Star Trek: Retaliation is an upcoming science fiction action film which is a sequel to the Star Trek reboot. The film stars Ryan Reynolds and Jim Parsons as Captain Kirk and Mr Spock respectively. Star Trek: Retaliation was directed by Matthew Vaughn and scored by Henry Jackman.


In the year 2259, Starfleet dispatchs the Enterprise to stop a volcanic eruption on the planet Nibiru, which would wipe out the native people. First officer Spock is lowered into the volanco to deploy a cold fusion device, but the cable holding him snaps and he falls in. Captain James T. Kirk announces that he will get Spock out, but Spock tells him not to betray the Prime Directive, which forbids Starfleet from interferring with other cultures. Kirk violates the rule anyway to retrieve Spock, who detonates the device just as the volcano begins to erupt. In saving Spock, Kirk exposes the Enterprise to the Nibirans, who then accept it was a deity. Spock is upset that Kirk violated the Prime Directive; Kirk asks his friend, Dr Leonard McCoy, what Spock would do if it had been Kirk down in the volcano. McCoy replies that he would've let him die.

Returning to San Francisco on Earth, Kirk is angered when he learns that Spock informed Starfleet of his unruly actions. He is reprimanded by Rear Admiral Christopher Pike, who tells Kirk that his five year deep space mission is on the line. Before anything can be decided however, Pike, Kirk and Spock are summoned to a meeting of high ranking Starfleet officers to discuss the bombing of the Kelvin Memorial Archive in London. Looking through crime scene photos taken in the immediate aftermath of the explosion, which killed forty two people, Pike recognizes a former Starfleet officer, who he identifies as Khan Noonien Singh. The others come to the conclusion that Khan was behind the bombing. Kirk wonders aloud why he would only target an archive; Khan must've known that a terrorist attack on a Starfleet installation would result in such a meeting being called.

Kirk is interrupted by the appearance of a jumpship just outside the window. The ship suddenly opens fire, killing several officers. Security personnel pour into the room, but are easily cut down. Pike is among those wounded, and Spock drags him out of the room. Kirk manages to throw a firehouse into the ship's engine, disabling it. Kirk then makes eye contact with the pilot, Khan, who beams away as the ship plummets into the street below. Kirk reunites with Spock and Pike, just as Pike succumbs to his wounds and dies, leaving Kirk devastated.

The following day, Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott analyzes Khan's ship and finds a portable transwarp beaming device on board. Kirk and Spock bring this evidence before Fleet Commander Alexander Marcus, where it is revealed that the transporter's destination was Kronos, the homeworld of the Klingon Empire. Marcus orders Kirk to take the Enterprise and head to Kronos, off the record, to avenge Pike and the others by killing Khan. Spock expresses to Kirk his qualms about killing the criminal without a trial, and asks that Kirk reconsider doing so along the journey. The Enterprise crew are surprised to learn that they will be joined by an extra science officer; Dr Carol Wallace. 

The Enterprise then warps to Kronos. Spock confronts Carol, forcing her to reveal that Wallace is her mother's maiden name; her real name is Carol Marcus and she is the admiral's daughter. He is trying to keep her out of Starfleet, but she wants to prove herself worthy by joining the Enterprise's mission. She begs Spock not to let anyone know, but before he can reply, the ship is suddenly rocked as they drop out of warp. Scotty reveals that he located a coolant leak in the warp core. Still twenty minutes from Kronos, Kirk decides to depart for the planet anyway, joined in a smaller shuttle by Uhura and Spock. En route, Spock and Uhura start to argue. Uhura is upset because of how easily Spock was willing to die on Nibiru. Spock explains that he performed a mind meld with Pike as he died, and experienced the same emotions he felt. It reminded Spock of the way he felt when Vulcan was destroyed. He never wishes to feel that kind of despair again.

The shuttle is attacked by a Klingon vessel and they crash onto the surface of Kronos, losing contact with the Enterprise. The trio escape after setting the shuttle to self destruct in order to erase evidence of their mission to Kronos. However, a Klingon patrol led by Commander Kruge pursues them. They attempt to contact the Enterprise, but are unable to. As they set about trying to repair their communications, the Klingons close in. Kirk briefly manages to reach the Enterprise, telling them that they are alive. Hikaru Sulu locates a nearby mountain range and tells them to head there, where the Enterprise will pick them up.

Kirk, Spock and Uhura race to the mountain, with the Klingons hot on their heels. They reach the summit, but while waiting for the Enterprise to arrive, the Klingons surround them. Uhura attempts to negociate with Kruge, but the patrol is suddenly attacked by a hooded figure, who disrobes to reveal themselves as Khan. Khan assists the trio in fighting off the Klingons. Kruge attempts to stab Kirk and they both fall over the edge of the cliff. Kirk climbs back up and offers Kruge his hand, but Kruge instead attempts to pull Kirk down with him. Spock pulls Kirk back up while Kruge falls to his doom. Khan then holds the trio at gunpoint, only for the Enterprise to arrive, distracting him long enough to allow Kirk to punch him out.

Khan is taken prisoner aboard the Enterprise, where McCoy takes a blood sample. Kirk and Spock visit Khan in his containment cell, where he explains his motives. Khan was once a Starfleet officer who, like in the film's opening, was sent with his crew to stop a ecological disaster which would have wiped out the native people of a small planet. Khan's crew came into distress, but when Khan tried to help them, he was forbidden to do so by Admiral Marcus. As a result, Khan's crew perished, leaving Khan as the only survivor. Kirk acknowledges that Khan's motives are understandable but is disgusted by his murder of innocent civilains, so he decides to turn Khan over to the Federation. 

Kirk contacts Marcus and informs him that they have captured Khan. Marcus soon arrives on his ship, the USS Vengeance, and Kirk prepares to beam on board with Khan. Carol volunteers to go with him and they escort Khan to the bridge of the Vengeance. Carol reveals herself to her father, attempting to show that she is worthy of joining Starfleet. Kirk is shocked to learn that Carol is Marcus' daughter, and Khan takes advantage of their distraction to escape, killing the guards stationed on the bridge. He punches Kirk in the stomach and then breaks Carol's leg. Marcus tries to run to safety, but Khan drags him back and tells him "This is for my crew" before killing him. 

Kirk gets back up and drags Carol to safety, beaming them back to the Enterprise. Khan, now in control of the Vengeance, warps to Earth. Not wanting Khan to escape justice, Kirk orders the Enterprise to pursue him and then enters the warp core chamber, managing to hold it in place long enough for the Enterprise to enter warp speed at the cost of his own life. The Enterprise fires at the Vengeance, damaging it severely. Khan crashes the ship into San Francisco in an attempt to destroy Starfleet HQ. Khan survives and escapes from the wreckage, but an enraged Spock beams down and pursues Khan. A chase ensues across the city, where Khan leaps onto a passing transport, followed by Spock. When he leaps to another transport, Spock also jumps down but only manages to grab onto the edge. Uhurua then beams down to assist Spock, but Khan grabs her by the throat. Spock leaps up and manages to tackle Khan over the edge. Spock grabs a hold of the edge, and is helped up by Uhura, while Khan falls to his death.

On the Enterprise, McCoy finds that Khan's blood has regenerative properties and uses the last ounce of the sample to save Kirk. Kirk recovers in hospital, and then returns as captain of the Enterprise as the crew finally sets off on their five year deep space mission. As the ship warps away, Spock recites the famous monologue, "To boldly go where no man has gone before."


Ryan Reynolds - James T. Kirk

Jim Parsons - Spock

Rihanna - Nyota Uhura

Josh Brolin - Leonard McCoy

Ken Jeong - Hikaru Sulu

Simon Helberg - Pavel Chekov

James McAvoy - Montgomery Scott

Kate Mara - Carol Marcus

Tommy Lee Jones - Alexander Marcus

Kurtwood Smith - Christopher Pike

Javier Bardem - Khan Noonien Singh

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