Stalker is an 2015 psychological thriller slasher film starring Britt Robertson, Emma Stone, Emma Roberts, Brooke Shields and Matthew Broderick.


A mysterious stalker (who wears a paper-mache mask and hood) puts a viral video on YouTube which Emily (Emma Stone) becames embarrassed after her mother (Andrea Martin)'s death.


  • Emma Stone as Emily Crosby, the main character in the film and a student on Winsdor College
  • Britt Robertson as Lizzy Cameron, she is Emily's friend and one of the murders of Ohio Killing Spree
  • Emma Roberts as Kimberly Crosby, Emily's twin sister and the main killer
  • Brooke Shields as Melissa Cameron (in the ending, she is now Adams), a reporter and Lizzy's older sister and the main tritagonist
  • Matthew Broderick as Deputy Sheriff Steve Adams, the film's main deuteragonist

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