galen that doing so will only ensure his fall to the Dark Side. Enraged, Palpatine furiously blasts Kota with more Force Lightning. 

Suddenly, Galen steps into the way and deflects the Emperor's attack, before beginning to fire his own. Kota is reluctantly dragged into the Rogue Shadow just as it takes off. The energy field between Palpatine and Galen grows until a massive explosion is unleashed. Palpatine absorbs some of the blast, scarring his face even further. However, Galen is hit by most of it and he perishes. A critically wounded Vader staggers over to his master's side and they both look down on Galen's corpse, neither of them pleased with the turn of events. Vader crushes his apprentice's lightsaber beneath his heel and promises to hunt down every single rebel.

Back on Corellia, to group sign a treaty and form the Alliance to Restore the Republica Galactica, using the Marek family crest as their symbol in honour of Galen's sacrifice.

Alternate Ending

In accordance with the video game, the home video release features an alternate ending, which is considered to be non-canonical and was only made in homage to the original.

In this ending, following the explosion which defeats Vader, the Sith Lord gets back up and, although he is exhausted, continues to duel Galen. However, he is no match for his former apprentice, and Galen uses both his own lightsaber and Vader's to impale him to death. Then, he returns to the main platform, and confronts Palpatine.

Galen takes his lightsaber and charges at the Emperor, who ignites his own lightsaber and they lock weapons. Palpatine tells him that he predicted the attack and blasts him with Force Lightning, knocking him onto the landing platform. Just then, Galen looks up to see the Rogue Shadow attempting to escape with the rebel leaders. Palpatine grabs the ship with the Force and hurls it at Galen.

In the following explosion, everybody on board the Rogue Shadow is killed, by Galen miraculously survives, although he is gravely injured. He wakes up on an operating table, where he is placed inside of a new suit of armour to keep him alive, similar to how Vader was put in his suit many years before. Palpatine watches as the suit is constructed and Galen screams in agony. Afterwards, he emerges as the newly reborn Starkiller, covered in Sith armour, and continues to lead Palpatine's forces in their effort to purge the Galaxy of all Jedi.


Joseph Gordon Levitt - Galen Marek

Alice Eve - Juno Eclipse

Alan Tudyk - PROXY

Colm Feore - Rahm Kota

Tom Hiddleston - Emperor Palpatine

Laurence Fishburne - Darth Vader (Voice)

Tim Roth - Kento Marek

Alyson Stoner - Ahsoka Tano

Ellen Page - Maris Brood

Michael Shannon - Bail Organa

Rachel McAdams - Leia Organa