Stage 6 Films is a label created by Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions in fall 2007 that acquires, produces and distributes 10–15 low budget (capped at approximately $10 million) films and direct-to-DVD releases per year. It is Columbia TriStar's fifth specialty label. Overall, it is the seventh theatrical label by Sony Pictures. The label takes its name from the location of its main office, the Stage 6 building at Sony Pictures Studios (originally an actual sound stage used for such films as The Wizard of Oz). Adrian Alperovich, Senior Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions Group, said Stage 6's slate will mostly be geared toward ancillary markets, but the label will also release some of the titles theatrically through Sony's distribution labels (mostly TriStar Pictures) and other companies like Samuel Goldwyn Films and FilmDistrict. Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions will determine whether a Stage 6 title bows theatrically after the film has been made.


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Stage 6 Films (2009-present)

Stage 6 Films (2009-present)

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