Star Wars: The Clone Wars Volume II is a 2021 science fiction remake of the 2003 microseries of the same name. This reboot was directed by Christopher Nolan and stars James McAvoy, Dane DeHaan and Ben Kingsley amonst others. It is a sequel to Star Wars: The Clone Wars Volume I.


Anakin Skywalker is now a Jedi Knight. He and his master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, are assigned by the Jedi Council to destroy a Seperatist stronghold on Bomis Korri.

Obi-Wan wakes up in a trench and is approched by Clone Commander Cody. Cody informs Obi-Wan that is they continue drilling, they should disable the enemy shields in three moths. When Obi-Wan points out that they've already been on Bomis Korri for a month, Cody remarks that they're right on schedule.

Obi-Wan is then greeted by Anakin, who has brought them food. Obi-Wan asks where he got it and Anakin explains that he discover a sewer system. The duo enter the sewers and find themselves directly beneath the Seperatist base. They then disable the shields.

Arrogant Seperatist General Oro Dassyne muses to a scout droid how many Jedi it would take to claim his base; his estimation reaches over a thousand. Just then, the scout droid interrupts him and informs of two approaching Jedi. Dassyne laughs at the small number, but still orders the droids to mount their battle stations.

Anakin, Obi-Wan and Cody lay siege to the base and it isn't long before it's in ruins. As the structure begins to collapse, Anakin disappears beneath the falling debris. Obi-Wan's foot becomes trapped under a piece of debris, but when he goes to remove it, Dassyne's shadow falls across him. Dassyne retrieves a blaster and is about to shoot Obi-Wan, but hesitates, choosing instead to mock him first. Suddenly, Anakin uses the Force to blast his way out of the rubble, crushing Dassyne to death in the process.

On Geonosis, Count Dooku spars with General Grievous, the leader of the droid army. Dooku praises Grievous' skill, but notes that he has become predictable, recommending that he use more unorthodox attacks. A hologram of Dooku's master, Darth Sidious, enters and praises Dooku's advice, before asking for an update. Grievous reports that due to the Seperatist presence in the Outer Rim, the Jedi are spread thin across the Galaxy. A pleased Sidious states that is is time for Grievous' special mission.

Back on Bomis Korri, Obi-Wan receives an urgent message from Mace Windu, informing him that Grievous has been spotted on Nevlaan. As Obi-Wan is closest to Nevlaan, he is tasked with investigating.

Obi-Wan and Anakin travel to Nevlaan and note that the planet is in the grip of an unnatural ice age. As they cut through the jungle, a huge monster known as a Horax appears and attacks them. Obi-Wan spots something which Anakin doesn't and tries to warn him, but it is too late; Anakin swiftly dispatches the Horax. Obi-Wan then points out a tribe of Nevlaanians, at the forefront of which is a young boy looking angrily at Anakin.

The two are taken to the Nevlaanian village, where Anakin notes that lack of adult males. They are taken before Orvos, the elderly shaman, and Obi-Wan translates for Anakin. When Anakin killed the Horax, it interrupted the boy's rite of passage. A great evil plagues Nevlaan, and none of the tribe's champions have ever been seen again.

Orvos tells of the legend of Ghost Hand, a mysterious hero who will come and save their village. Obi-Wan takes Anakin's prostethic arm and shows it to Orvos. Anakin is confused and asks what Obi-Wan is doing, but Obi-Wan tells him that he's not doing anything; Anakin is.

Anakin is sent by Orvos to follow the "Frozen Tears of the Greath Mother" referring to lakes and mountains. Anakin sets off on a long journey, as Obi-Wan wishes him luck.

On Coruscant, Yoda is quietly meditating in the Jedi Temple. Suddenly, he senses a disturbance and opens the blinds on the window, revealing a large Seperatist battle fleet flying past. Windu bursts in to inform Yoda that Coruscant is under attack.

Seemingly endless armies of droids spill into the streets and lay waste to Galactic City. In a hangar, Saesee Tiin reports on the condition to Windu, informing him that Seperatist ships are arriving from hyperspace. Windu orders him to the space defense, before they both climb into their starfighters and take off to join the battle.

Several missiles destroy various buildings around the city. The upper floors of the 500 Republica are wiped out, alerting Anakin's secret wife, Padme Naberrie, to the danger. She orders her old friend and personal bodyguard, Captain Panaka, to help her evacuate the tower and save the other residents.

Tiin leads a squadron of starfighters into Coruscant's outer atmosphere. Tiin jumps into the docking bay of a damaged Republic vessel. There, he gathers the remaining clone troopers and together they seize a Trade Federation ship.

From his office, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine watches the distant battle. A team of Jedi, clone troopers and Senate Guards arrive. The Jedi, consisting of Shaak Ti, Roron Corobb, Foul Moudama, Roth-Del Masona and his apprentice B'ink Utrila, attempt to convince Palpatine to come with them, as they will take him to a secure bunker. Palpatine declines, stating there is no immediate danger.

Suddenly, General Grievous crashes through the window. As the clones and guards surround him, Masona grabs Palpatine and shoves him into Ti's arms, telling her to take him to the bunker, while he and Utrila hold Grievous off. Ti begs him not to, having faced Grievous herself before on Hypori, during which most of her Jedi comrades bar Ki-Adi Mundi were slain. Masona refuses and uses the Force to push her out of the room, locking the door. Reluctantly, Ti takes Palpatine, Corobb, Moudama and a few remaining clones to the elevator.

Inside the office, Commander Fordo orders his men to open fire on Grievous. Grievous quickly slaughters of them. Utrila charges Grievous, but he cuts her arm off. As Utrila falls to the floor and howls in pain, Masona attacks Grievous. Grievous disarms Masona and uses his foot to pick Masona's lightsaber up. Grievous then impales Masona and throws him out of the window. Grievous makes short work of the remaining clones and Senate Guards, including Fordo. He mocks the terrified Utrila before stabbing her in the chest, killing her.

Corobb grows imaptient and begins to press the elevator button multiple times. Ti becomes weak as she senses the massacre inside the office. Grievous tears the door off of it's hinges and charges down the corridor towards them. Corobb, using his four throats, roars, sending a shockwave down the corridor. Grievous is thrown back into the office. The group then climb into the elevator as it finally arrives.

As the elevator descends, Grievous lands on the roof and peers inside. A clone trooper calmly fires a rocket at him, and Grievous vanishes while the smoke clears. The elevator reaches the ground floor and they all exit, only to be greeted by a legion of battle droids. Grievous lands in front of them. Corobb once again uses his four throats to create a shockwave which knocks most of the droids back, but Grievous uses the claws on his feet to cling to the ground, saving himself. 

Moudama picks Palpatine up and carries him while they flee. Two of Grievous' MagnaGuards appear, but the Jedi avoid their electrostaffs and jump to another platform. The clones are not so lucky, and are thrown off of the platform to their demise.

On Nevlaan, Anakin discovers a cave with several open gas vents and Nevlaanian paintings on the walls. Anakin begins to experience a hallucination caused by the gas. The pictures begin to mvoe before him. They depict the Nevlaanians going about their lives, when suddenly a dark shadow attacks them. A young hero jumps into battle and defeats the shadow, but loses his arm and it is replaced by darkness. The hero tries to use the power for good, but it corrupts him and gets out of control. The hero turns of his fellow villagers and attacks them.  Anakin suddenly hears Padme screaming his name before passing out.

The Jedi leap across the the platforms of Galactic City with Palpatine. They leap onto a transport vehicle, but are soon joined by Grievous and the MagnaGuards. The Jedi jump off and make their way into subway terminal. The Jedi must avoid passing trains while they duel the MagnaGuards. After defeating them, the Jedi retreat into a tunnel and are cornered by Grievous. Ti discreetly uses the Force to wrap Grievous' cape around a pipe on the train behind him. She then activates the train and it speeds off, yanking Grievous with it.

Anakin wakes up and discovers a Siphon Generator which is absorbing Nevlaan's geothermal energy. Sneaking past some patrolling battle droids, Anakin enters a complex, where he listens in on a conversation between two Techno Union scientists. They discuss specimens for a project. Anakin finds tanks containing mutated Nevlaan warriors, the missing champions, augmented with cybernetics. He watches as another warrior is subjected to a mutagen and changed. Desperate to stop the process, Anakin charges in and strikes down the battle droids. However, the head scientist orders the others to release the mutants.

Anakin is forced to fight off the Nevlaanians, trying not to harm them. The latest subject rips off his implants and then rips more off of two others. Anakin then sets about removing the rest. The Nevlaanians, having regained their own conscience, turn on the battle droids. The Nelvaanian leader points out a crystal in the center of the energy chamber to Anakin. Anakin realises that the crystal is responsible for the damage to the planet.

Yoda and Mace Windu face hordes of battle droids back to back. They wonder as to why the Seperatists did not attack the Jedi Temple or the Galactic Senate, suddenly realising that Palpatine is their true target. Windu jumps onto a Republic gunship and orders the pilot to turn around.

Palpatine and the Jedi arrive at a capsule within a tunnel. Ti senses more droids approaching and orders Corobb and Moudama to get in the capsule and take Palpatine to the bunker. They bid each other farewell before departing. More droids troop out of the darkness, led by Grievous' number one MagnaGuard, IG-101.

Anakin climbs onto the generator and inserts his hand into the energy field, sacrificng his robotic arm to grab the crystal, which he then shatters. The generator is destroyed, and the ice age comes to an end. The Nevlaanians dismember the remaining battle droids and return outside, embracing the daylight.

The Techno Union scientists attempt to escpae in a shuttle, but an enraged Anakin leaps to the surface to confront them. The head scientist falls behind while the other rush onto the boarding platform. Anakin uses the Force to rip the walkway out from under them, and then sets off a geyser burst which destroys the shuttle. The head scientist produces a blaster pistol and aims at Anakin. However, Anakin lifts the leader into the air and uses the Force to crush his pressure suit. This causes explosion decompression, and the scientist is killed. Anakin tosses his body into the crater. The other Nevlaanians see his prostethic arm and praise him as Ghost Hand.

Anakin and the mutants return to the Nevlaanian village, where the other villagers react with shock. However, a young boy recognizes his father and embraces him. 

Corobb and Moudama enter the bunker with Palpatine. Suddenly, Grievous bursts from the shadows, revealing that he had beaten them to it and was waiting for them. A duel ensues between the two Jedi and Grievous, but they are too tired to put up much of a fight. Grievous easily cuts Corobb down, while Palpatine silently watches. Grievous then wounds Moudama by slashing his arm. As Moudama falls, Grievous quickly dismembers him. He then approaches Palpatine.

In the tunnel, Ti battles fiercely with IG-101. Ti manages to slash his arm, disarm him, retrieve his electrostaff, and then cut him apart. As she prepares to take on the remaining droids, they unexpectedly retreat into the darkness. To her horror, Ti realises that they were merely distracting her, and senses that Palpatine is in danger.

Ti arrives at the bunker too late. Grievous has cornered Palpatine, and Ti looks on sadly at the dead Jedi. Ti charges Grievous, but Grievous senses that she is exhausted and easily grabs her by the throat. Grievous mocks her, but tells her he won't kill her yet.

The gunship carrying Windu arrives, but is shot down. Windu jumps to safety and witnesses Palpatine being escorted into Grievous' ship. Grievous spots him and ignites his lightsabers, but Windu uses the devastating Force Crush to damage Grievous' chest plate. Injured, Grievous retreats into his ship, which takes off. 

Windu uses the Force to leap into the air after the ship, but the ship opens fire. Windu is forced to defend himself, losing the momentum of the ship. He returns to the ground, and then rushes into the bunker. There, he finds Corobb and Moudama dead and Ti nowhere in sight.

In the hangar of their ship, Anakin is repairing his damaged arm. Obi-Wan enters and congratulates him on his victory, and says that he hoped Anakin learned something from the experience. Suddenly, they receive yet another urgent message from Windu, informing them that Coruscant has been invaded, Palpatine has been captured, and they are to return immediately and attempt to rescue the Chancellor. Anakin orders the cruiser into hyperspace, while the Battle of Coruscant continues to rage, leading directly into the events of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.


James McAvoy - Obi-Wan Kenobi

Dane DeHaan - Anakin Skywalker

Anne Hathaway - Padme Naberrie

Idris Elba - Captain Panaka

Andy Serkis - Yoda

Michael Jai White - Mace Windu

David Tennant - C3PO

Tom Hiddleston - Palpatine

Ben Kingsley - Count Dooku

Tony Todd - General Grievous

Sacha Baron Cohen - Jar Jar Binks

Jennifer Lawrence - Shaak Ti

Wesley Snipes - Roth-Del Masona

Keith David - Oro Dassyne


Star Wars: The Clone Wars Volume I and Star Wars: The Clone Wars Volume II both take place in between Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones and Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, both of which follow Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

A second trilogy followed, consisting of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.

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