Spoof 2 is a fantasy comedy parody film that is a sequel to the Harry Potter parody film Spoof. It is directed by Nicholas Stoller and produced and written by Drew Gars. It stars a cast of Gars himself, Jimmy Fallon, Melissa Benoist, Ice Cube, Chevy Chase, Jane Lynch, Jonah Hill, Lavell Crawford, Norm MacDonald and Christopher Walken.





On October, it was announced that after the success of the first Spoof film, Miramax is moving forward with its sequel with this time David Zucker directing. Most of the cast reprise their roles with Gars on board again writing and producing.

Gars fully stated that the film will still be a Harry Potter spoof but he also stated it will spoof also The Golden Compass and The Hungers Games films in minor points in the film. It was reported that Ice Cube and Lisa Kudrow joined the cast of the film.


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