SpongeBob SquarePants Characters

  • SpongeBob SquarePants (as Belle) -- The main protagonist. He's not only the greatest chef of Bikini Bottom, working at the Krusty Krab, but he become the greatest bookworm in Bikini Bottom, seeking for an adventure. However, once he found Patrick, he becomes the only hope for Patrick to break the curse using real friendship.
  • Patrick Star (as The Beast/Prince Adam) -- A prince of the Kingdom of Bikini Bottom, part of the Nicktoonian Empire. Because of his unacceptable behavior, he become a monster that is a mixture of dangerous animals, not made by evil mad scientists to make him as a weapon for themselves, but only to show his shame and punishment, only to made by a family of rich enchanters, until many years later, he found SpongeBob, his old friend who can break the curse, and turn him back to his old self.
  • Larry the Lobster (as Gaston) -- The main antagonist. His plans is to make SpongeBob his friend, and lead the universe's largest angry mob to kill Patrick Star as the Beast, thinking that he could kill people, destroy everything, take over the univese, and finally, punish all of everything for no reason, but in reality, only to satisfy his jealousity over SpongeBob.
  • Mr. Krabs (as LeFou) -- A henchman to Larry.


  • Amaya Luciano (from PJ Masks) -- Sister of Connor and Greg. Cursedi nto a teenage tomboy girl.
  • 'Connor Mbatha Luciano' (from PJ Masks) -- Older brother of Amaya and Greg. Cursed into a handsome and muscular teenage boy.
  • 'Gregorio "Greg" Luciano' (from PJ Masks) -- Younger brother of Amaya and Connor. Cursed into a teenage boy. He's also known for helping Jerry (in a teacup form) turning on the machine SpongeBob's parents and grandmother made for the invention fair.
  • Lily Loud (from The Loud House) -- The youngest child of the Loud family. Cursed into a young teenage girl with slight Valley Girl accent.

Songs (in Order)

  • Prologue
  • Aria
  • SpongeBob (Belle)
  • How Does A Moment Last Forever (Music Box Version)
  • SpongeBob (Belle) (Reprise)
  • No Matter What
  • Me
  • Home
  • Larry (Gaston)
  • Larry (Gaston) (Reprise)
  • How Long Must This Go On?
  • Be Our Guest
  • If I Can't Love Him (If I Can't Love Her)
  • Asilong Munisipal kum Raromowana (Maison des Lunes)
  • Days In The Sun
  • Something There
  • Human Again
  • How Does A Moment Last Forever (Majuro Version)
  • Spongy & The Beast (Beauty & The Beast)
  • If I Can't Love Him (If I Can't Love Her) (Reprise)
  • A Change In Me
  • I'll Save You Gary!
  • Evermore
  • The Mob Song (Kill the Beast)
  • The SquarePants Family Song (Protect the Beast) (Parody of Kill the Beast/The Mob Song)
  • Spongy & The Beast (Beauty & The Beast) (Reprise)
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