Spirit is a 2017 comedy spiritual film, starring


When a teenage girl is dying after car crash, a 16 year old girl must help her get into her body before she dies.



  • Dakota Fanning as Mandy Winstead/An 18 year old girl who is dying after car crash
    • TBA as Young Mandy
  • Chloë Grace Moretz as Grace Harper/A 16 year old girl who sees Mandy's spirit and helps her get into her body
    • TBA as Young Grace
  • Jennifer Lawrence as Nicole Morgan/The devil's daughter and a villain
  • Emma Roberts as Josephine Winstead/Mandy's cousin
  • Aiden Flowers as Joey Winstead/Mandy's 11 year old brother
  • Bobbi Prewitt as Diana Winstead/Mandy's 9 year old sister
  • Mia Talerico as Ashley Winstead/Mandy's 6 year old sister



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