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Star Trek: Olympus is an American television series. It is set roughly 50 years after Star Trek: Voyager.


Set in 2425, roughly fifty years after Voyager, the show sees the reunited Klingon houses in a war with the Federation that involves the crew of the USS Olympus.

Alaz Rozhenko is Klingon Emperor and has led the Klingons to turn on Starfleet. They have also revived the eugenic program that created Khan.

Cast and Characters

  • Lauren Archer; Captain of the USS Olympus. She is descended from Jonathan Archer. She works for Section 31.
  • Sota; First Officer of the USS Olympus. She is a Kelpien. She is demoted during season 1.
  • John Ryker; Second Officer of the USS Olympus. He is the grandson of William Ryker and Deanna Troi. He is promoted to First Officer during season 1.
  • Ashley Jones; Chief of Security for the USS Olympus. She was raised by Klingons.
  • Sakkal; Science Officer on board the USS Olympus. He is a Vulcan. His parents are Skrat and Asath. Sakkal lost his wife to Klingons. He has a pre-teenage son.
  • Adam Cuthbert; Chief of Engineering for the USS Olympus.
  • James Harbert; a cadet in his final year at Starfleet Academy.
  • Tom Wilson; Medical officer of the USS Olympus.


Season 1

Episode Title Release Date
1 September 24, 2017
A group of Klingons rally round Alaz Rozhenko, who declares himself Kahless the ancient uniter reborn, and commit terrorist acts against Starfleet.

Captain George Phillips begins his ten year mission as captain of the USS Olympus. Unbeknown to the crew, both Phillips and his First Officer Lauren Archer are part of Section 31.

The crew go to Tantalus V to interrogate a captured Klingon. The crew learn that Alaz has made contact with Vord Gunsol, a Klingon and the facility's director. Vord captures Phillips and reveals to him the new Neutral Neutraliser, based on Dr. Tristan Adams' invention. Vord uses the neutraliser to convince Phillips that Alaz's actions are for the "greater good".

Captain George Phillips has Lauren, Sota and John Ryker to the colony to be brainwashed. Suspicious, Lauren has Sakkal shut down the power, allowing her to fight off Phillips. Unaware Phillips is being controlled, Lauren kills him. Vord is arrested and made prisoner in his own colony.

Lauren decides to secretly keep the neutraliser.

2 September 24, 2017
With Captain George Phillips dead, his First Officer, Lauren Archer, assumes command of the Olympus. She is informed by Starfleet of an incident that has killed the crew of the USS Glenn.

On board the Glenn, Lauren, Tom Wilson and Crewman Michael find the Glenn crew twisted and malformed along with Klingons that had gotten on board. They find Tom's ex, Jeanne, who is the only surviving member of the Glenn crew. Once she has Tom separated from the others, Jeanne attacks him. Tom is saved by Michael who Jeanne kills by draining his DNA, leaving his body twisted and malformed like the others as Jeanne begins to shapeshift into Michael. Lauren finds the real Jeanne's body just like the others and realises a shapeshifter has been killing the crew. The shapeshifter beams back aboard the Olympus followed by Lauren and Tom.

The shapeshifter kills another crewmember, assumes his form and hides the body. While Lauren is trying to identify the shapeshifter, it attacks Sota, intending to assume her form in a bid to take over the Olympus. Sota's DNA proves poisonous to the shapeshifter who reverts to its true form, having lost all the DNA it collected. The shapeshifter retreats into Lauren's quarters where it attacks her, intending to assume her form and take over the Olympus. The shapeshifter is shot by Tom. The shapeshifter is locked inside the brig.

3 October 1, 2017
Lauren and Ashley are captured by the Klingons. Alaz reveals he has created an android in the likeness of Lauren that he intends to put as a puppet captain of the Olympus. He plans to replace various Starfleet personal with android duplicates.

Lauren and Ashley are tortured with whipping by the Klingon K'Bak. K'Bak also rapes Ashley. Lauren and Ashley try to escape but are attacked by Alaz's lover, Tenowa Shern. Lauren ends up destroying Tenowa's arm, revealing she is also an android.

Alaz admits to Tenowa that she is an android based on his own wife who was killed by Starfleet.

Lauren and Ashley return to the Olympus and Lauren deactivates the android Lauren. As it deactivated, the android Lauren still tries to argue that she's the real Lauren.

4 October 8, 2017
Sakkal's mother, Asath, is attacked by the Mad Vulcan Kolviss. Sakkal's father, Skrat, warns the Olympus crew that Kolviss has weaponized the Polywater Infection.

Kolviss beams Asath on board the Olympus. Asath expresses extreme hostility to other crewmembers and threatens Ashley Jones and Yeoman James Harbert with a knife before turning it on herself though Tom Wilson is able to save her.

Ashley and James both begin to behave irrationally. They both plot to take over the ship. James merely intends to become Captain while Ashley intends to send the crew to kill as many Klingons as possible in revenge for being tortured by them in the previous episode.

Lauren is infected and confesses her love for Sakkal, getting him infected too.

Wilson is able to cure Lauren.

5 October 15, 2017
The Olympus responds to a distress signal. They rescue the spacecraft sending the signal. The occupants are Fenton and Magda Grimes.

The crew soon discover that Fenton and Magda are actually Leo and Evelyn Mudd, descendants of Harcourt Fenton Mudd who intend to steal the vessel and sell to the Klingons.

To aid their scheme, Leo and Evelyn use a time looping device.

6 The Day Isabeth Became a God October 22, 2017
The crew are sent to an alien planet where a Starfleet ship has crashed. Lauren, Sota, Sakkal, Ashley and James Harbert explore an alien planet where they find Yeoman Isabeth Cameron, a 17-year-old survivor of the crew that crashed who has developed mental powers that she has used to force the other survivors to become her "family". When Isabeth's "mother" warns the crew about Isabeth, Isabeth creates illusions that drive the woman to kill herself before making the rest of her crew vanish. Isabeth then uses her powers to rewrite reality and make herself captain of the Olympus.

Isabeth develops an infatuation for James and makes him become her boyfriend.

Lauren tries to escape with her crew but Isabeth kills one of them with telekinesis and Sota agrees to help Isabeth keep the crew prisoner to spare her own life.

As punishment for "insubordination", Isabeth sentences Lauren to fight a Gorn she created. When John Ryker tries to help Lauren, Isabeth summons another Gorn to fight him.

Eventually, an older Charlie Evans appears and reveals he gave Isabeth her powers. He takes Isabeth away with him, allowing the crew to escape.

Sota is demoted for her actions, making John Ryker the new First Officer.

7 October 29, 2017
The Olympus crew discover an Earth like planet. Lauren, Sakkal, Ashley, Tom and James find the planet looking like Earth in 2017. Sakkal deduces the planet is from an alternate timeline. They are attacked by a monster and kill it.

They discover a society led by John. The society are near immortals who age 1 year for every decade. They are also introduced to John's daughter, Wendy.

Alaz sends K'Bak after the secret to their immortality.

The crew discover John himself created a virus that turned some people immortal and turned others into monsters.

On the planet, Ashley encounters K'Bak and kills him.

Sakkal fights Alaz. Alaz reveals he intends to infect a list of chosen people with it.

8 The Enemy Without November 5, 2017
An accident with the transporter beam causes a duplicate of Lauren Archer to appear on the ship. She discovers the real Lauren is part of Section 31. She attacks Lauren in her quarters and knocks her out, before beaming her down to the surface of a nearby planet and assuming command of the ship.

Lauren makes contact with the Olympus and warns them of the impostor Lauren.

The real Lauren is transported back to the ship. The two Laurens fight and Sakkal breaks it up by using a Vulcan nerve pinch, unable to tell which Lauren is the real one. Sakkal assumes the transporter had caused Lauren to be split until the impostor Lauren reveals she's from the Mirror Universe. She reveals that the prime Lauren is part of Section 31, causing an argument between the crew that allows Mirror Lauren to escape to the bridge.

Having earlier altered the warp drive, mirror Lauren tricks the crew into travelling to the Mirror Universe.

9 November 12, 2017
The crew arrive in the Mirror Universe. They learn that a new Terran Empire has become the dominant power after overthrowing the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. They are fighting a resistance of Klingons, Cardassians and Bajorans.

Lauren Archer is still the captain of the Olympus, having killed the mirror George Phillips and attempted to overthrow the Terran Emperor along with Sakkal.

As their mirror counterparts are in hiding, the crew impersonate them but they forced to let the mirror Lauren they have captive go for their ruse to work. They deliver Lauren and Sakkal to the Terran Emperor.

The crew learn that Ashley was raised by Klingons and had been sent to infiltrate Starfleet.

Lauren and Sakkal are tortured while Ryker assumes command.

10 January 7, 2018
The crew are sent by the Terran Empire to execute the resistance leadership on the mirror version of Taurus II. Ryker, Ashley, Sakkal, Adam Cuthbert and Wilson beam down.

Lauren is on trial for her role in attempting to overthrow the Terran Emperor.

After encountering the planet's natives, they meet up with the resistance led by the mirror K'Bak. They also meet the mirror counterparts of Tenowa and Kolviss.

Wilson turns out to actually be his mirror counterpart and informs the Terran Empire.

11 January 14, 2018
Lauren is sent to the agony booth. The Terran Emperor intends to execute Sakkal but he tells the emperor he and his crew are from the other universe.

Lauren is rescued by her and Sakkal's mirror counterparts who convince them to help overthrow the Terran Emperor. Mirror Sakkal tells Lauren about the anarchy that ensured when the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance fell and that the Terran Emperor sought to restore order. The mirror Lauren kills the Terran Emperor, who is revealed to be an android, and usurps his throne.

The crew return to the regular universe.

12 January 21, 2018
The Olympus investigates a lose of communication with a line of Federation outposts. The survivors of the most recent outpost make contact and warn that the attacking ship is more powerful than anything ever seen. The appears again and destroys the outpost.

The crew discover the ship is being commanded by Alaz. Sakkal begins to question Ashley's loyalty, citing the fact she was sent by the Klingons to infiltrate Starfleet.

During the battle between the two ships, Sakkal is incapacitated but is rescued by Ashley.

In the end the Olympus defeats Alaz's vessel. Lauren wants to finish the ship off but Ryker convinces her they should offer to beam the survivors on board. To the crew's surprise, Alaz agrees.

On board the Olympus, Alaz tells the crew he is from the future and descended from Worf. Alaz reveals that in the future, the Federation became corrupted by the Borg and he went back to prevent them from conquering other worlds.

13 January 28, 2018
Lauren attempts peace talks with Alaz. During this time, Wilson is killed. Sakkal is poisoned but recovers in sick bay. Lauren is also nearly killed by a phaser exploding in her quarters.

Alaz discovers that Tenowa is the killer.

Sakkal is convinced Alaz is behind this and sets out to arrest him. Sakkal beams aboard Alaz's ship and discovers the time machine. Alaz attacks Sakkal and the two fall through the portal.

Lauren has Tenowa arrested.

Sakkal and Alaz are transported back to 2394 where they meet Guinan who had been expecting them.

Season 2

Episode Title Release Date
Sakkal meets with William Ryker, Guinan, Data and Wesley Crusher.