"I know now....why you dance..."

is an 2018 drama, adventure and dance competition movie centered somewhat around the same premise as the "Step-Up" series and while this is another in the long list of movies centered around dance competition, it is ONE of the FIRST dance competition movies to based ON A VIDEO GAME SERIES.....and that video game series just so happened to be DANCE CENTRAL. Since the outcome of Dance Central: Spotlight wasn't the fresh, groundbreaking spectacle as it was originally planned to be, despite the game itself being a worthy successor to it's predecessors, the games developer Harmonix had since then unintentionally abandoned the beloved Kinect gaming franchise, with many fans waiting and praying anxiously for another eventual release. But with so many fans waiting impatiently and getting antsy, there's only so much you could do before SOMETHING eventually gets done.

Harmonix finally decided to take a leap of faith when they got in talks with Paramount Pictures to adapt one of their beloved game series into a feature length film for fans and non-fans to see......

.....and once said film was released, the typical reaction became very common amongst movie goers, gamers, critics and practically everyone else, as the film got met with mixed reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. However, it did get respectively better reviews than a majority of video game based movies combined.

This film is directed by Director X, produced by David Ellison and Brad Pitt and features an ensemble cast consisting of Zendaya, Usher, Julia Roberts, Chosen Jacobs, Meagan Good, Alexa Vega, Zac Efron, Corey Hawkins, Dakota Goyo, Isla Fisher, Skai Jackson, Naomi Scott, Adam G. Sevani, Jamie Bell, Kate Mara, Rickey D'Shon Collins, Jessie T. Usher, Ben Kingsley and Ludi Lin.


It's safe to say Helen Iverson was raised from the school of hard knocks. Born and raised in the Empire State Of Mind, New York, it's been a few difficult years trying to make it on his own with only her brother to care for. Trying to homeschool anyone isn't easy pickings, you know.....especially since they have no one left to care for other than themselves. But if there was one thing she could always count on to take her mind off the stress and aggravation's of the real world, only one word was needed: DANCE. It was the only means of escape that she had to travel into her own separate realities of the very thing she loves the most.

It doesn't matter which style or genre or flow of the music it went along with; as long as she gets moving, she can do it and do it RIGHT. Technically, she has here trainer, Oblio to thank for that.

Unfortunately, weird things.......start to happen......when her best friend, Taye hands her an invitation to another underground party. Once that happens, old alliances begin to re-form, enemies re-appear on the horizon and Helen will have to do something risky in order to insure all that she has left doesn't get ripped away from her like everything else has.


  • Naomi Scott as ???
  • Adam G. Sevani as ???

  • Jessie T. Usher as ???

  • Ben Kingsley as ???
  • Ludi Lin as Oblio

  • Rickey D'Shon Collins as the voice of ELIOT

  • Jamie Bell as ???
  • Kate Mara as ???



......after step.......

......after step........ heard beating against the pavement of said ground as some measures of light faintly kicked in and peeked out from the sun around the seemingly dead yet abandoned cobblestone streets of SoHo: one of the few streets within the same protected district as the other classic cities in New York.

Whatever light was spreading throughout said streets was rather fascinating and, need I say, exuberant for whoever was out there at the time to see. —————————————————

6:54 p.m

Despite it not being that close to nighttime, it seemed to matter VERY little to this one outline of a female, whose body walked firmly out of the corner of a   and she keeps on walking.......

......with a washrag in her left hand.....

......and a Boombox tucked in her other one.

24 minutes pass by, with the sun barely making its appearance known amongst all means of transportation, wildlife and city structure present in that area of the state of New York as it began to fade. But it's safe to say the Boombox carrying female lady wasn't as interested in the environments around her, even as they were being diminished of what rays of sunlight were barely present.

......however, there was ONE odd thing that she was doing.

After briefly putting her rag in her  sweatpants, off goes her cap as she turns it over and scurries through a pile of flat pieces of paper in said cap of hers.....forcing her to stop where she was.

After she gets what she needs, she picks the Boombox back up and continues to keep walking forward, as she then sticks those few pieces of paper around wherever she continued to move.

She placed them on lightposts.......




........retail store gates.......

......anyplace she could find is where she would put them.

"Why", you ask?

Because those weren't just regular pieces of paper: those were FLYERS, TAGS and MINI-POSTERS she was placing over the city for a late night event taking place at Dr. Tans Estate, starting at 8:10 and ending in the dead of midnight at 12:00 the very next morning.

But not only that, there's apparently supposed to be a very special guest appearance around that timeframe that the party's going on. Details, however, were vague on who or even WHEN that guest would show up.

All it said was.......

"Show up early and witness the performance of a lifetime from the fastest up and rising dancer in New York tonight."

Anyone who knew who that up and rising dancer would know that they're on for a treat. As for anyone who didn't know 'em, if they weren't a fan......

......they would be, VERY SHORTLY.


9:18 p.m

The sunlight's gone. No shading, no mirroring, no other visible signs of light are present......

......except for the lights shining off of this 4 story tall mansion built out of piles of marble in the columns, the walls of side mansion, the roof, etc. and all of this was guarded by ONE ☝🏽 gate leading to the EXACT same place:........

Dr. Tans Estate

Out of the reflective gaze of the moon came the image of this one kid riding his way down the road, on a skateboard.

Jumping off said skateboard and then flipping it up towards him, he takes a slow jog over towards the entrance of Dr. Tans Estate, which is locked from the inside gate......that is unless it was automatically engineered to open to anyone who was either the owner or anyone who had relations with said owner.

There was NONE.

But undeterred, this boy spotted a phone just nearby him and he smirked almost immediately. As he went over and picked up the payphone to answer...... for the party. Password:......Dance Central.

As soon as he hangs up, the floor below him shook and moved until it , resembling that of an underground elevator......

......and BOY, was it SLOW.

But by the time the utter lack of light and the over abundance of darkness faded, there was nothing but color, flashing lights, exuberant sightings everywhere at the underground party estate.

There was a disco ball flat dab in the middle of the official entranceway with multiple beams of iridescent colors just booming out of it, there's fountains spraying water into mini-pools, circular staircases, multiple pictures or portraits of different pieces of scenery (one senile old man being an exception)......

......and of course, there's people from all over New York regardless of size, height, weight, gender and race that were present and just bumping out to have a good time.


......the lights cut out, without a moments notice......even the lighting from the disco ball just faded to pure blackness. Utter confusion and panic spread throughout the entire underground estate with everyone murmuring to themselves and their neighboring buddies..... they were more than likely to assume that this was a blackout that JUST occurred.

Fortunately, it didn't remain to be as three huge lights arched at different ceiling points all aligned with each other and pointed directly the disco ball, spreading another set of iridescent lights down below it to make this huge sparkling white SPOTLIGHT.......

.....onto this girl in the middle of the dance floor......

......while holding the same sweatpants...... tank top...... hoodie........

......and same BOOMBOX from earlier in the day.

(Mostly because it is the same girl)

She firmly holds said Boombox up high with the Spotlight still shinning over her before tossing it down a few feet in front of her, as it makes this crashing loud thud.

Mere seconds later, the mechanism within the Boombox begins to kick in and after a few seconds, it's main system automatically gets booted up and the Boombox turns on. It glows a bright golden aura that brightens up the entire room and then..... begins speaking.

Ah-ha! Lets get this party started!

Almost everyone was there in the entire underground estate began to lose their heads as they screamed and cheered with all the uttermost anticipation for what would come next.

How y'all doin', fellas?

Everyone cheers yet again.

Alrighty then; no need to stall, let's get right into it, then! Ladies and gentlemen, making her seventh annual appearance at this here estate, this up-and-comers moves are that of the stuff of legend and New York hasn't seen anything quite like her. Her style is fire, she ain't afraid to let 'em fly. Please give it up for......


The fact that the crowd was actually spelling out her name in unison, no less, already spoke to volume just how huge of a sensation was to the people there, if not the entire state of New York.

However, that girl with those sweatpants......and the hoodie......was still motionless on that floor and people were getting confused......

.....until she quickly popped up her hood, causing her hoodie to fall off of her.....

.....revealing her to be H.D.I herself.

Once again, everyone was losing their heads and screaming hysterically now that they actually see her. The experience felt like a traditional world tour, but..... got even more fun once the music from the Boombox kicked in.

————— "#thatpower" Will.I.Am ft. Justin Bieber

{Pre-Hook} And oh, I'm alive, I'm alive, I'm alive And oh, I can fly, I can fly, I can fly And oh, I'm alive, I'm alive, I'm alive And I'm loving every second, minute, hour, bigger, better, stronger, POWER

{Hook} I got that power I got that power I got that power Power, power, power

As soon as both hooks finalized, and HDI got herself comfortable under her spotlight, she got into the first verse, as she started weaving to the left, then shuffling to the right and then she executed a "flapjack" followed by the "payday"........

{Verse 1} (Continued)

....Used to have a piggy bank But now I got that biggy bank Who-who cares what the haters say? They hatin' on me cause I'm doin what they can't I stay on that hustle I flex that little muscle.....

Executing one exhilarating move after another even into the second verse, it made for quite a sight for the crowd to witness.

{Bridge} Whatever doesn't kill ya, only makes you stronger So I'mma get stronger......

Midway through the bridge, she slows down her pace and slowly raises her hand up, moving along with the beat of said song as the audience followed along. But just as the bridge came, it ended just like that, transitioning back into the hook and outro, leading to her doing a heely and brush top as the audience once again cheered along.

{Outro} And I'm lovin' every second, minute, hour Bigger, better, stronger, power And I'm lovin' every second, minute, hour Bigger, better, stronger, power

Up to the last beat, she ended up doing jazz square steps before doing a run side step and then ending it by spinning around and doing a Michael Jackson classic by dropping down to her knees and facing down just as the music faded out.

Once again, the entire audience surrounding her went bonkers for her as the music finally ended. If it's not the music ringing through her head anymore, it's the over abundance of people who are cheering her name and supporting her.

She couldn't hear anything else anymore and it made her look up to everyone with a smile peeking out from the side of her lips.


10:48 p.m

Up above the estate, transversing up to the roof of the mansion, nothing really stood out......except for this man who appears to be of Asian decendancy just sitting near the edge of the roof, kicking his feet out to the air while staring up at the moonlight.

Wearing dark skinny jeans, flat black sole shoes and a black and yellow "Tokyo street-style" jacket with the noting of "The end of competition was dark" on the backside of it, this figure wouldn't already be a tad bit mysterious if it wasn't for the dark shading of its thick, blue hair that's down to the nape of his neck.

What he's known as.......his persona......what the people know him as......


Despite his mysterious and rather unconventional style and nature, there WAS one person who respected, if not, understood him......which is actually rare, even after he suffered the bitter taste of betrayal 3 years prior to this.

He continues to sit out on the edge, now with one knee on the edge while the other foot hangs out......but there was this uneasy feeling in his stomach that out from behind him, someone had literally come up aside him.

......which actually did happen.

But that uneasy feeling faded from he perked a smirk up on his face.

Oblio: Majestic......isn't it?

Still staring up to the sheer beauty of moon, he doesn't turn around or acknowledge the person in which he's talking to, which is considered blatantly disrespectful in more than one common sense, but.......

......this person was rather used to it.

H.D.I: Quite a thing of beauty, just having to come out here and stare at the orb of night itself, huh?

Rather unusual, right?

An hour after performing for everyone down in the underground dance party, H.D.I was up here on the roof, having a conversation with someone even more mysterious then someone of her caliber......and yet, it's like she knows him.

H.D.I: Thing is you do this a lot in your spare time.

She sits down on the edge of the roof beside him.

Oblio: Each and every time, it flashes back at me: What once was but never will be me again......*sighs*........betrayal.......

H.D.I: How bad was it?

Oblio: You stab the body and it heals, but you injure the heart.......and by then, the wound lasts a lifetime.

This type of talk isn't new to her; for what it was worth, she was actually used to it. The usual prep on giving advice, at least to her, was, safe to say, tolerable enough for her to last through.

H.D.I: Friends?

There was no response for the first few seconds, indicating that he either didn't hear or had no intention on answering. But he slowly urges his head over towards her, making her back a little bit.

Finally, as he repositioned himself near the edge of the roof, he said.......

Oblio: Family.....was the cause of such pain. He claims one to be his greatest treasure yet that man kills the thing he claims to possess and love. By each let this be heard: some do it with a bitter look, some with a flattering word, the coward does it with a kiss and the brave man with a sword. But none more deadlier......than that dreaded kiss.

If his way of speaking his issues was cryptic to all those who'd be around him, it wouldn't be that way for her.

H.D.I: Your parents?

Oblio: Father......

I feel strange......LIBERATED! Father.....what have you done?

Why......I did it for you, son. For rule the world of dance. together, we can jack their swag for good!

Why??? I expected better from you. You would never stoop this low.

Sacrifices. We all have to lose to win, and everyone has a point to prove. But without you, I cannot progress any further.

Talk about scooping the surface in a provocative fashion. There's no indication of regret, guilt, anger, fear......there was no way of knowing what Oblio was feeling. Even more so when probing around his style and persona was even more mysterious than just TALKING to him.

In fact......this spoke a few emotional chords towards the younger, outgoing HDI. She may not have understood Oblio's current situations yet it was possible to relate to them......for family was always important.

H.D.I: *sighs* You know......

A cool hand pressed slightly on her shoulder before she had the chance to make her statement.

Oblio: No need to be so hard on yourself......time has its toll on everyone, but eventually......time will bless you gracefully......just like it did an hour ago. Powerful moves always earn respect......and your skills set you apart from the common dancer. I am proud to call peer.

Finally, urging himself up and away from his current position, he boldly stands up in front of HDI, in a rather menacing tone. Sticking his hand out towards her, she couldn't help but to notice how the black nail polish over his nails seemed to embody the persona of him..... there was this dark aura faintly reflecting away off of her......

.....but once again, none of this effected her.

She just took her hand and shook Oblio's hand, while both of them nodded extensively at each other. Shortly after they let go, Oblio walks back towards the edge of the roof......

......and jumps off......

.....before catching his grip on a nearby tree, helping him catch his leverage and making him slide down to the ground in style.

Helen just watches from up above as she watches Oblio methodically approach his nearby parked motorcycle......

.....before he popped on his helmet, revved the engine of said motorbike.....and drove off down the highway while commissioning a wheelie, leaving a huge trail of smoke in its wake......

The blank empty current of smoke 💨 slowly circling behind its path transitions from visibly clear to frustratingly thick as the brief transition from smoke to fog overlays and covers the entire pavement encased on solid ground as well as the translucent glimmer of the Moon itself......

.....only now in its crescent form.

12:34 a.m

34 minutes past midnight, 34 minutes past the end of such an exhilarating, "cut the rug" performance and it appears that the image was enough madness on the brain of H.D.I. No sense of walking this late at night, for Greenwich Village was also a very tight-knit, sturdy and one of the more dangerous cities in the state of New York.

Staying wise and safety conscious about her surroundings even while being safely confined in the taxi club, she looks out both windows that were in the back with her, scouting the area.

It payed off later as her stop had no real hazards or obstacles or dangerous people around to insure that somebody else wouldn't get hurt tonight.

By the time she got out of said taxi, she does what should've been done earlier and pay the taxi driver with the full amount needed......with a little extra thrown in there.

H.D.I: Here ya go.

Taxi driver: You don't want anything extra back?

H.D.I: No, no, no. Keep the change. I insist, ok?

Taxi driver: Why, that's sweet of you. Thank you, Helen.

She smiles as they both wave at each other as they take off for their intended directions, both on the road and on foot.

After a mere 12 minutes walking on foot, H.D.I finally stops with the Boombox still barely gripped in her hand despite all the sweat exerted from her body hours ago as she looks up above her to stare down at her apartment complex.

Just like the average New Yorker, it was home sweet home.

.....and inside said apartment, a hand 🤚🏽 begins slowly twitching, while unbeknownst to its host, as it suddenly then jerks up and moves over..... the other side of said bed the host was on.

That host was simply the body of one Hunter Iverson, in his bedroom, apparently going through either difficulty trying to fall asleep or having a nightmare.

Admist rolling around for the fourth time, he inadvertently grabs a few pieces of paper on his clock counter as he rolls off the bed and falls on the wooden floor of his room.

But that falling thud was practically impossible for anyone in that apartment to NOT hear.......even if your name was HDI. As soon as she entered the house and heard that fall, she drops her Boombox near the entranceway and sprints into her brothers bedroom...... see him NOW knocked out into a deep sleep and no longer rolling around back and forth all over the place. Spotting the papers in his hands, most of which that were shown have his name on them and have different scribblings of writing on them ranging from literature to algebra to U.S History.....

.....meaning one or two things: Hunter was either homeschooled or he had a crap ton of homework.

This sight was VERY difficult for his sister to have to watch EVERY single time but if anything, it was worse for the person who was experiencing it more: that being Hunter.

  • sighs*........I honestly don't know what's worse: Having to drink myself to sleep or seeing him like this. That is borderline terrifying for me to have to think about: the thought of leaving the house only to come back to see that whatever's left of the ones you care about gone from you forever without having been prepared for it.

That's my brother, Hunter......

.....and me......I'm his older sister, Helen Dawson Iverson. Yeah, that's what H.D.I stands for, ok? Not so good with nicknames, but neither am I good with being a good role model.

She had stared enough at her brothers body on this hard, wooden floor. She eventually mustered the willpower to drag Hunter up and off the floor, back onto his bed making sure he didn't slip off the edges again.

Once he was safe in the haven that was his own bed, noticing his pile of schoolwork was left unattended in the floor, she picked them up in one single scoop before......

.......a reflective piece of a photograph shot back at her......tugging her tightly at the heartstrings......

......which hurt even more once she pulled out the photo and took a long exaggerated look at it.

3 years......We've lived alone together for almost 3 years now. Ever since our parents passed, living in the Big Apple made life all the more frustrating......*scoffs*. Who am I kidding? It's never been easy down here.

Ignoring his pile of homework papers, she takes the photo and proceeds to exit Hunters room before she looks back at him.....

.....and then she closes the door.

Not long afterwards, into her bedroom Helen goes as she almost immediately gets bombarded with......

.....she wasn't sure.

As she just stares blankly at everything in sight, this queasy feeling creeps in to corrupt her train of thought with her eyes twitching until a small trail of tears runs down her cheeks.

  • sighs*.......I wish there was an easier way to express or explain this but I can't risk choking up again. Hunter never really got over their passing. I haven't done so either......but he doesn't think so. Of course......that's my main concern.

It's one thing to be totally messed up on the inside. It's another thing to not have anyone see your true intentions, to not have anyone see the real you. Ironically speaking, that's always been a challenge that I liked to test myself at......even when I'm dancing. But just because I LOVE DANCING.......

She looks back at the photo again.......

......doesn't mean that it's easy for me to press through it.

.......before tossing it down to the floor next to her drawer. The photo ends up turning itself over by the time it lands to show her, Hunter and her parents huddled around each other with their arms wrapped together.

With the photo having been taken in 2012, it was the only thing that either her or Hunter had left to remember them by.


The loss of a family is nothing to take lightly in any way but there was.....a little bit of something going on right under Helens nose that she had no knowledge of.

At the entranceway of the house, near the door, there's the Boombox standing up perfectly still and completely shut down after that pizzazz it showed at the underground party estate a few hours ago.

All was deeply silent as it was......until......

  • whirring*
  • beeping*

C-come —any—Progress——something—

As if the awkward beeping, whirring and the randomized voice surfacing up out of nowhere was uncalled for and rather unconventional, the Boombox ended up rebooting and turning itself back on as every basic function of said machine was disabled......

.....all except for the star gauges.

All five gauges booked open with color before switching to.......optical lenses from a camera.

Moving through the main circuitry of the Boombox surrounded by many iridescent beams of color causes an overflow of light to overtake the screen.....only for said overflow of light to convert into a digital image projected onto a huge screen 📺 as it just showed what the camera views from the Boombox were seeing.

And if that wasn't strange enough, someone had the Gauls to be monitoring its limited movements by watching this from a-far. There was no way of identifying who said someone was, for the room was as devoid of any measure of light whatsoever.

Switch camera view.

The camera views switched as instructed, as all five orbital cameras from the Boombox scan the entire household bit by bit, frame by frame, second by second, pixel by pixel almost simultaneously switching between lenses at such an intense performance, that you'd swear the lenses were moving at the speed of freakin' light.

But admist the fast switching, one of the camera lenses gets a brief image into Helens bedroom as it quickly snaps an image of her sleeping before switching the image.

Hold up, hold up. Freeze.

Everything stops in its tracks.

Go back one.

Each camera frame sticking out of the Boombox redirected itself and eventually went back an image and depicted the same depiction as before: showing Helen sleeping in bed......with her face smothered into her pillow......

......with a half-empty bottle of Bourbon stuck in her right hand.


After a few minutes of looking at these images in the dark, a little bit of light glimmers into the area, mostly blue and purple lights. But both were clear enough for said someone to see without having the assistance of the huge screen in front of him.

Speaking of him, his posture was something to take note of as his black shoes, black dress-pants, black suit, gray shirt and purple and black stripped necktie only further indicates that this guy is from a higher authority.





Secret Agent?


Secret Agent Roscoe Wilson

......but he just goes by Rasa.

Rasa: Lima? Might wanna take a look at this?

Calling out his partner from out of one of the back debriefing rooms, another figure slowly made its appearance out of the light, wearing black trousers, a purple and black stripped t-shirt, black matte jacket (it shows gray in some instances), bracelets over her right hand and purple earrings.

Secret Agent Alena Nixon

.....but she just goes by Lima.

Both their eyes stayed glued to the screen before slowing turning away and glimpsing at one another, trying to see if they were both thinking the same thing.

Lima: That's H.D.I?

Rasa: The one and only. Based on the images Boomy snaps at us, she's even closer than we thought......: down over in SoHo.

The screen then zooms out of Helens household and further out to the entire city of SoHo in New York. Unfortunately, it was a Google Maps type of oversight of the city, so it'd be hard to tell where she would even be.

Luckily, the Boombox had a built in tracker and homing beacon that beeped very faintly in the household so it wouldn't wake anyone up......

......yet on the citywide view of the map, it flowed a bright pink color so it wouldn't be hard to track where it actually was.

Lima: *sighs*  This won't be easy pickings, you know.

Rasa: But you know what this means for us, right?

Lima: Try and keep a cool lid there, Roscoe. You know what happened last time we brought someone from the outside.

Rasa: And it worked out well in the end, didn't it?

Lima: Ok, it worked.....and we were lucky to not permanently damage the image Dance Central has created for us all, but WE almost got lost in obscurity, not to mention the others almost became collectors items for the fossil exhibit the last time something like this happened. Plus, that someone from the outside, he went AWOL shortly afterwards and left Dance Central all together.

Rasa; He knew what he was getting into when he signed up. He knew that he was playing to win and to protect and serve.

Lima: That's not my point. For all that we know, there's only a matter of time before a certain someone else is willing to open a provocation and if we blow the fuse on this, everyone else will be quick to point the blame in OUR direction. 

Rasa: It's one thing to try too hard to do something right......but it's another to not even make the attempt.

Looking back at the screen still observing, it once again grew silent. It's apparent that these two haven't been through the best of previous situations. But still, they were here together and if this situation was as serious as they depict it......

.....there's no reason NOT to do something.

Rasa: Alena......this has to be done.

Lima: *sighs*  Are you sure this is gonna be worth it?

Rasa: Only one way to find out. But for as far as I'm concerned, if we're going to do this, there can't be anymore near causalities.....on either on our behalf's.


Lima: True. It's only fair if we get all the info we can on this girl.

  • excessive beeping*

Both of them quickly turn back towards the screen as the screen almost immediately zooms back down into Helens house before regressing back into her room, having caught a sliver glimmer near the end of said image.

And it looked VERY familiar.

The screen zoomed in to look further into the captured image as each pixel by pixel faded, resulting in the photo becoming more crystal clear as it FINALLY came into focus.

Rasa: I-is That......

Lima:.....what we think it is?

Having taken a closer look at on that side of the image, something.....some measure of worry came over them.

Rasa: *sighs* We’re bringing the others on this, ASAP. We need all hands on deck.

All hands on deck indeed. For a brief moment shortly after both of them left said room, this weird elevator-like shaft that was on the right of the large screen slowly opens itself up as this weird orb of energy sparked through it as it resonates quickly......

......and it blinds the screen.

Upon the very next morning, which was a Sunday, stuff stayed as basic as it was, in terms of where Helen stood in the house. By the time she finally came to and woke up, watching her eyes slowly render itself back into the clear visibility range, she noticed one of two things:

One: her half-drunk bottle of Bourbon was now missing another quarter of the actual supplement needed to DRINK it.

(That's what happens when you intoxicate yourself)

And Two: upon checking her alarm clock ⏰ aside from her, the time in general was only 8:29 a.m.......which practically didn't set well for her because she had.....a bit of a morning routine on Saturdays and the fact that she drunk herself to sleep last night was almost messed it up for her.

Helen: Oh shhhhh——

Before the word came out of her mouth, the clock quickly struck 8:30 a.m, making this loud beeping noise ringing and echoing throughout the entire rest of the house......finally giving Helen time to get out of the bed.

But not before the loud noise finally subsided, and one of her favorite tunes came over her one of the many devices that were hooked up to Bluetooth.

——————— Just Dance

Lady Gaga ft. Colby O'Donnis

[Difficulty: Off The Hook]

{Intro} Red one, Konvict GaGa Oh oh eh

Despite still feeling the effects of being intoxicated to sleep last night, as soon as she heard the beat, Helen started nodding her head around as she finally left out her room while staying in beat with the songs pacing, causing another smile to perk across her face WHILE still holding the bottle.

But by the time she got close to the kitchen, she couldn't stop herself.

She just HAD to stop dead in the middle of the floor......and JUST DANCE.

(Get it?)


Whats goin' on, on the floor? I love this record baby but I can't see straight anymore Keep it cool......

Admist halfway through the Pre-Chorus, she ends up doing a wipe away with her hands, followed by a club monster twice in a row before getting right to the chorus and executing a Breakhouse Shuffle.


Just dance! Gonna be okay Dada doo doot-n Just dance! Spin that record babe Da da doo doot-n Just dance! Gonna be okay D-d-d dance, dance, dance, just J-J-Just dance!

After finishing the chorus the first time, Helen just spun herself around and actually walked into the kitchen while still stepping and moving to the pace of the song. Reaching the sink, she briefly looks at the bottle of Bourbon STILL in her right hand almost as if it was glued to her hand. Just thinking about it made her feel as if she was about to lose another part of her.

But she urged her hand away towards the sink as she turns said bottle over and pour the rest of the Bourbon down the drain.

Felt like running down a waterfall.


Very faint.

A very faint sound rolled through Helens eardrums like a Chinese gong bell. Going into defensive mode, she grips the bottle by the handle tightly and eyes over at the door, with the lock juggling around.

She immediately hides herself behind the wall adjacent to the door as it finally opens up. Not a sound was made, not one word was spoken, not a single moment was filled with anxiety and instant panic mode.




The steps came closer and closer towards where she was, forcing her to close her eyes and do her damnest to relax the best she can. But as soon as the shadow of a hand popped up next to the wall, she freaked the freak out.....

.....and smashed the bottle over the perps head as the glassing and leftover liquid shattered all over the floor. Unfortunately, she was a little foolish to do that on her behalf; for the one she attacked was basically this robot with a tie and a red and blue cap on......who just so happened to be her friend.

Helen: Oh my god!

ELIOT: Owwww! Wouldn't kill ya to go a little lighter on the glassing, would it?

Helen: Would it kill you to knock before you show up uninvited, ELIOT?

ELIOT: Argh.....*chuckles*......Ok,'re onto something there. I mean that's what happens when you get caught up with your "schedules", whenever you're out there sleeping or eating or.....or doing whatever things that you humans do, right? Know what I'm saying, man?

This guy right here is the Excessive Live Information Overload Tracker, or......E.L.I.O.T.

Yes, you heard correctly.......ELIOT. Last I heard he used to be with....this....I don't want to bring up the name right now really tends to infuriate me. Now I don't remember HOW I found him but I don't get it either because he found ME. Apparently, he has a tendency to track my activities, my moves and everything else I tend to do.....although I'm more than positive I'm not the only one. For all I know, nobody seems to know where or even HOW this guy came to be.......but once I found got a little weird didn't.

Helen: *breathing heavily* Wha-wha.....where were you?

ELIOT: Put it simply, I was out and about going shopping. Bit of a pity nobody would let me walk out with anything.

Helen: Well, one: You're a ROBOT. And Two: You probably didn't have anything to pay them.

ELIOT: D'oh! Forget my wallet!

Everything ok?

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Helens Heartbeats


  • Machine Gun Kelly, X Ambassadors & Bebe Rexha - Home
  • Will.I.Am ft. Justin Bieber - #thatPOWER
  • The Script ft. Will.I.Am - Hall Of Fame
  • G-Eazy & Kehlani - Good Life


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  • Bruno Mars - 24K Magic
  • MKTO - Classic


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  • P!nk - Just Like Fire
  • Flo Rida - My House


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  • Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger
  • Wiz Khalifa & Iggy Azalea - Go Hard Or Go Home
  • Lil' Wayne - How To Love


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  • Bastille - Things We've Lost In the Fire
  • LINKIN PARK & Kiiara - Heavy


  • MKTO - Thank You
  • Lupe Ficaso - The Show Goes On


  • 110 minutes long (1 hour, 50 minutes)
  • The film was released and shown in theaters on September 14th, 2018

MMPA Rating

The following film is rated PG-13......

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