Star Trek is an upcoming American science fiction action film which is a reboot of the classic Star Trek TV show and film series. The film stars Ryan Reynolds and Jim Parsons as Captain Kirk and Mr Spock respectively. Star Trek was directed by Matthew Vaughn and scored by Henry Jackman. It was followed by Star Trek: Retaliation.


In the year 2233, the Federation starship USS Kelvin is attacked by a Klingon ship. Captain Robau decides to depart from the Kelvin and beam onto the Klingon ship in an attempt to negociate a truce. However, he is instead murdered by the Klingons, who continue their assault on the Kelvin. George Kirk, the Kelvin's first officer, subsequently becomes the captain, and orders the evacuation of the ship, including his heavily pregnant wife Winona, who then goes into labour. George learns that the autopilot has been damaged, meaning he'll have to pilot the ship manually. Over the radio, he tells his wife that he loves her, but he has to stay behind to fight off the Klingons; if not the escape pods will never get away. George sacrifices his life to crash the Kelvin into the Klingon ship, blowing them both up, while Winona gives birth to their son; James Tiberius Kirk.

Several years later, Kirk is approached by Captain Christopher Pike, who knew Kirk's late father, and convinces him to join Starfleet Academy. There, Kirk meets Dr Leonard McCoy, whom he befriends, and tries unsuccessfully to romance Lieutenant Nyota Uhura. Kirk undergoes the Kobayashi Maru test, a simulation where it is impossible to win. However, Kirk cheats by altering the simulation and wins, evoking the wrath of Commander Spock, who is half human, half Vulcan. Spock demands that there be a disciplinary hearing for Kirk, but it is interrupted when the Academy receives a distress signal from Spock's homeworld, Vulcan. With the primary fleet out of range, the cadets are used instead. Kirk and McCoy join Captain Pike on his ship the Enterprise, along with Spock and Uhura, where they meet Hikaru Sulu and Pavel Chekov.

The ship heads for Vulcan, which has come under attack from a Romulan ship called the Narada. The crew witness the Narada extending a platform which aims at Vulcan's sun. Although the Romulan's intentions are unclear, Pike orders that the platform be disabled. Kirk, Sulu and Chief Engineer Olson jump onto the platform and are attacked by Romulans. Olson is killed, but Kirk and Sulu fight off the Romulans. However, they are too late to shut the platform down, which is revealed to be some sort of weapon. The Romulans fire a cluster of red matter into the sun, creating a supernova which wipes out Vulcan, leaving Spock as the last of his kind. When Kirk and Sulu return to the Enterprise, they learn that Pike has beamed onto the Narada to try and save Vulcan, and has been captured, leaving Spock to captain the ship. The Narada flees, but Spock decides to follow it, wanting revenge. Kirk tries to prevent him from doing so, but Spock declares his act to be mutiny and strands Kirk on Delta Vega.

On the Narada, Pike meets the captain, Nero. Nero explains to Pike that when a supernova threatened to destroy their homeworld of Romulus, the Romulans sent a request for help to the United Federation of Planets, but as they were not part of the Federation, no aid was sent, and Romulus was destroyed. The Narada was a mining ship which was off planet when this occurred; Nero decided to take revenge on the Federation by destroying planets aligned with them, using red matter to create supernovas, thus destroying said planets in the way Romulus was lost. The Narada then sets course for Earth.

Meanwhile, Kirk makes his way to a Starfleet outpost and meets Montgomery Scott, a developer of warp technology, and asks for his help in getting back to the Enterprise. Scotty is reluctant because the Enterprise is currently pursuing the Narada at warp speed. Eventually, he and Kirk do successfully beam aboard the Enterprise while it is in mid-warp, much to Scotty's delight. Kirk then challenges Spock, telling him to relinquish command because he is emotionally compromised. Spock tells him that he isn't emotionally compromised, so Kirk suggests that Spoc feels nothing about the loss of his people. Spock flies into a rage and attacks Kirk, before realizing he is right and standing down. Kirk then becomes the captain of the Enterprise.

The Enterprise hides under the gas clouds of Titan, while Kirk prepares to beam aboard the Narada. Suddenly, Spock arrives and tells him that he is coming too. Both of them beam onto the Romulan ship, where a firefight breaks out. The Narada, having reached Earth, extends the platform and prepares to blow up the sun, but the platform is in turn destroyed by the Enterprise crew. Spock rescues Pike and beams back to the Enterprise. Just as Kirk is about to follow, he is attacked by Nero, who tackles him onto the bridge and tries to choke him. When Nero asks Kirk for his last words, Kirk responds "I've got your gun" and then shoots Nero with his own weapon, the villain's body falling into the depths of the Narada. Command of the Narada falls to Nero's right-hand man Ayel.

Kirk beams back to the Enterprise and then contacts Ayel, surprising the rest of the crew by offering to assist the Narada, which is in dire need of aid. Ayel refuses, saying he'd rather die in agony then accept help from the Federation. Kirk complies and orders the Enterprise to return to the Earth. The Narada's supply of red matter leaks out of the damaged hull and ignites, blowing the ship to pieces and killing all on board.

In the aftermath, Kirk is promoted to captain of the Enterprise, with Pike acting as Rear Admiral. Spock becomes first officer under Kirk's command. The Enterprise goes to warp speed as Kirk recites the famous monologue, "To boldly go where no man has gone before."


  • Ryan Reynolds - James T. Kirk
  • Jim Parsons - Spock
  • Rihanna - Nyota Uhura
  • Josh Brolin - Leonard McCoy
  • Ken Jeong - Hikaru Sulu
  • Simon Helberg - Pavel Chekov
  • James McAvoy - Montgomery Scott
  • Kurtwood Smith - Christopher Pike
  • Nicolas Cage - Nero
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