Sports Car Racing is a cars game. It is released for the Wii, Wii U, 3DS, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, Android, iOS, iPad and PC. It is a game that is pricing $5, and sold $3,000,000~ by the first day, $9,000,000~ by the second, $500,000~ by the third and $10,000~ daily (post-forth). Pre-ordering the game gave the player was for $3.5, and gave the player a 50% sale for Ferrari LaFerrari and Lamborghini Veneno in Mondays and Tuesdays, along with the BMW M3 as a starter.

The games was rated 7+ for: Brief Violence, Online Mode and very brief blood scene. The blood was not shown to be very realistic, with just a blood spill going out of the body once assassinated. 

Game Modes

The player has the ability to go home, change their clothes, cut their hair or dye it. For more info, see SCR Life.

The player also has the ability to play in online mode. For more info, see SCR Life.

The player has also the ability to buy cars. You can do any car. From a muscle to SUV. You can sell your tuned cars to stores, or simply buy non-tuned ones and tune them yourself. In online mode, you can add tuned cars to the second dealership. And online players can buy them, in a price tag of your choice.

All cars are present in all gamemodes. For official mode, the natural cars can't be used. Official cars can be used in freeroam though. 


Illegal street racing. The main point in the game. Just regular street racing. Only time attacks and Sprints, along with circuits too. Drag is possible, too. Car showdowns are also possible.


All types of racing in the game are present, excluding Sprints. You can drift, drag, parkour, wheelie, circuit, attacks, Monster, Demolition and Hydraulic show are possible. 


F1, NASCAR and Le Mans racing. Just race in how it's supposed to happen. There is only one Le Mans in the game.


Tune your cars in the stores, in performance and look. Even the gadget or mirrors can be modified!


Shop shop shop! Buy a car, clothes, racing clothes, or just cut/dye your hair. Is there something more simple?


Coming Soon


Coming soon

Car List

See SCR Car List


The game begins with Amethyst Miller. She is seen driving a Nissan GT-R35, while drinking juice at her seat. She wears her sunglasses, and goes tuning her new car. She goes on a street legal race, then stunts. She goes stunting, then later leaves the arena. As soon as she leaves the arena, she gets an SMS message, and is told to meet them at the street club. Mike Johnson, who was in the stunts, follows her. Amethyst Miller later gets racing, then a bunch of Hummer H2s encounter her. She escapes to the ocean cliff, but gets her car dumped. Luckily to her survival, she bails out. Later on, she gets the Police about the H2s. She takes a photo with the license plate, and sits near the park. She later gets the police to pick her up the GT-R35, and gets paid a small amount of money as a refund. She goes to the dealership to get a Toyota AE86, and gets encountered by Mike Johnson, who has the badge of "Mikes".

He goes driving a Nissan Silvia S15, and later races with Amethyst. During the arena race, she gets a message from the police, stating that she is going to get her car fixed soon. She notices the stamp on Mike's car, and speeds up and hits his gas tank. He later starts slowing and his car freezes. However, a Patrolling car, a Chevrolet Impala SS, rams the car. The two have their cars crashed. Now, the player can choose their protagonist. The ending is determined, but the choice somewhat matters. Amethyst Miller's starter car is a Mazda MX-5 and Mike Johnson's is a Toyota AE86. 

Miller starts racing, however, she encounters a Venturi Atlantique driven by the "Drift King". She races him because she is totaling the crew's cars. Miller and Tommy race, but Tommy escapes away. She later meets Sal Johnson, who hides his badge. Sal is in fact, a spy.

For Mike, he encounters his brother, and friendly challenges him. Sal and him steal some cars, and are into jacking business. Later on, Johnny Ritz, meets Mike. Johnny Ritz tells Mike to go do some tasks on foot. He later sends Mike to encounter a mysterious person, to later turn out to be Amethyst.

The two encounter, and Mike informs her that she will die. Suddenly, a bunch of Hummer H2s assault the store, lead my Johnny Ritz. The player is introduced to the police and shopping. The racing store is also explained, and so are the two tuning stores - Performance and Appearance (even though all of that can be used before the introduction of it).

Johnny Ritz later tells Sal to race with Amethyst Miller. Sal refuses, and betrays Johnny. Johnny later chases Sal, to get his car stolen, but ends up in an arena. Mike arrives, and rams into Johnny's car. Johnny later gets arrested.

She keeps racing, until some point, Sal messages either Mike or Amethyst to get a Gemballa MIG GT gift. For Mike, he will get ambushed by Johnny's crew, while Amethyst gets ambushed by Mike's. The player escapes on foot, and a crew member later turns out to be in a packer. The packer has the car the player used, the Gemballa MIG GT, and a GMC Syclone. The protagonist jumps on the packer, then pushes their car and the Gemballa MIG GT on the road. The both will be delivered to the player's home. 

The Kings later meet Amethyst or Mike, determinant. After being fully out, Sal betrays Amethyst. Amethyst races him, while Mike gets ambushed by police. 

Sal and Amethyst race, with the victory to Amethyst. Suddenly, Johnny Ritz leaves prison, but now has a Lamborghini Veneno. A crew of the following, Lamborghini Veneno/Nissan Skyline GT-R35/Ferrari LaFerrari XXX-K/Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 '15 race the player, while the Koeingsegg CCX, driven by Johnny Ritz, joins. The second race happens, and Amethyst escapes. The entire crew of Mike and Amethyst escape, so the crew system goes down. Amethyst and Mike race and encounter. Two endings will occur, only one could happen.

  • Death of Amethyst: Mike and Amethyst, after the race, leave. But Amethyst doesn't! Mike goes to stop his car at the stop. Mike gets a bunch of cars to push Amethyst's SUV, and she starts to get near falling the edge. The player has the option to either spare Amethyst or just let her go. 
  • Spared: As Mike and Amethyst escape, there are two options for this ending to happen. Either playing as Amethyst, or playing as Mike and choose to not provoke Amethyst. 

Mike, however, cannot die. If the player kills Amethyst, the player cannot continue freeroam; the story would continue like this:

Mike gets surrounded in his house. The police sue him a lot. Mike gets unable to afford that, and sells his entire house. He gets sued a lot, but gets imprisoned for 200,000 years, and gets a new record, the longest jail imprisonment ever, next to the real-life Gabriel March Grandos. He sells his cars, to reduce his imprisonment, but will never leave. The game ends, and the save gets deleted.


  • Amethyst Miller - One of the two protagonists or two antagonists, determinated by the character's player choice, who is a female. She first races with Mike Johnson, but later, they start a rivalry just during the race. In the end of the game, she will race Mike Johnson, and the winner is determined. Amethyst later on, races Mike Johnson. If Mike is the protagonist, then she will use a Cadillac Escalade ESV, only tuned to the maximum. She is white, has black hair (customizable), Asian eyes although a bit more open from the top, black irises, a black three-quarter shirt (changable) and red pants (changable), a western mouth, somewhat fat (weighting 52), 174 tall, has black shoes and is aged 21. She is voiced by Iggy Azalea. Her fate is the player's choice, if the player chooses to kill her if playing as Mike.
  • Mike Johnson - One of the two protagonists or two antagonists, determinated by the character's player choice. Mike Johnson first finds Amethyst Miller racing other people in her Nissan Skyline GT-R35, however, a bunch of Hummer H2s (allied to Mark) assault her, then her vehicle gets dumped in the sea. She then buys a 2002 Chevrolet Cobalt, and later requests her for a race. Later on, Mike defeats Amethyst in the first lap, but then, Amethyst passes by her dumped car, and noted how the H2s have similar badging as Mike's. Mike rivals Amethyst, and will race her at the end in a Lamborghini Sesto Elemento. He is voiced by O'Shea Jackson, better known as Ice Cube. He is black, has large eyes, bright teeth, a large mouth, a natural african-american's eye and is aged 26. Unlike Amethyst, he is a criminal.
  • Sal Johnson - The brother of Mike Johnson. He joins Amethyst's crew as a minor, just to later turn out a spy. Amethyst races him. His cars will vary. Before 11%, he will drive a Mitsubishi Lancer. From 11%-20%, he will drive a Hummer H1 Alpha, from 21%-30%, he will drive a Volkswagen Beetle, from 31% to 50%, he will drive a Nissan Skyline GT-R34, from 50% to 80% he will drive an Audi R8 Spyder, and when the betrayal of Sal occurs, he races Amethyst. He will drive a Toyota Supra Mark IV. He is voiced by Tahmoh Penikett
  • Johnny Ritz - A major character and ally of Mike Johnson, but later betrays him. For more info, see the storyline above.
  • Claude Diaz - The Speed King. He drives a Hummer H2 (in the intro, he states that he needed a slip part of Mike Johnson's cars) and an Ariel Atom Megacharge to race. His Hummer H2 will be parked in a street of Mike Johnson waits after 35% completition near the Arena. He is voiced by Mark Ronson.
  • Michael Colin - The Derby King. He drives a Kamaz Rally Truck, even though his crew all drives Dodge Charger R/Ts, Chevrolet Camaro ZL1s, Caparo T1s and Opel Mantas. He is silent, and is not voice acting.
  • Tommy Richards - The Style King. He drives a Venturi Atlantique. He would later get shot by an assassin as soon as Mike or Amethyst enter the arena. His car is given to the player from the start of the arena. He is unvoiced.
  • Nikale Himmler - The Parkour King. He drives a Chevrolet SSR Monster, and eventually packes hydraulics. His car can jump up to 2 meters.  He is voiced by James Woods
  • Andre Stafford - The final King. He drives a Koeingsegg One:1, and will fight the player straight before the final race. Keep in mind that he is the leader of all 9 clans, by plot twist. He is not a part of the kings.
  • Tshi Song Yi - A drift guy who would race the player in the first stance of Freeroam. He can be found cruising, and will be found driving an Abarth Fiat 131. As the player tunes their car, he will tune his.
  • Andre Martins - Owner of the Car Dealership. He is voiced by Tom Kenny. He is shown to be a billionaire, and in a post around the city, it is shown that he has a net worth of $39,000,000,000, and spent five billion for his cars.
  • Many racers - Pointless characters who do not play anything in the game. They appear in all game modes. The names are large, see SCR/Names for AI. Some of them may eventually appear in traffic. Some are just some drivers.
  • Other Crew Members - There are other crew members in each protagonist's crew.
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