Stalker is 2017 psychological thriller film directed by Jaume Collet-Serra. The film stars Britt Robertson, Mark Wahlberg and Alicia Silverstone.


A 17 year old girl (Britt Robertson) find herself when her stalker is her neighbour (Alicia Silverstone)'s ex-husband, (Mark Wahlberg) wanted to kill her and is stalking her after she saw him raped his ex-wife and she was witnessed 2 men (Danielle's brother and Danielle's boyfriend)'s murder.


The movie open with 17 year old girl name Lauren Foster (Britt Robertson) are spying on all of her neighbor. Lauren call her neighbor, Danielle Barlow (Alicia Silverstone). Danielle tell Lauren, this is not good time. Lauren spying on Danielle have a shower. Danielle tell Lauren, she go to France with her boyfriend, Ryan Brooks (Tyler Mane) and her kids. Danielle hear somebody knock door and she think is Ryan. Danielle open the door and she saw her ex-husband, Chris (Mark Wahlberg). Lauren saw Chris attack Danielle and raped her in the window. Danielle's brother, Andrew (Bradley Cooper) and Ryan are wait for Danielle. Lauren open the door but Andrew and Ryan did not see Lauren, she was under the table. Andrew saw Chris. Chris tell Andrew, Danielle is fine. Ryan saw Danielle was clothes ripped, bloody, beat, scared and blood. Chris stab Ryan in the back 5 time. Andrew and Chris fight and Lauren shock when Ryan are dead. Chris grabbing a picture frame and smashing it across the side of Andrew's head. Chris shot at Andrew, 6 time, in the stomach, arm, leg, hip, chest and in the head and kill him. Chris saw Lauren under the table.

Lauren run to the bathroom and she lock the door. Lauren tell Danielle, Andrew and Ryan are dead, Chris kill them. Danielle know Lauren was witnessed Ryan and Andrew's murder. Lauren open the door. Lauren did not see Chris. Then Chris push Lauren down the stairs. Chris put the gun on Lauren's stomach. Lauren scream. Chris did not shot at Lauren's stomach. Chris grab Lauren's hair and say at Lauren's left ear, "I will return, you are fucking dead, Foster". After Chris go, Danielle shout to Lauren, to call the police.


  • Britt Robertson as Lauren Foster
  • Mark Wahlberg as Chris Barlow/Lauren's stalker
  • Alicia Silverstone as Danielle Barlow/Chris's ex-wife
  • Kevin Costner as TBA Foster/Lauren and Rebecca's father
  • Carrie-Anne Moss as Julianne Foster/Lauren and Rebecca's mother
  • Emma Stone as Rebecca Foster/Lauren's sister
  • Amber Heard as Annie Connor/Lauren's best friend
  • TBA as Lisa Dean/
  • Emma Bell as TBA/


Chris attack Lauren and Rebecca

  • (Door open and close)
  • Lauren: Rebecca, What the fuck doing here.
  • Rebecca: I was look for you.
  • Lauren: Is Annie OK.
  • Rebecca: She in the hospital.
  • Rebecca: Why you did not see Annie was raped.
  • Lauren: I was fucking sleep.
  • Rebecca: In the sofa.
  • Lauren: Yes.
  • Lauren: Then I found Chris rape Annie, fucker and Chris put me in the bath, to get me killed.
  • (Door knock)
  • Lauren: Be careful.
  • Chris: Lauren, I know, you are here.
  • Rebecca: Shit, is Chris.
  • Lauren: Rebecca, get the fuck away from the door.
  • (Chris break down the door)
  • Lauren: Get away from him.
  • Chris: What the fuck you doing, Lauren.
  • Rebecca: Leave her alone.
  • Chris: Shut the fuck up.
  • Lauren: She is my sister.
  • Chris: Why, I was talk to you, not your fucking sister.
  • Lauren: You raped Danielle now you raped Annie.
  • Rebecca: That son of a bitch, Lauren, he is go to kill you.
  • Lauren: I know, he go to fucking kill me, he is stalking me.
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